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The 15 Best Cool and Unique PC Cases

The 15 Best Cool and Unique PC Cases

Are you tired of seeing the same gaming setups over and over again? Does the typical PC case come off as boring to you? If you’re looking for a new and innovative case to spice up your gaming setup or just want to see a nice compilation of the best cool PC cases, you have come to the right place, my friend.

This article will give you a taste of the most unique and special PC cases that you wouldn’t even think existed. Be prepared because these aren’t your ordinary boxes and towers. These are cases that are sure to turn heads and drop jaws whenever anyone steps into your gaming room or office.

Azza Csaz-804V Pyramid

Let’s start off by making a very strong point in unique cases. At the top of the list, we have something that is already made while thinking out of the box, literally. The Azza Pyramid is a triangular PC case, and the luxurious style would give you a stunning experience fit for a king, or in this case, a Pharaoh.

The Pyramid can support ATX motherboards, and it comes with full tempered glass panels. The case has combined style and size perfectly since it can house any PSU despite its unique design. It supports both air and water cooling, allowing you to install radiators up to 360 mm. It also comes with a pre-installed 120mm Hurricane II Digital RGB Fan.

This mid-tower case is partially open-air, and it greatly supports its air cooling. Your RGB lighting can be easily flaunted in any direction. Not only is this case really cool, but it also makes sure that your video cards are placed comfortably.

It addresses one of the most common issues that modern cases face- the sagging of GPUs, which later leads to bending or even breaking. In this pyramid case, your video cards will be resting on the connectors vertically, making them safer and more stable.

The triangular shape of the Pyramid gives you one of the most unique aesthetics while giving you enough room for more components. Assembly might seem challenging at first, but after a tutorial or two, you’ll get the hang of it.

In Win D-frame

Next, we have something that looks like it can hit the road anytime. But not when it comes to durability. Yes, butGundamwall-mounted monitor, Inwin gives us a case that looks so rugged that it would fit in even in Handyman. This case gives you motorcycle vibes not only in its appearance but in cooling as well.

It has a modular and very open-air design which allows a lot of air to go into your rig for optimum cooling. Even though this case looks like a generator that would break your back if you lift, it’s actually quite lightweight considering its appearance. It is made out of aluminum, so it is very durable and tough but featherweight at the same time.

The light aluminum piping structure allows you to easily carry this case, and it offers quite some fun. You’ll be doing quite some DIY in assembling the welded parts. Even though it looks intimidating, it’s surprisingly fun and easy to put together.

This can support 120mm fans, and you can fit even big-sized radiators since it is a full-tower case, pair this with its very open-air design, and thermals will never be a problem. It also comes with an adjustable PSU holder and a section that offers 90-degree motherboard mounting, allowing you to do the loop cable management without a sweat.

So if what you want is a rare case design and durability, all while also offering superb cable management, easy portability, and fun in assembly, the In Win D-frame is the unique PC case for you.

Antec Torque

Up next, we have the award-winning case from Antec. Its unique design earned the If Design Award last 2019, making it one of the neatest and most distinct modern cases. The case offers a very aggressive look with its front-tilted structure giving it that premium Ducati sports bike-like form.

It has precisely cut aluminum panels that are very lightweight, adding to its portability factor, and they look pretty sharp as well. The case has some nice side panels that really show off its interiors. They are wonderfully made out of 4mm tempered glass and would give you a clear view of your gear from both sides.

14 different aluminum panels that are detachable and can be placed in a variety of ways give you a lot of versatility in customization. You can achieve a Gundam look and have an epic case sitting in your gaming room. If you’re into robots and such, you will definitely love this.

Besides the fact that it supports a lot of fans and the case is very open-air, it also has extensive liquid cooling support. This allows you to easily install radiators up to 360mm in size. The case looks pretty packed, but it’s actually pretty spacious inside since it can house full E-ATX motherboards.

The Torque can also support  450mm GPUs and even has space and clearance for a 215mm CPU heatsink. It has modern features like USB Type-C, which gives it access to the latest and high-end peripherals.

So it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that this is one of the best modern cases. The award says so, after all. It is one of the most premia and acknowledged cases in this category.

Thermaltake Core P90

Now we have Thermaltake’s next-level approach on the open-air chassis. This case has one of the most distinct designs and would surely stand out from any PC. If you’re a huge fan of custom builds and liquid cooling systems, this is the perfect case for you.

For starters, it has a fully modular design which gives total flexibility to custom PC enthusiasts. It has a two-way GPU mounting which lets you place your video cards vertically, and it includes a TT Gaming Riser Cable.

Even though the Core P90 is a mid-tower case, it can easily accommodate almost any radiator size. Any liquid cooling system can be installed with ease inside. Installing a green-themed liquid cooling system inside would give you a biohazard look and scientist vibes.

The tempered glass side panels are not only for display but for protection as well. They are 5mm thick, and they are pretty durable for glass. And since we’re talking about the display, monitors that are wall-mounted are pretty common. But a PC hanging on your wall, now that’s something that would catch anyone’s eye.

So if customization and liquid cooling freedom is your cup of tea, check this case out or even try the biohazard green theme, and you might just love it.

Streacom DB4

This one is for those who are more into the artistic side. If you want something that blurs the line between technology and art, check this case out. It definitely proves the saying that simpler is better.

With other cases competing to be the most flashy and aggressively designed, Steam developed this product with a different approach in mind. The minimalist design simply screams premium, and it looks pretty expensive and classy. This PC case has the same feel and value as abstract art.

It may seem like a good-for-nothing cube at first, but if you look closely, you’ll see something that has way more value. This is a rare consumer case with the double duty of serving as a case and a low TDP heatsink.

Yes, it serves as a CPU cooler by acting as a giant heatsink. The CPU’s heat is passively dissipated through the high surface aluminum structure, and it allows you to have a perfectly cool setup without any fans. This adds the benefit of having a super silent PC and has a very low power consumption.

However, if you want to take things to the next level and use this as a gaming case, you would need a GPU. And if you have a GPU, you would need to buy a separate cooler for that. Others say that this case doesn’t offer any customization, but that isn’t entirely true.

The top is acrylic, and acrylic customizers are sure to love this one since it has a neutral color, and that gives you a ton of options in customizing it. So if you want a cool, silent, and minimal but premium-looking case, the DB4 from Streacom is for you.

Anidees AI Crystal Cube

Just from the name of the case, you already know that this is something that would look really magical. You might have seen a crystal ball, but a crystal cube, now that’s something different. The case offers more than just form and space but a big bang in aesthetics as well.

The AI Crystal Cube might look small with its cube shape, but it actually packs quite a lot of space inside. The cube can comfortably house E-ATX motherboards, and it leaves a lot of room for your other components. You can install a water cooling system as it supports radiators up to 280mm on the front and top.

You can also add up to 12 fans and rock your setup with some pretty cool RGB lighting. Personally, the black color of this magical cube highlights the lighting better compared to other colors as it gives your RGB a muted aesthetic. Of course, a CPU cooler would also go a long way, and this case allows you to install up to 168mm.

The case is also spacious enough with room for cable management. However, since the clear tempered glass exposes the cables on both sides, you might have to add in a little bit of extra effort in keeping them clean for appearance.

Cougar Conquer

If you want a case that would offer you tons of customizing options, this one is a pretty great choice. The cougar would offer you nearly 50 options when it comes to custom builds, and the name is really brought out by its aggressive and wild look. All you need is the right amount of experience, knowledge, and creativity.

This mid-tower PC case is made of aluminum alloy and is pretty light despite its dense looks. This material also offers more durability, and it is paired with 5mm thick tempered glass to show off your rig. When it comes to customizing, you are really only limited by your skills and creativity.

The top part of the case is pretty easy since they are ARGB along with the midsection. However, the bottom is where you truly have freedom in doing and adding what you want. It has a pull-out design that makes it accessible and easy to add to other gadgets, such as an LCD panel.

It can provide enough space for both water and air cooling for best thermals and superior airflow. You can also remove the orange side panels to get more ventilation or if you just want to change its appearance.

The case’s aluminum framing offers way more than the traditional PC cases and gives modders the freedom they are searching for. If you’re into rearranging and rebuilding your PC to always have a new and fresh look, the Cougar is your best friend.

Lian-li O11 Dynamic

This case truly stands up to its Dynamic name. Not only is it visually captivating, but it provides amazing airflow and great features that would step up your system’s performance. This chassis is also reasonably priced, and it offers luxury at an affordable cost. Whether you want a simple setup or something wild to change it up, this case can cater to your needs.

This case features steel-and-tempered glass and weighs only 22 pounds. It comes with a special feature that only allows you to detach your glass side panels once the top has been removed, removing any risks of dropping them while doing installation or maintenance.

The best part of this case is its partitioned layout that separates your chassis into two sections.  There is an area for the components that are meant to be shown off, like the fans, motherboard, and such. There is also another section for hiding cables and space for two PSUs. So you already have your tidying work cut for you.

This mid-tower case can also support liquid cooling systems and strictly air-cooled setups, and you won’t have any trouble with thermals with all its ventilation. It also allows you to install your GPU vertically, which is another nifty feature to have.

Priced at only 100$, this case is one of the best value picks you can get on this list. With all the unique options out there, this case offers beauty and brawns for a very low price making it quite the steal.

Cryorig Taku

If you’re a hardcore minimalist and want a case that no one would be able to find when you ask them to hand it over to you (and you can since this is a pretty small case), Cryorig has got the case for you. This one’s so simple and compact that you would mistake it for an item organizer or drawer.

The Cryorig Taku has a very unique design. It is a clean and sleek mini-ITX case that is meant to be set up with your monitor sitting on top of it and your keyboard sneakily hiding underneath. This case is perfect for those who want to save as much space as possible on their desk.

And when we said drawer, we weren’t kidding. This case might make you feel like you need to go through a needle’s hole to install components inside such a compact case, but the pull-out drawer design makes everything a piece of cake.

The case is made with aluminum and fully handcrafted wood, so it will give you total minimalist vibes. This is the product that comes from combining form, build quality, function, and practicality.

Inwin H-frame 2.0

Now we have something for sleek-look-lovers. Inwin has always been known to provide us with unique PC case designs, and you can really expect this one to be as great as ever since the H-frame 2.0 is Inwin’s 30th-anniversary special case, and it offers a cool sliced appearance.

The case looks like it has been sliced vertically a lot of times and has been put together to look sleek, modern, and fresh. It looks like a folder that has lots of layers inside. But even though it looks quite sealed, the case is actually very open air.

The best thing we like about this case is its side panels that work like tinted glass. When your PC is turned on, it magnificently shows off your RGB lighting and the beauty of your rig. When it is turned off, you have yourself a mirror.

The open frame concept is made with 9 stacked aluminum sheets, and it already comes with RGB right out of the box. It has a six-level lighting effect that lets you adjust and customize your lighting to your taste.

The H-Frame 2.0 has a pretty big size as well. It is a full tower case that can support any motherboard size and house big components such as a top radiator up to 360mm, high-end graphics cards up to 330mm, and also has six 3.5”/2.5” multipurpose HDD trays.

This big case also requires big funds. But with all its features and everything it offers, you won’t mind spending on this baby.

Lian LI Tu-150WX

We finally have a case that’s as portable as your bag for those of you who are always on the go. So if you tend to play and connect with your friends through LAN, or you just want to b able to bring your PC to your boys’ house without stepping down to the performance of a laptop, then this is the case for you.

This mini-ITX chassis is made out of aluminum Lian Li even added a tempered glass side panel, so it has a pretty nice build quality since it’s super lightweight. Bringing a case along with you has never been easier with its retractable magnetic handle. Though the case is only 24 liters, it can house large GPUs and CPU coolers.

You can also install up to 4x 120mm fans for air-cooling. The only area this case lacks is storage. If you’re someone who needs a lot of drive bays, then you might want to reconsider your options or buy a separate external drive.

But overall, despite its small form factor, this case can still house the most high-end mini-ITX systems, and it gives youtube freedom of being able to take it wherever you go. If you want a case that offers portability, cooling, cable management at a reasonable price, then this unique case is worth checking out.

Vetroo K2

No, it’s not a Bluetooth speaker. The K2 has a crazily confusing shape but a really fun appearance. We’ve already had a pyramid and a cube, now we have a tube design to bring us more uniqueness. You can start building this PC with a mini-ITX or ITX motherboard, and don’t worry because it’s more spacious inside than it looks.

The K2 can house the most high-end mini-ITX systems and provide sufficient cooling to back it up. Don’t be fooled by its looks because you can fit a beefy cooling system in there, be it liquid or strictly air. It has water cooler support up to 240 mm, and you can have up to 5 200mm/120m fans. It also comes with one 200mm RGB fan pre-installed, so that’s a very nice plus.

This case may look complicated to set up, but it actually has features that allow you to do it easily. For one, it has a drawer-style drive bay for easy drive installation. It also allows easy cable management with sufficient space and most of your cables being hidden at the bottom of the case.

The tempered glass front panel perfectly shows off your setup inside. Another cool thing about this case is its price. Yes, it may look really special and premium, but it actually has a very reasonable price tag.

Phanteks Evolv Shift 2

Do you have a small place, and you are left with very little space for your PC? Well, this space-saving tiny footprint case would do the trick just for you. Its minimalist design has a touch of class and style that would set a premium tone for your limited space.

It gives off the same vibe as a black Playstation 5 but a little bit bulkier. So you already know you’re dealing with something that looks like you spent a lot of money on it. This case can be run by a mini-ITX motherboard, and you are left with more room for a small but powerful system.

This compact case can fit a triple 120mm/140mm fan configuration and a 120mm AIO liquid cooler. It has a pretty nice cooling system, but since this is a pretty small case, you can expect the thermals to be a little bit higher than full-sized ones. So it’s best to use this in cool environments.

Shift 2 has a vertical design that leaves a very small footprint giving you more desk space to work with. This is made out of anodized aluminum, which makes it extra durable. To help with its cooling, it has a breathable mesh fabric that provides ventilation, keeps dust out, and lets your RGB shine through.

Now that we mentioned it, this case also comes with RGB lighting, which adds to the aesthetics. So whether you use this at your office or as a gaming PC, this case can fit into any environment.

Nzxt H1

We have a Playstation-inspired case, so how can we leave the infamous Xbox out? The NZXT H1 has a design that looks pretty similar to Microsoft’s top-tier console, the Xbox Series X. The simple yet premium design would give you not only rich-kid feels but more room as well.

Though it has a modern and sleek appearance, it brings back the classic feels of PC cases with slide-off panels. Not only does the H1 save you space, but it also saves you a lot of time and hassle. First is the superb and easy cable management with its pre-routed cables.

Then you have an integrated AIO CPU cooler plus a 650W gold-rated power supply which cuts a lot from your work. Another special feature of this unique case is its PCIe riser cable which allows you to mount your GPUs at the back of your motherboard.

The case strikes a good balance between noise and cooling, especially when you consider its size. Thanks to its dual-chamber airflow, your CPU, GPU, and other components would be rid of warm air and be able to pull in cool air at the same time.

It also has a 140mm Aer P fan included. So it has some pretty nice inclusions that would save you time and effort in installation, but if you have a different PSU and CPU cooler in mind, they might be unnecessary costs for you.  Besides that, the H1 gives you the upright vertical gaming looks that would make any room, or even house, a lot better and cooler.

Kediers 570 Panoramic Viewing

When it comes to unique and cool PC cases, it would be pretty nice to not only pay for the looks and distinctiveness but for the amazing value as well. And this is what the Panoramic Viewing is all about. With all its inclusions and features, this case is as valuable as it is unique.

If you’re looking for maximum cooling in a case, this is it. Other fans may include a fan or two or, if you search enough, maybe even three. But the Panoramic viewing has 7 total fans! Yes, 7, and they are all ARGB lit, and it even comes with the remote controller that would make your case look fire.

If the Thermaltake P90is the liquid cooling option of this list, then this one is for those who want the style and airflow that air cooling systems offer. The fan hub is also included, so this is a total air cooling package.

The design of the case also makes it a top contender for this list. It has an aggressive front-tilted look that highlights the three fans at the front. The side panel is made out of tempered glass to give it that panoramic case looks that shows the insides of your rig.

One thing we found odd-looking is the top handle which you can use as a headset holder if you’re not carrying your PC. It can be pretty nifty, though. But the best part is its very budget-friendly price. That is why this is one of the best value unique and cool PC cases.

Final Thoughts

These are the most unique and distinct PC cases that are sure to turn heads. Whether you want the best performance and the biggest builds to fit into your case or want something unassuming and portable, there is a case in this list for you.