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Top 35 Best Mass Effect: Andromeda Mods

Top 35 Best Mass Effect: Andromeda Mods

Do you love Mass Effect: Andromeda but feel restrained or under-challenged in the original game? We have just the right solution for you. This article includes 35 best Mass Effect: Andromeda mods that you will not be able to resist.

The list is not a compare and contrast among the mods rather, every mod has its charm and offers unique features.

So even if you don’t use all the mods, some of them will be according to your taste.

Best Mass Effect: Andromeda Mods

35. Iron Man Mod

The Iron Man mod is renamed by its creator to “flying mod,” but people still recognize it from its old name. By turning into an Iron Man simulator of its own, mass effect andromeda can make you fly around the map with a couple of button presses.

This mod is a creative hallmark of the developers. It turns an otherwise “normal” game into an adventurous venture by propelling the players into the air. It gives the game an “Iron Man-touch.”

34. Better Squad

Better Squad

At times you must feel like your squad could have been a lot better than it originally is.

Better squad is just the mod you would want to have.

It offers three types of strengths to your squad:

  1. The ability of more Power damage
  2. The ability of more Weapons damage
  3. Increase in offensive and defensive statistics

Not only does this mod allow your squad to inflict more damage to the opponents but it also enhances their ability to defend.

That means no more average-looking squad for you.

33. Tempest Cinematic Shortened

Not every one of us wants to sit around and watch the Tempest land and depart for more than 20 seconds.

Tempest cinematic shortened mod allows you to skip the landing and departing scenes of the ship.

It cuts the long scenes into smaller cut scenes and saves us from a patience test.

This mod may not be for all the players out there, but it is definitely for those who want to play the game and not get distracted.

32. Character Creation Overhaul

Character Creation Overhaul

Vanilla character creation tool may allow you to create unique characters in the original game. However, the tool has certain limitations.

These limitations will not be obvious until you try the Character Creation Overhaul mod.

Your character Creation session suddenly becomes a fun part of the game with this mod.

Character Creation Overhaul offers 11 complexions. Improved makeups: eye shadows, eyeliners, and much more have been included in this mod. All the effects are unique to this model.

This mod, as exciting as it may be, applies to HEAD 10 and sis Ryder.

31. Cinematic Realism Lighting Overhaul

The light sources of cinematic realism lighting overhaul are more advanced than that of the vanilla game.

It provides users to enjoy an atmosphere that is far more cinematic, especially when watching the trailers for games. This cinematic lightning overhaul is just like a dream because of its more advanced features that were never seen before in previous lighting overhauls.

It eliminates the fear of poor graphics, and it seems like nothing can be better than that.

30. Quick Loot

Quick Loot

Quick loot allows you to save yourself from the annoying “item pick up” option. This mod drops everything directly into the player’s inventory.

Also, it allows you to watch the items while they add in the Inventory.

The mod comes with 2 options:

  1. First one allows you to choose on which items you want to use the mod on.
  2. The second one works in all conditions

29. First Person Collection


Combat, Exploration, and Conversations combine the three mods, combine to form this one mod, first-person collection.

You will need to install them separately, but it’s all worth the effort.

It allows you to make conversations in a lot more persuasive fashion. You will be able to get others to follow you, take risks, and even die in battle for you.

28. Reduced Evade Cooldown

Reduced Evade Cooldown

Reduced evade cooldown is a gem of a mod. As everyone enjoys evading features while playing a game, the cool time reduces and restricts the user to repeat the experience of evading.

The evade button in andromeda allows your character to move via jetpack in a quick burst. But who would have guessed that same simple button would make you repeat the action and would add so much to the firefighters in Mass Effect.

It can make you jolt in the desired direction, proving the gameplay more enjoyable. This mod can be installed from user wata fuzz. It works by taking away the Cooldown time to prevent you from an enemy’s attack by evading the game repeatedly. This definitely reduces the chance for you to lose your game. What else would someone desire?

27. Femshepping’s Hair Colour Edits

Femshepping’s hair color edits are one of the best when it comes to MEA hair mods.

This is a highly customizable mod with:

  1. A desaturated mod that desaturates the hair
  2. An experimental mod that has more options for hair to work with
  3. The ability to work for both male and female character

The mod is simple to use and brings a lot more options to character creation, part of the game.

26. Witcher Girls

Witcher Girls

Witcher girls mod allows you to replace your female Ryder’s face Yennefer and Ciri’s faces.

It comes with different textures of the faces of these medieval witches.

With this mod, you can create your own Ryder in the image of the very enemy you ate meant to fight against.

It’s not just another one of those character Creation and face swap mods. The fact that it comes with a unique perspective makes it worth trying.

25. Minimal Galaxy Map Interface (No Flight Skip Prompt)

What good is MEA if you can’t have a clear look at the Andromeda galaxy? The minimal galaxy map interface serves this purpose.

This mod makes changes on your screen that clear your view of the galaxy.

The changes include:

  1. Erases the skip flight button
  2. All buttons form the bottom disappear
  3. The top of the ship disappears
  4. The size of the cursor is reduced
  5. Moves some bars to the top

Just don’t forget to use it with High FOV settings.

24. Increased the Inventory Size Mod

The base game was way too restrictive on how much inventory you can have. Also, the old inventory mod was outdated and not a lot of fun.

However, this new mod is a much-needed up-gradation and goes by the name of massively increased inventory size mod. This mod allows you to increase the limit of your inventory beyond your wildest imagination. We are talking about infinite numbers here.

This mod gives you:

  1. Unlimited weapons
  2. Unlimited space to hold them

That means you don’t need to go through the pain of having to manage your inventory. Just install the mod and leave the Inventory to it.

This mod will make you invincible!

23. Shorter Landing and Departure


Traveling from and to the Tempest takes a lot of time in the base game. You may find it annoying when it takes forever for you to visit a planet and come back to the ship because of the long cinematic scenes. For that, we introduce shorter landing and departure.

It shortens the landing and departure scenes by nearly 90%.

The fun part with this mod is that it does not entirely remove the dramatic landing and departure scenes. It just shortens them. That way, it keeps the originality of the game intact.

22. Controller Freedom

Controller Freedom

Controller freedom mod gives you the ultimate freedom on controllers such as Xpadder. While in combat, you will be able to use all the controller buttons with just a few exceptions.

It makes the game a lot more user-friendly and allows different players to play inside their comfort zones.

21. Mea Fixpack

MEA Fixpack is a solution to a whole bunch of issues in the game left out by developers of MEA.

The mod covers a whole bunch of issues preventing conversations from being repeated on a loop, stuck doors, and other issues that may meddle with the smoothness of the game.

It has resolved countless bugs and has elevated the level of the game.

20. Better Loot

Better Loot

Getting enough credits to buy everything you need can be a challenge in MEA. One can only get so many credits from enemies and drops. Why not try better loot?

This mod makes sure that every drop and all the fallen enemies leave maximum credits for you.

Your credits will pile up in no time, and you will be able to buy anything you want from the stores.

That means easy gameplay with a lot less effort.

19. Road Rage

Although the MEA kept on updating the official vehicle of the game in its newer version, it was not the best one out there, even when fully updated.

One developer took notice and made some wonderful changes to the Nomad with a bit of road rage.

In this mod:

  1. Nomad becomes more damaging to the enemies while you run them over.
  2. Improved maximum speed.
  3. ImproveMobilityty
  4. Fast acceleration
  5. Enhanced jump boosters

If you want a vehicle that is powerful and vicious, try this mod!

18. Romance for All

Romance For All

The base game settings don’t allow everyone to romance everyone. It puts gender preferences and restrictions in place, and this is why we prefer using romance for all.

This mod, however, removes the barriers to romance with any member of your squad regardless of their preferences.

It is a fun mod to have since it adds more fantasies to the game.

You get to:

  1. Romance with any of your squadmates
  2. Explore all the fantasies in the game

17. Hyper Mobility

HypeMobilityty is the mod for you if you think your squad is lacking behind. The mod solves the issues that arise due to the sluggish movement of your squad.

  1. It makes your squad move at a quicker pace.
  2. Jumping and running is improved.

You no longer have to worry about being hit before making a move. Just decide when you want to move and execute.

16. Shut up Sam

Shut Up Sam

SAM is all fun and helpful when you first start the game. However, as you get to know the locations, the AI can be misleading at times. Such as, it may lead you somewhere else when you know for a fact that you have to go the other way. Shut up Sam will fix this for you.

This mod stops the constant murmur of SAM in your ears when you are trying to focus on something else. Some of the things that SAM speaks of can be read easily on the screen while avoiding his noisy voice.

This offers:

  1. Mute SAM
  2. No sound warnings

15. Balanced Weapons

As MEA progresses, the enemy weapons no longer remain a considerable threat for the player.

Their weapons seem too weak to match the players. And the game starts getting boringly long.

To make it a bit more challenging Balance Weapons mod enhances all enemy weapons to the level of the player. That way, the battle becomes more and more competitive as the stages pass.

Balanced Weapons is a must mod to have those who like to challenge themselves in advance levels of the game.

14. Camera Mod

Camera Mod

Camera Mod comes with two alternative versions: one provides Unified Field of Vision during the battle and while exploring. The other one equalizes the features of the combat and exploration camera.


  1. Same field of vision jumps, sprints, exploration, fight, and so on.
  2. The camera adjusted for powers like Nova etc.
  3. Adjustments made for sniper shooting, launching RPGs.

You should remove the older version before installing the new one.

13. Young Sloane

Fans of MEA were impressed by the looks of Sloane in pre-released footage of the game. They demanded that look to be included in the game, and this mod, young Sloane, has given them that.

This mod may not be for all of us, but it surely is for the fans of Sloane first footage look as the mod brings the previous versions of Sloane.

12. More Skill Points per Level

More Skill Points Per Level

If you think your skills are not being updated fast enough when you level up, more skill points per level are just the right ones for you. The mod focuses on speeding up your skill updates; however, there are a lot more the mod does.

It allows you:

  1. To speed up your skill updates by multiplying your skill points whenever you level up.
  2. That’s not all, the mod will adjust according to your level of the game and will give you skill points for all the previous levels if you install it halfway through the game.
  3. You can choose how many additional skills points you want to be added to your profile when you go to a higher level.

That way, you can control how easy or hard you want to make it for yourself.

11. Power Overhaul

Who would not want to extend their powers to various modes of MEA? All of us do!

However, the original game doesn’t allow some multiplayer powers in single-player mode.

With Power Overhaul, you get the very same future and more:

  1. 7 different multilayer powers extended to the single-player mode that was not available in the base game.
  2. Detailed information on all the powers
  3. Better calculations about damage during battles.

No need to feel trapped in limited single-player mode powers. Use this mod and get a power Overhaul.

10. Profiles Reworked

Profiles Reworked

Profiles of the base game matter more than we think they do. As the game progresses, the enemies do not get upgraded as much as they should. As a result, your profile statistics do no matter since the enemy is not that challenging.

Also, some of the bonuses in the base game have little to no use.

To rectify this problem, Profiles Reworked focuses on weapon up-gradation and low power Cooldowns.

It makes the advance rounds more challenging and rids off the unnecessary options the original profiles had.

In the base game, profiles tend to feel a little bit generic as you progress into the game.

9. Lightswitch

Automatic on/off seems like a great function, except when it starts to meddle with your vision.

Imagine you explore some dark places and come out in the sun only to find that your flashlight is not turning itself off. It will disturb your vision a great deal, and for that, we recommend lightswitch.

This mod, however, changes everything for flashlights. It gives you a toggle to control the light as you see fit.

8. Increased Weapon Range

Increased Weapon Range

There’s nothing as frustrating as the enemy in your sight but out of range.

Weapons in the original MAE come with limits of the range. The Increased Weapon Range mod has a solution to this problem. It increases the ranges of various weapons from 100 meters to 2000 meters. Also, the bullet drop is removed altogether. That means with this mod, you can hit the enemy if you see them.

7. Peebee’s Outfit Swaps

Peebee, a character that stands out both in her persona and outfits. Every fan of the game has once thought of having that outfit own their character, and for that, we recommend Peebee’s outfit swaps.

That’s exactly what this mod does. It gives you the same outfit for female Ryder. It may seem like a small change, but it a with having mod if you are a fan of the character.

6. Fast Mining

Fast Mining

Are you annoyed by climbing those steep mountains for mining while the aliens shoot at your face?Finding a new mining area can be exciting, however, the slow and hectic process of collecting resources can be annoying.

Fast Mining mod provides a solution for this. It allows you to use a single drone to take all the valuables from mining zones. Also, it will allow you to know how resource-rich the area is as soon as you approach it.

The greatest benefit of this mod is that it allows you to focus on your shooting and killing while it takes care of the mining part resource-rich offers:

  1. 3 times speedy mining
  2. Swift detection of mineral sites
  3. Complete mining with just one drone

However, if you a certain mineral in large amounts, try and find a spot nearby that site. Otherwise, just launch the drone and enjoy.

5. Smooth Planet Approach


Now when you orbit a planet in your ship, just orbit the planet; no need to wait around for that extra animation that takes you to the planet’s surface and then brings you back to orbit.

Smooth Planet Approach allows you to approach the planets in a simple yet captivating manner. No more headaches from unwanted animations.

You will not get enough of this mod once you start using it.

4. Turian Makeover

Turian Makeover

You may not like the original look of the Turians in the Mass Effect: Andromeda. If so, just change them with the Turian Makeover mod and make them look more presentable than they already are.

This mod offers:

  1. Changed eyes- darker now
  2. Dark noses
  3. Dark tongues
  4.  Huge alterations in previous shades
  5. More formed texture
  6. Skin tones of female turians get a lot less rough

This mod, however, does not change tattoos and necks of Turians

3. Alien Squadmates Overhaul

If you can improve your human Squadmates, why not enhance your alien Squadmates’ powers with Alien squadmates overhaul? After all, aliens are a lot more fun to have as squadmates.

This mod comes with similar updates as the above discussed better squad mod. It improves the defense and offense of your alien squad so that they get hurt less and inflict dame more. You can have your alien squad as your go-to mates after installing this mod.

2. Cora and Liam Overhaul

Cora And Liam Overhaul

Cora and Liam’s overhaul is another one of the character overhauls that allows you to customize outfits and appearances of all the characters as per your interest.

With changed hair, skin tone, eye colors, and customizable outfits, you will not regret having this mod if you are a fan of character customization in Mass Effect: andromeda. This mod allows you to change the outfits of both male and female characters. Also, it comes with multiple outfits for a single player.

1. No Profile Switching Cooldown

No profile switching cooldown mod allows youto switch profiles and use weapons without having to reset the Cooldown so that you do not experience delays in using weapons.

It becomes a go-to Mod in situations where you are compelled to switch profiles, such as switching from “sniper afar” to “biotics” when wild animals suddenly come at you.

These are some of the finest mods out there that not only make your game a lot more fun but also add new technology to it. This list contains mods from different categories such as character creation, weapon up-gradation, and difficulty indices.

With a mix of these mods, you will enjoy the game from multiple perspectives rather than focusing on a single angel.

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