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Top 15 Best Anime Angels [2024]

Top 15 Best Anime Angels [2024]

What’s a bigger conflict in anime than the forces of heaven and hell itself?

Of course, one of the greatest conflicts is demons versus angels, and although anime fans love their bad boy demons, we all have a soft spot for the pure-hearted and hardworking angels floating up in cloud nine!

Some even come down the Earth to change our fates and bring their own form of chaos to shake up our lives.

These angels fell down from heaven to make this list and might become a treasured character for you~!

Best Anime Angels

15. Setsuna Kudo

Setsuna Kudo

The main character of Angel Sanctuary, 16-year-old Setsuna, is just trying to survive high school and relentless bullying at the hands of his schoolmates.

His life would officially be over if any of them found out he’s secretly in love with his younger sister (no kidding)!

One day, Setsuna is ambushed by both angels and demons who know who he really is: the reincarnation of Alexiel, the leader of the angels. However, the demons say that he lead the rebellion against God!

With the war of Heaven and Hell on the line, Setsuna has to pick a side and decide who he is going to be.

14. Manami Mitama

Manami Mitama

The embodiment of a hardworking angel, this white-haired and blue-eyed high schooler Manami runs the local shrine with her family while keeping a strict eye on her family that she was entrusted to care for after her grandfather’s loss.

She lives in a world of A Centaur’s Life: a world where everyone is a supernatural creature and schoolmate to Himeno Kimihara, a kind yet shy centaur who is navigating high school and daily life with her friends by her side!

13. Dokuro Mitsukai

Dokuro Mitsukai

Character of the namesake Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro, Dokuro Mitsukai, is sent back in time from the future as an assassin to kill high schooler Sakura Kusakabe!

20 years into the future, Sakura will stop every single woman in the world into immortals who can’t pass the age of 12!

Although Dokuro is meant to kill Sakura, she decides to take care of him instead, hoping that healing and nurturing his heart will change the future instead of causing bloodshed by taking his life!

Can Dokuro save Sakura and the future?

12. Guri


Daughter of the God of Angels and the Demon Lord, Guri plays the part of cupid in Love Tyrant when she travels to Earth and ends up on the doorstep of high schooler Seiji Aino.

She grants Seiji the power of her Kiss Notes, a notebook that will make who’s every name she writes down to kiss and become a couple (rip of Death Note if I’ve ever seen it!)

Guri tells Seiji she hasn’t written him down to be with anyone yet, and if they can’t find anyone to couple him up with, Guri will die, and Seiji will be a virgin forever! The horror!

11. Flonne


In Disagea, Flonne is not only an angel but an assassin-in-training who is meant to destroy the demon Overlord! She doesn’t start off on the best foot when the blue-eyed angel accidental awakes the demon lord Laharl!

But Laharl wants to help Flonne—well, regain his throne from the Overlord and become the true demon lord but close enough.

Who knows, maybe Flonne can change the demon lord’s heart through kindness and compassion that can change for of their paths.

10. Misha


Misha from Pita-Ten is an apprentice angel who ends up on the doorstep of average boy Kotaro. He just wants the simple life with good education and friends—and Misha wants to be his friend! Perfect!

Now so perfect is that Misha is a bit of a bad angel and gets caught up in the misadventures and troubles that follows her.

Getting involved with classmates Takashi and Koboshi, Kotaro might get anything he’s ever wanted thanks to the troublemarker angel Misha!

9. Tenko Kamiyama

Tenko Kamiyama

Tenko is an angel from Kamisama Kazoku who is tasked with taking care and protecting Samatarou, an average highschooler is a secretly the son of a god and goddess!

Hiding among normal humans in the human world to live a normal life around the people and creatures the gods are looking over that will allow Samatarou to grow to be a compassionate god.

Born the same year on the same day as Samatarou, the two are fated to be best friends.

But when Samatarou falls in love with a human girl named Kumiko, their friendship will never be the same as she tries to support her best friend with his first love.

8. Shimoda


From Heaven’s Design Team, Shimoda is a new angel hired to be a mediator for God and the design team who designs the animals and creatures on Earth!

Shimoda follows his coworkers and their unique if not strange ideas that take the form of giraffes, otters, zebras, and koala bears that will cover the Earth and earn God’s approval and thumbs-up.

7. Ikaros 7.32 Heaven’s Lost Property

Ikaros 7.32 Heaven’s Lost Property

Ikaros is a passive and submissive angel who falls out of the sky and finds her “master” in the normie-perv high schooler, Tomoki Sakurai. He always has dreams of an angel as a child and would wake up crying.

His childhood friend Sohara Mitsuki helps Tomoki understand that his dreams are connected to the New World, an anomaly of a floating world that any scientist would wish to possess and try to understand all of its secrets. Who knows, Ikaros might be the key…

6. Azazel

Highschool Dxd Born

Hinting at in the first season, fallen angel Azazel finally makes his appearance in season 2, Highschool DxD BorN.

Former Governor-General of the Fallen Angels, Azazel, becomes a teacher at Kuoh Academy and club advisor for the Occult Research Club.

He becomes a mentor figure for Issei Hyoudou, the highschooler demon who possesses the power of the Red Dragon Emperor and pawn to demon Rias Gremory.

Alongside Azazel, Rias takes her team to start intense training in the Underworld that will allow the team to mature and overcome their own inner challenges.

5. Finn Fish

Finn Fish

Mascot and guide in Phantom Thief Jeanne Finn is a cheerful and supportive angel who helps high school girl Maron Kusakabe in her secret identity.

Although she has to keep herself secret from everyone in Maron’s life, the two of them are best friends and comrades!

Maron is not all she appears: she is the reincarnation of Jeanne d’Arc, who becomes a thief to steal artwork that has powerful and dangerous demons sealed inside!

Trying to hide her true identity from her school best friend, who is a detective’s daughter, Maron gets some competition when thief Sinbad appears to steal her thunder, who might be her greatest enemy than any demon!

4. Gabriel White Tenma

Gabriel White Tenma

From Gabriel Dropout, Gabriel of the same name is an angel and top of her class who is excited to be sent to earth to live among humans to become a full-angel and use their abilities to better mankind.

Unfortunately, when Gabriel travels down to earth, she becomes addicted to video games.

She decides to throw away her precious life and work, drops out of her studies, and becomes a Fallen Angel or hikikomori (acute social withdraw).

3. Stocking Anarchy 7.72 Panty & Stocking With Garterbelt

Stocking Anarchy 7.72 Panty & Stocking With Garterbelt

Stocking is one of the main characters in Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt. She is one of the Anarchy Sisters who grossly misbehaves and gets kicked out of Heaven with her sister Panty.

Followed by a priest named Garterbelt, Stocking alongside Panty must work their way back into Heaven by fighting ghosts in Daten City with their lingerie transforming into weapons.

However, neither sisters care too much about returning home and begin to have more fun in the human world and all the troubles that come with it.

2. Emi Yusa 7.80 Devil Is a Part-timer

Emi Yusa 7.80 Devil Is A Part Timer

From The Devil is a Part-Timer!, Emi is a half-human, half-angel, and, more importantly, the hero who defeated Satan!

However, when he escapes into the human world, she follows after him to finish him off!

Unfortunately, when both get to the human world, they lose all of their powers and are just normal people who have to work every day, cook, clean, and pay for their rent.

When Emi finally tracks down Satan, she is surprised to see the powerful demon is working at MgRonald’s (copyright-free McDonald’s)!

1. Rakka


Breaking out of a cocoon, Rakka is born as a Haibane: a being with a halo and angel wings.

In Haibane Renmei, Rakka doesn’t belong in this world she’s woken up in but has no memories of her past.

The only rule Rakka knows as a Haibane in this unknown town is that she can’t leave.

But with mysterious disappearance looming over the village, Rakka begins to question her forgotten past, what it means for her to be a Haibane, and what is this strange “Day of Flight”?