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DMZ Calling Card Mission Guide – Easy Method!

DMZ Calling Card Mission Guide – Easy Method!

Calling card is a Tier 1 Redacted mission that’s pretty straightforward. The season 3 update includes a new roaming commander known as the Scavenger. Here’s a guide on how to easily find the Scavenger and his Calling Cards.

DMZ Calling Card

This mission requires you to do the following:

  • Find and Extract 3 Scavenger Calling Cards
  • Kill the Scavenger
You will be rewarded with a Sawah Hotel Room 302 Key and 5000 XP for your efforts.

How to Find the Scavenger

We highly recommend that you do this mission in Ashika Island and have the Dealmaker Mission active too. The loot the Scavenger drops will help with that mission.

Finding the Scavenger is possible in Al Mazrah and Ashika Island, but given the requirements for his arrival Ashika is easier.

The Scavenger appears after a certain number of enemy operators have been killed, and he will scavenge their backpacks.

Given the smaller map and how close teams are, Ashika Island is perfect for the Scavenger to appear in the mid to late game after several teams have been eliminated. Also, with Ashika being smaller, it’s easier to race to the Scavenger’s location.

There are 2 ways to find the Scavenger:

  • Complete a secure intel contract. This is unreliable as, more often than not, it just shows you where the bombmaker is instead.
  • Either hunt teams or let them kill each other off and stay out of trouble. You’ll get an audio cue and also a location on the map. This will be a red circle where the fallen operators are and an icon for the Scavenger.

Scavenger On The Map

Killing the Scavenger


Killing the Scavenger is fairly easy. Much like the Chemist, he will be flanked by 4-5 armored bots who use smoke and tear gas grenades for him to hide. The Scavenger is dressed in a black ghillie suit and is fairly easy to kill from mid-range.

Scavenger Loot

Scavenger Rewards

The reward for doing away with this commander is the following:

  • Kill Streak
  • 3 plate Vest
  • Scavenger Backpack
  • Golden Skull

It’s a great way to get kitted out for your next run in the DMZ.

How to Find Calling Cards

Scavenger Calling Card

After dealing with the Scavenger, look around for the enemy operator’s backpacks within the red circle on the map. The scavenger will leave a calling card in the slot where their dog tags usually are. Usually, you will find 3 backpacks close together, but you may have to search around the area.

With your 3 calling cards, head for an exfil to complete the Calling Card mission.