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Top 30 Best Sims 4 Door CC

Top 30 Best Sims 4 Door CC

If you are the type of simmer that loves to make houses or personalize your sim’s lot then door’s are an apartment part of the process! There are a great many default doors in the base game, but sometimes you want something more. This is why we’ve gathered the top 30 doors CC for Sims 4.

Best Sims 4 Door CC

30. Hera Doors

Hera Doors

The Hera Doors feature a set with short and tall doors, both with an arch style to it. It comes with a total of 6 doors. There are 2 doors and 1 arch for the medium wall and 2 doors and 1 arch for the short wall.

29. Large Windows and Doors

Large Door And Window

Front doors and back doors are a necessity for any lot. Normally when you use sliding or glass doors, it’s for the back o the house. The Large Doors and Windows set is perfect for any back door. It comes with 20 swatches for the large door and also comes with a window!

28. Balen Doors

Balen Doors

The Balen Doors are a set that you would likely see on an Island getaway or somewhere the weather is very warm. It comes with 9 creations including 6 open doors and 3 sliding doors. They are of varying heights.

27. Christmas 2023 Lyla Double Door

Christmas Double Doors

When it’s a holiday one of the most common items someone decorates in their house is the door. The Christmas 2023 Layla Double Door is a set that can be used as a front door or interior door. It comes with a version that has a wreath and one without it.

26. Sogano Doors

Sogano Doors

Doors come in all styles, shapes, and sizes. The Sogano Doors by Mincsims are a great example of this. In this set it comes with 2 packages. A door for a medium wall, 4 arch with glass for medium wall and finally 4 arch for medium wall.

25. Garage and Storage Pack

Garage And Storage Pack

If your sim has a garage or storage room then the Garage and Storage Pack is a set you’ll want on hand. It comes with several doors, decorations, and even shelves and counters. All these items will help spruce up the garage.

24. Dasom Door Set

Dasom Door Set

The Dasom Door Set by Algu Build is set that will make you feel like you are in Korea itself. It comes with 15 swatches for your sim to choose from. There also is a medium version, small version, and finally large version.

23. Korean Old Iron Door

Korean Old Iron Door

Have you ever thought you’d an old fashion Korean iron door? Well probably not but this door is pretty classic looking. The Korean Old Iron Door by Algu comes with 19 swatches. It comes in only one size.

22. A Sun Pouring Window and Door

A Sun Pouring Window Door Set

Who doesn’t love the sun pouring through the window on a bright summer day? Well, this is why The Sun Pouring Window and Door Set by algu is perfect. Both of these come with 16 swatches and in three sizes.

21. Private Door

Private Door

The Private Door is perfect for a front door or interior. It doesn’t matter what you use it for– it’ll look good either way. Door 1 comes with 20 swatches and door 2 has 9 swatches.

20. Regards Sliding Door Set

Regards Sliding Door Set

Sliding doors are great for the interior of a house. They can also be used for back doors. The Regards Sliding Door Set by Algu has three different versions of sliding doors. Each of these come with 7 swatches.

19. The Apartment Door

Apartment Door

Many people live in apartments these days. In real life you may not be able to have a unnatural color for your apartment door, but in sims there is no such thing. The Apartment Door has two versions, a short wall height and medium well height. Both have 19 swatches.

18. Secret Mirror Door

Secret Mirror Door

You’ve heard of secret rooms but what about a secret door? The Secret Mirror Door by Ella Sims is the kind of door that sims can go through and lock. They just can’t open it– hence the name secret. It is base game compatible and comes with 5 swatches.

17. Stained Glass Greenhouse Set

Stained Glass Greenhouse Door

Stained glass windows are a staple of churches but why not have a stained glass door for your greenhouse? The Stained Glass Greenhouse Door is perfect for a greenhouse… or whatever you want to use it for. It comes with 20 swatches, 10 colored and 10 basic.

16. Modern Door Recolors

Modern Door Recolors

The regular sim doors are all right but the Modern Door Recolors helps make them pop a little more than they normally do. This set is by Barbara Sims. If you want to download their recolors you do need to download the mesh first to make it work.

15. The Closet Sliding Doors

Closet Sliding Door

Walk in closets are such a great thing because it gives you so much room. The best type of closet doors are Closet Sliding Doors because of how easy they open and close. This set comes with two doors: the Fashionista Sliding Door and the Perfect Size Sliding Door.

14. Well Crafted Door

Well Crafted Door

The Well Crafted Door looks like it was well… well crafted. This set comes with a total of 64 recolors. Yes, you read that right. If you want to purchase one of these doors for your sim’s lot it costs about 375 Simoleans.

13. Craftperson Door

Craftsman Door

The Craftperson Door is a recoloring of a past door that really helps update the look. It comes with 64 swatches for the door so there is a color for everyone. With this front door, a sim will look as fancy as they feel inside

12. Saint Patrick’s Set

Saint Patricks Day Set

While this overall set comes with a lot of great items, we want to focus on the fact that it comes with a Shamrock Door Plaque, Blando Bar Counter Door, and a Medieval Entry Door Recolor.

The Saint Patrick’s Set comes with a total of twelve items in all.

11. Upscale Entrance Door

Upscalre Entrance Door

Want to be fancy? Then the Upscale Entrance Door is for you. This set comes with 6 doors and with a total of twelve swatches. While the door looks upscale, it doesn’t cost much. It’s only 300 Simoleans. 

10. Heritage Home Collection

Heritage Home

The Heritage Home by Aggressive Kitty is a set that comes with over 23 items. There are doors, windows, and arches. Feel free to mix and match to make the ultimate historical looking building.

9. One More Fairytale Doors

One More Fairy Tale

While there is no way to literally step into a fairy tale, you can get pretty close with the One More Fairytale Door. This antique and fantasy door is a base game compatible piece of custom content. Don’t worry– it won’t transport you to Wonderland or Narnia.

8. Star Trek Door

Star Trek Door

Ever thought of Star Trek and realizes their doors would be awesome to have in your house? Well the Star Trek Pneumatic Single Door is perfect for you. In order to get this to work your going to need the base game and the Star Wars: Journey to Batuu pack.

7. Ionic Door

Ionic Door

There is nothing more iconic than the Ionic DoorThis door is base game compatible and costs about 1850 Simoleans. There are a total of 32 swatches for it.

6. Selvadorada Toilet Doors

Toliet Doors

Even bathroom doors should look good. The Selvadorada Toilet Doors is a set that is going to need the Jungle Adventure game pack to work properly. It has 14 color options and costs 52 Simoleans.

5. Dark Lux Double Door

Dark Lux Double Doors

The Dark Double Lux Door is an update from the sims 3 game. There are two versions, each coming with a total of 7 swatches each. It’s base game compatible and doesn’t need any other packs.

4. Pedro Estate Door

Pedro Estate Door

One does not need to be named Pedro to use the Pedro Estate Door II. This medium height door comes with 2 swatches. It can be bought for about 670 Simoleans. 

3. Grands Apartments Double Doors

Grands Apartments

The Grands Apartments Double Doors are very grand– pun intended. This set comes with 14 swatches and is around 5700 Simoleans. It’s a bit expensive but look how great it is.

2. Rainbow Effect Door

Rainbow Doors

It doesn’t need to be pride for your sims to put up some Rainbow Effect Doors. This base game compatible set is about 115 Simoleans. Affordable and colorful.

1. Modern Restroom Doors

Modern Restroom Doors

Restrooms doors can, admittedly, be a bit on the boring side so why not spruce it up with some Modern Restroom Doors by SimJohn15.  This comes with two versions: the modern man door and modern woman door. Both of them can be bought for 150 Simoleans.