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Goku vs Gojo: Who Would Win?

Goku vs Gojo: Who Would Win?

One of the oldest questions asked by any anime fan when a new character enters the power dynamic is, “Can he beat Goku though?”.

Below, we explore what both Goku and Gojo have to offer regarding powers and which will be the victor in the end.

Son Goku vs Satoru Gojo – Character Elements

When comparing a fight between two powerhouses, it’s essential to list all their most powerful abilities, their limitations, and just how effective they can be against their opponent.

Son Goku’s Character Elements


Son Goku, born Kakarot, was sent to Earth by his parents as an infant and adopted by Grandpa Gohan.

After a head injury when he was young, Goku’s destructive nature disappeared, which allowed him to become one of Earth’s greatest defenders.

Son Goku’s Personality

Son Goku is an energetic, pure-hearted individual who was taught to be respectful and compassionate to others.

However, he does have fears, often being submissive to more overbearing women and having a fear of needles.

Son Goku’s Physical Powers and Abilities

Son Goku doesn’t have a few abilities. He has a ton of them, all being useful in their own respect and increasing in power:

  • Techniques – Goku has a myriad of techniques like Rock, Scissors ‘N’ Paper, Kamehameha, Kaio-ken, Spirit Bomb, Instant Transmission, Dragon First, Evil Containment Wave, and Autonomous Ultra Instinct (insanely powerful).
  • Transformations and Forms – Goku has various forms and transformations, literally too many to name, but the most notable out of all of them would be Perfected Ultra Instinct.
  • Fusions – Goku is also able to fuse with other characters, becoming ridiculously strong, though this won’t be of much help when having a 1v1 with Gojo.
  • Equipment – Although Goku mainly relies on his godly powers to vanquish his enemies, he is also able to use many different pieces of equipment, the most useful being his Power Pole.

Satoru Gojo’s Character Elements


Satoru Gojo, also known as The Strongest, is a special grade jujutsu sorcerer, recognized by many as the most powerful.

Although he has immense power, he merely teaches at Tokyo Jujutsu High, using his powers to train and protect his younger allies.

Satoru Gojo’s Personality

Satoru Gojo is quite complex, being compassionate, playful, and friendly to his friends, colleagues, and students.

However, he is brutally unsympathetic and cruel towards executive sorcerers and his enemies.

All-in-all, he understands his reputation and has unwavering confidence, even in times that may seem grim.

Satoru Gojo’s Physical Powers and Abilities

Satoru Gojo has some of the most noteworthy abilities in modern-day anime, and makes him exceedingly capable in almost all aspects:

  • Physical Powers and Skills – Apart from his sorcerer abilities, Gojo boasts an insane skill level compared to most users, excels at hand-to-hand combat, commands immense strength, speed, reflexes, and endurance, as well as having near-perfect tactical intellect.
  • Cursed Energy Manipulation – Gojo possesses immeasurable cursed energy and can use the Black Flash technique to create spatial distortions on the impact of cursed energy on a physical hit.
  • Inherited Technique – Gojo also inherited a wide array of cursed techniques, his most powerful being Infinity.
  • Reverse Cursed Technique – The Reverse Cursed Technique was mastered by Gojo after being put on his deathbed by Toji Fushiguro.

He uses it to constantly send positive energy through his body, healing him and making him able to constantly use Six Eyes and Limitless without frying his brain.

  • Barrier Techniques – Gojo can use Curtain, New Shadow Style: Simple Domain, and Falling Blossom Emotion, techniques that act as anti-domain countermeasures, with Curtain being able to surround an entire area and seal it off from others.
  • Domain Expansion – Gojo uses Domain Expansion to create a metaphysical space that blasts the target with endless information and stimuli, restraining their actions and thought processes.
  • Special Abilities – Six Eyes is Gojo’s special ability, which plays a vital role in using Limitless.

It is said that Six Eyes reduces Gojo’s cursed energy consumption, allowing him to essentially never run out of cursed energy and continue his fight.

Goku vs Gojo – Who Wins?

When we look at what Goku has been through and the abilities Gojo has, it’s safe to say that certain abilities might give Goku a run for his money.

However, at this point, Goku has become so powerful that nothing, not even Infinity, can stop him from crushing Gojo’s skull if he wants to.

Goku wins, though Gojo might stand a chance if certain events were to take place. For the most part, Gojo stands no chance against Goku. Goku is a monster!

Final Thoughts

Both Goku and Gojo are legendary characters that possess their own realm of power, though some characters are just older and stronger than others.

However, even though Goku won this round, there is still a debate to be had regarding some of Gojo’s abilities, as some might have the potential to weaken the Saiyan somewhat!