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Top 15 Best Demon Slayer Girls [2024]

Top 15 Best Demon Slayer Girls [2024]

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba is full of amazing and badass characters. Behind the slashing of swords, breathing styles, and demon arts, are characters with cool abilities, impressive designs, and compelling stories.

But today, we’ll be focusing on the spectacular ladies of the show. From the intimidating baddies to the inspiring main characters – here are 15 of the best Demon Slayer girls in the spotlight!

Best Demon Slayer Girls

15. Susamaru

Best Demon Slayer Girls Susamaru

With her beloved temari, Susamaru bounces at number 15 on our list.

Susamaru is a demon and an antagonist to Tanjiro’s group. Due to Muzan’s false promise of making her part of the 12 Kizuki, Susamaru became fiercely loyal to him.

Of course, this was just the standard Muzan manipulation, and in the end, Susamaru bitterly suffered for her blind devotion to him.

Before turning into a demon, Susamaru loved playing with temaris a lot. This carried over when she became a demon and turned it into attacks.

14. Aoi

Best Demon Slayer Girls Aoi

Up next is the tough and gruff trainer and helper at the Butterfly Mansion, Aoi Kanzaki!

Aoi is an assistant at the Butterfly Mansion. She doesn’t fight on the frontlines but instead helps those who are injured or in need of training.

After their battles on Mount Natagumo, Tanjiro, Zenitsu, and Inosuke healed up at Butterfly Mansion. Aoi created a training regiment for the three.

Despite her seemingly grumpy personality, Aoi shows tender emotions to the trio. She cried over Inosuke’s injuries and offered a tray of food to him so he could eat as much as he wanted!

13. Daki

Best Demon Slayer Girls Daki

Don’t be deceived by her charm and beauty! As an oiran and a demon, Daki can be quite ruthless and vicious.

She and her brother suffered from poverty and mistreatment when they were young. After a tragic punishment, she was turned into a demon along with her brother and served Muzan.

Daki is shown to be prideful and spoiled, often demeaning others and throwing tantrums to get her way.

Her brother thinks that she could’ve turned out differently if circumstances were different for them.

12. Spider Demon (Daughter)

Best Demon Slayer Girls Spider Demon Daughter

Wanting a place to be safe from Demon Slayers, Spider Daughter reluctantly joined Rui’s Spider Family for protection.

While she’s not as bad as the rest of the family, she is mostly complicit in the abuse done by them. She only watches out for herself and will quickly change sides to save her neck.

She watched her Spider Demon sister get punished for attempting to leave. She doesn’t do anything when their Spider Demon mother gets abused.

She loathes her Spider Demon family but feels helpless to do anything against them.

11. Hinaki and Nichika

Best Demon Slayer Girls Hinaki And Nichika

Hinaki and Nichika are part of the Ubuyashiki quintuplets. Hinaki is the eldest, while Nichika is the second one.

Though they may not say a lot, they have shown kindness and extreme loyalty.

The two are always by their father’s side. As the leader of the Demon Slayer Corps, their father has a lot of responsibilities on top of being ill.

They try their best to assist him, even until the bitter end.

10. Amane

Best Demon Slayer Girls Amane

As the mother of the Ubuyashiki children and the wife of Kagaya, Amane proves to be a strong pillar for her family and the Demon Slayer Corps.

She is professional and strict but amicable to everyone, especially when she has to take over her husband’s responsibilities for the Demon Slayer Corps.

Because of Kagaya’s illness, Amane has to constantly nurse him and sometimes take over his tasks for the Corps, an act that comes from genuine love and support.

9. Kanae

Best Demon Slayer Girls Kanae

If you’ve noticed how soft-spoken and good-natured Shinobu is, it’s all because of her sister.

Kanae was Shinobu’s elder sister. She was kind and easygoing, often having a smile on her face. Meanwhile, Shinobu was a brash kid and almost the complete opposite.

But the sisters were very close, and Kanae inspired Shinobu in many ways.

So when Kanae was killed by a demon, it broke Shinobu’s heart. Kanae told Shinobu to live a peaceful life and leave the demon-slaying life behind.

8. Kanao

Best Demon Slayer Girls Kanao

Kanao is the adopted sister of Kanae and Shinobu. She is currently the tsuguko, or the apprentice and successor, of Shinobu.

Years ago, Kanae and Shinobu found a young Kanao being sold into slavery. She came from abusive parents who punished their kids for doing anything they didn’t like – even making a sound.

This resulted in a traumatized and silent Kanao. But with the help of Kanae, she later learned to live and make decisions for herself.

Just by observing Kanae and Shinobu, she learned Flower Breathing and even passed the selection exams on her own.

7. Nakime

Best Demon Slayer Girls Nakime

With her biwa by her side, Nakime serves Muzan with utmost loyalty!

A mysterious demon with a few words, Nakime works as a demon summoner for Muzan. She plays her biwa to call the other demons for a meeting and then strums her biwa again to make them leave.

She used to be a lowly human musician married to a gambler. After her husband sold the kimono she used for performing, she killed him in a fit of rage.

But her nervousness and shock made her play her biwa uniquely, which made her popular. Since then, she would kill before her performances and later came across Muzan.

6. Makomo

Best Demon Slayer Girls Makomo

Makomo was a girl Tanjiro met in the woods during his training with Sakonji.

While struggling to pass Sakonji’s final test, Tanjiro ends up being trained by two mysterious kids in the forest.

The entire time, Makomo patiently and kindly corrected his form and habits. She even teaches him about Total Concentration Breathing.

It is later revealed that she was one of Sakonji’s previous students who died at the hands of the Hand Demon during the Final Selection test.

5. Tamayo

Best Demon Slayer Girls Tamayo

She might be a demon, but she’s not like the others!

Tamayo is one of Tanjiro’s demon allies. She’s a skilled doctor who’s trying to develop a drug that can stop Muzan.

Tanjiro was apprehensive of her help at first. It turns out that Tamayo is a victim of Muzan and, like Tanjiro, wants to stop his reign of terror as payment for what he did to her.

4. Spider Demon (Mother)

Best Demon Slayer Girls Spider Demon Mother

Like the Spider Demon daughter mentioned before, Spider Demon’s mother was part of the Spider Demon family and a victim of Rui.

Not much is known about her history, like how she became a demon and part of Rui’s demented fake family. She most likely wanted a safe place, like the daughter.

Unfortunately, she was abused and threatened so much by Rui and Spider Demon father that she eventually realized that death would be better than their torment.

She calmly welcomed Tanjiro’s attack with open arms. She found peace in her death.

3. Shinobu

Best Demon Slayer Girls Shinobu

Getting our third rank, we have the Insect Hashira, Shinobu!

Shinobu shows a kind and soft-spoken personality, often bearing a smile on her face. However, this is all a facade to hide her true emotions.

Many years ago, Shinobu lost her parents to demons. She and her sister, Kanae, decided to become Demon Slayers to stop demons from doing the same to others.

Sadly, she also lost her dear sister to a vicious demon. To cope with her heartbreak, she decided to be like Kanae.

Shinobu now tries to live like her sister, putting on a smile that she likes. But try as she might, her intense rage against demons sometimes slips and shows.

2. Mitsuri

Best Demon Slayer Girls Mitsuri

You’d love this next entry. The Love Hashira, Mitsuri, gets the runner-up spot on our list!

Because of her unusual strength and a big appetite, Mitsuri was a very self-conscious girl when she was young. Her hair even turned pink due to eating lots of sakura mochi!

She thought that if she didn’t fit in with other girls, she’ll become a pariah and not be able to marry. So she ate less and dyed her hair black.

Upon meeting Kagaya, he told her that her strength was a gift and she should be who she was. This gave her the confidence to be herself! Truly inspiring.

1. Nezuko

Best Demon Slayer Girls Nezuko

And our pick for the best Demon Slayer girl? Why it’s none other than the fierce and lovely Nezuko!

Nezuko was one of Tanjiro’s younger siblings and the only survivor of the demon attack done in their family.

A lot of people were doubtful of Tanjiro’s decision to keep her despite her current demon form. But Tanjiro knows he can find a way to help her sister regain some semblance of humanity.

In turn, Nezuko learned to suppress her demon instincts and protect Tanjiro at all costs.

Even though she lost most of her human memories, her love and care for Tanjiro remains.

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