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Top 30 Best Sims 4 NFL, Football, and Superbowl CC

Top 30 Best Sims 4 NFL, Football, and Superbowl CC

The Superbowl is the final game of the National Football League or NFL championship. Football is very big in the USA and you’ll be pressed to find someone who isn’t celebrating the Superbowl!

Now your Sims can also celebrate thanks to these Best Sims 4 NFL, Football, and Superbowl CC.

Best Sims 4 NFL, Football, and Superbowl CC

30. Los Angeles Rams Tees


The Los Angeles Rams is an American football team with its fair share of fans. In 2000 and 2022 respectively, they won the Superbowl. For those who want to celebrate that past event, we have the Los Angeles Rams Tees.

It comes with five different swatches for those Rams fans who want their Sims to celebrate in style.

29. Foosball Table

Foosball Table

Foosball is a game for people who don’t want to bother playing actual football outside. This Foosball Table originally came from TS3 but was converted to work for TS4.

In total, it comes with 8 different designs so there is something for everyone.

28. NFL Caps for Toddlers

Toddler Nfl Caps

Believe it or not, even toddlers can enjoy football. The Era Caps II for Toddlers is a piece of custom content that contains hats for toddlers with several different logos. Some of them include NFL team logos.

It comes with 10 swatches in total.

27. American Football


If you’re going to have your sim play football then they are going to need an actual football. With this American Football CC, you can easily download and use a football in your game.

Naturally, it only comes in one color.

26. NFL Bed Spreads

Nfl Bedspread

Your bed is the most sacred place in your house and the same can be said for your sim. The NFL Bedspread for single mattresses is perfect for those who want to decorate their beds.

There are 32 different versions, each with a different NFL logo. The cost of them is 400 simoleons. 

25. NFL San Fransico 49s Jersey


This San Fransico-based football team has won five Superbowl titles over the past few decades. The last time they won was back in 1995.

Despite this, they have many fans and this CC lets Sims showcase their love for the team. The NFL San Fransico 49s Jersey comes in two different colors for those fans out there.

24. NFL Vintage Boys Pajama Set

Football Jammy Set

The Vintage Football Boys Pyjama Set is a custom content that comes with top and bottom pajama sets inspired by football!

It is for male child-aged sims so just keep that in mind before you decide to download it.

23. Cheerleading Uniforms


This Cheerleading Uniform Set might first make you wonder what it has to do with football, but you have to remember that cheerleading teams are a big part of the NFL! Like the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders for instance.

It comes with 32 swatches and has uniforms for female as well as male sims.

22. NFL Portraits

Nfl Portraits

For those that want their sims to decorate their walls with some sports decor well stop right here. This Sports Paintings set comes with six paintings to decorate the wall with.

Some of them are from baseball teams but some are also from football teams.

21. NFL Dallas Cowboys Jersey

Dallas Cowboys

One of the most popular and well-known Football teams is the Dallas Cowboys. They have won five Superbowls and this CC focuses on this amazing team.

The NFL Dallas Cowboys Jersey is for adult male sims and comes with 2 swatches. Keep in mind you do need the Get to Work DLC to make this work properly.

20. Super Bowl Patriots Gear


The New England Patriots have won a total of six Super Bowl titles, which is pretty amazing. They won in 2002, 2004, 2005, 2015, 2017, and as recently as 2019.

The Super Bowl LIII Champions Gear was created for the Patriot’s win back in 2019. It comes with a t-shirt and hat with the Patriot’s logo.

19. NFL Full Zip Jacket for Child

Nfl Kid Jacket

Kids are also fans of the NFL so for those who want to dress up their kid sims, you need to download the NFL Full-Zip Jacket for Children.

This is only for child sims and requires the Snowy Escape expansion to work properly.

18. NFL Team Hat

Nfl Team Hats

You don’t have to show your love for your favorite NFL team with a jersey. A hat works too! The NFL Team Hat set comes with a total of 32 NFL team hats for your sims to wear.

Once your sim puts one of these on, they’ll be ready to watch the game.

17. NFL Tops and Bottoms

Nfl Tops And Bottoms

The NFL Tops and Bottoms set is the perfect set for those who have a favorite NFL team. It contains all 32 football teams in the NFL as well as a sweatshirt and legs for male and female sims.

16. NFL Las Vegas Raiders Jersey


The Las Vegas Raiders are a team that has won three Superbowl championships. They last won in 1984 so one can say they are due for a win.

In the NFL Las Vegas Raiders Jersey set you get two different colored jerseys to put your sim in.

15. Ladies Replica Pittsburgh Steelers Jersey


Women are fans of football too and for those female fans of the Steelers, we have the Ladies Repiclia Pittsburgh Steelers Jersey. This set comes with several different jerseys for female sims to wear and cheer on their favorite team.

14. Kids Can Play Catch Football

Kids Can Catch Football

Now and again it’s fun to toss around a football. Thanks to Kids Can Play Catch Football CC, sims in Sims 4 are now able to do this.

They could do this in previous Sims games, which is why it only makes sense for it to happen in TS4.

13. Seattle Seahawks Crewnecks


The Seahawks are based in Seattle and may not be one of the most well-known names out there. However, in 2014 they finally won their first Superbowl so here’s hoping they can win again!

In this Seattle Seahawks Crewnecks CC, it comes with 3 swatches and is a standalone item.

12. Denver Broncos Set

Denver Broncos

The Denver Broncos are a team based in Denver Colorado that have won three Superbowls, with the most recent one being in 2016. This Denver Bronco Set comes with hats, a zipped jacket, a regular jacket, a t-shirt, pants, and shorts.

It’s for sims aged teen to elder.

11. NFL Pro Career

Nfl Pro Career

There is an athletic career in the Sims 4 but what if you wanted to focus on a specific sport? The NFL Pro Career is great for Sims players who want to explore working a football career.

Like most jobs, it comes with several levels. Also to gain promotion, you need to have your sim focus on certain skills.

10. NFL Higher Quality Football Textures

Football Retexures

If you want a better higher quality football texture for your Sims 4 games then stop right there. The Higher QUality Football Texture CC takes the footballs from the High School Years expansion and makes them look much better.

To be able to use this you are going to need the High School Years expansion pack.

9. Football Poses

Football Poses

If you’re a sim player who wants to take pictures or videos of your sim then it’s important to have some poses on hand. The Football Pose Set comes with several typical poses you’d expect to see in a football game.

Add this along with a football uniform and they are ready to go.

8. High School Football After School

Highschool Football

Ever wonder why your teen sims couldn’t join a football club in the High School Years? Well, the High School Football After School Activity is the answer to this problem.

The levels include Benchwarmer, Starter, Conference Champion, State Champion, and National Champion.

7. Football Uniforms

Football Uniforms

The modern football uniform is well known so if you want a sim to properly celebrate or play football then they need to look the part!  In the American Football Uniform Set, your sim will be able to wear a football uniform and look like they are ready to play.

6. Football Field

Football Stadium

If you’re going to have your sim play a football game then you need a football field. The Football Field CC by MrsBarbiex3 lets you download and add a football field to your sims game.

Now your sim will be ready to play football!

5. Vintage Football Uniform

Football Vintage Outfit

The modern football uniform isn’t what was always used by players of the sport. The Georgetown Prep Football Outfit set comes with sweaters, cropped pants, and socks.

If you want your sim to wear some old-fashioned football uniforms then this CC is for you.

4. NFL Hoodies Set 1

Nfl Hoodies

There is just something so comfortable about hoodies. Throw in an NFL logo on the hoodie, and it makes it perfect to celebrate the Super Bowl.

The NFL Hoodies set comes with 8 different swatches and is a standalone item.

3. The Weekend Super Bowl Jacket

Weekend Nfl Jacket

Have you ever watched a halftime show and wished you could put your Sims in one of the outfits? Well, The Weekend Superbowl LV Letterman jacket is for you.

This outfit was inspired by musical artist The Weekend’s appearance in the 2021 Super Bowl halftime show.

2. Football Jerseys 

Football Jerserys

These NFL jerseys for Male Sims are the perfect addition to any sim Superbowl party. It’s for a teen to elder sims and is HQ as well as base game compatible. There are also 20 top swatches included in the CC.

1. Game Day Mini Pack

Gameday Mini Pack

The GameDay Mini Pack contains all your sims’ essential needs to celebrate the Superbowl in style. It comes with a football jersey, tailgate hoodie, touchdown coffee table, rivals football helmet, and a wilsim decor football