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Top 10 Best Smoke Spots in Dust 2

Top 10 Best Smoke Spots in Dust 2

Easily one of the most iconic maps in CS: GO, Dust 2 remains to be many fans’ favorite maps for all the right reasons.

Although the map has been barred from competitive gameplay, it still has a fan base continuously playing the map in local gaming. One of the biggest reasons why we fell in love with the map in the first place is the tactical smoke spots, easy to block your targets whether you’re a counter-terrorist or on the opposition.

Here we will explore the top 10 best smoke spots in Dust 2 that pro players in the community have also endorsed. So without further ado, let’s get started.

Best Smoke Spots in Dust 2

10. Xbox Smoke

If you’re careful, the box near T Ramp or the XBOX lets the terrorists quickly get on over to A short from lower tunnels or even the terrorist side. Simply head over to A long but don’t enter the doors.

Stand outside and check for the arched shadow. Once you’ve aligned yourself to the shadow, look up. Your view should be right in the middle of the three roughed-up antennas. Now throw the smoke, and your team should be good to go.

9. T Spawn to a Short Smoke

With this smoke, though, you’re only covering the A-short entry and are vulnerable if you’re proceeding mid or playing around in top mid.

As the match starts, players from the terrorist side can preemptively smoke out the catwalk to let their teammates enter A through short without getting hit by the sneaky sniper in the mid.

The person spawning in the middle of their teammates on the terrorist side can walk straight, sit and aim at the middle of the top edge of the window. Proceed to stand, jump and throw the smoke. Voila, you’re safe from mid now.

8. B Door Smoke

There are a lot of different ways to smoke these doors, one way is from the upper tunnel you’re going to be using the opening of the Skyroof. This is done by throwing it through one is from the corner left upon entering, from there, you’ll face up and throw it between the archway and the beam of wood. Another spot is to the far left corner, you then look up and try to the square formed by the collapsed beams where you thread the needle.

7. Entry Way of Upper Tunnels From B

This smoke will get you in the mood for some “CykaBlyat Rush B.” A classic spot that can cover the upper tunnels from B doors or even B window. Simply run off into the tunnel and throw the smoke on the left wall allowing it to bounce and enter B to give players clearance.

Be warned, though, you might be safe from the B window or door, but if there is anyone on the B platform, you need another smoke to cut their view of as well. We’ve seen great teams bend to the accurate B platform sniper.

6. Mid to B Smoke

The best way to use this smoke is to immediately push for B site after smoking ensuring that the terrorist has blocked off any counter-terrorist holding up at spawn. The Mid to B smoke is easily one of the best ways to make this rush possible.

To start, you should stand right up against the pallet of the XBOX. After that, just do a jump throw with a smoke towards the doors, and you should get perfect for mid. Although you’re smoking the mid, there might be a sniper on the spawn boxes or one from the elevator spot in A to get you down.

5. CT Crossing Smoke

A much more difficult smoke to perform as it requires quite a bit of precision, for this one, you really just have to practice.

First, get on over to A long and look up just over the roof of the building with the golden tooth. Aim just around above the golden tooth while being at about the other end, just at the corner. From there, do a short run and throw the smoke a bit before full speed. There is no way to do it perfectly, and to master this, you’ll need some time.

4. Window Smoke

The window smoke is a decent way to cut off the vision of the B site and make it easier to defend once the bomb has been planted. There are several ways to do this, one such way is to approach this smoke strategy by going through the upper tunnels.

Enter B site and climb on the ledge of the haystack at the right of the upper tunnel exit into B. Look at the exposed B window and aim your crosshair above the two balconies and release the smoke. You need to be standing while doing this for it to work.

3. Long Corner Smoke

A very strong point to cover, especially when both sides are covering A Long, giving the terrorist some breathing room to play around while denying a good amount of vision for the counter-terrorist.

There are a lot of ways to smoke this corner, one is from T spawn, where you’ll line yourself up about halfway from the ramp-up to the small wall. From there, you’ll want to line up your smoke facing just at the point below the second smaller bit off the building. After that, just do a jump throw, and the smoke will cover the corner blocking any sniper view.

2. Mid to B Smoke

A good area to gain control of as you deny vision from counter-terrorists on B site and any counter-terrorist approaching from spawn.

To do this, you need to be right by the mid doors. You’ll want to hug the right side of the archway when approaching mid doors. From there, you want to toss your smoke right over mid doors, and it’ll bounce right onto the corner. Providing a good amount of cover no matter where you decide to go from there.

1. A Long Smoke

A classic spot used by the terrorist to prevent any rushing from the counter-terrorist team. The CT side has a time advantage at this spot as they’ll reach their much earlier than the T side, and this can create a sticky situation.

This strategy is a nice and simple way to prevent a rush on over to A site and deny any peeking. This is done from the area of the long doors. You’ll want to line yourself up in the corner near the entrance. Here you will angle the smoke upwards, looking at the second pillar, and jump as you throw.

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