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Top 10 Best Dice Trays for D&D and More [2024]

Top 10 Best Dice Trays for D&D and More [2024]

As the popularity of tabletop roleplaying games has increased, it has brought with it a number of accessories related to the games themselves. Dice are being manufactured in a number of materials and colors.

The popularity of metal and stone dice has driven increased popularity in dice trays. These dice trays are the best to accentuate your flair at the table and protect your dice.

Best Dice Trays for D&D

Fantasydice-chromatic Dragon -With Roll or Die Artwork Dice Tray – 8″

This Fantasydice tray is designed for tabletop RPG fans. It features a vibrant original dragon art design on the interior padding and on the included lid. The 8” hexagon design has a designated spot for rolling dice that features a noise-reducing padding.

The perimeter is complete with a separate dice storage area that is designed to hold 5 full sets of dice. The tray is designed for use with heavy metal and stone dice. The coating is animal-friendly, vegan leather, and the whole thing comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Fantasydice Book-shaped Gold /Purple Cthulhu Tome Rolling Tray

Fantasy Dice has another great option for dice rolling with their Cthulhu-themed tome tray. Covered with vegan leather and lined with noise-reducing padding, this tray would be a fantastic addition to any collection.

It features original Cthulhu art and a dice holding box. The overall dimensions are 9.4” x 6.7”x2.6”. The tome is complete with secure buckles that add to the visual aesthetic and function to keep the tray closed and dice safe during transport. This tray also features a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Geekon Xl Dice Case With Foam Padding and Nesting Felt Dice Tray

This 2-piece set from GeekOn features the XL design of their combo storage and dice tray. The dice storage compartment stacks inside of the tray for easy transport of both pieces.A waffle foam padding protects dice in the storage compartment during transport. The tray itself is lined with velvet making it a great combination of style and function.

The XL set also has a compatible dice tower that can be purchased separately. The optional tower folds down and is shown as capable of being stored within the dice storage piece.

Colour Lux Mini Hexagon Dice Tray and Dice Tower -Symphony Red

C4Labs offers the first dice tray and tower combo on the list. The tray is a modest 7”x5.5”x1” but is constructed with wood, velvet, clear acrylic, and steel.

The Colour Lux Mini Hexagon Dice Trays and Towers feature a selection of pearlescent acrylic colors. The tray and tower come fully assembled and ready to use. The design is compatible with all RPGs, however, the construction of this set may be better suited for non-metallic or stone dice.

The set is visually appealing but probably best kept in a single location as it offers little in the way of travel protection.

Sleeping Dragon Dice Tray With Metal Dnd Die Set and Crystals

This dragon-shaped dice try from Dahan Dice is something different. The dragon-shaped tray is made from resin. The tray comes with a set of solid metal RPG dice containing the 7 standard pieces and 15 gem-shaped resin counters that can be used with a variety of RPGs.

It also includes 2 velvet dice bags for storing the dice and counters. The piece weighs 15.2 oz. and the tray measures 4.7″ in diameter.

It could be considered small for a dice tray used for rolling, but the piece itself is interesting and comes complete with everything to get started playing. The set is available in blue, green, purple, and red.

C4labs Eldritch Octagon Dice Tray and Black Cthulhu Etched Dice Tower Bundle

C4Labs gives us another great tower and tray combo, this one Cthulhu-themed. This octagon-shaped tray is 10″x10” on the outside with an 8”x8” rolling area in the center that sits .5” deep. The tray is constructed from wood and features an etched design to go along with the dice pockets. The border features dice pocket slots for use while gaming.

The tower sits at 10”x4”x4.25 and features an etched Cthulhu design. The tower is constructed of clear acrylic and wood. It features clear sides that allow the user to watch as the dice tumble through to the tray below.

C4labs Deluxe Dice Tray and Dice Tower (Nebula Verdant-combo)

This C4Labs dice tray and tower combo are not themed for any specific setting. It is visually appealing and a different shape than the typical tray. The tower measurements are not provided, but the tray is 11″x5.5″x1″.

This tray can be used separate from the tower and features two rows of dice pockets that can hold up to 14 standard-sized dice. The base is velvet lined, and the items can be purchased in several different colors.

C4labs Dapper Octopus Dice Tray (Blue) And Tall Classic Dice Tower (Walnut)

There is a plethora of selections from C4Labs, and the Dapper Octopus tray and tower are another example of the options available. The shape of this tray stands out specifically with 7 dice pockets protruding from the rolling area.

The tray is lined with vegan leather and features the original “Dapper Octopus” design. The tray is compatible with any C4Labs tower, but the walnut is the recommended selection. The tray has a 9″ outer diameter and a 6″ rolling area, while the tower is 10″x 4″x 4.25″.

Amatolo Transparent Spiral Dice Tower With Tray

This resin dice tower from Amatolo is visually stunning. It is themed towards fantasy but would be a fitting addition to most any game. The tower empties into a dice tray and is clear all the way down the steps to allow the user to watch their dice tumble.

This is the first tower and tray combo that has stated that it was geared towards the use of metal dice. It is compatible with standard size d20 dice. The overall dimensions are 7.5”x4”x8.1”.

Cthulhu Gaming Bundle – 8 Inch Dice

Easy Roller Dice Co. offers up a complete dice tray, bag, and case set, all with a Cthulhu theme. The tray is 8” and features dice pockets along with a tight-fitting lid for use during transport. It has a faux leather cover and velvet rolling area.

The large microfiber bag features a drawstring and can hold up to 200 dice. The case included is velvet lined and has a foam insert to display the favorite set or keep them particularly safe. The insert can also be removed for storing up to 21 additional dice.

Final Thoughts

Dice trays and towers have become as unique and desirable as the dice themselves. The options are limitless, from simple fold-up mats to elaborate 3D printed tower/tray combos. There are options for players that frequently travel to other locations to game.

No matter which case better describes your situation, there are trays out there to suit your needs, and best of all, they come in a style perfect for you.

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