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Top 30 Best Sims 4 Taylor Swift CC

Top 30 Best Sims 4 Taylor Swift CC

You’d have to be living under a rock if you’ve never heard of music superstar Taylor Swift AKA T-Swift. It doesn’t matter if you are a Swifty, casual listener/fan, or just know of her existence you shouldn’t be surprised about amount of CC that exists on Sims 4.

It wasn’t easy but we narrowed down the 30 best Sims 4 Taylor Swift-inspired custom content.

Best Sims 4 Taylor Swift CC

30. Era’s Tour Hoodie

The Eras Tour Hoodie

Taylor Swift’s era tour has taken the world by storm and with this hoodie, your sim can celebrate this tour with a custom sweatshirt! The Era’s Tour hoodie by cruelsummersims is a piece of custom content that comes with three swatches. On the back is photos of Taylor’s era’s tour so even if you didn’t go, your sim can pretend they were there.

29. Poet’s Canvas Collection

Poets Canvas Collection

The Tortured Poets Department is the 11th studio album by Taylor Swift released on April 19th, 2024. With the POET’s Canvas Collection, you get original art in sim form that is inspired by this album to adorn your sims walls. It is base game compatible and comes with 12 art swatches.

28. Karma set

Karma Set

Have you ever wanted to try to rock a body suit? Well, now your sim can rock a body suit that was inspired by Taylor’s Kara segment outfit. The Karma Set a match for the blue feather jacket and blue body suit that Taylor Swift herself wore on stage. Wear it out or at home. Both work!

27. Oversized Eras Tee

Oversized Eras Tee

The Era’s Tour was a big moment for all Taylor Swift fans out there. Now your sim can wear a fun piece of merch from the tour with the Oversized Eras Tee by cruelsummersims. This custom content only comes with an oversized tee but once you swifties get a look at it will be all over it

26. Lover Baseball Cap

Lover Baseball Cap

The Lover album by Taylor swift came out all the way back in 2019 but it still doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate it! With the Lover Baseball Cap by cruelsummersims,  your sim can walk down nostalgia lane and showcase their love for this timeless Taylor Swift album.

25. Fearless Era Heart Hands Hoodie

Fearless Era Heart Hands Hoodie

The Fearless era by Taylor swift is one that came out almost twenty years ago. Even though it was released in 2008, it’s still resonates with fan because it was her second ever studio album! Thanks to the Fearless Era Heart Hands Hoodie you can remind people of this classic era in Taylor Swift History.

It comes in English and Simlish.

24. Taylor Swift’s Grammy’s 2021 Flower Dress

Taylor Swift (grammys 2021 Flower Dress)

Taylor Swift has worn some iconic outfits to award shows but the dress she wore to the 2021 Grammys is one of the most memorable. The Taylor Swift Grammy’s 2021 Flower Dress by Mima Busowg will let your sim wear this flower mini dress to wherever they please.

They’ll turn heads no matter wherever they go!

23. The Eras Tour Set

Taylor Swift The Eras Tour Set

The Taylor Swift Era Tour Set takes all the iconic outfits Taylor wore during the tour and puts it in one set for you sim lovers out there. It comes with the 1989 Era’s tour top and skirt, Red Eras Tour body suit and acoustic set coat, midnights bodysuit, and lavender haze fur coat and oversized shirt.

22. Taylor Swift Tattoo Set

Taylor Swift Tattoo Set

Now your sim can display their love for Taylor Swift in tattoo form! The Taylor Swift Tattoo Set comes with a total of nine different tattoos which include mirror ball, lavender haze, lover, portrait, reputation, snake, Taylor’s Version, To Live for the Hope of it All, and Butterfly. 

It’s found in the right upper arm section of CAS and is for feminine frames.

21. Speak Now Merch

Speak Now Merch Cc Pack

Just because Taylor Swift’s third album Speak Now came out almost fifteen years ago doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy it. The Taylor Swift Speak Now Merch Pack comes with a white crewneck, taupe t-shirt, and cream baby t-shirt. It’s for both genders, sims age young adult to elder, and is base game compatible.

20. 1989 Album T-shirt Cover

1989 Album Cover T Shirt!

The 1989 album was a huge turning point in Taylor Swift’s career and thanks to longerswhimsie, your sim can wear a piece of Taylor Swift history. This 1989 Album Cover T-shirt CC comes with a t-shirt with Taylor’s album printed on the chest. It comes in a few colors.


19. Cruel Summer Set

The Eras Tour Cruel Summer Set

Taylor Swift rocked a lot of bodysuits during her Era’s tour and no bodysuit is more eye catching then the glittery bodysuit she wore on stage for her fans. The Eras Tour: Cruel Summer Set is a set that includes the cruel summer body suit, boots, and a custom thumbnail. What more could a simmer and Swifty want?

18. Reputation Bodysuit

Reputation Bodysuit

Ah, Taylor Swift and her body suits. One of the great things about the Era’s tour is all the different bodysuits she wore. The Eras Tour: Reputation Bodysuit comes with a custom thumbnail and, most importantly, the Era’s Tour Reputation Bodysuit. It’s also base game compatible.

17. The Eras Nails

The Eras Nails

The Eras Nails set is a piece of custom content that was inspired by Taylor’s nails during the Eras tour. It comes with about over 10 different swatches for the 10 eras Taylor performs in her tour. Don’t worry because it’s also base game compatible so you don’t have to worry about this being an issue.

16. Simlish 22 T-shirts

Simlish 22 T Shirts

The point of Taylor’s Era’s tour is that it covers her different eras and one of those eras is 22.  With the Simlish 22 T-shirt your sim can sport a shirt from this particular T-Swift Era. It comes with baily top solids for a female frame and Leo tee solids for a male frame

15. Destiny Spark

Destiny Spark Inspired By Speak Now

The Third Album of Taylor Swift was titled Speak now and even fifteen years later it still makes an impact. With the Destiny Spark inspired by the Speak Now Album, your sim can wear clothes that are specifically tied to this particular album. However, your going to need the Throwback Fit and Grunge Revival Pack to be able to use this CC.

14. Taylor Swift Speak Now Tour Starter Pack


Taylor Swift Speak Now Tour Starter Pack

 The Speak Now Tour Starter Pack by Mosichaa is a set inspired by the Speak Now Era of Taylor Swift. It’s an older era but that doesn’t make it any less amazing. In this set it comes with a koi guitar, Dear John Dress in two colors, and 11 colors of the iconic 13 on her hand.

13. Era’s T-shirt Merch

Eras T Shirt Merch

The Eras T-shirt Merch by s1msszn capitalizes on the popularity of the Era Tour and lets your sim wear some merch from this famous tour. It comes in six different swatches featuring different colors and eras that Taylor Swift specifically performs on stage.

12. Taylor Swift Midnights Vinyl Clock

Taylor Swift Midnights Vinyl Clock

Vinyl is making a comeback even in sims games and with the Taylor Swift Midnights Vinyl Clock, your sim can enjoy it in clock form. This set features several Taylor Swift albums put together to form a clock. It’s a contemporary/modern style and can be found in the living room and study/office.

11. Taylor Swift Album Prints V2

Taylor Swift Album Prints V2

Taylor Swift has made several albums over the years and the simmer Mal has put together a custom content set called Taylor Swift Album Prints V2This set contains all her albums, including her most recent one The Tortured Poets Department. Any Swifty sim will need this.

10. Tay Hair (2 Ver)

Tay Hair (two Versions)

Taylor Swift has sported some iconic hair over the years and this custom content by Arethabee capitalizes on her long, straight hair with bangs. The Tay Hair (Two Versions) is base game as well as hat compatible. It comes with a total of 24 ea colors.

09. Taylor Swift Makeup Collection

Taylor Makeup Collection

Want to wear some makeup that is inspired by Taylor Swift herself? Well the Taylor Makeup Collection by thatonegreenleaf is for you! It comes with 1 eyeliner, 1 lipstick, and 10 eyeshadows. Sims that are teen to elder as well as masculine or feminine can wear this makeup set.

08. Heart face Lover Album CoverHeartface Lover Album

The Taylor Swift Heartface Lover Album by Giovannasims brings Taylor Swift and Sims lovers something amazing. This Heart shaped Makeup for your sim was on Taylor Swift’s Love album. It might not be something your sim can wear to work but for the club it’s perfect!

07. I did Something Bad Body Suit

I Did Something Bad Bodysuit

The I Did Something Bad Body Suit by Peachy Pizza CC brings one of  Taylor’s many iconic bodysuits to sims. It comes in two versions with the 1st version being double sleeves and version 2 having one sleeve. No matter which one your sims wears, they’ll be looking good.

06. Anti Hero Music Video

Anti Hero Music Video

This Taylor Swift themed custom content features Taylor wearing a stripped swimsuit and a high waisted diamond studded orange shorts. The Taylor Swift Anti Hero Music Video CC comes with 1 package and is for female sims. It’s base game as well as HQ compatiable.

05. Folklore Marbled Sweatshirt

Folklore Marbled Sweatshirt

Folklore is the 8th Taylor Swift Album that was released in 2020. In celebration of this album we have the Folklore Marbled Sweatshirt by cruelsummersims. This custom content comes with a total of 6 swatches and also has a simlish version.

04. The Eras Tour Tee

The Eras Tour Tee

The Eras Tour Tee by cruelsummersims is a sims version of the very popular merch for the Taylor Swift Era’s tour. It comes with a total of four different swatches and the text on it is in simlish.

03. 1989 Sweatshirt

1989 Sweatshirt

Naturally Taylor Swift has made merch over the years and sold it on her website. The 1989 Sweatshirt by cruelsummersims is a piece of CC that is inspired by a real piece of merch from Taylor! Any Swifty Sim is going to need this.

02. Blue Eras Tour Crewneck

Blue Eras Tour Crewneck

If you weren’t able to go see the Eras Tour then you hoped to at least get some merch. The Blue Eras Tour Crewneck is the type of merch any Swifty will want. It not only comes in an English version but also a Simlish version.

01. Tay Hair

Tay Hair

While Taylor Swift has sported many hairstyles over the years, her curly hair from the early years has a special place in the heart of fans. The Tae Hair by Qicc is a direct rendition of Taylor’s classic hair. It has 24 swatches and is hat as well as base game compatible.