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Top 30 Best Sims 4 Baddie CC

Top 30 Best Sims 4 Baddie CC

Baddie Fashion refers to a style of fashion that combines urban/streetwear looks with a fashion-forward style. Combine the two and you get baddie fashion!

We’ve compiled a list of 30 pieces of the best baddie CC for Sims 4. Read on to find out what’s on the list.

Best Sims 4 Baddie CC

30. Liz Baddie Outfits

Liz Baddie Outfits

The song Baddie by popular K-pop girl group Ive brought baddie fashion to the forefront of Korea. All five members  sported different outfits but the Liz Baddie Outfits focuses on vocal powerhouse Liz and her cute outfits. It includes 45 swatches for the crop top, 55 swatches for the skirt, and tights/leggings.

29. Gianna Outfit

Gianna Outfit

What do you get when you combine short shorts and a crop top? Well you get one part of the Gianna Outfit! This set comes with two different outfits. One outfit comes with a crop top, shorts, and knee length boots. The other is a suit top with a plunging neckline and ripped stockings.

28. Baddie Top

Baddie Top

No Baddie outfit is complete without a crop top! But the Baddie Top is a different take on the crop top because it features a turtle neck. These cropped turtleneck tops come with 30 swatches (20 solid and 10 in patterns) and is base game compatible.

27. Mall of Mstar Act II Set


This set is perfect for those that want to dress their sims in baddie fashion. It comes with hair and glasses which is needed for any sim to complete the baddie look. It has a custom thumbnail and has 5+ swatches for all the items in the set.

26. Baddie Y2k Sweater

Baddie Y2k Sweater

Y2K was a crazy time. There were some bad parts, but the good parts included the wild fashion. The Baddie Y2k Sweater is an oversized zip up jacket to help achieve that Y2k look. It comes with 7 swatches and is HQ compatible.

25. Chrome Hearts Undies

Chome Hearts Undies

Let your sim wear baddie fashion all the way down to their underwear with the Chrome Heart Undies. These boy shorts can be worn on the outside or inside. While it does come with multiple swatches, it only is for female sims aged teen to elder. 

24. Kitten + Phoeby Set

Kitten ♡ Phoeby Set

Baddie pants combined with an ocean style midriff top is an iconic look that can be found in the Kitten and Phoeby Set. The top comes with 21 swatches and the pants come with 12. Each item is HQ compatible with a custom thumbnail.

23. Fast Fashion Fit

Fast Fashion Fit

Fast fashion is problematic in the real world but not in a sims game. The Fast Fashion fit comes with a high waisted sheer pants and a crop top. It has 6 swatches and is for female sims, aged teen to elder.

22. Cheers PosePack

Cheers Posepack

New Years is a big deal for everyone, but for the fashion forward baddies it is a time to celebrate. The Cheers Posepack is great for players that want to have some fun giving their baddie sims a fun New Years.

It comes with 4 single posts in all.

21. The Fend Buckle Up Dream Girl Recolor

The Fendi Buckle Up (dreamgirl Recolor)

Racing inspired outfits have never looked so good and your sim can wear this outfit with the Fendi Buckle Up setIt comes with 5 detailed Fendi swatches and has custom thumbnails. However, you do need do download the babygirl’s cut out jumpsuit to get it to work properly since it is a recolor.

20. Double Pressure Posepack

Double Pressure Posepack

A baddie sim needs their BFFs by their side. The Double Pressure Posepack gives your baddie sims and their BFF’s a chance to pose to show their close friendship. It comes with 4 duo poses with a total of 8 poses in all.

19. Baddie in Bed Pose Pack

Baddie In Bed Posepack Vol. 2

A baddie sim must be ready to strike a cool pose anywhere, even in bed. The Baddie in Bed Posepack Vol. 2 comes with 6 single poses. However, you’ll need the teleport any sim, pose player, and iPhone 12 by Murphy to be able to get this to work perfectly.

18. Wonyoung Baddie Outfit

Wonyoung Baddie Outfits

Wonyoung of Ive is by far the most popular member of Ive and idol active in Korea right now. The Wonyoung Baddie Outfit set takes inspiration from this iconic idol. It comes with a turtleneck crop jacket that has 65 swatches and pants that have 35.

17. Beach Babes

Beach Babes

Whether it’s summer time or not, your sim will love the chance to wear some baddie inspired summer wear. The Beach Babes set is part of a collection that is a mix of beachy clothing with a mix of streetwear.

It comes with six different tops, a dress, a spring set, windy set, and ocean set.

16. Backwoods Baddie Set

Backwoods Baddie Set

The Backwoods Baddie set by Fatalrosecreations is chock full of beautiful and stylish baddie fashion. It comes with a tank top, tube top, summer set, and shorts. All of them are HQ compatible as well as base game compatible.

15. Glamorous Dress

Glamorous Dress

This custom content is called the Glamorous Dress and it couldn’t have a better name associated with it. This thin strap dress has a low neckline with a slit right in the middle of the dress. It is just for female sims and is color wheel slider ready.

14. Cat Walk Dress

Cat's Walk By Rimings

Be ready to walk the baddie cat walk with the Cat’s Walk Set by Rimings. This set comes with chokers, mini dresses with halter style straps, and a maxi tub top dress. All of them come with several swatches so there are enough colors and patterns for everyone.

13. Astrid Top

Astrid Top

The Astrid Top by Backtrackcc is a great example of baddie fashion. It’s a tube top that exposes the mistress and a good amount of cleavage. There are a total of 14 or so swatches all of which are in solid color rather than patterns.

12. Bad For You Tank Top

Bad For You Tank Top

The Bad for You Tank Top by Lynxsimz is only bad for you in name. It’s actually a great crop top, exposing just the right amount of cleavage to draw attention to your sims. It comes with about twenty swatches, all of which are solid colors.

11. Playboy Baddie Workout Set

Playboy Baddie Workout Set

You wear baddie fashion everywhere– even to the gym. The Playboy Baddie Workout Set lets your sim work out in style. It comes with leggings, 1 pc long, 1 pc shorts, and a 2 piece. The leggings and both 1 pieces come with 7 swatches while the 2 piece has 5.

10. I Heart U Set

I Heart U Set

The I Heart U set comes with several items sure to turn heads on the street, club, or wherever you want to go. It comes with a formal dress, every day 2 piece outfit, baddie party one piece outfit, and a thumbnail. 

Just don’t wear it to work.

9. 3D Groovy Flower Nails

3d Groovy Flower Nails

Baddie fashion just doesn’t include clothes. It also includes nails. The 3D Groovy Flower Nails is a set of thick nails that may not be practical, but damn does it look good. It costs 110 Simoleans, is styled with acrylic dip powder, and has a groovy colorful pattern. 

8. Baddie Pink Trait

Baddie ~ #pinktrait

The Baddie#Pinktrait is a must for anyone who wants their sim to completely immerse themselves in the baddie lifestyle. With the baddie trait, it comes with a bunch of social interactions perfect for baddie sims. Is it the best personality trait out there? No, but who cares!

7. Pinkworld Baddie Aesthetic Posters

Pinkworld Baddie Aesthitic Postups #3

Decorate your sims wall with some posters that have a baddie aesthetic. The Pinkworld Baddie Aesthetic Postups #3 is perfect for any baddies room. It comes with 12 swatches and costs 250 Simoleans. 

6. Marshmellow Collection

Marshmellow Collection

Take on winter or any winter sport with the Marshmellow Collection. This set comes with puffer jackets, a puffer skirt, puffer pants, puffer bag, and puffer boots. But that isn’t all! It also has a heart, smiley, and star crop top.

5. Knitted Turtleneck and Suede Sweat Stacks

Knitted Turtleneck & Suede Sweatstacks

A Knitted Turtleneck and Suede Sweatstacks may not sound like they go well together, but they do. This set comes in 11 swatches, and is for teen to elder sims. All of them are high quality so don’t worry about your sim not looking their best.

4. Hot Gworl Fall and Winter Set

Hot Gworl Fall And Winter Set

Fall and winter might require people to bundle up a bit more, but baddies can still live these seasons in style. The Hot Gworl Fall/Winter Set is CC that is for female sims. It comes in 8 swatches and can be found it outfits.

3. Oki Doki Outfit

Oki Doki Outfit

The Oki Doki Outfit by Moondreams12 is more than okie dokie. It looks awesome and is a necessity for all baddie sims. This set comes with a skirt, matching legwarmers, and a mesh top.

2. Sweetie Heels and Anklet

Sweetie Heels & Anklet By Nightingale Sims

The Sweetie Heels and Anklet by Nightingale Sims may look painful to walk in but one can’t achieve baddie fashion without a little bit of pain. This set comes with a total of fifteen color swatches. All of them are solid colors and not patterns.

1. Carvin Captoor Outfit

Carvin Carptoor

This turtleneck style dress with a high slit is going to have people craning their necks to get a look at how good your sims look. The Carvin Captor Outfit or better known as Baddie Alert CC has 8 swatches total. Perfect for the dance floor or any dancing event!