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The 20 Funniest Demon Slayer Memes [2024]

The 20 Funniest Demon Slayer Memes [2024]

With its gripping tale, cool action scenes, and stunningly unique art, Demon Slayer remains one of the hottest anime shows around.

But at times, it does get a bit heavy. When you’re dealing with blood-thirsty demons, that’s to be expected.

So, let’s take a break from all that demon-slaying and guffaw our guts out with these hilarious Demon Slayer memes!

Demon Slayer Memes

1. Inosuke and Maths

1 Inosuke And Maths

Two stacked oranges, plus two stacked oranges, plus two more stacked oranges, equals many oranges. Inosuke a genius.

2. Who’s hee hee-ing now?

2 Heehee

That’s Miss Jackson to you, boys!

3. Ah, of course, the Hashiras. Wait…

3 Lost Zoro

Someone pick up their lost marimo, please. Their show is that way.

4. We support you, Inosuke

4 Oink

In his heart, he will always be a boar man extraordinaire. Oink!

5. The Crying Hashira

5 Tanjiro Cries

Tell him you were a kid once, and he’ll burst into tears.

6. Well, are you, Tanjiro?

6 Challenge

Ah, the classic Inosuke interaction with anyone. Challenge accepted!

7. Movie night with the Demon Slayer gang

7 Horror Movie

Grab your popcorn and tag yourself. Me? I’m with the jumpscare group.

8. Nezuko10/10

8 Hero Time

Her transformations consist of cute, smol, angry, serious, angry demon who will rip you to shreds, and extra smol.

9. He’s trying his best!

9 Monopoly

But don’t eat the Monopoly pieces, Inosuke. No, don’t chew on the paper money and put the cannon piece down!

10. Uhh…

10 Other Ranks

There are other ranks?

11. Demons, watch out!

11 Demons

I have now trained in the ways of the Demon Slayer, from the manga, to all four seasons of the anime and all the way to Mugen Train.

12. How do you say this anime’s name?

12 Demon Slayer Isekai

Didn’t know I was watching an isekai.

13. Inosuke at parties

13 Cursed

You could say Inosuke is quite the…party animal. Heehee.

14. The freshest technique

14 Fresh

Hydro homies approve of this technique. Now go hydrate and freshen yourself, homie.

15. Demon Slayers pointing at boar

15 Yelling At Boar Meme

Just when you think this meme format can’t get any better. Yelling at cat meme? Nah, yelling at boar meme!

16. Not okay

16 Not Okay

‘Tis but a flesh wound! She’ll get up in a second, Tanjiro.

17. Angles

17 Angles

When the shounen stare-off is too intense that, you both end up looking silly.

18. He inspired those boys, alright

18 Ds Cats

Your legacy will live on, Rengoku. You’ve raised three adorable but also fierce proteges.

19. You got in the zone

19 Just Friend

Thanks, Friendzone Hashira. Brb while I piece my heart back.

20. Reading

20 I You

I don’t think anyone can decipher these runes. Luckily, you don’t need to read to fight demons, Inosuke.