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Top 30 Best Sims 4 Marie Antoinette CC

Top 30 Best Sims 4 Marie Antoinette CC

Marie Antoinette never said to let them play sims or to let them eat cake but both of them are good ideas. Cake is delicious and sims are fun!

We have compiled the best Marie Antoinette-themed pieces of custom content for Sims 4. It will also include Rococo themed CC since this is the era Marie Antoinette lived in!

Best Sims 4 Marie Antoinette CC

30. 18th Century Hair Set

18th Century Hair Set

The 18th Century Hair Set is a must have for simmers that want to immerse themselves in this period. It comes with two options, one called Eleonora and the other Francois. Both have 24 swatches, are hat compatible, and base game compatible.

29. A 1780’s Inspired Set

A 1780's Inpired Set

The lovely named English Roses is a 1780’s inspired set. It comes with a 1780’s printed cotton round gown, 1775 robe a L’Anglaise, and a 1775 Circular Fichu. All three come with a certain number of swatches and are all base game compatible.

28. Cake Skirt Dress Recolor

Barebara2020’s Cakeskirt Dress Recolor

The Cakeskirt Dress Recolor is not something Marie Antoinette would want you to eat. She’d want you to wear it and look your best. This is a full body, formal outfit, is for teen to elder, and comes with several swatches.

27. Boy’s Dress for Dinner Outfit Conversion

Boy’s “dress For Dinner” Outfit Conversion

The focus on 18th century fashion is always women’s fashion but males dressed up too! Historicalsimslife Boys Dress for Dinner Outfit gives young male sims something to wear to dinner. It comes with 14 swatches and also comes with an older male version.

26. Bust of Marie Antoinette

Bust Of Marie Antoinette

One does not need a reason to put a Bust of Marie Antoinette in their Sim’s house. This CC is based on an actual bust made of this famous queen of France sculpted by Felix Lecomte in 1783. It can be found in sculptures.

25. Change Body Accessory Skirt

Change Body & Accessory Skirt

During 18th century women had to wear a lot of clothing. They first started by putting on the under clothes, which could include a hoop skirt to make the dress poofy.

The change Body and Accessory Skirt is based on that concept. It has 20 swatches for both items, is for feminine frame, and teen to elder sims.

24. Duchess of Devonshire Hair

Duchess Of Devonshire Hair

Look like a true duchess with the Duchess of Devonshire Hair Edit. This is an edit from a piece of Sims 3 custom content. It comes in 13 natural EA colors, is found in long hair in CAS, and somehow compatible with hats.

23. Fake Cake Set

Fake Cake Set

The whole let them eat cake phrase from Marie Antoinette is hotly debated, but it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy cake. With the Fake Cake Set by Sourclown, you can really immerse yourself in Marie Antoinette cosplay. Just make sure your sim doesn’t really try to eat it.

22. Frill Choker

Frill Choker

Marie Antoinette wore so many rills– and not just on her dresses but also on accessories! The Frill Choker will help any Rococo era pop. This is an HQ compatible piece of CC that comes in several styles and colors. 

21. Jeanne Straw Hat and Sylvia Bonnet

Jeanne Straw Hat & Sylvia Bonnet

The Jeanne Straw Hat and Sylvia Bonnet are two lovely pieces of headwear for your 18th century sim. Both of these items come in 3 different color swatches, are base game compatible, and hat sliver compatible.

20. La Chambre De La Reine

La Chambre De La Reine

Do you want your sims room to resemble an authentic Rococo bedroom? Well, then the La Chambre De La Reine is for you. This CC will make your sims bedroom look like they are a Marie Antoinette stan.

It comes with a divider, wall panels, chair, bed, and a ceiling.


19. Le Pouf Rococo Hair

Le Pouf Rococo Hair

During the Rococo era the more intricate and large your hair was, the better. The Le Pouf by Historicalsimslife lets your sim wear one of these iconic look. It is base game compatible, somehow compatible with hats, and comes in 24 colors.

18. Lede Gloves

Ledé Gloves

The ultimate way to complete your Rococo outfit is with gloves. No true lady would go gloveless! Here are the Lede Gloves that come with two different version. One is striped and the other is polka dotted. Both can be found in the gloves category.

17. Madame Rococo Dress

Madame Rococo Dress

Have your sim look like the Madame they can be in the Madame Rococo Dress. This is an edit from the Sims 3 Palace of Versailles Dress. It is base game compatible and has a total of 12 swatches in lovely pastel colors.

16. Marie Antoinette Floral Walls

Marie Antoinette Floral Walls

The Marie Antoinette Floral Walls by Regal Sims will help your sims walls look like they have stepped into the 18th century. It comes with 2 different floral patterns and 3 unique small murals to go above them. What else could you need?

15. Marie Antoinette and her Children

Marie Antoinette And Her Children

The Marie Antoinette and Her Children painting by TheJum07 is perfect to decorate your wall with. It’s base on an actual painting created by French painter Elizabeth Vigee Lebrun in 1787. It is base game compatible so don’t worry about any issues!

14. Marie Antoinette Playing the Harp

Marie Antoinette Playing The Harp

The Marie Antoinette Playing the Harp painting by TheJum07 is perfect for any Sim’s wall. It’s base on an actual painting created by French artist Jean-Bapiste Andre Gautier in 1775. It can be found in Decoration/Painting

13. My Fair Lady Late Baroque Era Set

My Fair Lady Late Baroque Era Set

This is the ultimate My Fair Lady Set that is inspired by the Late Baroque era. There are several items in here so you won’t be sorry you downloaded it. It comes with hat hairs, 4 adult hairs, dresses for adults, outfits for a child and toddler, and an adult baroque hair comb just to name a few!

12. Plain Cap

Plain Cap

The rich 18th century class truly got to enjoy the Rococo period but there were women of lower class as well! Here we have the Plain Cap. It has 32 swatches, is found in hats, and is base game compatible.

11. Pose Pack

Pose Pack

A Rococo fan is going to need a pose back to really help get that authentic 18th century feel. This pose pack comes with several different couple poses for sims. Your sims will be fully immersed in the Rococo lifestyle with this CC>

10. Robe A L’anglaise Polonaise Set

Robe à L’anglaise & Polonaise Set

One does not have to speak French to enjoy this custom content! The Robe a L’anglaise and Polonaise Set comes with several items that include dress ruffles, 2 headdresses, hairstyles, a brooch, ribbon choker, and this is just to name a few.

It’s for teen to elder sims and is hat slider as well as base game compatible

9. Rococo Boudoir

Rococo Boudoir

The Rococo Boudoir is necessary for any Sim’s house so they can help their house look 100 percent Rococo. It comes with 20 different items, pictured above, and are all base game compatiable. Go back to the past with this 18th century furniture set.

8. Rococo Hair Feathers and Pearls

Rococo Hair & Feathers And Pearls Accessory

The Rococo period could not be complete without hair accessories. Look no further than the Rococo Hair and Feathers and Pearls Accessory. This hair is compatible with hats, is for teen to elder sims, and has 57 swatches while the accessory has 20 swatches.

7. Ruffle Rococo Gown

Ruffle Rococo Gown

The Ruffle Rococo Gown is a perfect example of Rococo period fashion. It has frills, pastel colors, and unique patterns. This dress comes with 40 swatches and is for teens to elder. It can be worn for every day, formal, and party.

6. Shawls and Turban

Shawls And Turban

For those that want their sims to wear a shawl or a turban then come no further than this CC by inlovewithregencyeraThe turban can be found in the hat category and shawl is the necklace category. Each come with a certain amount of swatches.

5. Simple 18th Century Updo

Simple 18th Century Updo

Compared to a lot of 18th century hairstyles this one is subdued. The aptly named Simple 18th Century Updo is for those who want something a little on the simple side. It comes in 24 hair colors, is base game compatible, and as well as compatible with hats.

4. Sophia and Augusta

Sophia & Augusta

The Sophia and Augusta 1790s Mini set is perfect for those who want to dress their sims up in 1790s fashion. It comes with dresses, the big hair, and ribbons that each come with several swatches. There are 30 swatches alone with both the dresses and hair.

3. Chemise A La Reine

Chemise A La Reine

The Chemise A La Reine is from 1780 and was introduced into society by none other than Marie Antoinette. Get your Marie Antoinette cosplay down with this piece of custom content by Lucydels98 . You won’t be sorry!

2. Rococo Shoes

The Regalsims Shoes

The Rococo Shoes is a recolor of The Regal Sims shoes. This comes with 80 swatches and is for every day as well as party wear. Sims teen all the way to elder are able to wear these bright and vibrant shoes.

Are they practical? No, but pain is beauty!

1. 1790s Ensemble Recolors

Tête De Mouton A Lá Hurquier

The Sims from the Past’s 1780’s Ensemble Recolors by Historicalsimslife is not as bright and flamboyant as other pieces of 18th century fashion. However, sometimes subtle is better!

This comes with 8 recolors which includes such patterns like stripes, plaid, and floral.