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10 Beginner Tips and Tricks for Fallout 76

10 Beginner Tips and Tricks for Fallout 76

I think everyone can agree that Fallout 76 didn’t exactly have the best of starts!

From the countless bugs and empty map to an abundance of glitches and crashing issues, it’s definitely had more than its fair share of problems.

That said, thanks to a combination of updates, dedicated players, and it recently becoming a free monthly game on PlayStation, Fallout 76 has been given a new lease of life. 

So, for those who are new to the world of post-nuclear Appalachia, here are a few tips from a seasoned player that you may find helpful.

Please note that these tips are aimed at people who are relatively new to the world of Fallout.

Fallout 76 Tips

1. Pip-boy Light

If you are new to the fallout universe, then you may not know that your pip-boy has a light on it.

You can turn this light on and off whenever you like, and all you need to do is hold down the same button that brings up your pip-boy. That’s circle on PlayStation, B on Xbox, and tab on PC.

2. Don’t Run Away From High-level Players!

If you are fresh out of the vault and a high-level player approaches you, don’t run away!

If a high-level player approaches you, more often than not it’s because that person has noticed that you are a new player and wants to drop a few things to help you out.

Being a new player, things like Stimpaks, Radaway, and ammo are hard to come by. Well, we veterans have plenty of goodies to go around and we love to share, so stop running away! 

3. Don’t Be Afraid of Death!

Fallout 76 Help

Death is a part of life, and that couldn’t be more true in the world of Fallout 76.

Unless somebody’s been cheating, I’m 100% certain that every Fallout 76 player dies at least once each time they play the game, no matter their level. 

When you die, you drop your junk items, and to be honest, nobody cares! 9 times out of 10, other players either won’t notice or won’t bother taking your dropped items.

Nobody’s interested in your 5 wood scrap and 8 raw cloth!

4. Join a Team

Fallout 76 Gameplay

While this tip is fairly obvious, it’s surprising how many new players don’t join a team when they log in. Joining a team comes with a couple of very useful benefits.

First, you get a buff. Depending on what type of team you join, you get a boost in either a special stat or XP.

That said, don’t just join a team without knowing what the team is about.

If you are just looking to go about your business playing Fallout, then join a casual team, as it grants up to 4 extra points in intelligence.

Intelligence impacts how much XP you gain, so this is by far the most popular one.

Oh, and on behalf of all veteran players, please don’t join/create expeditions teams unless you are actually going to go on or joining someone’s expedition!

5. Don’t Be Too Concerned With Getting a Good Weapon Early On

Fallout 76 Gun

This one sounds a little counterintuitive, but weapons in Fallout 76 are leveled. Level 50 is the top for weapon levels.

So, it isn’t really until level 50 that good rolls become important. (Good rolls means good legendary weapons/armor pieces.)

In the beginning, I’d suggest using melee weapons to get by since ammo can be hard to come by in the early stages of the game, especially since you probably don’t have the caps to buy ammo from other players.

6. Don’t Stress About Where You Put Your Special Points

Special Cards

Don’t worry too much about what build you want to be in the early game. In the beginning, it may seem like a lot of pressure knowing what special stats to put points into, but it’s not! 

Not anymore at least! Not so long ago, Fallout 76 received an update that gives players the ability to swap and change special points at will.

This can be done at a punch card machine. You unlock the ability to make a punch card machine at level 25. 

But, before then, just head to someone’s camp as most players have one. Failing that, train stations and the Whitespring shopping mall have punch card machines that you can use. 

7. Join High-level Events

Scorchbeast Queen

Events are everywhere! Events show up as little hexagons on your map. If it is just a regular hexagon, then it’s a bog standard event.

Unless there are other players there, I’d give those events a miss if you are fairly new to the game.

Events appear as a hexagon with an exclamation point in them. These are free to join public events. Depending on what type of event it is, it can be very beneficial to join it.

Don’t worry about being a low-level, there are usually many high-level players at these events that will do most of the heavy work for you.

That’s not to say don’t try, nothing annoys a veteran player more than players just sitting through an event to sponge some rewards. Do what you can to help.

These events offer some great XP, legendary weapons and armor, unique plans, and treasury notes.

All of those things are pretty valuable.

The best events to join (in my opinion) are the following.

  • Tunnel of Love
  • Feed The People
  • The Path To Enlightenment
  • Most Wanted
  • Uranium Fever
  • One Violent Night
  • Line in the Sand
  • Spin The Wheel
  • Test Your Metal
  • Seismic Activity
  • Moonshine Jamboree
  • Radiation Rumble
  • Scorched Earth

There are other great events for rewards out there, but I’d recommend staying away until you are at a higher level, purely down to difficulty.

There are some events that give us seasoned veterans quite the challenge. They are Encrypted, Eviction Notice, and A Colossal Problem.

8. Selling Items in Your Vendor 


Pricing is tricky in Fallout 76. That said, there are some tips that can help you maximize profits. Here are a few vendor tips for newbies out there.

  • Put your vending machines somewhere that’s easy for players to see. While I’m sure your base looks great, not all players want to look through every room trying to find a vendor, so place it somewhere that’s easy to see.
  • Don’t sell non-legendary weapons and armor
  • The value given in your pip-boy is usually wrong, so ignore it
  • Use the website Fed76 to find out prices on legendary items, plans, and clothing (It’s not completely accurate, but it gives you a rough idea of an item’s value)
  • Ammo usually sells for 1 cap each. This excludes Mini Nukes and Missiles, it’s not worth selling them as they just fill up your stash box unless you have Fallout First
  • Surplus junk can be a great seller, just don’t overprice it

9. Scrap Weapons and Armor

Tinker's Workbench

As mentioned above, don’t sell your non-legendary weapons and armor in your vending machine. Instead, scrap them.

Not only does scrapping non-legendary pieces give you junk items that can be used in crafting and repairing items, but you also get a chance to learn a modification for the specific item you are scrapping. 

This is crucial for later on, when you’ll be customizing weapons to suit your build, so scrap early on to gain down the road.

10. Free Fast Travel Locations

Fallout 76 Map

Finishing off this list, we have free fast travel locations. Fast traveling is something that you’ll be doing constantly once you’ve unlocked the locations of course.

For new players, fast traveling can seem like a costly affair, but it doesn’t have to be.

Here’s a list of all the free fast travel points in Fallout 76.

  • Wherever you place your CAMP
  • Survival Tent (Fallout First Exclusive)
  • Your teammates’ CAMPs
  • Vault 76
  • The Whitespring Resort
  • The Rusty Pick
  • Nuka-World On Tour
  • Foundation
  • The Crater 
  • Fort Atlas

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, some of the tips above will come in handy to all you new players.

There are loads of other tips and tricks for Fallout 76. But these 10 should help get you started on your journey through Appalachia.