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Top 30 Best Sims 4 Valentines Day CC

Top 30 Best Sims 4 Valentines Day CC

Valentine’s Day is considered one of the most romantic if not the biggest romantic day of the year. When it comes to this day you want to celebrate it in style and with romance-inspired items. It isn’t any different for your sim!

We’ve gathered the best Sims 4 pieces of custom content to suit all your Valentine’s Day needs.

Best Sims 4 Valentines Day CC

30. Vallerie Dress

Vallerie Dress

The Vallerie Dress is a spaghetti-strap dress complete with a heart design. This flirty dress is base game-compatible and comes with 25 swatches in total. It is for a feminine frame and is for sims aged teen to elder.

29. Beloved Top

Beloved Top Copy

The aptly named Beloved Top is a crop-style top with a heart-shaped window right above the chest. This heart-inspired inspired crop top comes with 10 swatches and is available in several colors. It’s HQ-compatible so you won’t have to worry about any issues when you add this custom content to your job.

28. Lovers Makeup Set

Lovers Makeup Set

Want a make-up look that will turn your partner’s head on Valentine’s Day? Well, you’ve reached the right piece of custom content. The Lover’s Makeup Set is a set with varying shades of pink.

It comes with glittery eyeshadow, pretty eyeliner, and a soft blush. The CC is only for female sims but is HQ-compatible.

27. Galentine Day’s Set

Galentine Day's Set

Galentine’s Day is similar to Valentine’s Day except you celebrate friendship with the girls rather than romantic love. With the Galentine’s Day Set, you get several love-day-inspired items such as roses, a candle, and a balloon.

If you are a fan of Parks and Rec then this set is for you.

26. Kumikya’s Luvsick Collection

Kumikya's Luvsick Collection

Want a Valentine’s Day CC set that comes with a couple of different outfits? If this sounds like you then the Luvsick Collection is for you. This set contains 2 body suits, a mink skirt, socks, and a pair of jeans.

The great thing about this set is that you are free to mix and match!

25. Valentine Chemise

Valentine Chemise Set

For those wanting their sim to slip into something comfortable, the Valentine’s Chemise is perfect for you. This alluring outfit is a chemise that is covered in a heart design sure to draw the interest of a sims partner.

It can be used for female sims from ages teen to older.

24. Toddler’s Valentine Outfit

Toddler's Valentine Outfit

Think only teens, adults, and elder sims can celebrate this holiday? Well, think again! This Valentine’s Toddler Outfit comes with a dress and a suit. It’s a full-body outfit for both male and female sims.

There are a total of 12 swatches for each of the outfits too, which is always great.

23. Triple Heart Band

Triple Heart Ring

One thing Valentine’s Day is known for is jewelry. The Triple Heart Ring is a love day-inspired piece of CC that is a triple heart band coming in gold.

This ring doesn’t have to mean your sim is engaged or married. It could just be a gift!

22. 2022 Valentine’s Day Gift Mini Set

2022 Valentine's Day Gift Mini Set Copy

This is a simple custom content set but it’s essential if you want that complete Valentine’s Day-inspired look. The Valentine’s Day Gift Mini comes with earrings as well as a necklace.

One of the best parts is the little heart design on the jewelry pieces. It wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day without it!

21. Valentine’s Top

Valentine's Top

One can dress as fancy or as casual as they want for this holiday. For those who enjoy dressing on the casual side then we have the Valentine’s Top set!

These tops come with printed phrases such as “Coffee is my Valentine”, “Be mine”, and “I don’t Need a Valentine. I need a nap.”

20. Diamond Earring Set

Diamond Heart Earings

Here we have yet another jewelry set perfect for Valentine’s Day. The Diamond Heart Earrings are a set of diamond-encrusted earrings in white silver.

Once your sims put these earrings on they’ll be drawing the attention of everyone in the room.

19. Cassia Pumps

Cassia Pumps

Wearing heals in real life is painful but the same can’t be said for your sims. The Cassia Pumps set is inspired by a 2023 Versace collection. It comes with 8 different couples and is complete with a triple ankle strap.

Once your sim puts these shoes on they will be ready to take Valentine’s Day by storm.

18. Your Affection Headband

Heart Headband

If you don’t feel like dressing up much for the holiday consider just putting on a headband. It’s low effort and it’s cute. The Your Affection Heart Headband is an adorable headband that is complete with two little springy hearts.

It comes in several colors with 15 of them being heart colors and the rest being 2 metal colors.

17. Bento Cakes

Bento Cakes

Bento is a type of takeout available in Japan. With the Bento Cake CC, you get Bento but with a Valentine’s theme! It comes with an open carton, closed carton, ilu cake, a kiss me cake, and finally a love you cake.

Have your sim give one of these to their romantic interest and they’ll rule the holiday.

16. The Midnight Collection

Midnight Collection

The Midnight Collection is a boudoir set that is perfect for those who are spending a romantic night at home with their partner. It comes with several different pieces of lingerie, all of which will make your sim look alluring.

There are 29 items in total each in several different colors.

15. Third Date Collection

Third Date Collection

The Third Date Collection is a series of outfits that will have your sim’s partner doing a double take. It comes with jewelry, lingerie, and several styles of dresses.

Some of these are on the spicy side so it’s best if your sim wears them inside the house rather than outside.

14. Brita Shoes

Brita Shoes

Slingback high heel pumps are classics and with the Brita Shoes CC, you can get this look. These high heels come with a branded ribbon or a flat bow.

Add this to your outfit and you’ll be turning heads anywhere.

13. Valentine’s Date Couple Poses

Date Night Poses

If you want to take video or pictures of your sims then this Valentine’s Day Couple Poses Set is the one for you. The set comes with 8 different poses for your sim and their date.

Some of the items need to be separately downloaded, but the creator of this has graciously provided a link for it.

12. Valentine’s Collection

Date Night Poses 2

The Valentine’s Collection Set by Backtrack is a huge piece of custom content that comes with several types of clothing. It comes with a lolah top, sweetish skirt, collar dress, pietro shirt, and pietro pants. 

They each come in several colors so there is something for everyone.

11. Date Night Collection

Date Night Collection

The Date Night Collection by Ice-creamforbreakfast is a vintage-inspired dress set for Valentine’s Day. It’s inspired by the 1950s and if you know anything about this period you’ll know it came with some great and iconic fashion.

Some outfits include the Flossie Dress, Eugenia Dress, Eva Dress, Burt Outfit, and the Eva hat to name a few.

10. Happy Valentine’s Day Set

Happy Valentine's Day

The Happy Valentine’s Day Set by Rimings is a clothing set that comes with several Love Day-inspired outfits. It comes with tops, bottoms, and earrings– all of which are decorated with hearts.

What is more Valentine’s Day inspired than hearts?

9. A Love Day Makeup Set

Love Day Makeup Set

The Love Day Makeup Set is the perfect set for those who want a Valentine’s Day-themed make-up look. It comes with Kiss Me eye shadow, In Love Heart eye iner, romance eye shadows, Be Mine eye shadows, make me blush, Soft Kiss matte lipstick, and first kiss gloss.

All of them come with a certain number of swatches and it’s for teens to elders of any gender.

8. Cxs Myself Collection

Love Myself Collection

Sometimes you just want to celebrate Valentine’s Day for yourself. You may not have a date but you still want to feel pretty. The Love Myself sleepwear collection is the perfect answer to this.

It comes with several different styles of sleepwear, some a little spicer than others. No matter what your sims wear, they are going to be looking good.

7. Love Is in the Air Poses

Love Is In The Air Poses

Here is another pose set for those Sims 4 players who want to take pictures or videos of their sims. The Love is in the Air Pose set comes with 5 poses. There are some accessories and other mods you may need for this CC but the creator has provided a link to all of them.

6. Be My Valentine Tatto Set

Valentine Tattoo Set

Want to celebrate the holiday with a tattoo? If so, then you’ve come to the right place. The Be My Valentine Tattoo Set by Pinkishworld is a piece of CC that comes with a tattoo for the sims upper arm area.

There are 10 swatches of different tattoos and it’s also base game compatible.

5. Romantic Recipe Set

Romantic Recipe

You’ve heard about dressing for Valentine’s Day but what about cooking for it? The Romantic Recipe Set is perfect for your sim interested in culinary arts or just wanting to cook a romantic dinner.

Some foods include strawberry heart cupcakes, strawberry and chocolate cookies, and fruit and hibiscus tea to name a few.

4. Moonstruck Mini Set

Moonstruck Mini Set

You’ve heard of lovestruck but what about moonstruck? If you’re wondering what this means well it’s the name of a set for the popular February holiday. The Moonstruck Mini Set is a 3 piece mini set that comes with a top, skirt, and 1 set of polymer clay inspired earings.

They each come with 13 swatches.

3. Swak Bodysuit

Swak Bodysuit

Sometimes you want to wear something a little risque for your partner then the SWAK Bodysuit is for you. This flirty custom content set comes with 35 swatches and a little heart design all over the bodysuit.

Just because it’s a risque outfit doesn’t mean you can’t have your sim pair it with a skirt or pair of pants. Throw on a sweater over it and it’ll make for a great outfit.

2. Pleated Heart Skirt

Pleated Heart Skirt

This Pleated Heart Skirt is essential for anyone’s Valentine’s outfit. It comes with 9 swatches, and the best part is Sims teen to older, along with masc and fem sims as well.

The heart decorations on the pleats of the skirt are sure to make anyone swoon.

1. Valentine’s Day Sweatsuit

Valentine's Day Sweatsuit

What’s not to love about this Valentine’s Day Sweatsuit? One may not think a sweatsuit is good for this holiday, but why not? This comfortable and cute outfit is a must for your sim. 

It comes in 8 swatches and is compatible with HQ. What more could you want?