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Top 10 Best Grenade Spots Dust 2

Top 10 Best Grenade Spots Dust 2

The most recognizable map of the Counter Strike Franchise, Dust 2 remains the most popular and still holds relevance even after being replaced by Inferno in competitive plays.

Dust 2 is a great place for first-timers to wreak havoc by a quick, effective site rush and to test new smokes and strategies for professional players.

Here, we will go over the top 10 best grenade spots in Dust 2.

Best Grenade Spots Dust 2

10. Back Plat Molotov

When trying to approach B site from tunnels, you may find it difficult to get across it with a camper waiting at the back of the Plat picking your team one by one.

You can smoke off the B entrance, but the guy at the back plat can simply take blind shots, which can risk you losing a team member. Holding sites with one member less is difficult, and a tactical grenade can help you avoid all that.

The best way to tackle the guy at B plat situation is to toss a Molotov straight through the tunnels while running and exiting towards B. Make sure you complement that Molotov with an early smoke to reduce the chances of your teammates getting picked off one by one.

9. Car Molotov

With the more recent updates to Dust 2 in CSGO, there is now a new Molotov spot. When trying to clear out A site, there can typically be a player beside a car added near A long.Use an incendiary or a Molotov to flush them out of this spot allowing your team to simply pass by without getting hurt.

Here’s what you do. Enter A long, but before that, make sure there is no one there to peek. If clear, stand on the barrel at the right of the A long entrance towards long. Sit on the barrel and aim at the mid slight above of the keypad next to the door. Now jump and fling your Molotov, and you should be good to go.

8. Flash in a Long

Rushing A long might seem like a great strategy at first, but if you have experienced players on the other team, you might run into a bit of trouble. A quick flash is what can help you avoid any mishaps while rushing.

You’ll want to do a running throw of your flash towards the lowest section of the wall when approaching long doors. If you do find this difficult to pull off, stand on the car near the entrance of long doors and throw a flash while jumping in the direction of the peeking counter-terrorist.

This will blind the person at the long spot allowing you enough time to avoid getting shot at.

7. Lower Tunnels Flash

Here is a quick way to give you the upper hand against any enemies across from the lower tunnels. Just stand a bit away from the base of the tower and toss it at the wall. From there, it should bounce and blind any enemies waiting on the other side of lower tunnels.

6. Mid Doors Molotov

As a terrorist, your team may want to approach mid. This can be a bit tricky, though, as there are a good number of angles you can get picked off while going through mid-doors.

A quick way to try and deal with anyone waiting for you is to position yourself right at the exit of the lower tunnels. From here, you can bounce an incendiary or Molotov off the corner of the wall to the right of mid doors.

This should make the grenade bounce and cover the entire mid-door area. This is also a great place for a frag grenade as it’ll clear out the same general area without the area denial.

5. Skylight Flash

Another way to flash A long is the skylight flash. This time, while moving quite fast, flash on the way through the skylight in the tunnels. Although you cannot do it like before while just running, it is still possible with a running jump.

You’ll want to time the highest point of the jump when you’re right in between the archways, where you’ll also be throwing the flash. This ensures that you can exit the doors safely without being seen.

4. B Site Flash

To gain the upper hand when trying to secure the B site, you can flash the site from two different angles, both of which are on the window side.

One way is to toss the flash towards the tower on the opposite end of the B window, this will be a great blind for anyone watching doors or the tunnels.

The second flash is by throwing the flash at the tower right beside the B window, this will blind anyone looking at the doors or watching B window.

3. A Site Flash

Now for an A site flash to help secure the site from terrorists planting the bomb or eliminate those that have occupied the site.

To do this, you will want to have already secured the counter-terrorist spawn. From there, you will stand by the left side of the exit when facing A site. From here, toss the flash right under the window of the building across from you. It should bounce and flash the people watching the counter-terrorist spawn, as well as blind anyone else watching A long.

2. Molotov Under B Window

Many defenders of B site will probably try right under the window that gives a good peek at the doors, plus defenders can hear when anybody is sneaking up through the B window.

A quick way to try and flush these people out is with a Molotov bouncing off the scaffolding across from the B window. First, you’ll want to do a jump throw, after which the Molotov should bounce off the wall right above the scaffolding and land right under the B window.

1. B Window Molotov

What if you want to defend the B site? Don’t worry, we’ve got the perfect grenade spot for that.

An easy way to defend the B site is by tossing a Molotov towards the B window if you suspect that there would be people approaching from there. This can be done by standing at the literal opposite point of the B site relative to the B window. From here, you can do a jump throw of a Molotov or incendiary.

Be sure about this throw, though, as it will only delay their advance by so much. And if the situation is really urgent, be ready for them to approach and rush no matter the throwables you use.

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