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Top 30 Best Sims 4 Family Poses CC

Top 30 Best Sims 4 Family Poses CC

Poses are important for some simmers out there. It enables you to take screenshots, videos, etc. of your sims and really helps give the feel of realism to the game. One type of pose are family poses. Families are an essential part of a Sim’s 4 game.

We have complied a list of the best custom content featuring family poses.

Read on to see the list

Best Sims 4 Family Poses CC

30. One of A kind

One Of A Kind

The One of a Kind Pose Pack are for couples, families, friends, and any group of sims out there. This is redone from a previous set from the creator who wanted to improve upon it. Some poses might have clipping.

29. Watching You Grow

Watching You Grow

Watching a child grow is both heartwarming but sad because you’ll never get that time back. The Watching You Grow Set by Simlish-Fears. This set comes with four poses. It features different poses where a father or parent embraces or plays with their child in a tender way.

28. Family Time Poses

Family Time Poses

Sims and family go together like peanut butter and jelly. The Family Time Poses Rebouks indulges in some chaotic family poses. It comes with 21 poses, is for unisex, and has a teleporter anywhere/sofa/bed.

27. Babyhood Pose Pack

Babyhood Pose Pack With Infants

All sims deserve their own pose pack and the Babyhood Pose Pack with Infants gives infants a time to shine. This comes with a total of 6 poses inside the CC. To use you’ll need Andrew’s Pose Player, Teleport Any Sim, Garbo Blanket, and Spiced Carrot Cake.

26. Growing Large Family Pose

Large Family

The bigger the family the better– or this is what some people think. With the Growing Large Family pose, you can pose a lot of sims together. It goes from 4 sims all the way up to 31 if you can believe it or not!

25. Precious Baby Posepack

Precious Baby Posepack

A baby is precious and the Precious Baby Posepack knows it. This posepack contains a total of 4 poses and there can be some clipping, deepening on the sims body and clothing.

24. Summer Fling

Summer Fling

Summer is a time for love, family, and fun! The Summer Fling Pose pack comes with several poses that have a summer theme. Some poses can have clipping and one pose can use any of the lounge chairs.

23. Hear the World and Family Portrait

Family Portraits

Hear the World and Family Portraits is a set created by Herecirmssims contains all types of poses for simmers. It has 3 group poses, 3 couple poses,  group pose and expressions for family portraits. If you can manage it, maybe you can even get your cat sim to pose.

22. Blended Family

Blended Family Engagement

A family isn’t just one thing. There are many different families out there and the Blended Family Engagement Posepack is an example of this. It doesn’t contain just poses for engaged couples, but also poses for the whole family. 

This set comes with 2 maxis match poses.

21. Breastfeeding at Night

Breastfeeding At Night

Breastfeeding is something some sims might choose to do. For sims that do breastfeeding, we have the Breastfeeding at Night PosepackIn this PosePack it comes with 0 poses and one in all animation. There are 33 poses in total

20. Sweetheart Download

Sweetheart Pose Pack

The Sweetheart Pose Pack by Pwoohiesims will make your sims and their families look like total sweet hearts, pun intended. It has infant, male, and female poses. This will make for some great memories.

19. Life Begins Pose Pack

Life Begins

Family pictures don’t just start once the baby is born. There is a thing as maternity shoots and the Life Begins Pose Pack takes inspiration from this. It has 6 poses. You’ll need Andrew’s Pose Player, Teleport Any Sim, and Balanjar Teak Two Seater Bench.

18. Family Poses by Sonechko

Family Poses By Sonechko

Family Poses by Sonechko is a remake of poses that they did once for Sims 2. There are a total of adorable sixteen poses. In order to use this you are going to need the Height Body Presets Toddler.

17. Happy Memories

Happy Memories Post Pack

The Happy Memories Posepack contains a total of 8 poses and includes a bicycle and child seat in front. It comes with two couple poses, a female and toddler pose, a female and infant pose, a female, child, and toddler post, a pose with two kids, one with the whole family, and finally one with a male and a toddler. To use this you need Andrew’s Pose Player and Teleport Any Sim.

16. Infant Insanity

Infant Insanity Double Trouble

Infants are great but if you have twins then you’re going to have a lot of trouble on your hands. The Infant Insanity: Double Trouble has 7 poses, is for unisex, and a teleporter anywhere/highchair/sofa. At least the CC isn’t trouble.

15. The Day of Your Arrival

The Day Of Your Arrival

The Day of Your Arrival Pose Pack has a total of 6 poses inside it. But to use this your going to need a few items if you want to get some great snapshots of your sim.  You’ll need Andrew’s Pose Player, Teleport any sim, New Height Body Presets Toddler, Car Seat, Hospital Bracelet, and a Hospital bed set.

14. Family Nap Time

Family Nap Time

Nap time isn’t just for children. When you are an adult you have moments where you are very tired and need a nap time. The Family Nap Time Pose Pack by SImsbabe. It comes with 15 poses with 5 sets in total.

13. Toddler Tantrum Poses

Toddler Tantrum Poses

The terrible twos are a bad time and the Toddler Tantrum Pose set will make you happy it’s your sim dealing with the tantrum. It has a total of 2 poses, is unisex, and is teleporter to anywhere. Be grateful your not the one dealing with the terrible twos.

12. Mother’s Day Group Pose

Mother's Day

Celebrate mother’s day in your sims game with the Mother’s Day Group Pose. This set comes with poses that will let your child sims pose with their mother. It’s the perfect way to celebrate this holiday in game. 

11. Family Portraits by lilalmondsim

Family Portraits By Ilila

Family portraits can be a pain in the butt to pose for but there is no fuss with the Family Portraits Pose PackIt comes with 6 poses. To be able to get it to work properly you need Andrew’s Pose Player and the Teleport any sim.

10. Siblings Love Posepack

Siblings Love

Siblings can be a pain but they are also a great thing to have. The Siblings Love Posepack gives us poses that celebrate sibling relationships and bonds. It has give poses and to work you need Andrew’s Pose Player, Teleport Any Sim, and a Body Height Presets for Toddler.

9. Be Yourself Posepack

Be Yourself

Everyone should be themselves and your sim can be themselves with the Be Yourself Posepack. This set doesn’t just include 6 poses. It also has a pregnancy test, MB Bento Cake, and a Redheadsims Toddler Preset.

8. Sightseeing Posepack


7. Infant Insanity Almost

Infant Insanity Almost

Traveling together and going on a vacation with kids can be a pain, but luckily sims don’t have that problem. The Sightseeing Set is perfect for those sims that are going on vacation and want to sightsee. It has 4 group poses for 2 adults and 2 kids.

6. Together Posepack


The Together Posepack showcases the love between a parent and a child. It proves that there is no other love that comes close to having such a strong and unbreakable bond. It has five couple poses for child and adult sims.

5. Pride Posepack

Pride Poses

Pride Month is in June but celebrate pride with the Pride Posepack. This set comes with 6 poses for couples and their families with a LGBT theme. To work you need Pose Player and the Sims 4 T

4. This is my Family Posepack

This Is My Family

There is nothing like proudly proclaiming you love your family. With the This is My Family Pose Pack, your sims can do just that. It comes with 6 poses and needs Andrew’s Pose Player as well as Teleport Any Sim to work.

3. Expecting Posepack

Expecting Posepack

The Expecting Posepack by Ti_Katharos  contains poses during the pregnant stage and for after. It has 4 sets of poses. 2 adults and toddler, 2 adults, toddler, and finally 2 infants. To work it needs Andrew’s Pose Player and Teleport Any Sim Mod.

2. It’s Summer Time

It's Summertime Pose Pack

Enjoy the summertime with this pose pack called the It’s Summer Time Theme Pose Pack by Simmisstrait. It has around six or so poses for those who want to celebrate summer with their sims. Summer never looked so good.

1. Family Pose Pack by Beto

Sims Family Pose Pack By Beto

The Family Pose Pack by Beto has special poses for the sims family. They might not make a family closer, but they look good. To work, you need the Mod Pose Player and Mod Teleporter.