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Top 30 Best Sims 4 80s CC

Top 30 Best Sims 4 80s CC

The 80s were a wild time for fashion. Alternative trends became the mainstream featuring street style, punk clothing, and really big hair. Plus legwarmers and fingerless gloves to name a few accessories.

Here are the top 30 best sims 4 80s CC. Read on to find out more!

Best Sims 4 80s CC

30. Printed Short Sleeved T-shirt

Printed Short Sleeved T Shirt & Boyfriend Jeans

The 80s combined all kinds of fashion and this includes jeans and t-shirts. This Printed Short Sleeved T-shirt and Boyfriend Jeans will make your sim feel like they are apart of the brat pack. It comes with tops and bottoms, both having 15 swatches each. It’s also HQ compatible.

29. Vintage T-shirts

Vintage T Shirts

A sim can’t truly immerse themselves in decade’s fashion without vintage t-shirts. The Vintage T-shirts by Miiko look like something the cast of Stranger Things would wear in the show. It comes with 20 swatches in total and is compatible with the base game.

28. Old School Sneakers

Mmsims Old Skool Sneakers

Converse are still popular today, but in the 80s these shoes were all the rage. The Old Skool Sneakers by MMSIMS are perfect for not only student aged sims, but those of all ages. It comes with a total of twenty five swatches. Most are solid colors but two are patterns.

27. Puff Sleeves

Puff Sleeves

Whether it be on a prom dress, a work blazer, or a causal blouse, puff sleeves are a necessity for 80s fashion. The Puff Sleeves come in two versions– one called Eglantine Sleeves and the other called Katharine Sleeves. There are 14 swatches for the Katharine Sleeves, and 15 for the Eglantine Sleeves.

26. Pretty Little Things CC Pack

Pretty Little Things Cc Pack

The Pretty Little Things Pack by Clumsyalienn is a set that comes with a bunch of items perfect for 80s cosplay. This includes the Brooke Sweater, Casper Shirt, Shane Hoodie, Rory Sweater, Tessa Skirt, Charlie Jeans, Pete Jeans, and Alex Sweatpants. All of these are base game compatible.

25. Lucky Girl CC Pack

Lucky Girl Pack

Take a look at the Lucky Girl Set by Clumsyalienn to see an assortment of four different items that scream 80s. It comes with the Diane Shirt, Ivy Jacket, Erica Jeans, and Mona Skirt. Feel free to mix and match. There are endless possibilities.

24. 80s Punk Hair

80s Punk Hair

The 80s were a time of big hair that required a lot of hairspray. Cooper322’s 80’s Punk hair is a great example of big hair that your sim is going to need to truly embrace the 80s. At least with CC you don’t have to worry about destroying the environment with hairspray.

23. Riot Mini Pack

80s Mini Riot Pac

Riot fashion and the riot lifestyle was alive and well in the 80s. The Riot Mini Pack by Simduction contains several items perfect for a sim to embrace their inner rioter. It comes with Manic Leg Warmers, Billie Jean Hair, Ororo Hair (V1, V2, and V3) Jubilee Necklace, and 80s face paint.

22. Male Leather Pack

Night City (male Leather Pack)

A lot of 80s male singers and stars embraced the leather look. With the Night City (Male Leather Pack) your sim can wear leather while not worrying about ending up in situation like Ross from Friends. It comes with a Jacket, hat, and gloves. The gloves have 20 swatches, hat 3 swatches, and jacket 12 swatches.

21. Cold as Ice Hair

Cold As Ice Hair

Scrunchies were popular in the 90s, but they got their stuff in the 80s. Same goes for high ponytails! The Cold as Ice Hair doesn’t require you to have a cold exterior or interior. This CC is for females sims and is a medium length style hair.

20. Judas Hair

Judas Hair

One iconic look from the 80s is from work out videos. The crop tops, leotards, headbands, and legwarmers all made for a very unique look. The Judas Hair is based on this look. It comes with 18 EA colors for the hair and 24 colors for the headband but is hat incompatible.

19. 1986 Top

1986 Top

The colorful vests are yet another staple of the 1980s. This 1986 Top might be a dead ringer for some of the clothes worn in some of those popular 80s teen movies!

It comes with 14 swatches, a custom thumbnail, and is compatible with the base game.

18. Undead Choker

Undead Ahead Choker

If you want to truly embrace the 80s punk look then you need some chokers. The Undead Ahead Choker has spikes and other assortments galore! It has 40 swatches and is for female sims, aged teen to elder.

17. Fingerless Gloves

2008 Finger Less Gloves

Madonna is known for wearing her fingerless gloves in the 80s and it’s a trend that stuck. These Fingerless Gloves by WistfulPoltergeist is a must for those into 80s fashion. It’s for both genders, teen to elder, and has 8 swatches.

16. Yuki Hair

Yuki Hair

The side ponytail is a great example of peak 80s. This hairstyle was very popular and the Yuki Hair takes inspiration for this look. It comes with several colors (including unnatural and ombres) and is base game compatible.

15. Punk Pride Set

Punk Pride Pack

The 80s were not only a time for punk fashion but also when LGBT people really started to make themselves proudly visible. This Punk Pride Pack comes with objects, accessories, clothes, and makeup. It also has up to 20 different flag designs for sims.

There’s a little bit of everything in here!

14. Mania Pants

Mania Pants

One part of punk 80s fashion were the pants decorated with chains and other assorted items. The Mania Pants are a set that is for male teens all the way to elder. It has a total of 27 swatches, is HQ compatible, as well as base game compatible.

13. Summer Basics Collection

Kumikya’s Summer Basics Collection

The cutoff denim shorts and denim shorts became very popular in the 80s. Not only does the Summer Basics Collection come with denim shorts, but it also has ribbed tops. There are 9 swatches for the shorts and 8 colors for the tops.

12. Glam Rock Vest

Decades Glam Rock Vest S3 Conversion

Glam Rock was alive and well in the 80s. One of the biggest glam rock artists was the late David Bowie. The Decades Glam Rock Vest S3 Conversion takes inspiration from this rock niche genre. It’s a male top and comes with a total of 20 swatches.

11. Dr. Martens Molly

Mmsims Dr. Martens Molly

Chunky boots and shoes are a staple 80s fashion. The Dr. Martens Molly by MMSIMS is a set that is for both male and female sims. It has 10 swatches and is Hq compatible.

10. Sour Jeans

Tumblr 21483057c7af8b85e54451f737fec3b4 9d253583 640

The Sour Jeans by Cakenoodles will not leave a sour taste in your mouth. These cuffed denim jeans are form fitting and also perfect for an 80s outfit. It comes with a total of 6 swatches.

9. Athletics Vintage Jacket

Jacket Athletic Adidas Vintage

This outfit right here is something that looks like the Fresh Price and DJ Jazzy Jeff would wear. The Jacket Athletic Adidas Vintage is a cold weather enabled CC that comes with 18 swatches. It won’t make you a great rapper, but it’ll make you a fashion icon.

8. Memphis Hair

Memphis Hair

The Memphis Hair looks like the hair all those jocks sported in those popular 80s movies. It comes with 24 color swatches and is mostly hat compatible. There might be some hats it doesn’t work with but you’ll have to employ some trial and error.

7. 80s Track Suit

80s Tracksuit Set

Nothing screams 80s like a tracksuit. The 80s tracksuit Set by Marmerizingsims is a set that is for males and females, which is always inclusive. Both come with several swatches so there is something for everyone.

6. Memories CC Pack

«memories» Cc Pack

The Memories CC Set comes with several items you can mix and match for the perfect 80s look. It has the Florence Hair, Raquel Hair,  Sophia Polo, Carina t-shirt, Marley Skirt, and Ruth Jeans. All of these come with several swatches and are base game compatible/

5. Evelina Dress

Eveliina Dress

Bright, colorful dresses with quirky patterns truly made a splash in the 1980s. The Eveliina Dress is a textured dress that has awesome 80s and 90s patterns. It has a total of 16 swatches in total.

4. Leotard with Tights


Workout wear was very quirky in the 80s and this set gives your sim an athletics outfit that will stand out at the gym. The Cindy Set is a leotard with tights and legwarmers in a total of 18 swatches. It has a custom thumbnail and is base game compatible.

3. Powderpuff Palette

The Powerpuff Palette

Makeup was wild in the 80s and while the PowerPuff Palette isn’t made specifically for 80s, it works with this era. This bright and vibrant make-up set comes with 30 shades. It is also base game compatible.

2. Fornite Dawn Hair

Fortnite Dawn Hair Conversion

The Busted Pixels Dawn Hair Fornite Conversion might be from a video game but it’s still great for 80s cosplay. This comes with 24 duo colors and an extra rainbow swatch. It’s also base game compatible.

1. Papaya Dress Recolor

Ridgeport’s Papaya Dress Recolor

The Papaya dress features wacky shapes and patterns, perfect for an 80s dress replica. It has 23 swatches from the creators baby palette, 0 80s pattern swatches, and has a custom thumb nail. Once your sim puts this on, they’ll feel like they are in the Brat Pack