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Top 30 Best Sims 4 Bridgerton CC

Top 30 Best Sims 4 Bridgerton CC

Bridgerton is now on it’s third season so why not showcase some custom content that is inspired by Bridgerton as well as the regency era itself. Here we have 30 of the best Bridgerton pieces of custom content for Sims 4.

Best Sims 4 Bridgerton CC

30. A Walk in 1813 Pose Pack

A Walk In 1813 Pose Pack

Walking down the cobblestone streets, arm in arm and whether it be with a friend or a lover, there is just something magical about it. Capture the Bridgerton magic in your sims game with A Walk in 1913 Pose Pack.

It comes with five poses total so feel free to mix and match!

29. Lace Cake Dress

Lace Cake Dress By Ssts

A formal dress with a bottom that makes you look like a wedding cake? Well, count me in! The Lace Cake Dress comes in a mixture of light an dark colors so there is a bit of something for everyone.

This set might be difficult for a sim to walk as well as sit in but all the intricate frills and laces are amazing. It has a total of 86 swatches. is base game compatible as well as HQ mod compatible.

28. Nell Lace Stockings and Gloves

Lace Stockings And Gloves

It’s not just the dress that makes the sim look like they are straight out of Bridgerton but also what’s under the dress and the accessories. The Nell Lace Stockings and Gloves by Nell is a perfect  addition to any regency era outfit.

This delicate lace set comes with 8 colors for both the lace socks and gloves. It’s also hq compatible.

27. Robe a L’Angalise & Polonaise Set

Robe à L’anglaise & Polonaise Set

Poufy dresses always come with a strange allure. They look difficult to walk in but they are cute as heck so it almost makes it worth it to put one on. The Robe a L’Angalaise & Polonaise Set by Acanthus Sims is a perfect example of this. It comes with a total of 75 swatches, is for teen and elder sims, and is base game compatible.

26. Aphrodite by Mayasims


The set Aphrodite by Maya Sims is a perfect example of what the goddess Aphrodite would create if she were making dresses for sims to recreate the regency era. This set comes with dresses, gloves, hats, and neck accessories. Each has around 13 swatches that comes with it.

You may not be able to be the goddess Aphrodite but you’ll get pretty close!

25. Emma Collab: 1815 Ball Gown

Emma Collab 1815 Ball Gown

It doesn’t get more regency era than Emma by Jane Austen. Bridgerton is set in the same time frame so if your sims is wearing an Emma inspired dress, they will fit right into Bridgerton. The Emma Collab: 1815 Ball Gown by Vintage Simstress is the CC that you’ll want to download to get this effect.

It comes with 33 swatches including 32 recolors from another set. This can be found is both the everyday and formal category.

24. Lady Dress

Lady Dress Brsims

Sometimes, a piece of custom content doesn’t need a fancy name. The Lady Dress by bluerose-sims is a great example of this. These lovely dresses come with 40 total swatches and are HQ and base game compatible.

If your sim wants to go to a morning tea, a ball, or even to just take a walk around the garden– this dress is perfect for all of those things!

23. Regency Suit for Men

Regency Suit For Men

It’s not just women who had a certain style during the regency era. Men did too and with the Regency Suit by Historicalsimslife, your male sims can look like they stepped right out of the Bridgerton show.

The Regency Suit for Men comes with 5 swatches in total and can be work for everyday, formal, and party. It’s a jack of all trades kind of outfit!

22. The Incomparable Updo

The Incomparable Updo

Hair is an important part of helping your sim look the part of an extra out of Bridgerton. The The Incomparable Updo by Historicalsimslife pairs a simple updo styled with a scarf. Two curled strands frame the sims face, making for an elegant style.

This set comes with 13 natural EA colors for the hair and 16 swatches for the headband that is found in the hat section. It’s for sims aged teen to elder and can be found under long hair in CAS.

21. Emma Regency Dress

Thehisroticalsim Emma Dress

Jane Austen may be well known for Pride and Prejudice but she did write several other successful books, such as Emma. The Emma Regency Dress by Historicalsimslife takes inspiration from the Emma book and series. It comes with 14 swatches and is base game compatible.

20. Casual Regency Outfit

Casual Regency Outfit

The Casual Regency Outfit by Peebs is perfect for players who want their sims to take it easy and not dress up to the nines.  This set comes with a regency casual top and pants. Both come with 32 swatches and are base game compatible.

Regency era can’t be just about balls and courting.

19. Shining Nikki Maid Set

Shining Nikki Maid Set

The upper class is usually focused upon when we look at shows like Bridgerton, but servants such as maids and butlers also played a big part. With the Shining Nikki Maid Set your sim can dress up like a maid, which will help them look the part!

It comes with shoes, a dress, glasses, and earrings.

18. Regency Spencer Walking Dress

Regency Spencer Walking Dress

If you’ve ever watch Bridgerton you’ll notice that the ladies have outfits for everything, which includes walking. The Regency Spencer Walking Dress is the perfect dress for female sims to wear if they want to go for a walk outside.

This set by Historicalsimslife comes with a dress and bonnets. Both of these items come with 12 different colors.

17. Shining Nikki – Reminiscence of Flower

Shining Nikki Reminiscence Of Flower

This piece by Simsonico comes with a very intricate dress that has lace, ruffles, bows, and everything a girl girl could need! It has the dress, shoes, choker, gloves, a hat, and also a fan accessory. All of these items are HQ compatible.

While it might be difficult to walk in, in real life, your sim will have no trouble.

16. Princess Margaret Pack

Princess Margaret Pack

You don’t have to be a princess to wear the Princess Margaret Pack outfits. This comes with two dresses: One called the Princess Dress and the Call my Sister Dress along with a necklace called the golden jubilee necklace.

One dress comes with 17 swatches and another comes 16 while the necklace only comes with one.

15. Bridgerton Posepack #1

Sims 4 Bridgerton Posepack #1

When a set is named Bridgerton Posepack #1 it’s pretty obvious that it’s inspired by poses straight out of the television show. With this pack by FromTheSea your couple sims can pose in poses that are directly out of the show. It comes with a total of four poses in total that are inspired by the couple Simon and Daphne.

14. Jane Austen Inspired Poses

Jane Austen Inspired Poses

For those that like to take videos or pictures of their sims, then a pose pack is absolutely needed. The Jane Austen Inspired Poses by Atashi177 is perfect for those that want their couple sims to look like they came out of Bridgerton.

It comes with 10 couple poses for teen to elder sims and comes with custom thumbnails.

13. Briar Bonnet


The Briar Bonnet by Ribbonsregency is a piece of custom content for toddlers. This adorable bonnet will make your toddler sim make them look the regency era part. It’s a remake of CC that was available for Sims 3. This one comes with a total of 25 swatches.

12. Regency Infant

Regency Infant & Toddler Skeleton Suit

This set by Peebs includes a Regency Infant outfit and a Toddler Skeleton suit. Both of these outfits will have your infant and toddler sims reflect the times they are supposed to be growing up in. It comes in 32 swatches and is base game compatible.

11. 1820s Toddler Dress

1820′s Toddler Dress

The focus on Bridgerton, as you know, is the ladies, the men, romance, and the outfits, of course. But, this doesn’t just apply to the adults. Children, such as infants and toddlers, also wore outfits typical of the times.

With the 1820s Toddler Dress you can dress your toddler sim in a cotton, embroidered dress. It has 32 swatches and is base game compatible.

10. RC Regency by Lindy

Sifix Nellie Dress Rc Regency By Lindy

The RC Regency by Lindy comes with some custom content that will make you feel exactly like you have stepped into Bridgerton. It comes with a total of 38 recolors and is for females, ages teen to adults. While it is a shame there isn’t anything for male identifying sims here, female identifying sims won’t be disappointed!

09. Regency Era Masc Outfits

2 Regency Era Masc Outfits

The Regency Era Masc Outfits by Anachrosims is perfect for those gentlemen you want to court or just fawn over. One set is called the Trafalgar Flair and has 13 swatches while the Handy Dandy comes with a total of 80 swatches!

By putting on this outfit, your male sim will become a true gentlemen.

08. Regency Era Portraits Set 2

Regency Era Portraits Set 2 (large & Small Vertical)

There weren’t cameras during the regency era so people had to rely on portraits. The Regency Era Portraits Set 2

by Anachrosims come regency era style portraits. Each set has gold, brown, and dark brown frame options. To be more specific, the small vertical portraits are basegame compatible while the large vertical portraits require the Vampires addon.

07. Regency Gentleman’s Outfit

Regency Gentleman’s Outfit

The aptly named Regency Gentleman’s Outfit by Peebs is a Jane Austen inspired CC for male sims. It’s base game as well as custom thumbnail compatible. In total, it comes in 32 swatches. Once your male sim puts this on, they’ll be ready to court anyone who they desire.

06. Pray Maid Outfit


The Pray Maid Outfit by Maya Sims is maid style outfit great for female sims who don’t want to play the typical regency era lady. While it may not be talked about enough, not everyone was from the upper class!

It comes with 10 swatches in total and is for female sims only.

05. Shining Nikki – Shy Lady Set

Shining Nikki Shy Lady Set

The Shining Nikki Shy Lady Set by Simsonico is a set that comes with a little bit everything. It comes with a dress, shoes, earrings, necklace, gloves, and headband. Once your female sims put any of these items from the set on, they’ll be ready to take the regency era by storm.

04. Regency Hairs

Regency Hairs

The Regency Hairs is the ultimate hair set for anyone that wants their female sims to sport a hairstyle straight out of this amazing historical era. It comes with a total 24 different EA colors that are all hat compatible. All of these hairstyles are different types of updos.

03. Regency Pack Conversion Outfit

Ladybereniche Cc

The Regency Pack Conversion Outfit by Lady Bereniche is a simple gown, but it’s such a great gown! It’s actually a conversion of a romantic regency pack made by iamliz13 using Kiara’s Juliette’s dress to convert the mesh.

What  you get is the dress pictured above!.

02. Riding Outfit

Righteous Riding Habit Regency Conversion

During the regency era there was only one way to get around and the best way to get around was horseback. The Riding Outfit by Cringeborg is the only way to travel by horse in style. It comes with 16 swatches and can be found in the long dresses and outerwear categories.

01. Regency Reverie

Regency Reverie Part I

The Regency Reverie by GuildedGhosts is the best starter set around for Bridgerton fans or regency fans in general. In this set you not only get dresses, you also get hats, hairstyles, bonnets, and shoes. This is everything you could possibly need, and more, to take the regency age by storm.