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Top 30 Best Sims 4 Braids CC

Top 30 Best Sims 4 Braids CC

Plaiting or braiding your hair can be simple or very intricate depending on how you style your how. As you can imagine, there are dozens upon dozens of braid-type hairstyles out there. This is no different for sims!

I’ve gathered 30 of the best custom content for sims 4 featuring all types of braids. Read on to see the list.

Best Sims 4 Braids CC

30. Blissful Braids

Blissful Braids & Locs Collection

Depending on the hair type or texture, your going to use certain type of braids. The Blissful Braids and Locs Collection are for sims who have hair texture level 3 or higher. It comes with a total of 8 hairstyles with 6 for men and 2 for males. They are for teen to elder sims and are compatible with hats.

29. Byllie Braids

Byllie Braids

For those sims who have curly hair the Byllie Braids by Sheabuttyr are perfect. While this hair is not hat compatible, it does come with 24 swatches and 8 mod max swatches. It’s a hairstyle that is perfect for all occasions– even sleeping!

28. Cathy Hair

Cathy Hair

One does not have to be named Cathy to wear Cathy Hair by Josh or Joshesoh. There are two braids that are braided very tightly so there is no fear about them coming undone. This custom content is for the feminine frame and teen to elder sims. It has the usual 24 EA swatches and, best of all, is hat compatible.

27. Allergy Hair

Allergy Hair

Who doesn’t love K-pop styled hair? The Allergy Hair by Azerty Sims is a hairstyle inspired by Gidle member, Miyeon from their Allergy music video. This CC comes with hair put in high pig tails that is also braided.

It comes in the usual EA colors, is hat compatible, and the bows come with 30 swatches.

26. Sophie Hair

Sophie And Allen Hair

Braids can be two braids, one braid, a French braid, and a side braid to name a few options. The Sophie Hair by Oldguardmaxismatchcc take inspiration from the side braid hairstyle. With this CC, your sims can sport a loose, side braid swept over one shoulder.

25. Kelani Braids

Kelani Braids

The Kelani Braids Set for POC sims combines not only braided hair but also styles part of the braids into a bun. There are versions for both male and female sims which are both hat compatible. It also comes with the usual 24 ea colors.

24. Beatrice Braids

Sheabutter Beatrice Braids

The Beatrice Braids by Glorianasims4 is a set of high pigtail braids perfect for your POC sims. It comes with a version for teen and adult sims. This is actually a recreation of an old CC for sims 2.

23. Xiorgia Hair


Loose braids are the easiest look to recreate but if you don’t feel like braiding your own hair, braid your sims hair! The Xiorgia Hair features this exact look. It has the usual EA colors, is hat compatible, and only for female frames.

22. Lunaria Hair

Lunaria Hair

The Lunaria Hair is also known as the dead mom anime braid hair. While it has a strange name, it’s a great look inspired by anime! It’s for a feminine frame only but don’t let that stop you from downloading it.

21. Neville’s Wedding Set

Neville's Wedding Set

The Neville’s Wedding Set comes with several items perfect for a wedding, but we want to focus on the Neville Wedding Hair. These long braids are fishtail style braids. It comes in three different versions with one of those decorated with flower petals.

20. Kimberly Hair

Kimberly Hair

If you like waist length hair then the Kimberly hair is for you! This hair style comes with long hair that is styled into several very thick and long braids. In this set you get the base Kimberly hair, Kimberly Hair Tie Accessory, Kimberly Dyed Ends Accessory and finally the Kimberly Headband.

19. Nanna Hair

Nanna Braids

The Nanna Hair by Laeska styles your sims hair in two high fish tail braids. It comes with the usual Maxis palette 24 swatches, is hat compatible, and base game compatible. There are four versions: tucked behind both ears, tucked behind the right ear, tucked behind the left ear, and untucked.

18. Janet Braids

Janet Braids

Ever heard of bubble braids? Well, even if you haven’t then you need to check out the Janet Braids by Dogsill. This hairstyle comes with bangs and two, high styled braids. There are 24 swatches, is base game compatible, and works with hats.

17. Gia Hair

Braid Gia Hairstyle

Loose wavy hair never looked so good in two braids. The Gia hair by S-club is a great example of a simple and easy hairstyle. It has 30 colors, is hq compatible, and hat compatible which is the best part.

16. Bibi Braids

Bibi Braids

The Bibi Braids is a loc style for POC sims that comes in two different versions. It is hat compatible, has 24 maxis swatches, and 7 mod max swatches. This is a shorter hairstyle so if you like to give your sims short hair then consider this!

15. DOE Braids

Doe Braids

For those with thick hair, the Doe Braids likely bring back memories. It features thick hair styles into two braids. It’s for child to elder sims that have a feminine frame. The hair comes with 24 swatches and the bows have 16 swatches.

14. Zoe Braids

Zoe Hair

Fish tail braids can be difficult to do in real life, but on sims you don’t have to worry about that. The Zoe Hair by Nightcrawler Sims is the perfect CC if you want your sim to sport the fishtail braid look. 

It comes with 22 colors and works with hats, which is always useful.

13. Juniper Braid Set

Juniper Braids

The Juniper Braid Set comes with not only one but four versions so there’s something for everyone! Version one and two both come with bangs but with or without strands. Version three and four are without bangs. You can get one with strands and the other with no strands.

12. Bubble Braid Set

Bubble Braid

Bubble braids might sounds a little strange but they look great. This custom content for Sims 4 comes with two mesh options and two hairline options. It’s basegame compatible as well as compatible with hats.

11. Clairo Hair

Clairo Braids

What do you get when you combine bangs and two tight braids? Well you get the Clairo HairThese bangs come in the 24 EA hair colors, is hat compatible, and are available for teen to elder sims that have a feminine frame.

10. Candance Hairstyle

Candance Braids

Do you want give your sim a braided hairstyle that also comes with a ethereal look? The Candace Hairstyle by Simstrouble is the answer to this problem. It comes with 24 swatches, is hat compatible, and is also base game compatible. Best of all if comes with a brow ring that is styled with butterflies.

09. Cursed Hairstyle

Cursed Braids

Even if it isn’t Halloween your sim can wear the Cursed Hair. In this CC it comes with a braided crown that is decorated with snakes. It gives off a Medusa vibe.

This set comes with 85 colors which includes 35 unnatural colors. The snakes come in six different color variations.

08. Long Straight Braids

Long Straight Hairstyle With Braids

The Long Straight Hairstyle With Braids has one braid around the crown on the head. It’s very subtle. When you download this CC you get 21 base colors, 9 Ombre colors, and it’s hat compatible.

07. Double Braids for Girls

Double Braids For Kids

Kids love to have braids and with the Double Braid for Girls your female sims can sport that look! It comes with 24 colors and is available for the base game. What more could you ask for?

06. Hinata Hair

Hinata Hair

The Hinata Hair by Imvikai features very loose styled hair in two braids. It’s base game compatible, hat compatible, and has 24 EA swatches. This CC in particular is for teen to elder sims.

05. Rachel Hair

Rachel Hair

The Rachel Hair combines two braids with a French Braid hairstyle. It’s base game compatible, hat compatible, and 24 EA colors. You also don’t have to be named Rachel to wear it, we promise.

04. Meadow Hair Set

Meadow Winds Collection

The Meadow Winds Collaboration Set comes with a lot of items but we want to focus on the Avyanna hair, which features two loose braids. It’s hat compatible, base game compatible, and also has a flowers accessory for those that want to add a little bit more to the hairstyle.

03. Georgia Hair

Georgia Braids

The Georgia hair combines two braids, messy bangs and a bandana which happens to be a separate accessory. It comes in all 24 ea colors, is originally female framed but enabled for both, and works with hats. If you want to use the bandana then it can be found in hats.

02. Eliza Hair

Eliza Hair

Thick hair has never looked so good in braids thanks to the Eliza Hair by TwistedCat. This base game compatible custom content has 24 maxis swatches and works with hats. But why would you want a hat to mess with perfection?

01. Tech Hair

Tech Hair

The Tech Hairstyle by Manul-Sul-Sul are braids that will look great whether you are into the cyberpunk lifestyle or not. There are two versions with this CC; one with the braids on the front and the other with the braids on the back. It’s for female sims aged teen to elder, is hat compatible, and comes with 24 colors.