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Top 15 Best Yakuza 0 Mods [2024]

Top 15 Best Yakuza 0 Mods [2024]

For a lot of gamers, Yakuza 0 was their gateway to the Yakuza game series.

With its newer graphics, updated combat system, and a compelling origin story about the Dragon of Dojima and the Mad Dog of Shimano, you can’t ask for a better Yakuza starting point than this!

If you enjoyed Yakuza 0 a lot and are thinking of going through the game again, why not try it with mods this time?

Here are 15 of the best Yakuza 0 mods to add to your game. From quality-of-life changes and combat additions to cosmetics and font upgrades, these will bring a new experience to your next Yakuza 0 gameplay.

Best Yakuza 0 Mods

Ryu Mod Manager

Best Yakuza 0 Mods Ryu Mod Manager

Before going through our list of best Yakuza 0 mods, the first mod you should check out is SutandoTsukai181’s Ryu Mod Manager.

This handy mod helps you manage and install Yakuza 0 mods from the community. It’s made to work for all Yakuza games for the PC and will do the needed steps to install or repack files on its own.

If you’re new to modding your games, the mod creator has kindly added a description of what the mod does, as well as a step-by-step guide on what you need to do to install it.

Licensed Music Restoration Patch

Best Yakuza 0 Mods Licensed Music Restoration

When Yakuza 0 was announced to get an English release in the West, Ryu Ga Gotoku fans far and wide rejoiced!

But as great as that is, some unfortunate sacrifices had to be made when the game was brought over. In particular, some songs couldn’t be licensed to be included.

Luckily, this mod fixes that! Canzah’s Licensed Music Restoration Patch restores all the licensed music that had to be cut in Yakuza 0’s Western version.

Now you can enjoy Yakuza 0 in its purest form, music-wise.

Stylized Buttons

Best Yakuza 0 Mods Stylized Buttons

The Yakuza or Ryu Ga Gotoku games are known for their iconic style. From the combat to the font used in cutscenes, gamers can easily spot the game’s flair from a mile away.

Interestingly, the button prompts during the game’s QTE and karaoke parts look outdated and not in line with the game’s stylish nature thankfully, that can easily be remedied with a mod!

The Stylized Buttons mod by skofos changes these old-looking button prompts into ones that look closer to the style of the game series. The mod creator has even added Switch and Xbox options.

Now, you can push those buttons during karaoke in style!

High Res Characters Textures

Best Yakuza 0 Mods High Res Character Textures

As great as the Yakuza 0 game is, you can sometimes tell that the texture and resolution quality for some models dips in some parts of the game.

Apparently, the game uses two different models—one for gameplay that has a lower-quality texture and a high-quality one for cutscenes.

If this bugs you and you want the models to be high quality all the time, perhaps this mod called High Res Characters Textures by CaptSarge can help you.

It simply replaces the textures and models of the characters during gameplay with those used during cutscenes. A feast for the eyes, for sure!

Legend Style Fix

Best Yakuza 0 Mods Legend Style Fix

The combat in Yakuza 0 is engaging, entertaining, and overall phenomenal. It merges the cool and quirky into one unique battle system.

However, some of you probably find switching from Legend Style to Normal Style not as smooth or fast to your liking. This Legend Style Fix mod by ibldzn fixes that.

Now you can continue to kick butt as Kiryu or Majima in their Legendy or Normal styles in a seamless way. Switch to your heart’s content!

New Movesets and Heat Actions

Best Yakuza 0 Mods New Moves

While the moves in the game are already cool, often larger-than-life, and sometimes absolutely hilarious, this set of new moves and Heat Actions by gennadich2 adds more variety.

In this mod, you can find new Heat Actions involving weapon snatches and katanas, to name a few. Snatch bats and pistols with ease!

There are also new movesets, like Kenshiro’s Hokuto Shinken from Fist of the North Star.

The link above has the full list of all additions, which is pretty lengthy! For those who enjoyed the combat of Yakuza 0, this is a great addition to your mods.

New Abilities and Fighting Style Upgrades

Best Yakuza 0 Mods New Abilities

Let’s spice up your combat experience even further with this next Yakuza 0 mod. It adds even more moves, abilities, and fighting styles to the base game.

TripleAAA7331’s New Abilities and Fighting Style Upgrades mod has a long list of additions, including active and passive abilities and fighting style upgrades.

Combat is even adjusted and rebalanced to pace it faster. Your hits have more impact, and your speed will always be boosted.

 Zoom your way while dishing out Dragon of Dojima punches and Mad Dog kicks!

The Exactions Mod

Best Yakuza 0 Mods Exactions

We’re not done yet with combat Yakuza 0 mods!

This next one adds the combat modernity of the Judgment series and other newer Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio games to Yakuza 0.

The Exactions Mod by machinegunkiss221 is described as a complete overhaul of Yakuza 0’s combat system. In its place, you have Heat Actions and moves from the Judgment games instead.

Majima gets Yagami’s moves, while Kiryu gets Kaito’s from the DLC. You’ll also see new animations and effects. It’s a great mod to try if you enjoyed the Judgment series.

Faster Style Switching

Best Yakuza 0 Mods Faster Style Switching

When switching fighting styles in the game, you might have noticed a slight delay. Specifically, the animation to do the style switch gives a sort of downtime during combat.

While this is normally a trivial thing for most players, it does break the flow of combat, which is pretty glaring for those who are into the fighting gameplay of the game.

To remove this slight delay, try TripleAAA3771’s Faster Style Switching mod.

It reduces the animation time needed during the switch, making the switch much faster and with a better flow.

Infinite Durability and Bullets For All

Best Yakuza 0 Mods Infinite Durability And Bullets

Dishing out attacks through punches and kicks as stone-cold Kiryu or crazy Majima is all well and good, but a weapon here and there isn’t bad at all, especially with how entertaining combat can be in the game.

For those who are partial to using guns, this Infinite Durability and Bullets For All mod by Biggelskog will give all your guns all the bullets and durability they need to keep on pew-pew-pewing.

There’s no need to run back to Dragon & Tiger anymore for weapon fixes!

Straight to the Menu

Best Yakuza 0 Mods Straight To The Menu

Getting a jumpscare from the Sega logo is a universal experience at this point. If you want to skip getting mini heart attacks every time you start Yakuza 0, install ParallaxError’s Straight to the Menu mod ASAP.

Not only does it skip the Sega screen, but it also skips the gamepad reminder and the short preview video. You’ll immediately jump right into the game’s menu.

4K Font and Title Screen Mod

Best Yakuza 0 Mods 4k Font Mod

As great as Yakuza 0 is, it’s hard to fully enjoy its amazing story when its text font size and resolution are sadly and surprisingly low quality.

If you’ve found yourself straining your eyes to read the dialogue texts, this 4K Font and Title Screen Mod by Chalkint might help. It replaces its low-quality texts with a font that’s 16x its original resolution.

Enjoy reading it at 4K—your eyes will definitely thank you.

The Ultimate Nishiki Mod

Best Yakuza 0 Mods Ultimate Nishiki Mod

As Kiryu’s supportive and stylish sworn brother, Akira Nishikiyama, endeared himself to a lot of Yakuza 0 fans for his unwavering loyalty and taste in fashion.

If you’re a big Nishiki fan and would rather just see him in the game instead of Kiryu, we have the perfect mod for you. Presenting the Ultimate Nishiki mod by Alpha271!

It replaces everything Kiryu with, well, everything Nishiki—from models and movesets down to his sound bytes and even UI. They’re even working on a karaoke replacement.

Be the Nishiki you’ve always wanted to be.

The True Lord of the Night (Goro Majima Mod)

Best Yakuza 0 Mods Majima Mod

If Goro Majima is more your style, you can rightfully embody the Mad Dog of Shimano using bihuraj00’s ultimate Goro Majima mod.

Show how crazy yet stylish this mad dog truly is by donning multiple suits included in the mod. You have his original cabaret suit, a bowtie version, his Mad Dog of Shimano outfit, and even Kiryu’s iconic white suit.

Become the true lord of the night!

Bold Kiryu (Kiryu Mod)

Best Yakuza 0 Mods Kiryu Mod

If there’s a mod for Nishiki and Majima, you bet there’s also an ultimate mod for the Dragon of Dojima himself!

Here’s bihuraj00’s mod for our legendary Yakuza protagonist called Bold Kiryu.

This mod adds the newer Kiryu graphics, facial textures, and hair used in newer games, such as in Yakuza Kiwami 2 and Yakuza 7.

His classic white suit has also been improved. Other iconic attires like Lord of the Night and the karaoke outfit in Judgement are also available for those who enjoy donning Kiryu in different outfits. He can even go shirtless!

Yep, this is our pick for the best Yakuza 0 mod, alright.