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Top 13 Best Sims 4 Demon CC [2024]

Top 13 Best Sims 4 Demon CC [2024]

The idea of being surrounded by fantasy and the supernatural world is something that has fascinated humans for decades. It continues to do so with the tradition of Halloween each year.

Before Halloween starts this year, why don’t you let some custom content start the festivities early this year?

There is already a large amount of supernatural Sims 4 content, but what if you wanted to be a demon?

Here are the top 10 best Sims 4 Demon CCs that can improve the aesthetics and in the gameplay to enhance or even force your Sims to behave a certain way. That way, they act like demons, even just on their own.

Best Sims 4 Demon CC

13. Horns Pack CC

Horns Pack Cc

Nothing beats the classic set of demon horns! This Horns Pack includes four types of horns that are perfect for any demon Sim.

This pack includes the Damien, Petrus, Lucius, and Bune horns. Each set is slightly different, varying in length.

The Bune and Damien horns have one cracked horn, which can make your Sim look as if they’ve fought incredible creatures in their lifetime.

The Lucius and Petrus horns are small and vary slightly in their angles. All horns in this pack come in 25 colors and can be found in the hats category.

12. Demon Enamel

Demon Enamel

Alongside a great pair of horns, hoof feet, and a tail, demons can have dangerous-looking teeth!

If you want to create a demon Sim who looks as if they’ve crawled for the depths of terror itself, then these Demon Enamel teeth CC is a necessity.

This CC pack includes four variations of demon teeth, with a tattoo of a mouth overlay. The tattoo is an extra layer that makes the teeth look as if they’ve torn through your Sim’s mouth.

The creator mentions that the teeth go over your Sim’s mouth and might look a bit strange for some expressions.

11. Spider Wings and Mouth

Spider Wings And Mouth

Not all demons have red skin and horns. Some have enlarged appendages of already spooky creatures!

The Spider Wings and Mouth CC pack is a good choice for players who want a more unconventional demon-type Sim.

With this CC pack, you can add spider legs and a spider’s mouth to your Sim. The spider legs can be found under the body accessory section, while the mouth can be found under facial accessories.

The promo photos showcase the CC in red and green, but there are also more colors to pick from. 

10. Demon Eyes N04

Demon Eyes N04

To help create a less human look, you can use Demon Eyes N04, which changes the whole eye color.

Most of the colors will suit a more gothic look as they are quite dark in color with a gradient, including red and white for more colorful characters.

The other three being black, brown, and a bloodstained pattern, can go well with any other look. Though only having 5 different eyes, the choices on offer are very easy to make and fit most demon-themed Sims.

9. Demonic Eyes

Demonic Eyes

For anyone wanting something more striking compared to Demon Eyes N04, Demonic Eyes give more cat or snake-like eyes for your demon Sim.

The CC makes the pupil have a pattern reminiscent of snake eyes or just more variation with the colors allowing for both colorful and dark characters to use this set with the amount of choice.

8. Demon Claws

Demon Claws

Although there are many standout parts to put on a demon-themed Sim, like changing something small like their nails adds to the whole look. Using Demon Claws, you can add that little bit more to the Sim with 26 colors to choose from.

From fairly natural colors to multiple warm shades of purple, brown, gray nails, and even bloodied nails. The CC is available for males and females from teen to elderly Sims.

Flaunt your nails when you have guests over or Simply admire them in your daily life, this CC brings a small yet welcoming change.

7. Pastel Ram Horns

Pastel Ram Horns

If you want your demon Sim to have a bit more of a lighthearted look with less dark or harsh colors, then Pastel Ram Horns gives you that option. It provides 6 different colored ram horns for both males and females.

The CC helps your Sims have a more playful look rather than threatening or dark compared to most of the CCs that are demon-themed.

Still, one of the colors is black if you prefer the horns to be old-fashioned but don’t want it to be in other pastel colors.

6. Demon Feet

Demon Feet

For anyone wanting to go all out with the demon look, Demon Feet does not disappoint.

Having legs with a lava lightning-shaped trail along the legs with hooves for feet gives a very different feel than the base game.

The CC allows for a more goat-themed demon along the horns to match your hooved Sim. This might not be for everyone, but it certainly completes the entire demon look for your Sim if you’re into that!

5. Demonic Set Child

Demonic Set Child

Most of the CCs so far are only applicable for Sims from teens to elders, but if you wanted even the children to have this look, with Demonic Set Child, you can.

The CC adds multiple wings and horns available for child Sims, both male and female.

It allows you to have a whole family of demon Sims throughout all of their years, letting you roleplay it even with new family members. You can now happily raise a demon family in the world of Sims.

4. Demon: More Monster Teeth

Demon More Monster Teeth

Are you looking for a truly monstrous look for your demon Sim? Well, Demon: More Monster Teeth doesn’t hold back, truly making your Sim look like a demon that would eat people.

The CC has the skin torn around the mouth where the teeth are, the implementation might concern you a bit.

But rest assured, the author adjusted the teeth meticulously to make sure the expressions look right. So when going all out for your demon Sim, these teeth might fit the bill.

3. Nightcrawler Tail Unisex

Nightcrawler Tail Unisex

Depending on the type of Sim you’re making, Nightcrawler Tail Unisex may or may not fit as Nightcrawler inspires the CC. Having a slenderer character will make the CC fit much more as it is more on the thin side for a demon’s tail.

That said, the tail can be added to either the glasses, left middle ring, or right middle ring slot available from teen to elder and both males and females.

2. Incubus/Succubus

Incubus Succubus

Among all the types of demons, there are, of course, the Incubus and Succubus being quite famous. With Incubus/Succubus, you can make your Sim sustain themselves purely off of flirting and socializing with other Sims.

Since they are a demon, they no longer have any of the basic needs besides the social aspect with their whims all being related to dating or flirting. Because of this, the social needs bar decreases significantly faster if you do not socialize.

Socializing will boost your relations faster too with other Sims as they can’t seem to resist you.

The CC takes it a step further from roleplaying to living your Sims life as if they are an incubus or succubus.

1. Demon Trait

Though being able to play as an incubus or succubus is great, what if you just wanted more demon abilities? The Demon Trait CC adds a demon trait with 20 buffs and 6 new social interactions.

Part of the CC was because that the author wanted to make it stand out more compared to other supernatural traits that were available. This is why you might see that the interactions can adversely affect your relations with other Sims.

Among these are the buffs, and these depend on the traits of those around you. Like a romantic mood, Sim is inspired around you, a good Sim feeling uncomfortable around you, or vampires getting angry.

Although the social interactions are in your control, how certain Sims feel around you isn’t. This naturally makes you hang around Sims that make your demon Sim feel comfortable.

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