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Top 10 Best Sims 4 Lingerie CC [2024]

Top 10 Best Sims 4 Lingerie CC [2024]

We can spend a lot of time dressing up and coming up with outfits for our sims in the Sims 4, and that’s perfectly understandable.

The Sims is, after all, a life simulation game, and what our sims wear is an extension of the character that we want to show. Sometimes you want to dress your sims up in something prettier.

Here we have put together a list of our top 10 favorite Lingerie custom content for the Sims 4, arranged in no particular order.

Best Sims 4 Lingerie CC

10. Chantilly Lace Lingerie Set

Chantilly Lace Lingerie Set

This first bit of custom content is nice lace lingerie, but to be fair, most lingerie has lace. Chantilly Lace Lingerie Set is a piece of custom content that features subtle lace lingerie set for your female sims in the Sims 4.

The set is relatively subdued and subtle while still having a good amount of detail in the lace bits under the bust and in the back.

The set is available under underwear and tank tops and comes in 8 different colors to choose from.

The black lace is what we’re supporting here!

9. Lace Lingerie Set

Lace Lingerie Set

This next piece of lingerie also has lace like the last, but this one has more. Lace Lingerie Set is a Sims 4 custom content featuring lace lingerie set with a lace corset, skirt, and stockings.

The outfit covers more of your sim than your average underwear but still manages to be provocative with its somewhat transparent pieces like the lace skirt that connects to the lace corset.

It also has stockings that have little hearts along the back of them.

The set comes in 3 color variations and is available under every day and sleepwear.

8. Chrissy Lingerie

Chrissy Lingerie

This next set is another lace lingerie set, but this one has a good amount of options for customizability.

Chrissy Lingerie is a piece of Sims 4 custom content that features a lingerie set that is highly customizable for you to get the exact version that you want.

Both the top and bottom come in four different color variations. In addition, the set has options for having stockings or no stockings and having a lace middle that connects the bra and panties.

7. Judie Lingerie

Judie Lingerie

Now that we have a few provocative lingerie sets laid out, we’ll be looking at one that is cuter with Judie Lingerie.

This piece of Sims 4 custom content consists of a strapless bra and panty combo with a delicate floral pattern on both.

The set is available in four different color variations (only the flower pattern changes color) and is available as a whole outfit under the lingerie category.

6. Lingerie Brazilian Lace Set

Lingerie Brazilian Lace Set

Next up, we have another lace lingerie set in the form of a Lingerie Brazilian Lace Set. This is a piece of Sims 4 custom content that features some highly detailed lace lingerie consisting of a brassiere and panties.

The set features the classic heavily ornamented lace design but with a cut and form that appeals more to modern sensibilities.

The set comes with a bra and panties and is available in three different color variations, but these are different sets as they cannot be recolored.

5. Morrigan – Lingerie Set

Morrigan – Lingerie Set

Now, this next piece of custom content has a bit more of a gothic flair to it. Morrigan – Lingerie Set is a piece of Sims 4 custom content that features a gothic lingerie set featuring a corset and stockings along with its bra and panties.

The blacks and greys of this set are accentuated by the shiny highlights in the lace, especially on the corset.

The set evokes a darker gothic appeal and fits with Sims that have a more alternative sort of character to them.

Personally, this is the one we like to keep for friskier times at the Sims 4 household.

4. Male Lingerie Collection

Male Lingerie Collection

Lingerie is usually thought of as a garment for women or at least as a feminine piece of clothing. But does it have to be? As the title might suggest, Male Lingerie Collection is actually some custom content lingerie for the guys!

This custom content pack features five different lingerie sets for male sims, all available in a variety of different colors.

Let your male sims get in on the fun with these high-quality custom lingerie pieces for them.

The garments featured in this custom content pack are available for male sims from teens to elders.

3. Christmas Lingerie

Christmas Lingerie

Sometimes lingerie also can fit a theme. This next one is a set that can add a bit of fun to the holidays.

Christmas Lingerie is a custom content set for the Sims 4 that contains a cute Christmas-themed lingerie for your sims. The set consists of a one-piece strapless garment that covers the bust to the hips.

The outfit is available as either underwear or a swimsuit for female sims, from teens to elders.

2. Sports Lingerie Set

Sports Lingerie Set

Following up with another themed lingerie set, we have the Sports Lingerie Set. This is a piece of Sims 4 custom content that contains a sport-sy lingerie set similar to other women’s sportswear but set up in a more alluring way.

The set can be used as a sort of lingerie sleepwear or as sporty underwear. The outfit comes in two separate pieces, the top and the bottom. Each is available in three different colors: peach, grey, and black.

1. Ocean Lingerie Set

Ocean Lingerie Set

The last one on our list is another uniquely themed set of lingerie. Ocean Lingerie Set is a custom content lingerie set for the Sims 4 that has an ocean and summery theme.

The set of ocean lingerie takes inspiration from the beach, shells, and of course, the sea to come up with its unique and stylish look with its gold lace and pearl highlights.

The outfit comes in six color options and a pair of stockings to go with it.

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