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Top 10 Reasons Why Fortnite Sucks

Top 10 Reasons Why Fortnite Sucks

Is Fortnite an objectively bad game? No. Has it run its course? God yes.

It wouldn’t even be that much of an issue with me if it wasn’t for the hyperinflation that streamers like Ninja and Courage put the game through. It has been blown up further than it had any right to be, so I’m going to scream about it into my echo chamber.

1. Epic Keeps Milking That Cow

Fortnite is a certified cash cow at this point. The game has made Epic a boatload of cash, but the company keeps milking it for all its worth.

Figures, clothes, merch, and let’s not forget those ridiculous microtransactions. All of this comes together to create a profit-generating machine that has completely lost its soul in the gears of corporate politics.

A man’s gotta eat, though, right? Yeah, there’s nothing wrong with maximizing your revenue, but try to remember that Fortnite is marketed towards kids.

It’s children that are being taken advantage of by this overburdened revenue-driven drivel that Epic keeps pumping out.

2. The Influence on Other BR Games

Fortnite isn’t the first BR to come out, although it might be the biggest. That being said, it’s a distinct style that isn’t for everyone. So why is it that every other battle royal on the planet keeps getting compared to it?

I’ve heard influential people talking about the differences between Warzone and Fortnite. You might as well be comparing Halo to Splatoon.

You can’t discuss BR without Fortnite being in the conversation, and that really becomes a pain after a while.

3. The Console Wars

PC to console cross-play is one of the worst things to happen to gaming in recent times. The only redeeming feature is that you are able to turn it off.

Being able to play with my PC friends is great and all, but when I’m stuck with two joysticks fighting against kids that may as well be engineering graduates, I tend to get a bit frustrated.

Fortnite is just better with keyboard and mouse, so I don’t want my opponents getting an instant advantage just because they can afford a PC and my minimum wage working self can’t.

4. It Actively Set Back the BR Genre

One of the disadvantages of Fortnite being in every conversation is that it’s also in the back of the mind of every developer working on a battle royal title.

It’s become the benchmark for the genre despite being such a unique style that you can’t really replicate.

To the developers of things like Warzone that don’t replicate the game, they take inspiration in other ways like in-game events and microtransaction tactics.

The only BR in recent memory to bring anything slightly new to the table was Apex, and thank god it did.

5. Building

Does anyone remember the Season 1 days where gunfights weren’t about who had the most materials to build with? I do, and I miss them.

Thanks to some controller config options, and the influence of some major influencers that decided to push a kids game into the pro scene, everybody and their mother thinks they’re Shroud now, even in random lobbies.

I just want one fight where my opponent doesn’t build a skyscraper before I even get a shot off. Is that too much to ask?

6. Casual Becoming More Competitive

This one might be on me, but it bounces off of the last point. As far as I see it, Fortnite should be a glorified party game.

It’s something that I put on with some friends when I want to sit back and enjoy some quality time.

That’s not to say I’m a casual player, I’ve been playing shooters for over 10 years, I’m good at the genre, and not in a “pub-player” kind of way.

Every round of Fortnite these days, though, seems to just drain the life out of me. I don’t want to have to load up on Gfuel every time my college friends want an afternoon of playing Fortnite.

7. Children-targeted Content

Again, a man’s gotta eat, and I get that kids eat up YouTube content like I eat up those little fizzy cola bottle jellies.

That being said, there is an element of selling out when a YouTuber that used to make more mature content turns to Fortnite to make a quick buck.

That’s not even where my biggest gripe with this point lies, though. My biggest issue is how obnoxious these videos are. Again, I get it from a content-creation and marketing point of view, but god, it’s jarring.

There’s only so much clearly fake over-excited nonsense I can absorb before I feel the need to physically regurgitate the trash that I’ve just taken in.

 8. Media Tie-Ins

Fortnite is not the best thing since sliced bread, it’s not even the best thing in gaming at the moment. However, thanks to its popularity with kids, it’s become a pseudo ambassador for the medium.

Whether Fortnite has been good or bad for gaming requires a doctorate level essay, but I can tell you that I’m sick of all the media tie ins.

The Galactus stuff was cool, but where does it end? We’ve got Mandalorian and God of War content in the game now.

I hate seeing franchises I love to get exposed to an audience that isn’t going to invest in them past the Fortnite collaboration.

Call it gatekeeping if you want, but it really dilutes the online conversation when everyone outside of a community suddenly becomes an expert.

9. Competitive

Fortnite isn’t competitive. I’m sorry to all those nine-year-olds on multi-million dollar contracts, but your career is limited unless you’re in content creation.

BR games, by design, cannot be competitive games. There is too much RNG for them to ever be viable. PubG comp died out for that very reason.

It might be fun to watch influencers compete in tournaments, but don’t mistake those people for pros.

10. Microtransactions

Can we talk about Fortnite without mentioning microtransactions? The answer is no. Granted, there are no loot boxes for which Epic should genuinely be applauded, but that’s about as far as the celebration goes.

The game has got to generate revenue, that’s true given that it’s free, and I personally think the idea of a battlepass is great, even in already premium games.

However, Fortnite has overpriced cosmetics that it markets to kids, as well. The amount of money that my little sister’s friend’s parents have put into Fortnite is staggering.

Now, there are kids enjoy it, but those skins are tossed aside, never to be used again when a new one comes out. Meanwhile, I’m still using a Cuddle Team Leader from the first time it appeared in the store.

There’s just something about advertising things like this to kids that don’t sit right with me. Maybe I’m oversensitive, though.


Monday 5th of June 2023

i agree when ever i play battle royal with builds people are just way to sweaty on normal battle royal like its arena

Issac Asimov

Friday 18th of March 2022

You've got to be kidding that PC is so advantageous over console! BS! 3 out of 4 games it is very apparent that some controller player is using the built-in aim-bot to hit every shot. There are many YouTube vids that clearly show that it it not aim assist, but aim-bot. Ali-A has demo of how to use it and wipes several players without missing a single shot and then finally misses one out of 30 shots and says see - it doesn't work every time. What a joke. Lachlan has a vid showing him competing with a pro player on a shooting only game and very soon into the play, he is getting hits easily. Muselk has a vid where he is consistently hitting final three after switching to a controller and his builds are ridiculously good in no time. There are vids of people aiming through a bush guessing someone is hiding out but not seeing them at all. The "aiming" of repetitive tapping of a button swings the cross-hairs right onto the person in milliseconds. There are pro players making videos where they miss more shots than the controller players in many lobbies. That is why team rumble used to see your team count go down quickly as people saw they were in with a cheater using "aim assist" and quit. EPIC tried to hide that fact with this season's team mode where you don't see your team count and there isn't a simple exit game, but people still do it. For anyone wondering why so many AIs now - that is it, MANY people have stopped playing because they are tired of being cannon fodder for people who are not actually playing the game but are instead being handed shots for their great skill of rapidly tapping a button. Yeah, there are some controller players who haven't got the dynamics worked out (just like some K&M players), but so many do that the aim bot ruins the game play for the rest of the lobby.


Tuesday 8th of March 2022

Fortnite steals from apex legends and is super bitchy about it. Fuck fortnite and all the kids that think halo stole “Green Guy”

Pupper Gump

Friday 27th of August 2021

Fortnite is kind of like Overwatch in the sense that instead of balancing the game they just added more things to compensate

Bob McBobson

Friday 2nd of July 2021

it sucks it is just cringe it is populated by a bunch of addicted eshay 8yo kids