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Top 30 Best Sims 4 Wavy Hair CC

Top 30 Best Sims 4 Wavy Hair CC

Short hair, long hair, medium hair, or even an updo can be made wavy with the right hair products and tools. Or, you might have naturally wavy hair. It doesn’t matter what group you fall into– all that’s important is knowing wavy hair looks great.

But, it can be a pain to style. Luckily, there isn’t any work for you if your sims have wavy hair. Read on to learn about the top 30 best sims 4 wavy hair pieces of custom content.

Best Sims 4 Wavy Hair CC

30. Retexture of Candy Hair

Retexture Of Candy Hair

This Retexture of Candy Hair by Enriques4 is an update to a really fun hairstyle featuring wavy pigtails. It comes with 72 colors (including unnatural colors), has a custom thumbnail, and is for HQ compatible. Teen female sims and older can sport this look.

29. Konan Hair

Konan Hair

If you’ve ever heard of Conan the Barbarian you’ll know that he has long, thick, and wavy hair. The Konan Hairstyle by Wistful Castle can let your male sim pretend to be Conan the Barbarian for a day! It’s for teen to elder sims and has 32+ swatches.

28. Stefania Hair

Stefania Hair

Nothing like a short, wavy bob to brighten up your look! The Stefania Hair by Aladdin The Simmer is a hat and base game compatible CC perfect for sims who love short hair. It comes with 24 swatches.

27. Carine Hair

Carine Hair

Wavy hair + pearls gives you an ethereal look. The Carine Hair by Aladdin the Simmer ends at about the chest and is decorated with pearls. It’s base game compatible, hat compatible, and has 24 swatches.

The pearls can be found in the hats category.

26. Beatrice Hair

Beatrice Hair

Do you want your sim to have thick, bouncy and wavy curls? Then come no further than the Beatrice hair by simstroubleThis set comes with 4 different versions, is base game compatible, hat compatible, and has 24 swatches.

25. Riley Hairstyle

Riley Hairstyle

The Riley Hair by Shinydim comes with wavy locks and wavy bangs! It has 85 colors (including 35 unnaturals) and a custom thumbnail. Thankfully there is one version for adults and another for kids.

24. Fantasy Retexture of Ailey Hair

Fantasy Retexture Of Ailey Hair

This Fantasy Retexture of Ailey Hair by S-club gives us wavy hair but in space! Well, not really but it looks like a space aged hairstyle. It comes with 90 colors, is HQ compatible, and is for female sims aged teen and up.

23. Retexture of Ailey Hair

Retexture Of Ailey Hair

The Retexture of Ailey Hair by S-club lets your sim rock some long, beautiful wavy hair. It comes with a total of 87 colors, is for all occult sims, and can be worn by female sims aged teen and up. If your wondering if it’s HQ compatible, don’t worry because it has that too! 

22. Ariane Hair

Simythology Ariane Hairstyle

This wavy updo complete with a headwrap by Shimydim is called the Ariane Hairstyle. It has 85 colors which include 35 unnatural, and 28 colors for the headwrap. There’s also a custom thumbnail as well.

21. Nicole Hair

Nicole Hair

The Nicole Hair is a short, wavy bob complete with a headband. there are over a hundred swatch colors available for this, is hat compatible, and is made for the female frame aged teen to elder. This can be found in hat.

20. Isabel Hair

Isobel Hair

A ponytail is a great solution to hair you want to keep out of your face. The Isabel Hair features a wavy pony tail that is for teen to elder sims but only ones that have a female frame. It has 119 swatch color sin total and can be found in long hair.

19. Megan Hair

Meagan Hair

The Meagan hair is a side swept wavy medium length hairstyle that gives off a model vibe. It comes with 51 swatches, is hat compatible, and base game compatible. This hairstyle is for female frames aged teen all the way to elder.

18. Amanda Hair

Amanda Hair

The Amanda Hair comes with a wavy, medium length do complete with a headband to keep your isms hair in place. It has 51 swatch colors, is hat compatible, as well as compatible. Sadly, it’s made for only female frames aged teen to elder.

17. Freedom Hair

Freedom Hair

The Freedom Hair will make you scream freedom at the top of your lungs– or make your sim feel very pretty. This custom content has a total of 75 swatches and is made for female sims, aged teen all the way to elder. Wavy hair has never looked so good or free.

16. Juliette Hair

Juliette Hair

Here we have the Juliette Hair by Kamiiri. This hair cc is chest length and has beautiful waves. It is base game compatible and has the usual 24 colors as well as two extras made by Kamiiri herself.

15. Monica Hair

Monica Hair

Wavy hair with a middle part? Sign me up! The Monica Hair is inspired by the 90s, a memorable decade. It comes with 24 swatches, in hat compatible, and is base game compatible. This particular hair is tagged as feminine.

14. Christen Hair

Christen Hairstyle

The Christen Hairstyle by sims trouble comes with 4 versions. Two versions come with beaded braids while the other two versions come with no breads. There are 24 swatches, is base game compatible, and is also compatible with hats. 

13. Andrine Hair

Andrine Hair

The Andrine is a wavy look with half an updo by simstrouble. It comes with 24 swatches, is base game compatible, but is not hat compatible . If you want to use the flower accessory, it can be found in the lip ring category.

12. Rhoda Hair

Rhoda Hairstyle

Here we have the Rhoda Hairstyle by Simstrouble is a long, wavy and layered hairstyle. It’s base game compatible, hat compatible, and has 24 swatches. There are also a total of four versions.

11. Stevie Hair

Stevie Hair

The Stevie Hair by Simstrouble is a half up do with long, lush waves. This is game compatible, has 24 swatches, and is hat compatible as well. One great thing is it’s for masculine and feminine frames!

10. Keeveah Curls

Keeveah Curls

Here we have Keevah Curls, which is long and wavy hair sure to turn heads. This is created by xxBlacksims and would work very well with a POC sim. It comes with a total of 4 swatches.

09. Calvary Hair

Calvary Hair

Here comes the cavalry! At least, the hair version of it. The Calvary Hair features several different hair that is for kids to elders, is HQ compatible, and hat compatible. What all these hair styles have in common is they are long, wavy hair.

08. Katherine Hair

Katherine Hair

The Katherine Hair by Sonyasims is great for simmers who like to give their sims long, wavy hair. It is HQ compatible, hat compatible, and comes in almost unlimited colors. This CC also is for kids all the way to elders.

07. Condemned Hair

Condemned Hair

Don’t worry the Condemned Hair will not condemn your sim to hell or a bad fate. This super long wavy hair is HQ compatible, hat compatible, and has almost unlimited colors. It also is for kid sims all the way to elder.

06. Last Hope Hair

Last Hope Hair

The Last Hope hair is your sims last hope to have great, wavy hair. This HQ and hat compatible hair has unlimited colors, which is always useful. It’s also for kid sims all the way to elders.

05. Savannah Hair

Savannah Hairstyle

The Savanah Hair comes is a long, wavy hair style with two pigtails on either side of the sims head. This piece of custom content comes with several different swatches. It’s actually over 99 of them. 

04. Collette Hair

Colette Hairstyle

The Colette Hairstyle by LeahLillith will give your sims long, lush, and wavy locks. It has over 65 swatches and is hat compatible. There are actually two versions of this hairstyle, one being normal and the other being two toned.

03. Dionne Hair

Dionne Hairstyle

The Dionne Hairstyle is long wavy hair with two strands in the front decorated with braids. It has 65 color swatches, and best of all, works with hats.  There also is a CAS thumbnail which is always useful!

02. Doja Hair

Doja Hair

The Doja Cat hair is inspired by none other than the musical artist Doja Cat! One of the great things about this CC is that it comes not only with an adult version but also a toddler and child version! It has 54 swatches in total, is HQ compatible, and also works with hats.

01. Escape Hair

Escape Hair

Try to make an escape with the Escape Hair by Nightcrawler! This long, wavy hair look works with hats and is for teen sims all the way for elders. It comes with a total of 42 color swatches.