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Top 10 Best Sims 4 Cheerleader CC [2024]

Top 10 Best Sims 4 Cheerleader CC [2024]

Ah, the cheerleaders. Adored by men and women across the world. Uplifting, cute, and satisfying.

Get your team spirit on with these pieces of Custom Content that enhances your Sims’s cheerleader experience! Whether it is solo high school cheerleaders or for their college team (if you have the Discover University Expansion), cheerleader CC has enough options to satisfy anyone.

Our list of the top 10 best cheerleader CC consists of some of the best custom content related to cheerleading, whether these be animations and poses or clothes and accessories.

Here it is.

Best Sims 4 Cheerleader CC

10. F Cheerleader Skirt

F Cheerleader Skirt

This first one is pretty simple but still a high-quality piece that is sure to enhance your cheerleader or just general school experience in The Sims 4.

F Cheerleader Skirt is a piece of CC that adds a high-quality cheerleader skirt to the Sims 4. This Cheerleader skirt is available for teens to elders under “every day, athletic, party and hot weather” and is available in 8 different color swatches.

You can’t go wrong with this set.

9. Pompom Recolor

Pompom Recolor

For this next one, we get a piece of CC for the most easily recognizable piece of cheerleading accessory, pom poms!

The Pompom Recolor mod is a piece of CC that adds different color options to your pompoms so you can match it to your Sim’s different school/team colors.

The pompoms are available in 7 different color swatches. Before getting this one, it is necessary to get the mesh of the pom poms from here. Get your cheerleading on with some snazzy pompom!

8. Monster High Cheerleader Set

Monster High Cheerleader Set

If any of you are fans of Mattel’s Monster High fashion doll franchise or its animated tie-in show, then this CC is made for you. Monster High Cheerleader Set is a piece of CC that adds a monster high-themed cheerleader outfit, complete with a skirt, top, shoes, and pom poms!

This high-quality creation includes custom meshes made from scratch. It is cool, especially if you like having supernatural Sims, and now you can represent Monster High with them!

7. Juliet Starling Cheerleader Costume

Juliet Starling Cheerleader Costume

In a similar vein to the previous CC, this next one is also based on an established franchise, although this one is far less welcoming to the undead. Many won’t remember, but this is a comedy franchise hack and slash Lollipop Chainsaw.

The Juliet Starling Cheerleader Costume is a piece of CC that adds the outfit of Juliet Starling of Lollipop Chainsaw to the Sims 4. This outfit includes the top and skirt in two variations, normal and bloody. Perfect for Halloween!

6. Welcome to Riverdale

Welcome To Riverdale

This next one is a CC pack that brings another beloved franchise to the Sims, that being Riverdale, based on the characters from the old Archie comics. Welcome to Riverdale is a Custom Content pack that includes outfits themed after the popular show Riverdale.

Fans of the show will have a lot to play within this pack as it includes; Riverdale Varsity Jacket, River Vixen Top & Skirt, and a Southside Serpent Jacket.

This is not only for cheerleaders but also for a more general Riverdale high school experience.

5. School Spirit Face Paint

School Spirit Face Paint

It’s not all about the outfit. Cheerleaders have a whole bunch of other accessories to help complete the look and show their school spirit! This is why School Spirit Face Paint gives you some more options by adding new, school sports team-themed face paints to the Sims 4 that help you cheer your team on to victory!

Available from the pack are 5 different designs for each of the Universities added by the Discover University expansion. But you don’t need to own the expansion to use the face paints, so what are you waiting for!

4. Trillyke – Without You Dress

Trillyke Without You Dress

Next, we have a more casual-looking outfit but still fit into the cheerleader vibe. Cheerleaders aren’t always in their uniforms, of course, and these give you a cute and comfy option for your Sims while not at practice.

Trillyke – Without You Dress is a CC pack that adds a comfy short dress with the universities’ logos from the Discover University expansion. The dress comes in 15 different color swatches, and aside from the university logos, some versions have a sad heart logo on them as well.

3. Cheerleader Animation/Pose

Cheerleader Animation Pose

Your Sims don’t just need to look the part; they need to act the part of a cheerleader as well. Cheerleader Animation/Pose is exactly what it says.

A CC pack adds a few cheerleader-themed animations and poses to the Sims 4 that you can use to roleplay and take screenshots with your cheerleader Sims.

This adds a bit of fun to the cheerleader aspect of the game getting gamers involved in the small bits to give them a complete experience.

2. Let’s Cheer!

Let’s Cheer!

This does a very similar thing to the previously mentioned one. It adds a bunch of poses for cheerleader Sims. But this one we think is much more complete.

Let’s Cheer! is a Custom Content pack that adds individual and group cheerleader poses to the game. The pack includes 9 individual poses and 3 group poses to the game, allowing you to practice with all your Sim’s buddies on the cheer team.

To use this CC properly, you will first need to get Andrew’s pose player to play the poses and Teleport any Sim to get all the people you need for the group poses.

1. Berry Sweet Cheerleading Uniforms

Berry Sweet Cheerleading Uniforms

This next CC will help make sure all of your Sims have everything they need to fully flesh out their cheerleading experience.

Berry Sweet Cheerleading Uniforms is a CC pack that includes several different cheerleading outfits for your Sims to choose from. This includes outfits for both female and male Sims!

Usually, it is difficult to find CC for male cheerleaders, but this has got you covered. They also have a wide range of designs and spoof teams like the “Llama corns” and “Gnomes.” It is very on-brand for Sim’s sort of tongue-in-cheek humor.

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