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Top 30 Best Sims 4 Newborn CC

Top 30 Best Sims 4 Newborn CC

If your sim decides to start a family then they are going to need a lot of newborn accessories. Clothes, cribs, changing tables, and a lot of other items! Here we have gathered 30 of the best newborn custom content for Sims and put it for you below.

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Best Sims 4 Newborn CC

30. Ella Nursery End Table

Elia Nursery End Table

An end table is a must for any sim’s household. The Elia Nursery by Severinka is a piece of furniture that will help any nursery pop. It comes with 8 total swatches in total, all of which are solid colors.

29. Baby Bottle Pot

Baby Bottle Pot

How did people feed babies in the past if they didn’t breastfeed? Well, they could have used a Baby Bottle Pot. This set by Clepysdra is inspired by what people used to feed babies with. All they used were simple small cups or jars with a spout or hole for the baby to drink from. This is a default replacement for the regular baby bottle in the game.

28. Wooden Clutter Set

Wooden Clutter Set Post

The Wooden Clutter Set by Aira will help fill any empty space in a newborn’s room. This set comes with a total of 25 small items that are all made by wood. It is base game compatible and has a custom thumbnail.

27. Hundred Arce Wood Nursery

Hundred Acre Wood Nursery

Winnie the Pooh is a classic book and animated series that is perfect for all newborn babes. This Hundred Acre Wood Nursery set will make you feel like your newborn sim is in the actual Hundred Acre Wood. It comes with plushies, a rug, dresser, mobile, crib, basket, and wall art to name a few items.

26. Comfy Cot Newborn Set

Comfy Cot Newborn Set

Every newborn deserves a comfy place to sleep and they can get that with the Comfy Cot Newborn Set. Why go with the default bassinet when you can have this option? It comes with a mobile, rocking chair (2 versions), newborn cradle, and star pouf.

25. Bearly Bedtime Infant Nursery

Bearly Bedtime Infant Nursery

All nurseries have a theme. The Bearly Bedtime Infant Nursery is a themed nursery that capitalizes on bears! This comes with statues, wall art, rugs, toys, tapestry, cribs, dresser, and pillows to name a few items.

24. Teeny Travels Bassinet

Teeny Travels Bassinet

A newborn, much to their dismay, can’t just stay stationary and sleep all day. The Teeny Travels Bassinet is the best way to carry your newborn in comfort and style. It comes in pink, blue, grey, and rainbow swatches.

23. Selva Collection

Selva Collection

The Selva Collection is the ultimate collection for those who have a newborn sim in their sim’s family. It comes with a total of 18 items that have a jungle/animal theme. It includes, but is not limited too, is cribs, bassinets, beds, rugs, and nightstands.

22. Invisible Bassinet

Invisible Bassinet

When a baby sim is born there is a bassinet created for the sim. The Invisible Bassinet is a default replacement for the usual one that you get in the game. This mod is not compatible with custom baby skins so keep that in mind.

21. Baby Fever

Baby Fever

For simmers who like to take pictures of their sims, the Baby Fever: A Pose Pack by TMV Creations is necessary. It comes with a total of 20 poses that involve a newborn sim. 2 of the poses are for a group of 3, 5 are for a single sim, and the other 13 poses are for 2 sims.

20. Newborn Outfits

Newborn Outfits Default

The regular newborn outfits for sims are admittedly boring but fear not because here is a replacement aptly named the Newborn Outfits – DefaultThis set comes with 20 swatches. Some of them are solid colors while others include patterns.

19. Feeding You Pose Pack

Feeding You Nursing Set

In the Sims game you can feed the baby with a bottle or breast feed. The Feeding Set comes with items that is perfect for sims that are breast feeding. It comes with a nursing set that also includes accessories and poses for your sims.

18. Baby Nursery Décor

Baby Nursery Decor Set

The Baby Nursery Decor Set contains some heartfelt items to decorate the baby’s nursery with. It has 2 wall decor pieces and 1 photo frame piece. This includes a sonogram, handprint, and footprint– each coming with 6 swatches.

17. Newborn Poses By Afterlifesims

Baby Random Pose

The Baby Random Poses is perfect for any newborn addition to a sim family.  It comes with four total group poses and will get you some great pictures. To use you need a pose player and teleport any sim.

16. Newborn Pose Dump By Boredsims

Newborn Pose Dump

The Newborn Pose Dump by Boredsims is perfect for those sims that have a newborn addition to the family. It contains 7 short toddler poses, a car seat, and pictures showing you where to put the teleporters. Make sure you download the recommended items to be able to get it work properly.

15. Newborn Pose Pack by Afterlifesim

Newborn Poses

The Newborn Posepack by Afterlife Sim contains some adorable poses for your newborn sims. It has a total of four single poses for your newborn sim to pose in. To work it needs Andrew’s Pose Player and Teleport Any Sim.

14. Cozy Nursery

Cozy Nursery Ii

Here is a cozy nursery for your newborn sim and it doesn’t get more cozy then this. This comes with a total of 7 items which include a potty, bear tissue box, and bassinette to name a few. It is base game compatible with the exception of one item.

13. Welcome New Rider

Welcome New Rider

Did you ever think that newborn sims and horse sims could go together? Well they do. The Welcome New Rider has 2 poses with a horse. 6 for a newborn and 6 for an infant. There are several items you need to get this to work, however, so many sure to download what the creator suggests.

12. Realistic Baby Skin

Realistic Baby Skin V4

Some people like their sims to look more realistic. The Realistic Baby Skin V4 gives realistic baby default skins for human and alien sims. It’s base game compatible and also comes with 8 pastel default baby onesies.

11. Babe Nature

Bebé Nature

The lovely named Bebe Nature is a piece of custom content that will replace the base game baby skins. It comes with a bald version, hair version, and naked version for you to use. For it to work properly make sure to follow the creator’s suggestions.

10. Cribs Cribs Cribs

Cribs Cribs Cribs

A crib is necessary for newborn sims so here is the Cribs Cribs Cribs set for you simmers out there. It comes with a large and small crib, each with their own amount of swatches. Some of the swatches are a solid color while others have patterns.

9. Beside Bassinette

Updated Bedside Bassinet & Caddy

Some parents want their newborns close by, no matter what. The Bedside Bassinet and Caddy is perfect for those sims who want their newborn sim with them at all times, especially while sleeping. It can be found in kids furniture and can be found in buy mode by searching CSXO.

8. Umbilical Cord Clamp

Umbilical Cord Clamp

Once the baby is born the ambilocal cord is cut. For those that want an ultra realistic experience with their newborn sims, The Umbilical Cord Clamp is for you. It has an umbilical clamp for infants with multiple swatches and even a texture for the clamp itself.

7. Helios Nursery

Helios Nursery Custom Set

The Helios Nursery is the ultimate set if you want to decorate your nursery to the nines. It includes 24 items and everything is basegame compatible. Your newborn sim will never feel more at home

6. Newborn Pose Pack by Blogaalltheloveblr

Newborn Posepack

Newborns don’t need a pose pack to be cute, but for simmers who want to take screenshots of their sims it’s necessary. The Newborn Posepack by Blogalltheloveblr is the posepack you’ll want to download. It comes with a total of four poses.

5. Baby Stuff Set

Baby Stuff Set

The Baby Stuff Set may not have a fancy name but it doesn’t mean you don’t want to download it This set includes a multitude of items such as baby clothes, a storage box, folded blankets, and lights. There are more items in the pack so there should be something for everyone.

4. Newborn Set

Newborn Set (hats+blush)

The Newborn Set contains hats and blush. It comes with a newborn hat with a few different patterns and the pink skin blush gives the newborn sims a realistic look. When it comes to the blush, it does work with all skin tones but some adjustments may need to be made.

3. Benjamin Set

Benjamin Set By Powluna

The Benjamin set is a four piece infant cc set by Powluna. It comes in a total of 24 swatches, all of which are solid colors. There are no patterns, but don’t let that stop you from dressing your infant sim in an item from this set.

2. Infant Emotions Pack

Infant Emotions Posepack

Babies can’t talk. All they can do is cry and showcase all their emotion on their adorable little faces. The Infant Emotions Posepack is a must for all you simmers out there. It comes with several different emotions the infants can showcase, all of which aren’t all happy.

1. Classic Chic Nursery

Classic Chic Nursery Collection

The Classic Chic Nursery Collection is a nursery that is targeted towards newborn baby girls. It comes with several items when include a crib and canopy, window panel, and changing table to name a few items.