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Top 26 Best Anime Dogs [2024]

Top 26 Best Anime Dogs [2024]

Who knew that dogs could also be anime’s best friend! Here are some of the most loyal, cute, and cuddly mutts that will always be there for the anime characters with their wagging tails and unconditional love.

These cute pooches carry their series in terms of cuteness!

Best Anime Dogs

26. Kazuhito Harumi

Kazuhito Harumi

The main character of Dog & Scissors, Kazuhito, was once a human before being reborn as a dog.

As a human, Kazuhito is a polite and airheaded high schooler whose biggest passion is books and is where most of his enthusiastic nature comes from.

Kazuhito will be wagging his tail, telling you his favorite novelist of all time, Natsuno Kirihime. One day, Kazuhito is lucky enough to meet Kirihime in person.

Not-so-lucky, she is about to be shot by a robber!

Kazuhito saves Kirihime’s life but loses his. Being reincarnated as a dachshund, Kazuhito is offered help by a sadistic girl with a pair of scissors—Kirihime!

25. Zeke


From Highschool of the Dead, Zeke is a small white pup who joins Takashi Komuro’s group after the zombie apocalypse.

He will do anything to protect the youngest Alice Maresato. Despite being a small pup, Zeke is a brave and energetic good boy who has a strong sense of detecting “them,” which is very helpful to the group.

When the zombie apocalypse hits Japan, Takashi and his childhood friend and ex-girlfriend Rei Miyamoto are attending high school!

Finding other surviving students and the student nurse, Takashi, and his group try to work together to survive and find a safe haven.

24. Potato


From Air, Potato is a stray dog who tends to follow Kano Kirishima around. He is a small and fluffy white dog that barks “piko.” Meeting Yukito Kunisaki, Potato is known for being mischievous and annoys Yukito, but he’s too cute.

Yukito was traveling from town to town in search of someone called the Winged Maiden. When he meets the strange and mysterious blonde named Misuzu Kamio, who invites him to stay with her.

Staying, Yukito becomes a part of the town and puts his search aside to help the people.

23. A


The dog from BLEND-S, Owner, is a brown-and-white Husky that wears a cute yellow bandanna around his neck. He is a very good boy who is friendly, always happy, and loves going on walks.

However, he does have a mischievous side for biting and hiding behind his cute and innocent puppy face.

The owner meets Maika Sakuranomiya when she interviews for a job at Café Stile to work as a roleplaying waitress.

Maika is just trying to get money so she can study abroad, but finds gets closer to her coworkers and finds a reason to stay.

22. Wanta


A dog from Elfen Lied, Wanta is a small white dog that always stays by Mayu’s side and is a very loyal and protective dog when it comes to his family. Mayu sees Wanta as more of a friend than a dog.

Wanta and Mayu will meet cousins Kouta and Yuka, who are taking care of an unusual pink-haired girl named Lucy.

Unbeknownst to either of them, Lucy is a “Diclonius,” a human with horns and telekinetic powers. Being experimented on all of her life, Lucy turns to murder to escape!

21. Romero

Zombieland Saga

Romero is the mascot and companion of Franchouchou, the idol group of Zombieland Saga.

Romero is a zombie dog and very loyal to the girls and his owner Kotaro Tatsumi. Despite being an intimidating and aggressive-looking zombie dog, Romero is an honorary good dog.

Romero isn’t the only zombie being—so it is the whole idol group Franchouchou. Sakura Minamoto and six other girls come back as zombies with the sole mission to save the Saga Prefecture by being famous idols!

20. Koromaru


The good boy of Persona 3, Koromaru, is a white Shiba with big warm brown eyes. He is a very loyal and protective pooch who is also known for being intelligent, intuitive, and thoughtful to his team members.

Koromaru is one of the many oddball teammates Makoto Yuuki meets when he transfers schools and comes to live in the Iwatodai Dorm.

When the clock strikes midnight, Makoto is attacked by Shadows, and the power of his Persona awakens.

Now, Makoto is fighting alongside his new comrades to stop the Dark Hour that threatens humanity.

19. Madarao


From Kekkaishi, Madarao is a demon wolf or mountain dog that is often called and treated like a dog.

He is a lazy and selfish creature that only works hard when the mood suits him. He enjoys insulting and teasing as well as eating and sleeping.

“Kekkaishi” are people with supernatural abilities that are able to destroy evil creatures called Ayakashi—Madarao’s favorite meal!

Childhood friends Yoshimori Sumimura and Tokine Yukimura work together as a team to fight Ayakashi to protect the homeland of Karasumori.

18. Taromaru


The dog and “mascot” of School-Live! He is a small brown dog who is a light-hearted pup who enjoys playing and running around and is is also known to be intelligent and tolerant of the girls in his group.

Taromaru is a part of Megurigaoka Private High School and a “member” of the School Living Club.

Along with Yuki Takeya, Yuuri Wakasa, Kurumi Ebisusawa, and Miki Naoki, they live, sleep, and eat on the campus grounds and never leave! So can Wonder’s adventures come out from that?

17. Chuck


Chuck is the tritagonist of Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt and acts as the pet sidekick. He is a green dog with zipper ears and tail—not your everyday pup.

Chuck is mainly known for being as dumb as a doorknob and also happens to be obsessed. Great combo.

Chuck follows sister Panty and Stocking after they are kicked out of Heaven. To get back into Heaven, they must exterminate ghosts in Daten City.

Instead, Panty sleeps with anything that moves, and Stocking stuffs her face silly with sweets. Great job, girls.

16. Hanako


A dog in Inuyashiki, Hanako, is a cute Shiba who the Inuyashiki Family adopts.

Being found in a box, Hanako is taken in by Ichiro Inuyashiki and gives him all her love, attention, and loyalty.

After adopting Hanako, Ichiro finds out that he has stomach cancer with only three months to live.

Holding onto Hanako, he is suddenly consumed by smoke and dust. Ichiro has been reborn into a weapon wearing the skin of his past life.

Ichiro will use his body and life to save others and protect their happiness from any threat.

15. Shiro


A dog from Hozuki’s Coolheadedness, Shiro is a white, small, and fluffy Japanese Spitz with a red-and-white rope tied across his back.

He is an energetic, devoted, and trusting dog who always believes in his friends. Of course, being in Animal Hell, he enjoys a vicious bite and mauling from time to time.

Shiro is one of the members of Hell that the level-headed and calm-thinking Hozuki is in charge of managing employees from Hell.

Facing many legends and mythological creatures every day in Hell, what kind of misadventure awaits Hozuki and maintaining smooth Hellish business?

14. Taro


The dog of Shiki, Taro, is a black dog with a white muzzle and orange collar. He is loyal to his owner Ritsuko Kunihiro, becomes aggressive when frightened, and tends to hide in his doghouse.

After the death of 15-year-old Megumi Shimizu, Natsuno Yuuki is haunted by it, and young doctor Toshio Ozaki discovers the dark secret of a disease that spreads into the city.

Natsuno and Toshio find themselves working together to stop their city from turning into a town full of vampires!

13. Makkachin


The dog of Yuri!!! On Ice. Makkachin is a large beige poodle with fabulously curly fur.

Makkachin can go from lazy to lively in a heartbeat, but he is a very well-trained dog who is extremely to his owner Victor Nikiforov and loves sleeping right at his side!

Warning: watch your food—Makkachin will eat it!

Yuri Katsuki got a poodle just like Victor’s when he was younger because he wanted to be a professional figure skater just like him. But after choking in the Grand Prix Finale, he decides to hang up his skates.

However, when Victor suddenly appears at his parents’ hot springs stating that he will be his coach and that he will win a gold medal!

12. Jack


From Beastars, Jack is a Labrador and Legoshi’s childhood best friend. Like a dog, Jack is a joyful, fun-loving, and loyal character who worries about his friends but tries to be optimistic and make them smile.

In a society where herbivores discriminate against carnivores, a Labrador and grey wolf are able to be close friends. However, after the death of one of their friends, Tem, the alpaca is murdered and eaten.

All eyes at Cherryton Academy are looking at Legoshi, but he is determined to fight against society and find Tem’s true killer!

11. Akamaru


A dog in Naruto, Akamaru, is partners with his owner Kiba Inuzuka and fight alongside each other as shinobi.

Akamaru is a small white dog with a heart bigger than his body. He is devoted to his partner and comrades and never hesitates to jump in to save any of his friends.

Akamaru and Kiba become friends and comrades of Naruto Uzumaki, a young shinobi starting out in his journey to become Hokage, leader of their village!

But, with the Nine-Tailed Demon seal inside of him, he has a lot to overcome.

10. Tadakichi-san

Tadakichi San

Chiyo Mihama’s big white dog from Azumanga Daioh is so big that Chiyo can ride on his back—or Chiyo is just that small.

But, despite his size, Tadakichi-san doesn’t dare bite and is a friendly and gentle dog. Chiyo even describes him as a gentleman.

Tadakichi-san is by 10-year-old Chiyo Mihama’s side when she skips grades all the way to high school.

Thinking she’ll be the odd one out, Chiyo finds her in a classroom full of oddballs! She makes a group of friends that will be by each other through the ups and downs in their school life.

9. Pedro Martinez

Pedro Martinez

From Kimi ni Todoke, Pedro Martinez is a small white dog with ruff fur and a red collar.

He is a stray dog that Shouta Kazehaya finds on the way to school with Sawako Kuronuma. He decides to adopt Pedro Martinez and bring him home to the family.

Kuronuma always reminded her classmates of the girl from The Ring and beloved to be scary and frightening but simply shy and antisocial. Kuronuma has always wanted to be like Kazehaya, liked and popular.

When the chance comes to get to know Kazehaya, Kuronuma hopes she has the courage.

8. Guts

The Dog Of Kill La Kill

The dog of Kill la Kill, Guts, is the Mankanshoku’s family pug that wears a light blue hoodie for some reason and is usually seen like his tongue sticking out.

Guts got his name “because he eats with a lot of gusto.” Like the rest of the family, he is weird, wacky, and perverted towards Ryuko Matoi.

When Ryuko transferred to Honnouji Academy, there was only one thing on her mind: finding the missing piece of her Scissor Blade.

That will lead her to the one that killed her father!

The student council president sounds like she’s hiding something, and Ryuko will fight anyone to discover the truth that leads to her father’s death!

7. Tetsuya #2

Tetsuya #2

From Kuroko’s Basketball, Tetsuya #2 is the club mascot and Tetsuya Kuroko’s pet dog.

He is a black-and-white puppy with big blue eyes and is 100% cute. Testuya #2 is a topical pup—barks a lot, follows Tetsuya around constantly and chews on the team’s sneakers.

His owner, Tetsuya, is a basketball player at Seirin High School. His team hopes to become the best team in all of Japan and win the Interhigh Championship!

Even though Tetsuya is an ordinary student who tends to go unnoticed, he wants to do his part to help his teammates reach the top!

6. Tobimaru


One of the main characters of Sword of the Stranger, Tobimaru, is a brown-and-white Shiba who wears a red necktie.

He is a very loyal and protective dog, especially to orphaned Kotaro. He is known to be stubborn and untrusting to new people, but his trust can be earned.

Tobimaru can’t be seen without Kotaro as they go from village to village, stealing what they can to survive.

Kotaro wishes he could stay in one place but is being chased down by assassins.

When Kotaro gets attacked, and Tobimaru poisoned, they are both saved by a mysterious ronin named Nanashi. The ronin gets tangled up in a mysterious prophecy that surrounds the boy.

5. Kedama


From Given, Kedama is a 9-month-old white Pomeranian with big blue eyes, triangle ears, and overwhelming cuteness.

His owner is Mafuyu Sato, and best known for his energetic personality. He is always wagging his tail and spinning in a circle.

No matter if you’re a friend or stranger, he will show the same enthusiasm and excitement.

On the step of the school’s gymnasium, Mafuyu falls asleep with an old guitar in his arms. When he wakes up, he’s getting berated by a classmate named Ritsuka Uenoyama for not taking proper care of his guitar.

When Mafuyu asks him to teach him to play, Ritsuka takes him to meet his band, where they discover Mafuyu’s hidden singing talent!

It sounds like a match made in Heaven! But who is the original owner of the old guitar?

4. Heen


A supporting character in Howl’s Moving Castle, Heen is an old “errand dog” and believed to be a Petit Basset Griffon Bandane.

He is a lazy, floppy-eared dog who is best known for making wheezing and coughing sounds.

When Sophie makes an enemy of the Witch of the Waste, she puts a curse on her—turning her into an old lady!

Wanting to break her curse, Sophie finds herself at the doorstep of the great wizard Howl’s castle.

Living inside his home and befriending his companions, Sophie might find something more important than a cure to her curse.

3. Ein


From Cowboy Bebop, Ein is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi. A research facility made him a “data dog” with a high level of intelligence.

He is able to answer a phone, watch TV, hack a computer, and drive a car.

Ein lives in the year 2071 where humanity has to reach other planets and moons. To keep the peace, the Inter Solar System Police hire bounty hunters called “Cowboys.”

The spaceship of Bebop houses one of the Cowboys named Spike Spiegel!

2. Sadaharu


The dog and mascot of Gintama, Sadaharu, is a fluffy white inugami, a dog god that stands over five feet tall! Sadaharu is in charge of defense and protection, guarding the Dragon’s Pulse.

Alien have invaded Earth and started by taking over Japan! The aliens could trample the time of the samurai. However, Gintoki Sakata won’t let the samurai die! Unfortunately for him, all he is an errand boy.

1. Black Hayate

Black Hayate

From Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, Black Hayate is a black-and-white Shiba and owner of Riza Hawkeye.

With Hawkeye working in the military, Black Hayate stands by her for companionship and will fight any monster or person who dares put Hawkeye in danger.

Black Hayate and Hawkeye will be there to provide support for brothers Edward and Alphonse Elric.

After losing his arm and leg and his younger brother’s body, Ed hopes to get them back by finding a Philosopher’s Stone!


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