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Top 10 Best Miniature Carrying Cases [2024]

Top 10 Best Miniature Carrying Cases [2024]

Miniature constructing, painting, and modifying have been a hobby for ages.

The delicate detail put into each piece can take hours to complete, and achieving the perfect amount of shadowing or wear can be truly rewarding to the avid painter.

While these pieces look great sitting on the shelf, eventually, they should be shown off. A good miniature carrying case can prevent a gargantuan disaster.

Best Miniature Carrying Cases

Enhance Portable Miniature Figure Storage & Carrying Case

The miniature carrying and storage case from Enhance is almost as complete as it gets for any mini or pen and paper-based game. A stylish bag with handles and a shoulder strap holds all of the minis and accessories for your game.

Constructed with premium stitching, metal hardware, and weather-resistant material, the bag itself helps to protect your pieces during travel. It also features a padded inner wall to protect from daily wear and tear.

The inside features 3 foam trays that hold and protect up to 36 minis (25-28mm) and a 60mm pick and pluck tray for large figures. On the outside, zippered pockets for accessories and an easy access book sleeve. This case features a 3-year warranty.

Feldherr Maxi Figure Case for 250 Small Based Miniatures

Feldherr offers up a miniature carrying case that is all about quantity and function. The shoulder bag contains 5 high-quality acid and chlorine-free foam inserts. The inserts fit 50 minis each in the 25-28mm size category for a whopping total of 250 miniatures.

Feldherr Maxi Figure Case Compatible With 150 Standard Sized Figures

This second entry from Feldherr follows the same pattern as the previous entry. Both have a high-quality shoulder bag complete with acid and chlorine-free foam to protect your minis.

This one comes with three foam layers for standard small base minis holding 150 minis total. It also includes 1 pluck tray for larger pieces.

Casematix Miniature Storage Hard Shell Figure Case – 80

Casematix provides the first hard shell miniature carrying case on the list. The hard shell is injection molded plastic for superior mini protection during travel. On the inside, the case includes three foam layers; 2 precut and 1 customizable.

The precut foam layers hold 40 minis each for a total of 80. The third layer is a pre-diced 14”x9”x1.75” customizable tray for larger figures.

The overall dimensions of the case are 16″x13″x6,” and it features a carrying handle and cargo securing latches. This hardcover case is also lockable. It features lock rings to keep your hard work extra secure.

Alizero Tabletop Rpg Adventurer’s Bag

Alizero provides a complete RPG carrying case with all-in-one capability. The main pocket can hold up to 8 tabletop RPG books.

The front compartment is a hard-shell plastic reinforced case that can carry 12 figures in pre-cut slots and features a customizable portion for larger figures or additional storage.

A battle map can be secured to the outside with durable, adjustable bands. The case features a shoulder strap and large side pockets. This bag comes with a money-back guarantee and a lifetime warranty.

Guardian Tabletop Gaming Backpack

The Guardian case comes with 5 foam trays for 135 compartments total. In addition to the standard size figure trays, it features 3 pluck trays for larger figures.

A unique feature, this carrying case includes 3 tear-away shelves that prevent minis from bouncing around if it is under capacity. The actual case features extra pockets, a lockable zipper, and plastic feet to keep it secure.

Games Workshop Citadel Skirmish Figure Case

This Games Workshop case is specifically designed for 40K Citadel Skirmish. That doesn’t mean it won’t work for protecting all of your minis when you go off to play.

The channel foam allows for an assortment of different-sized figures to be store safe and secure.

The hard case comes with two layers of channel foam and plastic latches. The hinge on the backside is steel for extra support and stability.

Enhance Tabletop Rpg Adventurer’s Dnd Bag

Enhance hits again with this carrying case geared more toward tabletop RPGs than mini-based games. This adventuring bag will hold 4-8 books and features 16 mini storage spots safe on the top. The front-facing pouch is a convenient spot for extra dice, pens, and pencils.

The bag also features a battle map holder located along the bottom.  Like other Enhance products, this case comes with a 3-year warranty.

Enhance Tabletop Rpg Organizer Case

Another tabletop geared design from Enhance, the RPG Organizer Case, is an all-in-one personal design.

Measuring only 12.75”x10.3”x3”, this case is a little larger than a common binder. The case features bronze hardware and two sides.

Each side is comprised of multiple compartments, including a dice tray and pen/pencil bag, miniature storage, and accessory storage. The sides are divided by a character sheet holder, complete with a scribe platform. This case only comes with a wrist strap.

Feldherr Maxi Bag Compatible With Descent

This Feldherr product is geared towards Descent but offers a variety of foam storage compartments that would work with any RPG or mini-based game. As with all other Feldherr products, the foam is acid and chlorine-free.

The case is designed to hold 66 figures and contains 4 foam compartments and a pluck tray for larger figures. A shoulder strap is provided, and the bag features a convenient zippered outer pocket.

Final Thoughts

Picking the right case for protecting your hand-painted, expensive minis can be quite daunting. This can be made more difficult if you have a massive collection or are just getting started.

There are a plethora of models to choose from; depending on the type and distance of travel, any might be suitable.

Ultimately, perhaps the best measure is to look for a happy medium and be realistic about where you are going and what you are taking. A hardcover is nice but probably overkill for a short jaunt to a friend’s house to play.