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Top 10 Best Sims 4 Laundry CC [2022]

Top 10 Best Sims 4 Laundry CC [2022]

Since launch, the Sims 4 has come out with a whole host of downloadable content packs for the game. Looking to add on to the base game, community-requested content makes the experience fuller and more satisfying.

To help flesh out your laundry day content more, we have a list of community-made custom content for you. Here is a list of 10 laundry-related gameplay tweaks and custom content for your game.

The list is our picks and is arranged in no particular order.

Best Sims 4 Laundry CC

10. Laundry Symbols

Laundry Symbols

We’re starting this list with a relatively simple one. Laundry Symbols is a pretty self-explanatory custom content pack that adds some laundry symbol stickers to the Sims 4.

These stickers can be found under wall decorations and consist of four different symbols for the different laundry stations, from the wash to the dryer.

This piece of CC is just a nice visual addition to your laundry space if you like to have visual indicators. Make your laundry space more attractive and stand out with laundry symbols and signs!

9. Larger Hamper Capacity

Larger Hamper Capacity

This next CC is a simple change but is almost essential for larger households. Larger Hamper Capacity does exactly what it says in the title and changes the capacity of the hamper from 20 piles of clothes to 100.

This may not seem like a big change, but sims change pretty often in a single day, so those clothes really stack up, especially in large households.

Also, a larger capacity helps you save time and get the Laundry done altogether.

8. Laundry


The next on our list is the simple titled Laundry. This is a custom content pack that is full of high-quality decorative laundry pieces and furniture to help spruce up your laundry area.

The laundry set includes 18 different objects, each in three different color variations.

The set also includes some decorative washers and dryers for you if you want to have a laundry area for show but don’t own laundry equipment, or you do and just want to spruce it up a bit.

7. Laundry Day – Decor & Functional Sink Set

Laundry Day Decor & Functional Sink Set

This next custom content pack is similar to the last one. It has some decorative laundry objects, but it also has functional ones.

Laundry Day – Decor & Functional Sink Set is a custom content pack that features some rustic-styled decorative and functional sinks.

The pack contains seven different sink designs, each with a decorative and functional version, all featuring a nice rustic style to adorn your sim’s homes.

Whether you’re looking for interior decoration to spice up your living space or functional laundry equipment, this is the CC for you.

6. Less Laundry Fires

Less Laundry Fires

Now, this next mod is a little tweak that addresses something in Laundry Day CC that some may find to be a problem. Less Laundry Fires is a mod that does exactly that.

It brings down the chance of dryers catching fire to 10% from the default 55%. If we’re honest, this default value is a bit insane and can lead to constant fires if you do Laundry often.

So if you felt like your sims caught fire a bit too often, then this mod is for you.

Those looking to make intentional fires to torture their sims (yes, there are a lot of you out there), stay clear of this.

5. Laundry Room

Laundry Room

Laundry Room is a custom content pack that contains laundry-related objects and furniture.

The author describes the content as a “basic laundry room.” Well, we think it’s more than just basic and has some very nice pieces to help flesh out your laundry area.

It is one of the most beautiful and minimalistic laundry room CCs you can find on the internet. We believe a white and cream-ish backdrop with any of these decorations would do just wonders!

4. Under Counter Washing Machine & Dryer/Laundry Baskets

Under Counter Washing Machine & Dryer/Laundry Baskets

Under Counter Washing Machine & Dryer and Under Counter Laundry Baskets are custom content packs that add washing machines and dryers under a counter and laundry baskets under the counter.

This is a simple thing that does wonders by cramming more objects into smaller spaces, allowing you to stack things on top of the counters.

This is particularly useful to those trying to live small in the Sims 4 with as little space wasted as possible.

3. Vintage Laundry

Vintage Laundry

Vintage Laundry is another custom content pack that adds more bits of nice laundry-themed objects and decoration to the game.

This is a custom content pack that adds a total of 14 different vintage-themed laundry objects to the Sims 4.

The objects have a nice mid-century modern interior design look to them.

They are very similar to something you’d see in an American home in the 1950s, evoking some old-world nostalgia. Relive the 50s and 60s with this adorable CC.

2. Toddler in Laundry Hamper Poses

Toddler In Laundry Hamper Poses

Now for a mod only passingly related to Laundry, but very cute. Toddler in Laundry Hamper Poses a custom content pack full of poses for your toddler sims playing in the hamper.

The cute poses provided depict your toddler sims playing inside the hamper and a parent picking them up out of it.

The pack contains five poses in total to help you in your role-play or even when taking screenshots for that added bit of character and visual interest.

1. Laundry Decor Set

Laundry Decor Set

The last one we have on our list is the Laundry Decor Set. This one is a custom content pack consisting of a variety of different laundry accessories and decoration pieces.

The pack is full of different high-quality objects such as stacks of clothes, clotheslines, ironing boards, laundry baskets, brushes, fabric softeners, and detergents, among others.

Some of these even have variants in different orientations and configurations to help add variety to your setups.

In total, the pack contains 14 different laundry-related objects for your viewing pleasure. It is definitely a must-have CC if you’re looking for one CC to do it all.