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Top 10 Cutest Demon Slayer Couples [2023]

Top 10 Cutest Demon Slayer Couples [2023]

We’re not the Love Hashira, but for today’s NerdBear anime article, we’ll be showing 10 of the cutest Demon Slayer couples ever.

The show’s not just about demon fighting, after all. There are cute interactions, showing of affection, and, yes, shipping from fans.

Let’s see if your favorite Demon Slayer couple has made it to our list. Ready your hearts – love is in the air for these Demon Slayer pairings!

Cutest Demon Slayer Couples

10. Shinjuro and Ruka

Cutest Demon Slayer Couples Shinjuro And Ruka

A lot of fans probably remember Shinjuro as being a terrible drunk and a rowdy person. However, this all stemmed from his heartbreak.

Shinjuro and Ruka loved each other very much. They both had opposite personalities, with Shinjuro having a loud personality and Ruka being more reserved and graceful.

Sometime later, Ruka passed away due to an illness. Shinjuro never got over her death and started drinking his sorrows away.

9. Sumiyoshi and Suyako

Cutest Demon Slayer Couples Sumiyoshi And Suyako

This might be a bit of a spoiler for anime-only fans, so better skip ahead if you don’t want to read more about this couple!

For those who want to know, Sumiyoshi and Suyako are ancestors of Tanjiro and Nezuko. Tanjiro saw glimpses of them in his sleep and while fighting enemies.

Sumiyoshi was kind and helpful, while Suyako was always cheerful.

The two had a nice life with their children, as well as with their dear friend, Yoriichi.

If not for them and their loving marriage, we wouldn’t have Tanjiro and Nezuko!

8. Yoriichi and UTA

Cutest Demon Slayer Couples Yoriichi And Uta

Anime-watchers, this entry might also contain some manga-only info, so tread carefully!

Yoriichi was the type of person who didn’t show his emotions that much.

The only person who immediately picked up what he was feeling was his wife and childhood friend, Uta.

The two met when they were kids. Uta was a quiet and lonely child due to the loss of her family.

Yoriichi offered to go home with her, which made Uta cry tears of joy. Since then, the two have become inseparable.

Sadly, Uta was slain while she was pregnant with their child. Her death made Yoriichi cry and mourn for her for 10 days straight.

7. Kagaya and Amane

Cutest Demon Slayer Couples Kagaya And Amane

Some people might get doubtful when it comes to arranged marriages, but Kagaya and Amane’s relationship shows how it can be quite strong.

Due to a curse in his family, Kagaya has a frail and sickly body with a limited lifespan.

As such, a priest assigns a wife for the men in his family as a caretaker.

Kagaya only accepted this proposition if the chosen woman would willingly care for him.

Amane accepted and showed that her love for him was true.

She’s usually stoic, but the moment Kagaya coughed up blood, she showed panic and concern for her husband.

6. Tengen and His Wives Makio, Suma, and Hinatsuru

Cutest Demon Slayer Couples Tengen And His Wives

Although he has three wives, Tengen loves and cares for each one of them deeply and equally.

He has shown multiple times that his highest priority is keeping his wives safe.

When separated from them, he always communicates with them through letters. As encouragement, he always pats them and tells them that they did a good job.

In return, Makio, Suma, and Hinatsuru are extremely loyal and caring to him.

They rushed to his aid when he needed help with his injuries. They could not stop crying out of worry!

5. Giyu and Shinobu

Cutest Demon Slayer Couples Shinobu And Giyu

With their opposite personalities, these two seemed to be always at odds. Giyu is often quiet, while Shinobu doesn’t mind chatting.

At one point, Shinobu even thinks Giyu is an airheaded klutz!

But since they’re both Hashiras of the Demon Slayer Corps, they’re usually assigned missions together. These got the two talking.

They have more things in common than they expected. They’re both serious about their responsibilities, and Giyu respects Shinobu’s work ethic.

Shinobu even wishes Giyu would talk more! It is later revealed that the two actually enjoy talking with each other. Cute!

4. Inosuke and Aoi

Cutest Demon Slayer Couples Inosuke And Aoi

For these two, food is their love language!

At the start of their introduction, Inosuke and Aoi would bicker with each other.

However, their rocky relationship had a change when Inosuke snuck around to steal food.

Aoi catches him, berates him, but gives him a tray of food made only for him.

She then says he can eat as much as he wants and whenever he likes. Inosuke was quite touched!

That’s definitely a way to his heart.

3. Zenitsu and Nezuko

Cutest Demon Slayer Couples Zenitsu And Nezuko

Despite Zenitsu’s fear of demons, it was love at first sight, the moment he saw Nezuko.

He definitely wasn’t shy about showing his affection and his wish to marry her!

For Nezuko, he was a “weird dandelion” in her eyes. However, she eventually appreciated his kindness and care.

Zenitsu would try to overcome his fear just to protect Nezuko.

During the Mugen Train Arc, Zenitsu dreams of going on a date with Nezuko in a peach orchard. The dream is hilariously adorable!

2. Tanjiro and Kanao

Cutest Demon Slayer Couples Tanjiro And Kanao

These two are definitely one of the cutest Demon Slayer couples! Their pairing is just full of positive encouragement and care for each other.

Due to Kanao’s past, she had a hard time deciding things for herself. She would often flip a coin and let it decide for her.

After knowing this, Tanjiro helped her to feel more optimistic about her decisions and for her to open her heart to possibilities. He then flipped a coin for her.

This made Kanao feel more decisive, and since then, the two have become closer than ever.

1. Obanai and Mitsuri

Cutest Demon Slayer Couples Obanai And Mitsuri

And our pick for the cutest Demon Slayer couple ever? It’s none other than Obanai x Mitsuri!

Mitsuri has always been self-conscious about her strength and her love for food. She was told that no one would even think about liking her for these traits.

But these concerns were washed away thanks to Obanai.

He loves her for who she is and even shows his affection through gifts of food. This made Mitsuri love herself.

However, despite being the Love Hashira, Mitsuri is oblivious to Obanai’s crush on her! All she knows is that she loves spending time with him.


Tuesday 25th of April 2023

Hiii I agree Obanai and Mitsuri are soooooo cute together however I think Aoi and Inosuke are THE cutest couple in demon slayer and I think it would be sooooo cute Giyu got married and had a baby even if it wasn’t with Shinobu though I do think they would be great for each other 💜