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Top 48 Best Sims 4 Beards CC [2024]

Top 48 Best Sims 4 Beards CC [2024]

It might not be November, but your Sim sure isn’t shaving any time soon!

Beards are loved by all, whether they can grow their own or not, and help your Sim look more mature (because really, what kid has a beard anyway?).

Of course, The Sims base game has some beards that are okay, but don’t you want your Sims face to look its best every day?

If you’re looking for some new facial hair options, then you’re sure to find one on the top 15 best Sims 4 beards cc.

Best Sims 4 Beards CC

48. Carson Beard

Carson Beard

The Carson Beard is the type of beard that provides that sultry, 5 o’clock shadow look for your male presenting sims. It comes with 3 swatches, is base game compatible, and is for male sims aged teen to elder.

For those who don’t want a heavy bearded look, this one is for you!

47. The Edge

The Edge

The aptly named piece of custom content called The Edge presents a trimmed beard with very sharp edges. It comes with 24 swatches and can be found in the facial hair category.

This is a very full beard. It might take some effort for your sim to take care of, but it’s worth it.

46. Beard N6

Beard N6

The talented Seleng has created the N6 Beard. It’s a trimmed mustache, goatee, and a heavy 5 o’clock shadow that presents a mix of a formal yet casual look.

It comes in 8 different colors and is for sims aged teen to elder.

45. Acerola’s Beard

Acerola's Beard

Sometimes you want a beard that isn’t nicely trimmed but has a bit more rugged look. The Acerola beard is the type of beard that is great for sims who don’t want to grow a full beard and still want a little something.

If this piques your interest, hurry up and get to downloading!

44. Beard Z41

Beard Z41

The Beard Z41 is part of an overall pack from Zenx, but we’re focusing on the beard part right now. With the beard, you get 9 different swatches. It’s for all ages and is compatible with the base game as well as HQ mods.

If the beard part of the set interests you, consider checking out the rest!

43. Dominique Beard Set

Dominique Beard Set

Your masculine presenting sims will look like the manly man they’ve always dreamed about with the Dominique Beard SetIt comes in two different versions, one of them being bigger than the other.

Each is base game compatible and has 24 swatches.

42. The Lieutenant

The Lieutenant

Just because your sim isn’t in the military doesn’t mean you can’t sport a beard called The LieutenantThis beard and mustache set provides a neat and trimmed look for males presenting sims.

Any sim wearing this will draw attention.

41. Facial Hair Style N155

Bfacial Hairstyle N155

The Facial Hair Style N155 by David_Mtv is a very provides your sim with a neatly trimmed beard and a curled mustache. It comes with 24 swatches so there is a color option for everyone.

This includes natural colors as well as unnatural colors. Hey, people dye their beards too!

40. Stubble 4

Stubble 4 Hq

Some like to wear their beard in a stubble-like style and The Stubble 4 CC by Caroll91 is perfect for that type of look. In this CC, it comes with 9 swatches in varying shades of black, brown, red, and blonde.

It’s for male sims aged teen to elder. Occult sims apart from werewolves can even use it.

39. Beard N134

Beard 134

The Beard N134 by Seleng is a very unique piece of custom content with a beard that is sure to turn heads. This HQ-compatible beard comes in 21 colors and is available for teen to elder sims.

Take a chance and download it today for your sim.

38. Saad Beard N27

Saad Beard

The Saad Beard N27 by MagicHand would be great for sims that have some sharp cheekbones. It’s an Arab-inspired beard that comes in 13 colors and is HQ-compatible. 

Once your sim sports this type of beard, they’ll be commanding attention from everyone.

37. Colt Facial Hair

Colt Facial Hair

Want your sim to wear a beard that is full and glorious? Well, come no further than the Colt facial hair by LEXEL_s. It comes with 23 swatches and is for masculine presenting sims aged teen to elder.

It’s also HQ compatible so you don’t have to worry about that!

36. Kin Beard

Kin Beard

The Kin Beard by Reevaly is the type of beard that comes with a more subtle look. It comes with 5 swatches and is available for teen to elder sims. Sometimes you don’t want your sim to be wearing a thick beard or have something that is a lot of fuss.

Simple is still good.

35. Beard Pack Essentials

Beard Pack Essentials

For players that want a complete set then take a look at the Beard Pack Essentials by ItsBrandySims. It comes with 3 different versions of found facial hair and can clip with some hairs.

It is available for teen to elder sims so everyone can try out this pack.

34. The Beard Set

The Beard Set

The Beard Set by Greenllamas comes in three different versions so if one doesn’t appeal to you then maybe another will. They come with 24 swatches and can be found in facial hair.

The best part is they are for all masculine presenting sims and are base game compatible. 

33. The Bobcat


The Bobcat might not make you look like a feline, but it doesn’t mean it still isn’t a great look for your sim to try out. This piece of CC comes with 24 swatches and is great for masculine presenting sims.

Sims-aged teens through elders can wear it and it’s also HQ compatible.

32. Caballero Facial Hair


Even if it’s hard for you to pronounce, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try it out! The Caballero facial hair by LEXEL_s is a trimmed mustache with stubble surrounding it. There are twenty-four swatches and is great for all masculine presenting sims aged teen to elder.

31. Dark Lord Beard

Lord Beard

This set will make your sim feel like they are back in medieval times or straight out of a fantasy novel. The Dark Lord Beard is very intimidating but that’s the aura you want to give off. It comes in 15 colors and is base game compatible.

30. Mustache with Stubble Beard

Stubble And Facial Hair

Do you know what goes better than peanut butter and jelly? Well, a mustache and some stubble. The Stache and Stubble set by RHUPSI is capitalizing on the look called BeardStache.

It has 24 different colors so sims with any hair color can capitalize on this trend.

29. Goatee with No Mustache

Goatee With No Mustache

Just because you have a goatee doesn’t mean you have to have a mustache to go with it. The Goatee with No Mustache by Spiderses is good for sims that have masculine and feminine frames. It comes in 24 different colors so there is something for everyone.

28. Friendly Mutton Chops

Friendly Mutton Chops

One style that will never go out of style is mutton chops. For those who want a friendly version of the typical mutton chops, come no further than the aptly named Friendly Mutton Chops.

In total, it comes with two different types of beards and is base game compatible.

27. Santa Beard

Santa Beard

During Christmas time, Santa is the focus of everything but have you ever looked at Santa and thought: Man I’d love to have his beard? Well, the Santa Beard by MSQSims is the option for you.

It comes in 24 EA colors and on cuestom color called pure white. This beard is only for male sims aged young adult to elder.

26. Rainbow Pride Beard

Rainbow Beard

Pride month might not be until June but it doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate it ahead of time! The Rainbow Beard by Valhallan is a recolor of the Pride Month beard. However, just because it isn’t pride month doesn’t mean your sim can’t wear it.

25. Jack Sparrow and Shavo Beards

Jack Sparrow Beard

Ever looked at musician Shavo or the character Captain Jack Sparrow and thought? Man, I’d like to try out their intricate beard styles. Well, Captain Jack Sparrow and Shavo Beards by Necrodog are the answers to this problem you never thought you had.

24. Bushy Goatee, Van Dyke, and MuttonChops

Beard Styles And More

The Bushy Goatee, Van Dyke, and Muttonchops Beards by Necrodog are three different styles packed into one piece of custom content.  They all come in several different colors, which include both natural and unnatural colors. If one style doesn’t appeal to you, then try the other.

23. Life Like Beard

Life Like Beard

The most important criterion for considering a beard for your sim is that it’s life-like. The Life Like Beard by SweetNClassy03 is the type of beard that looks very natural. There simply isn’t anything unnatural about it!

It comes in several different colors and is good for teen sims to elder.

22. Exon Beards

Exon Beard

The Exon beard has nothing to do with the company Exon Mobile. This beard is a sleek and stylish beard that commands everyone’s attention. It comes in 10 colors and is for teen sims to elders.

Pair it with long hair like the picture and you’ll be styling!

21. S-Club Beard 01

S Club Wm Thesims4 Beard 01The Beard 01 by S-club is a bit of a scraggly mustache and goatee mix. It comes in a few different natural colors so there is something for everyone.

This beard is probably best for those who love to just roll out of bed and do minimal work.

20. Strong Beard No.2

Strong Beard

For a strong, masculine look the Strong Beard No. 2 by Pinkzombiecupcakes is great to show your manly side off. It comes with several swatches so there is an option for sims with many different hair colors.

If you want a softer look then this isn’t for you.

19. The Classic Beard

The Classic

The aptly named Classic Beard is great for players who want a beard that gives their sim a nice, old-fashioned look. In this CC it comes with 24 swatches and can be found in the facial hair category. Sometimes, nothing beats having a beard with your lips exposed!

18. Automatic V4.5 Beards

Automatic V4.5 Beards

In the real world, beards are a naturally occurring thing that grows and needs maintenance. So, the Automatic V4.5 Beards CC provides the same experience to your Sims!

This CC activates a growth cycle for facial hair on your Sim and adds interactions at any sink.

Clicking on a sink in Sims 4 will provide you will option to change your beard color and style your beard to short, medium, or long lengths.

You can layer this naturally growing facial hair with other facial hair options, and the period of the beards can be altered as well.

17. Derek Beard M153

Derek Beard M153

This beard is a great balance between rugged and stylish. The Derek Beard M153 CC offers full coverage along the chin and climbs around the Sim’s lips to create a full mustache.

This beard comes in ten colors, varying from shades of blonde, brown, black, and red. This CC is designed for male Sims from Teen to Elder ages.

The attention to detail in this beard CC is outstanding, as the creator made sure to include individual hairs surrounding the bulk of the facial hair.

16. Curly Beards

Curly Beards

Much like other hairstyles in the vanilla version of Sims 4, curly facial hair is greatly overlooked!

The Curly Beards CC is a great addition to your Sims 4 game not only because of the diversity it brings to life but for the incredible texture these beards provide.

This CC comes in two versions: short curly beard and long curly beard. Both have a light blurring around the edges, creating the illusion of the natural layers of hair.

15. Beard N75

Beard N75

Not all beards are grown the same, some aren’t are full as others, they have different styles and different shapes.

Basically, there are a lot of creative liberties you can have when it comes to your beard, but what about when your Sim has just started growing theirs?

Beard N75 is a little patchy, and it’s a little scraggly, which makes it a good option for teen or young adult Sims, who may not have gotten the hang of proper beard care yet. Don’t worry, they’ll learn as they get older!

14. Facial Hair Style 5

Facial Hair Style 5

Facial Hair Style 5 is an option for those who may want a bit more hair coverage, but they also don’t want to look like Santa Clause with their beard.

On the thinner side, something that’s well-trimmed compared to other styles, and has an extra patch mid chin to switch things up a bit.

It’s a classic style, you can’t go wrong with that.

13. Facial Hair Style 3

Facial Hair Style 3

If you liked the last style, but you don’t think your Sim is ready to commit to something as full as before, then you might be looking for something that looks like Facial Hair Style 3.

Instead of having a full, bold look, this one is a little lighter and doesn’t have all the pieces connected as the previous style did.

Instead, we have a much more relaxed style and would look well on any Sim, regardless of how old they are.

12. Beard N06

Beard N06

For all the younger male Sims out there, this one’s for you. Beard N06 is a youthful option for someone who has a good idea of what the perfect beard should look like, and they have the buzzed down, clean-cut style to prove it.

Unlike a lot of the other beards we’ve seen so far, this one is much bigger in terms of how far the hair reaches on their face.

All the way out to their cheekbones, coming back down to their chin to make somewhat of a geometric shape, without looking awkward in the process.

11. Beard N53

Beard N53

This beard says that the man wearing it probably works in an office. But, not just any office.

One where he’s basically running the show- he’s coming home every day with a hefty amount of Simoleans added to his bank account.

He’s got his life together, he’s organized, and he knows what beards look good and which ones don’t.

That’s why he decided to go with a safe yet handsome style for his beard like Beard N53.

This is another option for a beard that’s trimmed down but doesn’t go to the extremes of thick or thin. It all stays perfectly clung to their skin and doesn’t need too much extra attention.

10. Beard N05

Beard N05

The trimmed look is definitely popular, which is why it’s a good idea to have different options with the same general vibe for when you think it’s time your Sim needs an appearance change.

There was nothing wrong with how they were shaving before, but everyone needs something new once in a while!

With Beard N05, they still get that same clean, “I just finished trimming” look, but sometimes, you need some variety.

What’s great about this option is that there are 3 options, so you can choose how trimmed you want your Sims beard to be. Dark with some thickness to it, perfectly in the middle, or barely there- you decide!

9. Beard N45

Beard N45

Not everyone likes the trimmed-down look, some Sims want something that will stand out a little more.

Whether they naturally have thicker hair, so it just makes sense to have a thicker beard, or they’ve been working on growing the perfect beard for quite some time now and want to show it off, then Beard N45 is the perfect style.

Like with the beard before, this one also comes with different types of opacity. If you would like it to be a little on the softer side without sacrificing coverage, this one will also be of service.

8. Beard N43

Beard N43

For a beard that isn’t a full coverage beard, a goatee can be a great look when thinking about how your Sim should style their facial hair.

It’s a great option, especially for those who might struggle a bit when it comes to growing the full thing, but they still have a little something keeping their chin warm.

Beard N43 is much more than just a goatee, though. There are still some stray hairs climbing their way up to your Sims face, so they have something that they can still call a beard!

7. Overnight Stubble

Overnight Stubble

That party last night was pretty crazy, huh?

Maybe they got invited to the rager of the year and are way too tired to get properly ready for the day, or they live a busy life that doesn’t always allow them the luxury of shaving in the morning, stubble is bound to creep up on your Sims face.

To keep the elaborate storyline going with absolutely no holes in the plot, Overnight Stubble keeps up with the events in your Sims’ life, whether that means they get the chance to use their razor or not.

6. Beard N36

Beard N36

Who knew a low-maintenance beard could look so good? Let’s face it, it’s not like your Sim didn’t have the time to freshen up, they didn’t want to.

Who else wouldn’t rather spend their mornings catching up on their favorite show or playing video games instead of spending hours in the morning cleaning up?

Thankfully, for your Sims who don’t want to spend their precious time on vain activities, Beard N36 is an effortlessly good look for their beard.

Not quite stubble, but not quite a full-blown either, with all the coverage they could have asked for and little to no care required.

5. Sage BeardSage Beard

Okay, enough is enough. No more of these small beards, we want to see ones with volume and personality! If you want your Sim to have a unique, stand-out style for their beard, then you might want to check out Sage Beard.

This one has spent years and years in the making, and your Sim couldn’t be happier with the final product!

Everything from the mustache to the sideburns is luscious, luxurious, and thick.

This beard hasn’t seen a razor in quite some time, and it won’t for even longer because, with a beard as nice as this one, you won’t want to lose it.

4. Beard N05

Beard No5

What makes this beard stand out from the rest is that you can’t see all the individual hairs like you could with other options while it is on the shorter side.

Instead, everything is blended together like you would expect to see on your Sims head, except it’s on their face.

This beard connects all of the necessary pieces together perfectly without losing the beautiful texture and style. Beard N05 also comes in 8 colors, so you can pick which one looks best on your Sim.

3. Luxuriant Beard

Luxuriant Beard

Another beard that comes with body and length, we have Luxuriant Beard.

This one might not be as long as it could be, but what matters is that it’s well kept, with the same unison shape throughout the whole thing.

With this option, another unique feature it is the mustache part. It isn’t exactly connected to the rest of the beard, but it still keeps the same thickness as all of the other hairs.

It’s perfect for any man, regardless of his interests or personal style.

2. Beard N45

Beard N45

Your Sim might not be ready for a beard, there’s no shame in that. But they have a lot of sideburn hair, and they don’t know what to do with it.

The solution, let them wear something like Beard N45! Instead of being a full-blown beard, it’s an extension of their sideburns for an option that’s a little more subtle but still makes them look good.

1. Igor’s the Fluff Beard

Igor’s The Fluff Beard

Big, fluffy, and beautiful- all words you can use to describe Igor’s The Fluff Beard.

It has all the things that an experienced facial hair grower might want- some length, some thickness, but maybe not super drastic, either.

What makes this piece of custom content great is the fact that you can change how the mustache looks.

If you want to leave it be, you definitely can, and it’ll look like a normal, uniform beard. But, you can also use the other option to have a handlebar mustache mixed into your beard!

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