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DMZ Dealmaker Mission Guide – Guaranteed Golden Skull!

DMZ Dealmaker Mission Guide – Guaranteed Golden Skull!

This Tier 1 might seem like a pain, but it’s actually very easy to do. It also makes sense to do this mission at the same time as Calling Card, which is also a Tier 1 Redacted mission.

DMZ Dealmaker

The Dealmaker Mission required you to do the following:

  • Store an Electric Drill, a Gas Can, and a Golden Skull in Your Backpack at the Same Time
  • Trade for a Secure Backpack at a Buy Station

For your efforts, you’ll be rewarded with a RAAL MG (Contraband) and 5000 XP.

The easiest map to do this mission is Ashika Island.

How to Find a Gas Can

Finding a gas can in Ashika Island is pretty straightforward. Just head to any Gas Station, and you’ll find at least one Gas Can.

How to Find an Electric Drill

Electric Drills are pretty common items and can be found quite readily in toolboxes in Ashika Island. A high number of toolboxes can be found:

  • In the buildings in Oganikku Farms
  • Around the buildings north of the Beach Club Gas Station
  • The building next to the Town Center dead drop.

How to Find a Golden Skull

The easiest and quickest method of finding a Golden Skull is to track down the Scavenger. He’s also much easier to find in Ashika Island. On killing him, he always drops:

  • Kill Streak
  • 3 plate Vest
  • Scavenger Backpack
  • Golden Skull

Killing the Scavenger is part of another Tier 1 Redacted mission, so you can do it at the same time as this one. Check out our guide to finding the Scavenger and the Calling Card Mission.

If you do decide to do this mission in Al Mazrah you can check the Sawah Hotel, Police Stations, and Safes for Golden Skulls, but we recommend the above method for a guaranteed Golden Skull.

Completing Dealmaker

Once you have a Gas Can, Electric Drill, and Golden Skull, head to any buy station and bring up the barter system. You can then trade these three items for a Secure Backpack to complete Dealmaker.

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