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Diane vs Eren Yeager: Who Would Win?

Diane vs Eren Yeager: Who Would Win?

Diane and Eren are both colossal characters in their respective shows, but there is one that takes the cake when they cross each other.

You might already have an opinion regarding this matter, but are you sure you’ve looked at both their powers and individual feats?

Diane vs Eren Yeager – Character Elements

When comparing a fight between two powerhouses, it’s important to list all their most powerful abilities, their limitations, and just how effective they can be against their opponent.

Diane’s Character Elements


Diane, also known as the Serpent’s Sin of Envy, is a member of the Giant Clan, making her abnormally large compared to ordinary people.

She is the Giant Queen and wields the sacred treasure Gideon, a war hammer, which works well with her magical powers.

Diane’s Personality

Diane is very friendly, often chatting with strangers and usually not acting out against anyone unless given a good reason.

She is also very confident, especially in her abilities, and holds exceedingly strong feelings for Meliodas as he treats her like a normal girl.

In all respects, Diane would probably dislike Eren, especially his plans for mass genocide, so there is a good chance she would step on his toes without even being forced to do so.

Diane’s Physical Powers and Abilities

Diane has two primary abilities: Creation and Drole’s Dance, as well as a sacred treasure called Gideon.

  • Creation is an exclusive ability given to Giant Clan members with an unnaturally strong link to nature, enabling them to manipulate the earth.
  • Drole’s Dance was created by Giant King Drole and mastered by Diane after going through his trial. Performing this dance increases Diane’s connection to the earth the longer she performs it.
  • Gideon draws out the full potential of Diane’s Creation, weighing 2200 pounds and being stronger than steel.

Eren Yeager’s Character Elements

Eren Yeager

Eren Yeager, also known as Founder, Usurper, or even Suicidal Bastard, is part of the Yeagerists and wields the power of the Founding Titan, Attack Titan, and War Hammer Titan.

He effortlessly transforms into beings of massive proportion to stomp on his enemies.

Eren Yeager’s Personality

Eren Yeager is hardheaded, passionate, impulsive, strong-willed, lacking empathy, and insecure, especially when thinking of Mikasa.

His personality didn’t change much from the beginning to the end of his life, but let’s get something straight.

If Diane made a bad first impression, she could very easily find herself on the wrong side of the Rumbling.

Eren Yeager’s Physical Powers and Abilities

Eren possesses quite a lot of different transformations and is quite proficient even when not a titan.

  • Martial arts is one of the first physical attributes Eren has gained from protecting Armin from his bullies, transitioning over to his titan form, and helping quite a bit when fighting larger opponents.
  • Vertical maneuvering equipment is one of Eren’s specialties, though it is only useful in his human form, which won’t be efficient against Diane.
  • Attack Titan power transforms Eren into a 15-meter-tall titan with enhanced strength, endurance, a hardening ability, regeneration, and future memory inheritance.
  • Founding Titan power allows Eren to start the Rumbling, control all the titans in the wall, tower over them, and communicate via telepathy with the Subjects of Ymir.
  • War Hammer Titan power allow him to create defensive caltrops and pikes, as well as other useful creations used for combat or utility.

Diane vs Eren Yeager – Who Wins?

Many viewers immediately use the sheer size of Eren’s titan army to justify a completely stomping Diane, but when we take a deeper look into her abilities, the stomping might seem to be headed the other way.

Starting off, Diane’s Gideon already empowers her Creation magic and is easily harder than anything Eren can get in front of him. Even his hardening ability won’t stand a chance against 2200 lbs of “steel” heading straight for your head.

This is all before even thinking about Drole’s Dance, as when Diane uses that technique, she will increase her power level the more she carries it out.

That said, Diane simply needs to use her Creation magic, combined with Gideon, to wipe out anything Eren throws at her.

Diane wins with no contest when facing Eren Yeager in a 1v1!

Final Thoughts

Most folks have misconceptions about Eren’s power, so when he’s up against a foe with truly destructive magical powers, he stands no chance.

Even I was surprised a bit by how large the gap in power between Diane and Eren truly is!