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Top 15 Best Sims 4 Garage Door CC [2024]

Top 15 Best Sims 4 Garage Door CC [2024]

One aspect of the Sims 4 that is usually touched upon by massive amounts of content and dozens of new pieces is the exterior of the homes.

There is one part, though, EA themselves has somewhat neglected that. This being garage doors.

Although they are really in the background, they are still a large piece of the front of your sim’s homes. Because of this, there is a large variety of garage doors available among CCs.

Here are the top 10 Sims 4 garage door CC for you to explore and improve your home.

Best Sims 4 Garage Door CC

15. Nome Garage Door

Nome Garage Door

If you’re creating a sleek, modern Sims 4 home, you need this garage door CC! The Nome Garage Door is a part of a CC set but can be downloaded separately.

The Nome Garage Door comes in four shades and features one solid garage door that has a rectangle frame with multiple squares indentations on the door. You can choose between white, slate grey, and two brick options for the color.

For a more rustic exterior choice, you can choose between a brownish red brick or a grey brick. This is a handsome choice for a modern or more masculine-style Sims 4 home.

14. Garage Doors 5TILE Frame RoundedGarage Doors 5tile Frame Rounded

This garage door CC also belongs to a set and is the perfect frame for the doors listed below! The Garage Door 5tile Frame Rounded CC is a simple, slightly rounded frame.

This frame carefully follows the shape of the vintage garage doors in the set. However, you could even use this frame to create an open-concept expanded garage!

If you intend on downloaded the vintage garage doors listed below, this garage door frame CC is a must, too!

13. Garage Doors Vintage Door Left & RightGarage Doors Vintage Door Left & Right

This is actually two separate garage door files, but it wouldn’t look right without both halves! The Garage Doors Vintage Left and Right CC offers two beautiful wooden doors in light oak color.

Although these doors are strictly decor items, they will make your Sims 4 home feel much more complete, especially if your Sim drives a vintage car!

Both doors feature a silver handle and rectangular windows that span the length of the door. At the top, the doors are slightly rounded, which this feature can be easily highlighted with the rounded frame mentioned earlier.

12. Garage Doors Old Wooden One

Garage Doors Old Wooden One

This is another garage door that is strictly a décor item, but it adds such a nice worn, rustic charm to your Sims house!

The Garage Doors Old Wooden One CC features two simple wooden doors supported by large barn-style hinges. The garage door is a calm grey color and also features a metal latch that connects the two doors.

This garage door would also look nice on a large shed in your Sims backyard! On any brick or Tudor-style home, this is the garage door to download.

11. Garage Doors Modern Wood

Garage Doors Modern Wood

If the earlier modern garage door wasn’t exactly what you’re looking for, try this one! The Garage Doors Modern Wood CC is a stunning dark wooden garage door that looks like it was slide open sideways rather than drawn upward into the ceiling.

This garage door CC is completely modern but gives a stunning natural vibe to your Sims home. This is only a décor item, of course, but one that will truly add the finishing touch to your Sims home.

With a classy black car parked in front of it, how could you go wrong with downloading this CC?

10. Grouch Garage Doors Recolor 1

Grouch Garage Doors Recolor 1

Grouch Garage Doors Recolor 1 is about as simple as you could get for a new garage door style. Coming in 12 different colors with a light or dark trim depending on your preference, this CC is a step above your average garage door.

So if you didn’t really have a big new and different look in mind, then this CC provides a bit more choice when it comes to the vanilla garage doors.

Match the garage door with the rest of the home’s aesthetics to give it a complete look.

9. Garage Wall – V3

Garage Wall V3

Garage Wall – V3 offers a nice and modern-looking garage door with a paintable pattern on the walls.

The door is dark brown with a rectangular pattern along its bottom and four narrow windows on the top.

Being a universal look, it can work even in older-looking homes as its design is very inoffensive. Moreover, it definitely gives off a modern vibe that everyone craves in this trendy minimalistic society!

8. Garage Door Wall Set

Garage Door Wall Set

An outdoor wall styled to look just like a garage door, Garage Door Wall Set is a CC for when you want a very suburban look to your home’s exterior.

It comes in 3 pieces: the left, middle, and right portions of the garage door, keeping it pretty normal. It gives you the option to use the left and right sections to make a smaller garage door.

Just like Legos, play around with the sizing of the garage and see which one works best.

7. AP Patio Garage Door

Ap Patio Garage Door

AP Patio Garage Door provides a very glass-heavy but modern look for a garage door. Coming in 6 different colors and in 2 variations, the AP patio garage door offers a subtle minimalistic look.

The two variations on it are a striped pattern of the glass and the other with a checkered pattern. Most of the colors are toned down to be able to fit in a wide variety of different home exterior designs.

The CC keeps it clean and modern looking with a sensible color pallet.

6. Garage Doors D

Garage Doors D

The lighter wood on the Garage Doors D CC is warm and inviting and can go well with a few décor pieces. Garage Doors D offers a courtyard-type garage door with windows at the top to let some light flow into the house.

It works well with all types of modern aesthetics but if you’re looking to have it in a courtyard, have at it!

The light wood on the door shines well during sunny days and is fantastic if you’re looking to welcome guests into your home.

5. Open Garage Door

Open Garage Door

To work with the city life expansion, Gatochwegchristel decided to create the Open Garage Door. Having a very in-the-city look, it comes in two varieties, a closed garage door and an open one.

The CC allows you to paint on the wall with the open garage door working like an archway allowing you to pass. It also allows you to face the front or back depending on which side you are painting it from.

A simple and small garage door that looks perfect for the city.

4. Garage Doors A

Garage Doors A

A much smaller styled garage door that is entirely made of wood, Garage Doors A comes in both left and right pieces.

Because of the style of this garage door, it can probably even be used as a large exterior door.

Being able to fulfill multiple roles while still being convincing enough in all of them because of its innocuous style. Just make sure the wooden doors are matched appropriately with the style of the rest of the exterior.

3. Garage Patterns 4

Garage Patterns 4

Garage Patterns 4 is quite direct as it comes with a variety of 4 garage doors. All of them have a windowed section that starts from around torso height.

Beyond that, they’re all made of wood, only really varying in the color of the wood and the pattern of the glass.

Two of the garage doors have 2 larger sections that are divided by small wooden bits, one separated into 8 and the other being perpendicular near the corners.

The other two have a smaller and larger number of windows and are slightly higher than the other two.

All of them maintain a very suburban house look, though, so as long as that is what you’re after, then Garage Patterns 4 should have you covered.

2. Functional City Garage Door

Functional City Garage Door

Functional City Garage Door is another city garage door-styled CC, but this time you have the choice to operate it the same way as the open garage door CC or as an actual door.

With this, it comes in two modes, either manual or automatic. In manual mode, you will be able to control the garage door yourself, while in an automatic, you can let your sims go through it much like a normal door.

This is something that tech-savvy sims might really enjoy.

1. Garage Doors Set

Garage Doors Set

This CC has a varied set of garage doors coming in very modern, suburban, or even older styled garage doors. Although none of the doors are functional, Garage Doors Set comes with so much variety it sort of makes up for that.

It comes in 4 different types with 2 modern and 2 older-style garage doors. The modern ones have a checkered pattern glass kind and a minimalist wooden look for the other door.

The older styled ones have one that looks like a suburban garage door with its small holes to peek out from the top, and the other being completely covered and wooden, looking like small barn doors.

No matter what kind of look you’re going for, Garage Doors Set probably has something that will work with any look you could want for your sim’s home.

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