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How To Get a Ladder in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

How To Get a Ladder in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

As you begin to settle into island life, you may have noticed that there are large cliffs looming above you. You reach with all your might to try and climb to the top, but to no avail.

You need a ladder, and Tom Nook is the one to give it.

The first step to obtaining a ladder is by giving Tom Nook 5 fish/insects. You can do this by crafting a flimsy net and a flimsy fishing rod, courtesy of Tom Nook.

Donate Fish Or Insects

Place Museum

Once you collect enough specimens for Tom Nook, he will ask you to place the museum. NOTE: Be sure to place it in a place you like because it will cost quite a lot of bells to relocate.

Pay Your First Debt to Tom Nook

Paying Tom Nook is going to be a goal of yours for a long time. Thankfully, this first debt isn’t too difficult. You must pay either 50,000 bells or 5,000 Nook miles.

I recommend focusing on the miles.

Easy Ways To Collect Nook Miles:

  • Hunt for fish and insects
  • Pick up those pesky weeds
  • Visit Tom Nook’s terminal every day
  • Check your Nook phone to see challenges

TIP: If you find yourself with more Nook Miles than you know what to do with, invest them in the pocket organization guide this allows you to carry more resources! The Tool Ring is also extremely helpful when selecting tools.

Pay Your First Debt To Tom Nook

Once you’ve collected 5,000 miles, you can upgrade your tent into a house!

Fly to a New Island

Once you become a homeowner, Tom Nook will give you a free Nook ticket, which allows you to travel to a different island!

Make your way to Dodo Airlines, which is located at the front of your island.

Make Your Way To Dodo Airlines

TIP: Be sure to collect all the resources on the island!

Invite a New Villager

You will most likely find a random villager wondering about the island you visit.

Even if you don’t want them to be a permanent resident, it’s a good idea to invite them back to your island so you can prove to Tom Nook that you’re dedicated to the island.

Build a Bridge

Now that Tom Nook has seen what you can do, he will ask you to create a bridge. You will need 4 log stakes, 4 clay, and 4 stone.

Log Stakes

Log states are created by the regular wood you’ve harvested from trees. Simply go to a DIY workbench and craft the logs.


Clay is found primarily from rocks. Try to hit each rock 8 times, so you have more chances of receiving clay.


Stone is also harvested from rocks but can also be found on the ground throughout your island.

Place Your Bridge

Once you’ve gathered all the resources, return to your handy workbench and craft a wooden bridge kit. Be sure to place it in an easily accessible spot and wait for it to be built.

Place Your Bridge Animal Crossing

Build Houses for New Residents

It’s time to put on your real estate hat. Tom Nook will ask you to find three plots of land for incoming villagers. In addition, you will need to make furniture suitable for each house.

House #1 Resources Needed

In this first house, you will need 20 pieces of your native fruit. Your fruit can be found growing on several trees around the island.

To gather the fruit, walk up to a fruit tree and press the “A button.” Your character will then shake the tree, and you can pick up the fruit. You will also need:

  • 16 wood
  • 7 softwood
  • 5 clay
  • 20 weeds
  • 2 iron nuggets

Collect Resources In Animal Crossing

House #2 Resources Needed

  • 21 wood
  • 28 hardwood
  • 4 clay
  • 1 iron nugget.

House #3 Resources Needed – You Get a Ladder Recipe!

SURPRISE! This is where you get your ladder. For this house, Tom Nook will want yellow, white, and red pansies.

Realizing that the pansies are high on the cliffs, Tom will call you and send a recipe for a ladder. You will also need:

  • 24 softwood
  • 10 iron nuggets
  • 2 wood

Craft a Ladder

Find your nearest DIY workbench and craft a ladder using 4 pieces of each type of wood. Once done, you can climb cliffs!

Craft A Ladder Animal Crossing

Now that you have your ladder, you no longer have to fear heights.

Unlike most tools, the ladder is unbreakable and will most likely stay in your pockets throughout your entire island journey.