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Top 10 Best Smart Bulbs [2024]

Top 10 Best Smart Bulbs [2024]

Smart bulbs have been growing in popularity, with more and more people buying them as a way into the world of living in a smart home. With smart bulbs, you’ll be able to fully control the lighting within your home at the touch of a button.

What To Look For in a Smart Bulb

How To Operate

Before you buy your first smart bulb, you should think about how you would like to control it. Many smart bulb models can be controlled via an app on your smartphone or tablet, but some can be paired with your voice assistant, such as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, for voice control.

With a companion app, you will be able to control multiple smart bulbs at the same time. You can adjust the brightness or the color of your smart bulbs by just tapping a few buttons, plus if you have multiple smart bulbs, you can put different bulbs into groups and tweak the settings of each group at the same time saving you from adjusting each one.

Extra Features

Extra features on a smart bulb can help you have more control and interactivity with the lighting in your home.

Many smart bulbs come with a scheduled timer feature to create a lighting schedule that works around your daily routine, helping you save energy.

Another feature that some smart bulbs have is geofencing. This allows the smart bulb to work with the GPS in your smartphone, so it knows where you are at all times. Once it detects that you’re near or leaving your home, the lights can be switched on or off automatically.

Bluetooth, WI-FI, or Hub

Different brands of smart bulbs use different wireless transmissions to send and receive any signals. Some bulbs come with built-in Wi-Fi radios, allowing them to be connected with your router. With a Wi-Fi connection, you can control your smart bulbs remotely from anywhere as long as you have internet access.

Other smart bulbs come with Bluetooth so that they can connect to your phone. This method works best when you’re within range with the smart bulb. For example, you won’t be able to operate the smart bulbs if you’re away from home.

Certain smart bulbs need to have a home automation hub in order to work. A hub can connect all of your smart home devices with each other and allows them to be controlled with just one app. This method is ideal if you already have multiple smart devices, but it’s important to check that your smart devices and smart bulbs are all compatible with the same hub.

Colors and Luminance

When looking for a smart bulb, you’ll find that they are available in different colors. You can find smart bulbs available with the classic white color, but you can also find them with different colors of the rainbow. With a colored bulb, you can bring some atmosphere into your home.

Just like regular bulbs, smart bulbs also come in a range of different brightness. The most common brightness amount for a smart bulb is 60-watt, but you can find dimmer and brighter models than this. To find out the brightness of the bulb, you need to look for the number of lumens it has.

Best Smart Bulbs

Philips Hue White 2-Pack BR30 Led Smart Bulb

The Phillips Hue White 2-Pack BR30 LED Smart Bulbs are simple to use. By using the Hue Bluetooth app or saying a quick voice command to your voice assistant, you can easily control the lights within your home.

With a soft white color, these smart bulbs are not too bright and will bring comfort and relaxation to your rooms.

These smart bulbs are compatible with Bluetooth and do not require a hub to work. With a Bluetooth connection, you can connect up to 10 smart bulbs at a time. However, a Hue Hub is available to purchase that allows you to control up to 50 smart lights throughout your home.

Sylvania Smart+ Led Light Bulb

The Sylvania Smart+ LED Light Bulb can be customized with its huge range of colors and adjustable white glow.

Managing this smart bulb is easy with the Sylvania Smart Wi-Fi app. Using the app, you can change the color of the lights, dim the brightness, create groups with multiple bulbs, and set up timers and routines.

You can also control the smart bulb with your voice assistant. It’s compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri Shortcuts for full voice control.

In order to work, the smart bulb needs to be connected to a Wi-Fi network. There is no hub or additional hardware required.

Treatlife Music Sync Color Changing Smart Light Bulb

The Treatlife Music Sync Color Changing Smart Light Bulb comes with a huge range of different colors but also has a dimmable white color for everyday use. You can create special light effects for different occasions, and you can adjust it to be a warm nightlight.

Using the Smart Life app, you can control the smart bulb(s)remotely from anywhere. You can also create different schedules, monitor real-time light status, control different groups of lights in your home, and share the controls with other devices.

As a bonus, the smart bulb(s) can be controlled with your voice through an Amazon Alexa or a Google Assistant.

Gosund Smart Light Bulbs

5,937 Reviews

The Gosund Smart Light Bulbs are super easy to setup. There are instructions available in the packaging that will guide you through the installation process.

These smart bulbs’ brightness is equivalent to a 75W LED bulb with a warm white light for a relaxing atmosphere.

In order to work efficiently, these smart bulbs require a Wi-Fi connection, so there’s no need for a hub. With the Gosund app, you can adjust the brightness and create different schedules with ease.

You can also control them easily with your voice by using a voice assistant. The bulbs are compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

Nitebird Smart Light Bulb

The NiteBird Smart Light Bulb comes in a pack of two with a brightness equivalent to 75W on a traditional bulb. It can be controlled by using your voice with Amazon Alexa or by using the companion app.

To connect the smart bulb(s), all you need is a Wi-Fi connection. There is no hub required in order for it to work, and you don’t need to pay for any subscriptions.

Using the companion app, you can control the smart bulb(s) from anywhere, so you can make any adjustments or changes from outside the home. You can also create schedules and different groups for easy light management.

Meross Smart Light Bulb

The Meross Smart Light Bulb can be easily controlled remotely through the Meross app. With its Wi-Fi connection, there is no limitation in the distance, so you can make adjustments in or away from your home.

As it’s compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, you can control the smart bulb by using your voice. You can command it to switch the light on or off, and you can dim or brighten the light effortlessly.

Some features include being able to adjust the ambiance, creating daily schedules and timers, and different lighting modes. All of these features can help you to conserve your energy.

Feit Electric 100W A12 Smart Led Light Bulb

The Feit Electric 100W A12 Smart LED Light Bulb is easy to connect and use with your internet connection. You can control the smart bulbs remotely through the Feit Electric app, or you can use voice commands through your Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

With its color-changing feature, you can create different atmospheres within your home. There is also a white light color that can be adjusted to have a soft or bright glow.

Equivalent to a 100W traditional bulb, this smart bulb produces 1600 lumens with a small amount of energy, allowing it to last for up to 25,000 hours.

Tantan A19 Rgb Color Changing Smart Light Bulbs

3,103 Reviews

The TanTan A19 RGB Color Changing Smart Light Bulbs can be controlled easily through voice and app controls. They are compatible with both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, and with the Wi-Fi connection, you can control them whilst you’re not at home.

Using the app, you can create timers and schedules for your smart bulbs that work around your daily routine. There are eight scene modes available and around 16 million colors for unlimited color combinations.

The brightness can be adjusted from 1% to 100% for different light usages. Plus, with energy-saving technology, you can reduce your energy consumption by up to 80%.

Tantan Warm White Smart Light Bulb

The TanTan Warm White Smart Light Bulb requires a Wi-Fi connection in order to work. You can easily control them by using your voice through Amazon Alexa or Google Home, or you can use the companion app for any adjustments.

Using the app, you can create different smart bulb groups for easy management. Plus, you can set timers and make schedules that work around your day.

These smart bulbs are dimmable for extra comfort and energy-saving, allowing you to create a soothing nightlight. Just like the TanTanColor Changing bulb, these bulbs can reduce your energy consumption by up to 80%.

Treatlifecolor Changing Smart Light Bulbs

The final product in this list is the TreatlifeColor Changing Smart Light Bulbs. These smart bulbs can be color changed with over 16 million colors available to choose from. There are also warm to cool whites for a regular light bulb feeling.

With the Smart Life companion app, you can control the smart bulbs remotely from inside or outside of your home. You can also create automatic schedules, set timers, monitor real-time light usage, share devices, and control different groups of lights.

As a bonus, these smart bulbs are compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for easy voice control.

Final Thoughts

Having smart bulbs in your home can really bring some luxury and atmosphere into your life. You’ll be able to save and conserve your energy usage whilst being able to control your lights without needing to get up from your sofa.