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Top 15 Best Destiny 2 Mods [2024]

Top 15 Best Destiny 2 Mods [2024]

Destiny 2 is chock full of new updates, seasons, and expansions. And while that’s generally a good thing, new and even not-so-new players can feel overwhelmed by it all.

Before you hop into the mythic sci-fi world of Destiny 2 guns a-blazin’, it’s a good idea to be familiar with some of the best and must-have mods in the game first.

So whether you’re an old player looking to improve their gameplay with superior armor, a newbie who’s confused about how to get a better attribute for their weapon, or someone who’s simply looking for a good build, take a peek at our list of best Destiny 2 mods below.

These are our own suggestions mixed with some general reminders on mods that are great to use. Feel free to share your own builds and mod suggestions in the comments below!

Best Destiny 2 Mods

Siphon Mod and Powerful Friends (Helmet Mod)

Best Destiny 2 Mods Siphon And Powerful Friends

For advanced players who are now very particular with their builds, these two probably don’t sound like a very impressive combo.

But for newbies or players who are looking for Destiny 2 mods that are great for general use, these mods do an excellent job together.

Any of the Siphon mods can give you or your allies an Orb of Power for doing two kills in quick succession. Picking up the orb will then trigger Powerful Friends, which will give you and your allies an Armor Charge. Pretty neat!

Armor Charges are quite helpful in some builds or with other mods that need it (which you’ll see later on in this list), so this is a combo that’s handy to have, AC-wise.

Shield Break Charge (Gauntlet Mod)

Best Destiny 2 Mods Shield Break Charge

Just like Siphon and Powerful Friends, Shield Break Charge is a mod that’s handy to have if you don’t have a particular build in mind but still want to have mods that are great for general use.

Shield Break gives you one Armor Charge whenever you break an enemy’s shield with a matching element.

Gathering as many Armor Charges as you can definitely wouldn’t hurt, especially since some mods will need Armor Charges, which you’ll see later on this list.

Stacks on Stacks (Leg Mod)

Best Destiny 2 Mods Stacks On Stacks

For a lot of builds and gameplay, Armor Charge is life! If you’re looking to up the amount of Armor Charges you gain in a session, try Stacks on Stacks on a free slot on your leg.

Stacks on Stacks gives you one extra Armor Charge for every Orb of Power you pick.

If you have mods that let you pick lots of orbs or have a mod that needs Armor Charges, Stacks on Stacks is an excellent mod to have on your build.

Holster Mods (Leg Mod)

Best Destiny 2 Mods Holster Mods

Whether you’re a sniper or a shotgun user, you gotta make sure you have any of the Holster Mods on your Leg Armor.

These Holster Mods let you reload your stowed weapons over time. No need to spend precious seconds picking up ammo and reloading it to your weapon—you just have to focus on your pew-pew-pews!

Some players have expressed their love for reloading, but even they admit that having any of these Holster Mods is a total game-changer, especially for PvP.

Loader Mods (Gauntlet Mod)

Best Destiny 2 Mods Loader Mods

Speaking of reloading and focusing on them pew-pew-pews, you gotta have a Loader Mod for your primaries.

Loader Mods increase the reload speed of your primary weapons, which will let you shave off a few seconds to clutch a win for your team.

So, if you sometimes find yourself slowing down due to reloading your weapons, a Holster and Loader combo might do you good.

Targeting Mods (Helmet Mod)

Best Destiny 2 Mods Targeting Mods

You might think you’re quite the sharpshooter, but you simply can’t compete with a mod that boosts your precision when hitting the bullseye!

Targeting Mods improve your target acquisition, accuracy, and aim-down-sights speed for your specific weapons.

Just make sure you equip the Targeting Mod that matches your weapon. Whether you have an Arc, Kinetic, Solar, Stasis, Strand, or Void weapons, there’s a matching Targeting Mod for that.

Dexterity Mods (Gauntlet Mod)

Best Destiny 2 Mods Dexterity Mods

Faster reloading of weapons and better targeting and aiming have been mentioned already, but let’s not forget one of the most important mods for weapons: Dexterity.

Just as it says on the tin, Dexterity Mods lets you be dextrous with your weapons. Your ready and stow speeds will be faster on your particular weapon, which will greatly help you during battle.

Just like Loader Mods, these precious few seconds saved using this mod can help you turn the tide with your team.

Surge Mods (Leg Mod)

Best Destiny 2 Mods Surge Mods

Improving one’s loading speed, accuracy at targeting, and dexterity is all well and good, but there’s nothing like dishing out strong attacks at your enemies.

As long as you have Armor Charges, some Surge Mods will give you a boost on your weapon’s damage. Yep, your hits will be a bit stronger with this mod.

Surge Mods are stackable, too. One Surge Mod will give a boost of 10%, two will give 17%, and three will grant you a whopping 22% bonus!

Fastball (Gauntlet Mod)

Best Destiny 2 Mods Fastball

Wanna chuck a grenade really far? There’s a Destiny 2 mod for that!

Add a Fastball mod to one of your Gauntlet slots to improve your grenade-throwing ability. This mod increases your throwing distance and even increases your grappling distance as well.

So, if you’re one crazy grenade thrower, this is the perfect mod for you. Live out your grenade-throwing days with glee and chase the bejeezus out of your enemies with this.

Bomber (Class Item Mod)

Best Destiny 2 Mods Bomber

If you liked that previous grenade mod, consider adding this next one, too. The Bomber is a Class Item Mod that reduces grenade cool time whenever you use your class ability.

Using multiple Bomber mods can stack, too. Although you’ll have diminishing returns the more Bomber mods you have, they still technically stack.

One Bomber mod will reduce cooldown by 12%, while having two or even three will only reduce it by 15%.

Together with Fastball, you’ll be able to throw grenade after grenade in quicker successions and at farther distances. You can go crazy with grenades with these mods!

Grenade/Melee Kickstart (Gauntlet Mod)

Best Destiny 2 Mods Grenade Melee Kickstart

We’re not done yet with grenade-related mods! If you’re looking for a quick way to replenish your energy, consider having this combo on your arms.

Once you’re all out of energy, the Grenade/Melee Kickstart mod can help you regain a bit with the help of some Armor Charges.

Without consuming an Armor Charge, it will initially regain 12% or so of your energy. After that, it will regain 17% using one Armor Charge, 23% with two, 30% with three, 37% with four, 42% with five, and 45% with six Armor Charges.

To utilize this mod in its full capacity, it’s best to use it with other mods that help you get Armor Charges, such as the Siphon and Powerful Friends combo, Shield Break Charge, and Stacks on Stacks, which are mentioned earlier in this list.

Outreach (Class Item Mod)

Best Destiny 2 Mods Outreach

Another great Class Item Mod to have is Outreach. If you like to dish out melee attacks, but your attack cooldown encumbers you from your true melee potential, consider adding one or two Outreach mods to your available slots.

Outreach reduces melee cooldown whenever you use your class ability. Just like other mods, it stacks but will have diminishing returns. One Outreach will reduce cooldown by 12%, but two or three Outreach will only reduce cooldown by 15%.

Unflinching Mods (Chest Mod)

Best Destiny 2 Mods Unflinching Mods

When you’re getting serious in PvP, saving a few seconds to react properly to enemy fire can determine your and your team’s victory.

This is why having an Unflinching Mod slotted to your chest is very handy to have. An Unflinching Mod reduces the flinch your character will get from incoming enemy fire while wielding a matching elemental weapon.

Same as other mods, there’s a matching Unflinching Mod for your Arc, Solar, Stasis, and Void weapons.

These mods seem to be stackable, but it’s hard to calculate exact numbers because flinching depends on weapon stability and resistance.

At the end of the day, it’s good not to flinch when bombarded by enemy fire, so just make sure to equip one of these.

Better Already (Leg Mod)

Best Destiny 2 Mods Better Already

Fights in Destiny 2 can be quite fast-paced. You gotta be quick on the trigger and recover fast to jump back in the fray.

This is why healing or health mods can be so useful. One of the best healing mods in Destiny 2 is Better Already.

Its description says that regeneration starts immediately after picking an Orb of Power. This means that the moment you pick an orb, your health will start to recover slowly.

It might not immediately heal chunks of your health, but it’ll slowly recover all your health, provided that you avoid getting hit further.

Recuperation and Better Already (Leg Mods)

Best Destiny 2 Mods Better Already And Recuperation

One healing mod? How about we make it two?

While a lot of players prefer Better Already’s bit-by-bit full regeneration, the current healing meta that’s popular among the community is combining Better Already with Recuperation.

The Recuperation mod replenishes your health every time you pick an Orb of Power. Together with Better Already, you have the ultimate healing strategy that will give you two different ways to recover your health whenever you’re in a pinch.

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