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Top 10 Best Sims 4 Fishing CC [2024]

Top 10 Best Sims 4 Fishing CC [2024]

Fishing, although very mundane, with a couple of CC can be an entire themed playthrough. Because this is sort of what we’re aiming for, this list has several aesthetic as well as active changes and additions to the fishing section in the Sims 4.

This is all to make fishing more fashionable as well as more viable in terms of gameplay.

Here are the top 10 Sims 4 fishing CC.

Best Sims 4 Fishing CC

10. Bucket Hats for Males and Females

Bucket Hats For Males And Females

A very simple CC that adds bucket hats to go on your fisher sims. As the name suggests, bucket hats for males and females add bucket hats compatible with males and females that come in a variety of colors.

A simple way to give more of the generic” fisherman” look to sims but remain in the realms of what is acceptable in the modern world.

9. Fishing Set

Fishing Set

If your home is where you fish, then Fishing Set can help sell the idea more. Adding several boats and places to put fish, the CC really helps complete the look.

It makes the body of water near you seem like it sees a lot of traffic daily rather than being dull and boring.

You can either make it look like you’re leaving the boats off the side or leave them actively in the water. There are even buckets you can add with fish in it!

8. Fisherman Outfit

Fisherman Outfit

If the bucket hats weren’t really matching with whatever outfit you were trying to complete, then Fisherman Outfit might do the trick.

Coming with 5 different variants of the fisherman outfit for both genders and 10 different colors for each variety, this CC is the right pack if you’re looking to hoard on some fishing outfits.

If you just wanted the overalls or the bucket hats on their own, they are separate pieces being in the full body and hats sections, respectively.

So, in the end, Fisherman Outfit still gives you a good amount of choice when it comes to creating your own look.

7. Coast Fishing Pole

Coast Fishing Pole

Are you tired of the base game fishing pole’s appearance? Well, with Coast Fishing Pole, you can stave off that feeling for a bit longer.

The CC remains humble and does not do anything outlandish, providing a new and original design for your sim’s fishing pole. This is a very nice and simple CC that a heavy fishing sim would like to have.

6. Fisherman’s Nook

Fisherman’s Nook

Now that your fisherman looks the part, next should be their home.

Using Fisherman’s Nook, you get a whole 20 new pieces of furniture to the interior of your home that is all fisherman-themed. They also come in a variety of colors and slight variations depending on the furniture piece.

These new pieces of furniture include tables, couches, oars, tapestries, lamps, and other random bits and pieces.

Mix and match this set with other more very homey vintage pieces of furniture, and you can get your whole house to look a certain way.

5. Fisherman’s Bazaar

Fisherman’s Bazaar

With the interior of your sim’s home full, now it is time for the outside with Fisherman’s Bazaar. Although not having as much variety as Fisherman’s Nook, it still provides 8 new pieces of equipment to hang outside your sim’s home.

Also, coming in a few varieties depending on the specific piece adds a bit of life to the area, implying that the sim really leaves is busy with this “fishing” hobby.

4. Fisherman House

Fisherman House

Maybe you don’t want to go through the effort to slowly craft a fisherman-themed house and just want to make slight adjustments to make it more to your liking. Well, with Fisherman House, you can do just that.

Although not exactly fisherman-themed with its furniture, it does give a very small and homey feel to the interior. Alongside this is the fact that it’s surrounded by water as you are in the middle of a small body of water.

This lets you theme the general area around your sim’s house more easily to fit with the rest of the furniture and assets added by the previous CCs.

And even if you’re not making a home for a fisherman sim, this house is perfect, giving a very home-y feel. Just add or replace what fits with your sim specifically.

3. Animated Placeable Fish

Animated Placeable Fish

To go along with the Fisherman House, you can get Animated Placeable Fish. Although you don’t actually catch them, the CC breathes life into any body of water you own.

Having 12 different choices of fully animated fish, you can easily add more to any body of water you own.

It works as a section you add to the floor of the body of water. The fishes simply spawn in it, so you don’t even have to think of how exactly to place them as they just go off on their own.

2. Harvestable New Fish 1

Harvestable New Fish 1

As the name would suggest, Harvestable new fish 1 adds new fish in the game that can be caught and is treated like base game fish. Specifically, this CC adds 4 new fish to the game, which includes shrimps, lobsters, turtles, and crabs.

You can do all the normal things with these fishes as you can do with regular fish. You can sell them, cook them (with the use of custom recipes), or just keep them in your inventory.

There is also a separate high poly count version of this CC, but this is as best as it gets.

1. Advanced Fishing

Advanced Fishing

A light overhaul to the fishing system that is in place in Sims 4, Advanced Fishing, is meant to make fishing viable for an entire sim’s career.

One of the main things that have changed is the profitability levels of selling and trading fish. It has become more viable and properly profitable to provide for the sim’s other needs.

Another aspect that’s been improved is the cooking and eating of fish providing more mood buffs based on the fish to incentivize eating your catch.

Naturally, all of these mechanics are tied directly to the fishing skill, so the better at fishing you are, the better your trades and sales are. To activate advanced fishing, be sure to activate it on your sim after they hit level 1 in fishing.

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