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Top 16 Best Sonic Mania Mods [2024]

Top 16 Best Sonic Mania Mods [2024]

Released in 2017, Sonic mania has over 12 levels of fun, thrills, and a lot of speedy action as you blitz your way through these levels.

The game is responsible for starting a Sonic renaissance as it improves a lot on the past titles of the series.

Those that have played the game love it for its classic feel, however, the classic experience is not complete without using some mods.

Here is our list of the top 16 best Sonic mania mods.

Best Sonic Mania Mods

16. Sonic Mania Chibi Sonic

Remember the part where you get zapped and turn into little minions of yourself roaming around the map.

Sonic is already filled with fast chaos, and when you get zapped, it turns into bits of madness as well. Have that madness all the time with Sonic mania chibi Sonic.

Enjoy little chibis running around the map for the rest of the game, there is no going back. It’s fun, you need to try it.

15. Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog

Adventures Of Sonic The Hedgehog

Looking for a dose of nostalgia? Bring back the Sonic and tails from the famous 90s show adventures of Sonic the hedgehog. The mod ensures that Sonic, tails, and other characters from the show are recreated in the game.

Well, it simply changes the colors of players in the game to resemble those of the TV show. It even has similar music brought in from the TV show.

Beware, if you were a big fan of the TV show, you might just tear up due to the nostalgia with this one.

14. Better Sonic Falling Animation

Better Sonic Falling Animation

Doesn’t it feel great to jump and land in style? Just like how they do it in the movies. Better Sonic falling animation will have you feeling cool and composed as you move through the map fast, jumping and landing in style.

Everything feels great with this mod as Sonic jumps and lands in style. Not all mods are supposed to improve the gameplay, but even the slightest of visual change can have you rejoice. This is really cool.

13. Dab Victory Animation

Dab Victory Animation

When you win a level or stage, the animation of Sonic celebrating at the end does not feel celebratory enough.

If you feel like the animation should step up its game, then get dab victory animation.

End the round with a quick yet satisfying dab as the mod changes the victory animation to a glorious victory dab.

Sonic is flamboyant, and it’s only fitting that the victory animation be a dab. Dab your way to victory!

12. Knuckles “Oh No” Mod

Knuckles “oh No” Mod

This one is really interesting and will definitely keep you entertained. Knuckles “Oh no” mod brings the disappointing line that is said by knuckles in the fight against Sonic in Sonic adventure.

Now every time you get hit as knuckles in the game, the character will let out an emotionless “oh no.” It doesn’t matter what you get hit by, your character will say its iconic line.

Are you able to handle it for the entirety of the game? Take it as a challenge and see how far you reach using this mod.

11. Rosy the Rascal

Rosy The Rascal

Amy rose has seen a very unique transition of all the characters as she’s no more punk-like she used to. Bring back the old amy rose or rosy the rascal.

The mod not only brings the old Amy rose back but also the original and cool punk animations that go along with her.

The mod is perfect for those wanting to replace Sonic and play as the punk oldschool amy rose. It will bring back the memories if your favorite character is amy rose.

10. Sonic 1 Mania

Sonic 1 Mania

Don’t feel the vibe when playing Sonic Mania like when playing the old Sonic? Get the same feel now with Sonic 1 mania. The mod brings back the same feel as faced in the first Sonic.

Bring back the original Sonic animations, characters, and music in Sonic mania so that you don’t feel out of place. The mod will ring a lot of bells with the true fans of the Sonic series.

9. Sonic Mania P4

Sonic Mania P4

Feel like Sonic Mania isn’t challenging enough? Sonic mania p4 will take you back to the pre-porting days as it changes the entire gameplay by adding obstacles, new music, colors, and more features.

The encore mode is only affected by the mod, hence play in encore mode to get a feel of how this mod is. You won’t be disappointed.

It’s also a great change since the mod changes music and features, giving a fresh Sonic feel.

8. Boss Rush

Boss Rush

Remember how you face a single boss at the end of the game? Well, we can have that changed for a bit of fun too. Boss rush increases the challenging aspect of the game by adding in boss enemies throughout the map.

Now simply rush through the map like you usually do but do you stop to defeat the bosses, or do the bosses stop you in your tracks.

Which one will it be? Boss rush will have you on an adrenaline high as you encounter bosses at every step.

7. Mario Mania

Mario Mania

Spice things up with a bit of crossover. Bring characters from Mario games to Sonic mania with Mario mania.

Bring Mario, Luigi, and Wario into the world of Sonic just so they know what chaos feels like.

It’s a great distraction for gamers, too, since seeing Sonic all day can get tiring, hence changing the characters is a great welcome in any game.

Afterall, that’s the point of mods, changing things up to enhance the fun. Do all the things Sonic does but with mario characters and let the joy pursue.

6. Ultimate Cheat Table V2

Want a bit of advantage while playing the chaotic Sonic Mania? Get ultimate cheat table v2. Make the game easy and more fun with this mod.

Be able to jump higher than before, get more emeralds, transform into super Sonic instantly, and more.

The mod will have you rooting for Sonic as you swiftly move through the rings in beast mode eliminating all obstacles that come your way. Feel great with a bit of cheats, nobody is watching.

5. Mania Mod Studio

Mania Mod Studio

If you’re the kind of gamer that uses more than one mods, then mania mod studio is for you.

This might not be a mod but treated like one in the modding community since gamers can alter files, add priority to mods, backup original files, and more.

The mod can also help gamers run a couple of mods at the same time without any hiccups. Gamers can even create new mods using this piece of software.

It’s pretty good if you’ve got the skills. The perfect application does exist.

4. Sanic Monia

Sanic Monia

Get into the meme culture with Sanic Monia, the retarded long-lost cousin of Sonic. Well, that’s what we all think, but in reality, Sanic is an internet sensation and cancer for many.

However, if you enjoy memes and like playing Sonic, then there is no way you won’t enjoy this one.

Play as Sanic as you rush through the map retardedly with the right custom soundtracks and animations. You might get a laugh or two, it’s worth it.

3. Hyper Sonic

Hyper Sonic

Super Sonic is great but what’s even better is Hyper Sonic, the flashy, colorful yet strong Sonic. Hyper Sonic is a mod that brings hyper Sonic to the game, replacing the super Sonic.

Feel the power course through your body as hyper Sonic gets ready to dominate the field with extreme speed and vicious strength. This is one of the best skin mods for the game.

2. Another Genesis Sonic

Another Genesis Sonic

We’ve already established that Sonic 1 and 2 are the best of the series with their fun visuals. Now you can have that in Sonic mania with another genesis Sonic mod.

The mod changes every single visual in Sonic mania with the ones present in the original game giving you the feel of Sonic 1 while the gameplay remains the same.

Have the exhilarating gameplay of Sonic mania with the nostalgic fun visuals of the original game with this mod. The modding community has truly made a gem of a mod with this one.

1. Metal Mania

Metal Mania

What’s more dangerous than a fast-rolling Sonic? You guessed it right by the title, metal mania. We all have a bad side, and that is why we love and relate to the angry sinister metal Sonic.

The mod replaces Sonic with metal Sonic giving gamers the adrenaline to squish all their enemies as they rage through the stages.

Enjoy the sinister Sonic, and the evil grin that it has as your enemies fear for their lives.

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