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Top 30 Best Sims 4 Bathroom CC

Top 30 Best Sims 4 Bathroom CC

One room you spend a lot of time in is the bathroom. Also, just because it’s not the most appealing room in the house doesn’t mean you can’t do things to make it up. This is why we’ve gathered the top 30 best sims 4 bathroom cc that will make any sim’s bathroom look amazing.

Best Sims 4 Bathroom CC

30. Costal Collection

Costal Collection

The Costal Set is a base game compatible set that brings a really homey style decor to a bathroom. It comes with a toilet, sink, vanity table bathtub, and mirrors. One of the showers require the Discover University pack so keep that in mind.

29. Post Modern and Crystal Box Shower Stalls

Crystal Stalls

The 4 to 2 Post Modern and Crystal Box Shower Stalls by Jack93sims converts some of the base game showers. Basically it makes them more modern, hence the name. One of the showers has 6 recolors and the crystal box has twelve.

28. Barely Used Base Game Toilet Edits

Barely Used

This user had a genius idea to make the base game toilet set’s look like that have a little bit of wear and tear. The Barely Used Toilet Set makes the toilet’s that come in the base game look less pristine. A little gross? Perhaps but it’s more realistic.

27. The Amaranth Sink Override

Amaranth Sink

The Amaranth Sink is a type of sink that comes in the base game. However, it’s a little tacky so this CC takes care of that problem. In the Amaranth override, it gives the sink a makeover so it doesn’t look so bright and tacky.

26. Double Delight Tub and Shower

Double Delight Tub And Shower

Conversions are another part of custom content because sometimes the base game items needs some tweaks. The 4 to 2 Double Delight Tub and Shower takes one of the base items and adds a bunch of recolors. These colors include red, blue, and green.

25. Junan Bathtub Set

Junan Bathrub

The Junan Bathtub Set comes with a total of three items inside it. There’s the bathtub, deco books, and a towel drying rack. Each comes with several swatches– the bathtub with 4, books with 3, and rack with 2.

24. Modern Bathroom Set

Modern Bathroom Set

There are all kinds of different looks for bathrooms. Retro, modern, classic, etc. The Modern Bathroom Set takes inspiration from modern times. It comes with a washbasin, toilet, pile of towels, towels basket, and mirror.

23. Shop the Look

Shop The Look

Here is the Shop the Look Bathroom Set. It is a collection that includes a bunch of items in it such as mirrors, towel heaters, a bidet, lights, and a rug. Naturally it has tubs and sinks but this doesn’t need to be said

22. Deluxe Bathroom Set

Deluxe Bathroom Set

Some people like to decorate their bathroom to the nines. Having a theme matters and the Deluxe Bathroom Set takes on a spa theme. It comes with the main furniture set, the decoration set one, and a decoration set 2.

21. Modern Bathroom Set

Modern Bathroom Set Ssiat

There are plenty of takes on modern and this is yet another example of it. The Modern Bath Set by Ssiat comes with the usual sink and toilet. However, it also comes with a tooth brush holder, plants, soap dispenser, and a lamp.

20. Barbie Bathroom

Barbie Bathroom

We know back in 2023 the Barbie movie took the world by storm. The Barbie Bathroom Set by Barbara Sims will give your sims a Barbie inspired bathroom. It comes with a toothbrush/toothpaste, mirrors, toilet, bathtub, and sinks.

19. Marble Curtain and Rug Set

Marble Set

Marble is a great way to style your house but it is expensive so why not do it in sims instead? The Marble Curtain and Rug Set is a set that comes with several items. If you want to use the shower in the set then you need the Parenthood Pack.

18. Bathroom Clutter Set

Bathroom Clutter

Bathrooms can be very cluttered. The Bathroom Clutter set will give your sims the chance to have a cluttered bathroom. It comes with an afro pick, hair spray, pin tail comb, round brush, salon hair dryer, and a spray bottle.

17. Golden Ocean Bathroom Set

Golden Ocean Bathroom Set

The beautifully named Golden Ocean Bathroom set by Klieke is a modern mini bathroom set for Sims 4. It comes in 8 fancy colors and includes a sink, cabinet, and mirror. All of these are base game compatible.

16. Aesthetic Tile Pack

Aesthetic Tiles

Bathrooms are often decorated with tiles but why not have some tiles that are bright and pastel colored? The Aesthetic Tile Pack is the answer to these problems. It comes with pastel bathroom wall tiles and expensive colorful wooden floor tiles. It’ll make your bathroom pop.

15. Spectrum Soak

Spectrum Soak

There is a wide array of colors of the color spectrum and the Spectrum Soak takes inspiration from this. It comes with a total of six swatches. These colors include purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, and pink.

14. Blue Line Collection

Blue Line Collection

Bathroom tiles come in all patterns and colors. The Blue Line Title Collection features several different pattern titles all with a blue color theme. There are total of 9 swatches.

13. After Shower Set

After Shower Set

This set doesn’t contain bathroom items, but your sim is going to want to have these available after a shower. It comes with a bath room and head wrap towel in matching swatches. The set is base game friendly.

12. Towels

Colour The Towels

Do you want some bright color towels for your sims bathroom? If so, then the Color the Towels set is for you. It comes with 7 plain colors and shades. To work properly, you need to make sure you have the Bathroom Clutter Kit.

11. Soak Stuff Pack

Soak Stuff

Bathrooms are great for many things and this includes baths. Sometimes, you just want to soak and take a nice relaxing bath. The Soak Set comes with a sink, mirror, lamp, sconce, tiles, bathtub, and 3 bathroom clutter objects. It’ll be the perfect bathroom to take a soak in.

10. Mosaic Tiles

Moziac Tiles

Here are some mosaic tiles for your sim’s bathroom that comes in the Mozaic Set. It comes with 24 new items and each come in 6 different color swatches. Great news is it’s also basegame compatible.

9. Boho Bath Botanical Retreat

Boho Bath

A bohemian style makes for a great bathroom theme. The Boho Bath Botanical Retreat CC Pack is a CC set that contains over 33 items. All of them come with a range of colors.

8. Just Ducky Bathroom Set

Just Ducky Set

Rubber ducky is the number one item for your bathroom so why not style the sim’s bathroom with rubber duckies everywhere? This comes with bath with shower, towel rack, bath mat, and wall art. To be able to get the rug to work you need the cats & dogs pack and for the shower, the Parenthood pack.

7. Simple Toilet Stall Door

Simple Stall

Bathroom doors can be so boring. This is why we have the Simple Toilet Stall Door Recolor. This is base game compatible, comes in 7 additional colors, and costs about 300 Simoleans. 

6. Bafroom

The Bafroom set is the biggest bathroom set to have ever existed. It has a total of 94 pieces that will help your bathroom look luxurious. For the most part it’s mostly base game compatible. 

5. Storybook Bathroom


The Storybook Bathroom truly does look like something right out of a fairy tale. It comes with a toilet, sink, tub, and towel drying stand. All of these are base game compatible.

4. Lexi Bathroom

Lexy Bathroom

One does not need to be named Lexi to use the Lexi BathroomThis set comes with mirrors, lights, paintings, plants, showers, sink, toilet, toilet paper, and a towel rack to name a few items. It’s base game compatible.

3. Fancy Bathtub

Fancy Tubs

A bathtub doesn’t get fancier than the Fancy Bathtub by Brianne89This comes in several different funky shades and patterns, all  sure to make your tubs pop. Thankfully it is base game compatible.

2. Gym Towel


Towel’s just aren’t for bathrooms but also for when you go to the gym. This gym style towel comes in several different swatches, including solid colors and patterns. It’s for both male and female sims and can be found in the necklace category.

1. Baysic Bathroom


The Baysic Bathroom by Felixandre and Harrie is an add on set that is perfect for any sim’s bathroom. This set has a total of 9 items and is mostly base game compatible. Only one of the showers needs the Discover University pack, but other than that your good.

There are so many items in this set that your sim will be able to decorate their bathroom for years to come.