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Top 21 Best Anime Tomboys [2024]

Top 21 Best Anime Tomboys [2024]

Love anime tomboys? You’re in luck!

They can get really brash, and some can easily defeat you in sports or brawling. But we all know that’s what you love about them.

Well then, let’s see their boyish charm and adorable side, shall we?

Best Anime Tomboys

21. Sora (Digimon)

Best Anime Tomboys Sora

Starting this list is Digimon’s Sora, an anime tomboy with a motherly heart.

She is often described as a tomboy due to the way she dresses and her fondness for soccer. In one soccer game, she even makes a goal!

Sadly, at the start of the story, Sora develops some esteem issues and thinks no one loves her. She felt bad she couldn’t help her friends as much as she wanted.

But by the end, she learned that she is loved and appreciated. She even slowly embraces her feminine side!

20. Haruko (Flcl)

Best Anime Tomboys Haruko

Haruko is one zany anime tomboy. She rocks up with her yellow Vespa that can fly and whizz through at incredible speed, hits and confuses poor Naota, and then becomes a live-in maid.

It turns out that she’s an investigator for the Galactic Space Police Brotherhood and is on a journey to find Atomsk, the Pirate King.

Just to get to her goal, she morphs her personality to whatever fits her current situation, which results in some humor and hijinks in the story.

Whew, FLCL and Haruko are one hell of a ride.

19. Tatsuki (Bleach)

Best Anime Tomboys Tatsuki

Bleach is notorious for having lots of characters – from Shinigami captains to enemies like Arrancars. We won’t blame you if you have forgotten some characters already.

But this entry remembers and praises Bleach’s bestie tomboy, Tatsuki.

Tatsuki is Ichigo’s childhood friend and Orihime’s best friend. She’s always there for Orihime and protects her from bullies.

She also protected Ichigo when they were kids. Ichigo was a crybaby and always asked for his mom. Tatsuki was always there to cheer him up.

Get an anime tomboy bestie like Tatsuki!

18. Ukyo (Ranma ½)

Best Anime Tomboys Ukyo

Due to a forgotten promise when they were kids, Ranma was surprised when Ukyo showed up again in his life, but now as his fiancee.

Ukyo and Ranma are actually childhood friends. Because of their close friendship, their fathers decided they should marry when they got older.

Unfortunately, Ranma’s father forgot about it.

Mocked by the girls in their town, Ukyo decided to throw away her femininity and focus on her Okonomiyaki recipes and Okonomiyaki-related martial arts.

17. Casca (Berserk)

Best Anime Tomboys Casca

When you’re in the world of Berserk, you gotta be tough and resilient. Thieves, enemy knights, and demons? Casca had to be an anime tomboy to survive.

She started out as a peasant girl in a remote mountain village.

When she joined the Band of the Falcon, she proved herself to be a capable warrior and worthy of being one of their leaders.

The members even called her “big sis,” and she took over leadership when Guts and Griffith left the group.

16. Tomoyo (Clannad)

Best Anime Tomboys Tomoyo

Tomoyo enters the story in such a mysterious but action-packed way.

She is a transfer student rumored to be a delinquent for fighting, and she sorta shows this by fighting students in her introduction!

But as Tomoya knew more about her, he discovered that not only was she athletic, but she was also intelligent and wanted to be the student council president.

That’s quite the goal for a tomboy brawler like her!

The reason behind her goal is actually quite heart-wrenching. She wants to preserve the school’s sakura trees for her little brother.

15. Tsugumi (Nisekoi)

Best Anime Tomboys Tsugumi

Raised as a boy and trained as a hitman, Tsugumi shows a lot of classic anime tomboy qualities.

She throws her femininity to protect Chitoge, becomes a very capable fighter, and even blushed and gets flustered when asked to wear feminine clothes or praised by others.

Because of the kindness Chitoge showed to her when they were kids, she kept and treasured the blue ribbon that she gave her.

Tsugumi might mostly wear male-oriented clothes, but she always has her ribbon!

14. Haruka (Sailormoon)

Best Anime Tomboys Haruka

Haruka definitely stands out among the Sailor Senshis. Like the other anime tomboys in our list, she doesn’t mind embracing her masculine side.

She can jump from wearing feminine clothing to masculine ones. She has a successful racing career and doesn’t mind it when the media reports her as a man.

Haruka, together with Michiru, started out as the antagonist to Usagi and her friends.

13. Ritsu (K-on)

Best Anime Tomboys Ritsu

Ritsu is the tomboyish drummer of Hokago Tea Time and the self-appointed president of the Light Music Club.

Just like her instrument, Ritsu can get pretty upbeat! She is usually the source of hijinks, pranks, and jokes in the club.

But despite her jokester nature, she does love the band very much. She was the one who revived it when it almost disbanded during a rough patch within the group.

12. Yuuko (Nichijou)

Best Anime Tomboys Yuuko

Jokes and hijinks are what you get from this hilarious anime tomboy from Nichijou!

Yuuko is one of the main protagonists of Nichijou. Despite the weird bad luck that happens to her, much to her chagrin and often the source of gags in the show, Yuuko remains to be an energetic and upbeat gal.

She loves making jokes to make people laugh, but often her delivery falls flat, which actually makes things even funnier!

11. SEO (Nozaki-kun)

Best Anime Tomboys Seo

Seo might seem brash at first, but she’s the go-to person among her classmates if they need help. Seo’s got your back, alright!

Her headstrong personality and rude manner sometimes drive people away.

Teachers chase her for her attitude, the basketball team cowers in fear of her, and some of her classmates find her obnoxious at times.

Despite all that, Seo is dedicated and a true friend. If there’s one thing she’s serious about, it’s singing!

10. Winry (Fullmetal Alchemist)

Best Anime Tomboys Winry

The bubbly and tomboyish automail otaku joins our list!

Winry is very enthusiastic and dedicated to all things automail. She strives to be a great surgeon and mechanical repair specialist and is even Edward’s personal mechanic and automail engineer.

Winry lost her parents in the war at a young age. Winry had to toughen up with the realities of their world, but thankfully has her grandma and the Elric brothers by her side.

She might constantly butt heads with Ed, but deep down in her tomboyish heart, she really cares for him.

9. Kallen (Code Geass)

Best Anime Tomboys Kallen

To hide her goals and motivations, Kallen lives a double life.

At school, Kallen acts like a frail and sickly student who’s very timid and feminine.

But during her revolutionary activities, she becomes a hardened freedom fighter and a tough pilot.

Even though she was raised in a Britannian household and had a Britannian family, Kallen never forgot her Japanese roots. She fights for the freedom of her fellow Japanese.

She followed Zero in hopes that her deceased brother’s dream of freedom would finally be fulfilled.

8. Makoto (The Idolm@Ster)

Best Anime Tomboys Makoto

Makoto is one of the original idols in the iDOLM@STER games and anime.

In her character resume and introduction, she is very open about being a tomboy.

Makoto mentions that she loves all kinds of sports, knows karate and that girls admire her.

However, she wants to be seen as a girl and become a cute idol! She does have a lot of female fans and is known as the “pretty boy idol” and a prince in her group.

7. Chie (Persona 4: The Animation)

Best Anime Tomboys Chie

The energetic martial arts meat fan from Persona 4 joins our list of anime tomboys!

Chie has quite a lively personality. She is fond of kung fu, and martial arts movies, loves to eat beef bowls and beef steaks, and has a very strong sense of justice.

She immediately jumps to the aid of her friend, Yukiko. While Yukiko is timid and reserved, Chie is the bubbly and extroverted one of the pair.

At the start of the story, Chie quickly shows her friendliness to the protagonist by offering the empty seat next to her.

6. Kanbaru (Bakemonogatari)

Best Anime Tomboys Kanbaru

Because of club and sports activities, it wasn’t that weird that she always bandaged her left arm.

She used to be in the track team and later joined the basketball club, after all.

It turns out that this anime tomboy isn’t hiding any injuries. It was actually an “oddity” that took over her arm.

What she thought was a “monkey’s paw” that kept granting her wish in twisted and hurtful ways was actually something demon-related!

Her emotions and jealousy also helped fuel the demonic arm.

Whew, be careful what you wish for!

5. Utena (Revolutionary Girl Utena)

Best Anime Tomboys Utena

Utena’s character was definitely revolutionary!

A young and orphaned Utena meets a noble prince who inspires her to become one.

His parting gift, a ring, leads her to Ohtori Academy, where she joins and wins a dueling tournament.

The prize of the tournament? The hand of Anthy, the Rose Bride, with a special power.

As they get to know each other, Utena becomes more convinced of protecting Anthy.

Revolutionary Girl Utena is chock-full of allegories, symbolisms, and open-ended interpretations. One thing’s for sure, Utena’s anime tomboy nature inspired a lot of people!

4. Nagisa (Pretty Cure)

Best Anime Tomboys Nagisa

While kiddie magical girl anime often have very pink and frilly styles, Pretty Cure tried to change it up for their younger audience by introducing an anime tomboy character!

Meet Nagisa, one of the heroines for Futari wa Pretty Cure. She is a lacrosse player, loves sports, and is quite popular among girls.

At first, Nagisa is against being a Pretty Cure and doesn’t immediately get along with her partner, Honoka.

The two are complete opposites, and Nagisa secretly wanted to be like Honoka.

But the two later understood each other and bonded with their new super hero roles.

3. Revy (Black Lagoon)

Best Anime Tomboys Revy

We got a gun-toting anime tomboy up next. But be careful, Revy can be quite a handful!

Revy is the main protagonist of Black Lagoon. At the start, she can be really rude, foul-mouthed, and violent to the point of being sadistic.

It turns out that the abuse she endured as a kid resulted in an obsession with power. It’s also the cause of her brash personality and destructive coping mechanisms.

Later, she did some reluctant introspection regarding who she was when Rock confronted her about her attitude.

2. Mikoto (Toaru Majutsu No Index)

Best Anime Tomboys Mikoto

In the world of Toaru Majutsu no Index, science, and magic collide. For Mikoto, a level 5 esper and the ace of her school, she can easily fight off threats with her Railgun.

As the strongest Electromaster, Mikoto uses two parallel currents in her hand to go through the positive and negative sides and channel it through a projectile.

It’s all science and stuff, but it results in a very powerful attack. Heck yeah, science!

1. Ryuuko (Kill la Kill)

Best Anime Tomboys Ryuko Matoi

And for the best anime tomboy on our list, we had to hand it to Kill la Kill’s fierce and very determined Ryuuko Matoi!

To find her father’s killer, Ryuuko enrolled in Honnouji Academy to gather clues and info on the culprit.

Ryuuko can get really brash, stubborn, and headstrong, so she clashes and doesn’t show any fear when dealing with the school’s authoritative students.

And when she donned the revealing form of Senketsu, her initial embarrassment eventually made way for her confidence to show. She totally owned it!

Ryuuko inspires people to be determined, especially for their loved ones, and to be comfortable in their own skin.