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Top 40 Best Pink Pokemon [2024]

Top 40 Best Pink Pokemon [2024]

A lot of people choose their favorite Pokemon based on useful they can be for bringing you to victory and coming on top of all of the other Pokemon trainers. But for some, it’s all about the aesthetic.

Sure, power is a bonus, but who could resist having a cute pink pal by your side as you travel far and wide to become the very best?

If the color pink and Pokemon happen to be two of your favorite things, then you’ve come to the right place – these are the Top 40 Best Pink Pokemon.

Best Pink Pokemon

40. Likitung


This normal type Pokemon is a classic. Its giant tongue and belly stripes make it stand out among all the other Pokemon

Pokemon debuted as one of Jessies’ (of the infamously clumsy team rocket) Pokemon.

Being first-gen, Likitung is well known and loved by many long-time players.

39. Cleffa


This cute little fairy type Pokémon was introduced in generation II of Pokemon. It was a normal type Pokemon in previous generations like its evolved forms, but after generation IV, it became a fairy type.

This Pokémon is the lowest form of Cleffable and can only evolve into a Cleffairy if a friendship requirement is met.

Although the entries about the Pokemon have changed over time, one thing remains consistent, it is shaped like a star.

38. Mr. Mime

Mr. Mime

Who doesn’t love this Pokemon? The Pokemon’s goofy appearance undercuts how powerful this Fairy-Psychic Pokemon is. It is known for moving air around to create invisible barriers, just like a mime in a box.

This is not the only form of this Pokemon as in later generations, they eventually included a lower evolve form Mime jr. and even a second form when the Galarian region was added.

This other form of Mr. Mime is blue and is now Ice-Psychic.

37. Slowpoke


Everyone knows the slightly eerie smile of this near harmless Pokemon. This Water-Psychic Type Pokemon has been around since the first generation and has two equally as smiley evolutions.

In Pokemon Snap for the N64, these Pokémon can be made to fish for Shellder with its tail. When it catches one, it evolves into Slowbro.

36. Cleffairy


The older evolve form of Cleffa. This pink Pokemon was introduced in Generation I. It was originally a normal type. Again, this was changed in Generation IV when Fairy Type Pokemon were introduced.

These Pokemon may be from the stars as in one of their most important features in the show, a group of Cleffairies crash a spaceship.

Adding to the lore, the only way to evolve a Cleffairy into a Cleffable is with a moonstone.

Even people who aren’t all too familiar with the game know about Cleffairy!

While reminiscing about Vine, you’re sure to come across the video where a person was trying to guess that Pokemon and mistook this Fairy Type for being Pikachu! Yea, we still miss Vine.

35. Chansey

A face no Pokemon fan could forget. This Pokemon has long been known as Nurse Joy’s helper.

This group of Pokemon are 100% female and evolve from Happiny after meeting a certain friendship requirement.

These Pokemon are known to carry around eggs that she shares with those who may be sick or injured.

34. Slowbro


Known as the hermit crab Pokemon, this psychic/water type evolves from Slowpoke at level 37.

The Pokemons big smile is often offset by the angry face of the Shellder on its tail. They walk around on two feet and apparently can’t feel pain due to the Shellders bite.

Slowbro has also been known for their immensely powerful but is most often very docile. When it enters its mega evolution, its tail consumes its whole body.

34. Mime Jr.

Mime Jr is the younger evolved form of Mr. Mime. This Pokemon was introduced in later generations and can only evolve into Mr. mime if it knows Mimic.

This Psychic-Fairy baby Pokemon is infamous for its poor imitations of those around them.

33. Cleffable


The most evolved state of Cleffa. This pink Pokemon is known to be very shy, although the reasons for this vary over the games. Its big ears and wings make it an incredibly unique Pokemon.

They love to play by abandoned lakes and often skip looking almost as if they could effortlessly glide across the ground.

32. Wigglytuff


Wigglytuff, as many pink Pokemon happens to be, is another Fairy Type that’s most known for how cute they are.

Literally- one of the abilities that make them stand out from the rest is known as Cute Charm, which makes the opposing Pokemon (especially of the opposite gender) infatuated with them, giving Wigglytuff a 30% chance of successful attack.

This Pokemon is the evolved form of Jigglypuff, which uses moonstone for the evolution to take place.

Additionally, they’re known to shed seasonally, and their fur makes for excellent yarn!

31. Shiny Vaporeon

Every Pokemon has a shiny form, and many of those Shinies happen to be pink! A lot of people get excited when they can get their hands on one of them, and who could blame them?

Even though them being Shiny doesn’t have any effect on what they’ll be able to do in battle, it’s hard to disagree that they look way cuter this way.

This is certainly no exception for Shiny Vaporeon! They’re one of the many various evolved forms of Eevee, specifically the Water Type form.

One of their cool abilities is called Hydro Vortex, which can be used by equipping Waterium Z.

This can be used alongside a variety of different moves and allows the Pokemon to inflict damage.

30. Cherubi


Chreubi is a cherry Pokemon, but instead of being red like a lot of us relate to the fruit, they’re an adorable pink!

One unique thing about this Pokemon’s design is that there are two of them, one big and one small, that dangles down from the stem.

Unfortunately, this smaller cherry starts to wilt as the main cherry evolves.

In-game, this Pokemon isn’t known for being the toughest in the bunch. However, this Grass Type does have Chlorophyll’s ability, so during intense sunlight, their ability increases.

29. Happiny

Happiny is the form that comes before evolving into Chansey while holding an Oval Stone in the daytime.

They have a pouch in which they carry around an egg-shaped stone that they’re happy to share with friends, but they’re not afraid to cause a fuss when their treasure isn’t given back to them.

In the show, this Pokemon is introduced as having really low stats when they start. To make up for this, they’re surprisingly strong and can even run around while they’re carrying things!

28. Audino


Audino is probably best known for being a Pokemon that has a good heart.

In the show, Audino can Mega Evolve while under the care of Nurse Joy, and are shown as being majoritively white with various pink hues on its ears and feet.

This Pokemon’s unique characteristic is that they’re the only Pokemon that can learn their hidden ability through leveling up.

This hidden ability, Klutz, prevents the effects of held items from applying and can also prevent the Pokemon with this ability from using their natural gift.

27. Hoppip

Hoppip is the first of two evolutions, Skiploom then Jumpluff. They’re a Grass-Flying Type Pokemon, given the ability to fly around because of the two leaves that grow out of the top of their head.

Even though they can fly, they’re easily blown away by bursts of wind, so they can be found grouping together with other Hoppips. However, they do enjoy a gentle breeze.

Their nervousness around the wind is something that sticks with them.

Whenever they level up Hoppips usually wonder to themselves if they’ll finally be able to resist it better.

With all that benign said, their abilities like Cholorphyll and Leaf Guard don’t come as much of a surprise.

26. Bruxish


This sinister-looking fish’s most prominent feature, other than their beautiful colors, including their pink lips, is their teeth.

In fact, their teeth are used to their advantage, giving them abilities like Strong Jaw, which increases the power of their biting moves by 50%.

In addition to their amazing teeth, they also have psychic abilities, which can cause opposing Pokemon to suddenly fall ill with headaches and even fall unconscious.

The Bruxishs biggest prey includes Shellder and Mareanie, which they like to enjoy as a snack.

25. Shiny Toxel

As far as Shiny Pokemon go, finding a Shiny Toxel isn’t particularly rare, but it’s nothing to sleep on either.

They’re an Electric-Poison baby Pokemon, that can evolve into either Amped Form or Low Key Form, depending on its nature.

Toxel has a poison sack that can secrete through its skin, which is the same way that these Pokemon can generate and manipulate electricity.

Fun fact about this Pokemon: no other have the same combination as them and their evolved form!

24. Shiny Hypno

Shiny Hypno

What’s interesting about Shiny Hypno is that this isn’t their only Shiny Form that’s pink, but Shiny Drowzee, its predecessor, happens to be pink as well!

However, the only way to acquire this Shiny Pokemon in games like Pokemon Go is by first getting the Drowzee and then evolving it, rather than finding them like this in the wild.

Depending on the Pokemon’s gender, the fur around their neck will be longer or shorter for females and males, respectively.

They’ve also been known to live far from humans and cause especially children that come close to become incredibly sleepy.

23. Slowking

Introduced in Generation II, this Pokemon has had some serious roles. In Pokemon 2000, it even narrated the movie.

This is the kind of thing you would expect from a Water-Psychic Type Pokemon with a shell crown.

This Pokemon can only evolve from Slowpoke in the games if he is traded while holding a King’s Rock.

This Pokemon does not have a Mega-Evolution, but it does have a dark and mysterious looking Galarain form.

22. Skitty


Skitty is a Normal Type Pokemon that also has the cute advantage, being able to use Cute Charm as one of the abilities.

Additionally, their hidden ability is Wonder Skin, which changes the accuracy of status moves used against them by 50%.

This doesn’t work on all Pokemon, such as Turboblaze and Mold Breaker, which will prove ineffective.

In terms of base sats, this Pokemon in the game, they’re not all too powerful.

As you may have guessed from their abilities, they specialize in defense and speed, but even at that, they’re not the highest we’ve ever seen.

But what Skitty lacks in power, they surely make up for it with their overall cuteness!

21. Deerling

Deerling is a Pokemon that has 4 different forms, depending on the season.

If you’re looking for which variation you can find them spotting a pink color- look no further than their Spring Form!

Seasons in Pokemon are different from in the real world, so expect your Deerling to become pink in January, May, and September.

Even though this is true for earlier generations, from Gen VI on, seasons aren’t something that happens anymore.

After this, they can only be found in their Spring Form, so you get to keep their cute color palette!

20. Miltank


Miltank is a Normal Type Pokemon that doesn’t have any evolutions or even different forms it can change into.

As the name would suggest, they closely resemble a cow and are considered a milk cow Pokemon, and because of their utters, they’re exclusively female.

When either people or other Pokemon drink the milk of a Miltank, they won’t be too pleased with the results.

If taken in large amounts, they’ll end up with a sore stomach and weight gain-, but in moderation, it has great healing powers! Additionally, until Gen VI, this Pokemon was the only one who could learn the ability of Milk Drink, restoring 50% of the users’ HP.

19. Diancie


Diancie’s most noted for being a jewel Pokemon, which is beautifully shown through their character design.

Come on, it’s hard not to be enchanted by how much of a goddess they look like with their pink crystals and gorgeous dress.

This Pokemon may not have anything to evolve into. They do have a Mega Evolve form, which can be achieved using Diancite.

Unlike many other Pokemon that had been introduced through the show, the anime, or the manga- Diancie made its debut in an issue of CoroCoro magazine back in 2014.

They can also be found in both their original form and Mega Forms in Smash Bros Ultimate as Spirits!

18. Shiny Wooper

Shiny Wooper

Wooper can typically be spotted sporting their signature blue color, but they take on a whole new baby pink style in their Shiny form!

While they can’t be found as Shiny in games such as Pokemon Go, they can be seen in Sword and Shield.

This Pokemon is a Water-Ground Type fish Pokemon, whose best base stat is their HP. To increase their power, when Wooper is given a Ring Target, their Electric-Type moves increase by 2x, but using something like Water Absorb doesn’t seem to change the effectiveness much.

17. Spritzee


Another Fairy Type Pokemon showing off their pink colors, Spritzee is a perfume Pokemon that uses their fragrance to their advantage.

Their hidden ability is called Aroma Veil, which doesn’t have any effect outside of battle, but during a fight, it the Pokemon using it and those around them from being affected by moves such as Torment and Cursed Body.

It’s been noted that the design of this Pokemon’s face resembles that of the Plague Doctor, and the scent that is released by Spritzee can change based on its diet.

16. Milotic


Milotic isn’t covered in pink like a lot of other Pokemon with this color. Instead, they have small accents on their tail and eyebrows, which are so long their nearly the length of Milotic’s entire body!

There are two ways in which this Pokemon can evolve, either by holding a Prism Scale when they’re being traded or when their Beautiful condition is high enough.

Once evolved, they turn into Feebas, but while they’re still a Milotic, they have the power while in battle to calm those around them down by using waves of energy.

15. Bewear

A cute and cuddly strong-arm Pokemon that looks like a combination of a red panda and an adorable teddy bear, Bewear isn’t as harmless as they look!

Their best base stat happens to be attacked, closely followed by their HP, and can use Fluffy and Klutz’s abilities.

As well as their regular attacks, they also have the hidden ability of Unnerve. With Unnerve, Bewear can make Pokemon on the opposing team unable to eat berries, unless in Gen VIII, where those using Teamtide will be unaffected.

14. Luvdisc


Luvdisc looks like a heart that was drawn a little lopsided at a sideways angle, mostly in part because they’re supposed to look similar to the discus fish.

It had been rumored for some time that this Pokemon would evolve into Alomomola. However, Luvdisc doesn’t have any evolutions or additional forms to turn into.

In an episode of The Pokemon Chronicles, two Luvdisc’s were shown sharing a kiss, allowing them to take flight, even though it was only for a couple of minutes.

Additionally, these Pokemon enjoy warm waters, such as coral reefs, and in the springtime, they swim in groups, which turns the water into a bright pink.

13. Shiny Lopunny

This Shiny Pokemon can be found throughout the Pokemon games, giving it beautiful pink fur in spots where it normally would have appeared to be a cream color.

Lopunny is a rabbit Pokemon, evolving from Buneary when leveled up with a high friendship.

Additionally, Lopunny can change into Mega Evolve with the aid of Lopunnite.

Fun fact about getting Shinies in the game- to increase your chances of coming across these rare Pokemon, you can use tactics such as battling up to 500 Pokemon and having a full party (20 players active).

This second strategy will guarantee one of the players to stumble upon a Shiny!

12. Flaaffy


Flaaffly comes in the middle of three evolution stages, the first being Mareep, then eventually moving up from Flaaffy to Ampharos.

Unlike a lot of the other pink Pokemon we’ve come across, this one is exclusively an Electric Type, delivering attacks such as Static.

The Pokemons fur coating or fleece contains Their electricity since it’s a sheep. But you need to be careful, though, because too much electricity stored can cause Flaaffy to lose all of that precious fleece!

11. Alcremie

One of the things that makes Alcremie such a lovable character isn’t due to it’s sweet enough to eat design that looks like a big pile of whipped cream with strawberries on top- but because it’s secretly a really strong Pokemon.

Their strong suits are special attack and special defense, even though many of their other base stats aren’t nearly as high in comparison.

And if you’re ever looking to change them up, they switch forms which can be influenced by several things, from the time of day it is to what sweets they’ve eaten.

10. Musharna


Musharna happens to be a pink Psychic Type Pokemon, evolving into Munna when given a Moon Stone. They’re able to use Dream Mist, introduced to the game in Pokemon Black and White.

While Dream Mist isn’t able to be obtained by the player, it’s an important part of the story and can be seen in the anime putting all the other Pokemon to sleep.

Like a lot of Psychic Pokemon, Musharna can use Telepathy, which happens to be their hidden ability.

Through Telepathy, the Pokemon can avoid oncoming damaging moves, even when the attack has multiple targets. The downfall- it doesn’t protect from status moves.

9. Hatterene

Whether as Hatterene or Gigantamax Hatterent, this Pokemon doesn’t leave their pastel pink shades behind!

They use their hair to cover up most of their body and tops off the look with a baby blue witches hat, featuring a long tail.

Hatterene specializes in special attacks, with a close runner up as far as base stats go being special defense.

As a Psychic-Fairy type, their hidden ability is Magic Bounce, which reflects the effects of all status moves, except for Momento, back onto the Pokemon who originally used the move.

8. Exeggecute


Exeggecute’s pink color is a lot more subtle than a lot of the other pink Pokemon that we’ve taken a look at but pale or not doesn’t change the fact that that’s what they are!

This Pokemon can be found in a group of little eggs, all with various facial expressions, and one that looks like Humpty Dumpty after he had his fall.

Looks aside, this Pokemon isn’t half bad. Their best quality is their defense, and since they’re a Grass Type, it doesn’t come as a surprise that one of their abilities is Chlorophyll.

However, their hidden ability happens to be Harvest, which is particularly useful when the Pokemon’s been given a berry, giving them a 50% chance of being restored at the end of a turn.

7. Lurantis

Another pink Grass Type Pokemon, Lurantis, is different from the others because they look more like an insect than a plant.

While this is true, they’re said to both look and smell like a flower, which gives them the upper hand for surprise attacks. Camouflage at its best!

Lurantis evolves from Fomantis when leveled up during the day after level 34, but in the meantime, you can rely on abilities such as Leaf Guard, which can be used during periods of intense sunlight.

6. Slurpuff


Similar to other Pokemon such as Alcreie, Slurpuff has a design inspired by sweets, featuring a cake on top of its head.

They have great speed stats, especially when the Unburden ability is being used, which will double their speed when a held item is lost.

As well as that, Slurpuff can also use things like Drain Punch and Belly Drum. Also, Slurpuff will evolve from Swirlix when holding a Whipped Dream.

5. Whismur

Whismur is a whisper Pokemon that isn’t too fond of loud noises. In fact, they frighten these guys quite a bit and don’t like being too loud themselves.

Well, that is until they recognize something around them as being dangerous when they let out a sound so loud, it’s been known to cause headaches in anyone around to witness their screams.

4. Shiny Dragonair

Shiny Dragonair

The Shiny Dragonair is quite different than its typical blue design that it’s usually seen as.

These Pokemon evolve from Dratini, eventually evolving later into Dragonite once they reach level 55.

Something interesting about this Shiny Pokemon is that this form isn’t just found in-game, but in the anime as well!

3. Fomantis


As mentioned before, Fomantis evolves from Lurantis after reaching level 34, and to achieve said evolution, they gather and store energy through photosynthesis.

Before becoming Lurantis, this Pokemon can be seen with a bulb on top of its head, which secretes a nice smelling scent.

Another thing about Fomantis is that they love the sunlight- so much so that if anyone bothers them while they’re enjoying the sun’s warmth, they’ll attack.

2. Snubbull


Snubbull was designed to look like a bulldog, which is pretty clear since they tend to be playful in nature, as well as having a great sense of smell.

One of the various abilities this Pokemon can use is called Run Away, which is pretty self-explanatory.

This allows the Pokemon to flee or even teleport successfully, even when faced with trapping moves.

1. Sylveon

This Pokemon has been known for being one of the most adored pink Pokemon.

Especially amongst the other Fairy Types, most of its popularity is attributed to one of two things: their adorable demeanor made complete by the bows they come with and their excellency in special defense.

Sylveon doesn’t just look cute, they use this to their advantage.

One of the abilities that can be used by this Pokemon is Cute Charm, in addition to their hidden ability, Pixilate, which causes Normal Type moves to become Fairy Type, and even cancels out other moves like Ion Deluge and Electrify.