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Top 10 Best Sims 4 Clare Siobhan CC [2024]

Top 10 Best Sims 4 Clare Siobhan CC [2024]

For anyone getting into the Sims CC community, you might have gone onto external sites like YouTube and stumbled across Clare Siobhan. Yep, we fell in love too. She makes a variety of gaming content but has most of her main content catered towards Sims 4.

Siobhan has become somewhat of a legend among fans by doing themed playthroughs that have certain challenges to them.

Here are the top 10 Sims 4 Clare Siobhan CC that you may want to explore.

Best Sims 4 Clare Siobhan CC

10. Billy Skinblend

Billy Skinblend

Billy Skinblend doesn’t really try to change much, it just makes male and female skins a bit fairer and more even. Compared to the EA skins, it can seem like it lacks depth, but removing a bit of the shading does reveal a much cleaner look.

This is also done without doing any drastic changes to the base game bodies if you prefer to keep it that way. If you prefer your sims with a cleaner and more subdued look without changing much of the actual sim’s body, then Billy Skinblend does the trick.

9. Leah Lillith Ribbon Hair

Leah Lillith Ribbon Hair

Leah Lillith Ribbon Hair is a single hairstyle with two large braids but comes in many variations. Its main look is a brushed back front with two large braids going down the back with dozens of solid colors to choose from.

On top of that, you can choose to add an additional bit of detail to the hair as it comes with a ribbon that you can include in the style or not when installing this CC.

So it gives you just a bit more extra choice and freedom on top of all that was already provided with this one hairstyle.

8. Skin Cracks – Skin Details

Skin Cracks Skin Details

Creating a sim with a more undead look? Well, Skin Cracks – Skin Details has you covered, offering 6 swatches with different colors and opacities.

A very simple way to give your sims a bit of an old and decaying look without going that far. It achieves the aesthetic while ensuring that the sim looks as good as they do with the rest of your CCs.

7. Hairline 02 – Widow’s Peak

Hairline 02 Widow’s Peak

To possibly go along with Skin Cracks – Skin Details, Hairline 02 – Widow’s Peak is another great CC that gives off an older look without the sim looking like they’re out of the 60s.

It allows gamers to choose whatever hairstyle they want by simply adding a widow’s peak to the character’s visible hairline as makeup.

It’s a quick and easy way of having that matured look without the pain and suffering that comes with growing old.

6. S-club Wmll TS4 Asian

S Club Wmll Ts4 Asian

S-Club WMLL TS4 ASIAN, besides being a long name, is also a CC that adds several Asian skin tones to the game.

This gives a bit more variation among the base game ones by including darker, yellow, and paler options depending on what kind of look you’re going for.

Covering a good number of skin tones that east Asian or Southeast Asian sims would have, the CC provides the opportunity for gamers around the world to create a sim that resembles them the most.

5. S4 Boohoo Rose Tops

S4 Boohoo Rose Tops

Adding a simple short sweater with a rose pattern on the shoulders, S4 Boohoo Rose Tops packs a small amount of high-quality content.

Coming in 10 different colors, the S4 Boohoo Rose Tops is a good choice if you want a form-fitting outfit that doesn’t reveal much.

The only negative that we found was that the sweater is too realistic and sticks to the stomach showing a belly figure on some sims.

4. Mirabelles Skin Overlay HQ

Mirabelles Skin Overlay Hq

This CC is a skin overlay that offers 3 different versions depending on the breast shape you would prefer for your female sim. Mirabelles Skin Overlay HQ, in general, is quite detailed and has a lot of attention to the human form.

Where it does deviate in the 3 versions are the cleavage shapes, so knowing what your sim will look like beforehand will be a good idea with this CC.

Version 1 and 2 have a more spaced-out cleavage, with version 2 being a bit more pronounced, and version 3 has them right up against each other, having them look like they’re pushed up together.

We don’t know about you guys, but a bit of cleavage doesn’t hurt anybody *wink wink*

3. Abriana SkinAbriana Skin

Abriana Skin is a skin mod that focuses on a full-body look for female sims. Because of this, it comes in two variations depending on what kind of look you want for your sim.

Version 1 has a more pronounced cleavage and Version 2 being less so, the CC lets you decide what kind of body type the character would have beforehand.

It is also compatible with any makeup mod and softens the facial features that stay the same for both versions.

This is a simple mod that helps with getting a more pronounced character shape while still being able to make the face look the way you like.

2. Bubble-glossy Lip Colour

Bubble Glossy Lip Colour

Bubble-Glossy Lip Colour is a set of different lipstick options, coming in 6 different colors. A glossy style of lipstick but with a much more realistic and natural look to the lips still.

Maintaining good detail to the lips makes the CC look less thick and cakey than some other CCs on the internet.

At the end of the day, it is your personal preference, but if you want to keep a more natural look while having a good amount of gloss, then Bubble – Glossy Lip Colour should work.

1. 3K Followers Set

3k Followers Set

An all-in-one pack from the creator Kelly, the 3k Followers Set is a bundle of their works as a celebration for them hitting 3k followers on Tumblr.

This set includes skin, blushes, lipstick, and other makeup features for both males and females.

It provides a more modern style that you’ll immediately recognize. So going for any blush-heavy look with this set is effortless.

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