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Top 26 Best Poison-type Pokémon [2024]

Top 26 Best Poison-type Pokémon [2024]

Poison-type Pokémon are among my favorite in the series, with awesome designs and interesting lore to make them all stand out. There’s quite a diverse selection on offer, from literal trash to alien life forms. Today we’ll be going over 26 of my personal favorites, ranked from least to most.

Best Poison Pokemon

26. Garbodor


Garbodor is garbage, a literal heap of trash and filth capable of devastating poison damage from one of its arms.

When Gigantamaxed, Garbodor is the only Pokémon able to learn G-Max Malodor that can damage and poison all Pokémon the opponent has out. Therein, Garbodor is actually quite a good Pokémon (even when not in its Gigantamax form).

While nowhere near as cute as its pre-evolved Dust Bunny form, Trubbish, Garbodor is still a really cool Pokémon. He’s inspired by land pollution in the same way Grimer and Koffing tackle water and air pollution.

25. Weezing

Weezing Pokemon

Weezing is a lovable Pokémon, being the personification of air pollution ever since the first generation! It’s a Poison/Fairy-type (the only one, too) with a jive looking Galarian alternative, but either way, the appearance follows the same motif of two creepy heads attached and covered in toxic motifs.

It has two mutated heads, coated in a thick smog that envelopes it, and distinctly resembles a floating naval mine. Apparently, according to the Platinum Pokedex, there are three-headed variants; however, we haven’t seen one of them yet!

It’s not a particularly devastating Pokémon, but it can definitely be viable in local tournaments. It’s also the only Pokémon to be able to use the move Strange Steam, distinguishing him greatly from other Poison-types.

24. Galarian Slowking

Galarian Slowking

We’re specifically talking about Galarian Slowking here, as regular Slowking has a Water/Psychic-typing as opposed to Poison/Psychic. It’s the only Pokémon with that typing, too! The Shelder attached to its head appears to have taken over the Slowking, possessing it and even giving it a cape. It has an awesomely dark aura.

It features very good Special stats but dreadful Speed. And then, every other stat isn’t much better, either. It does have access to a fairly diverse move pool due to the typing. However, that won’t help him much. All in all, GalarianSlowking is an awesome looking Poison-type but definitely not a viable competitive choice.

23. Muk


Muk is the personification of toxic waste and pollution, a roaming pile of sludge and slime. Anything it touches literally welters away.

Its stats aren’t that bad, actually, with reasonable Defence and Special Attack, a terrible Speed stat, and exceptional HP, Attack, and Special Defence given how easy it is to acquire. Its move pool isn’t amazing but can get you through a decent part of the main campaign.

Nonetheless, Muk is certainly not a competitive Pokémon and wouldn’t stand against even the weakest of legendries, let alone a Charizard.

22. Crobat


How can you not love Golbat? It’s a large-mouthed bat with tiny-ass legs! However, its later evolution – Crobat – looks and performs far cooler.

With long pointy ears and four wings, it can maneuver better than the best of them and at greater distances by switching between wing pairs. However, it needs to drink blood to survive, which is where the slow and quick flight can come in handy.

Matching its description, Crobat possesses exceptional Speed in exchange for Special Attack and Defence. However, its HP lacks somewhat. Luckily, it has latent dodging abilities, so that should help it stay afloat a little longer.

21. Skuntank


It’s a stunk cat thing. Look at it. Look at that style, that pompous pompadour. Isn’t it beautiful? Luckily, this skunk sprays from the tip of its tail; however, what it sprays is noxious poison.

It possesses fairly decent statistics for a basic Pokémon and a surprisingly good move pool thanks to its Dark/Poison-typing. However, it’s certainly not going to compete against the heavy hitters commonly found online.

20. Beedrill


Inspired by the yellow jacket wasp, Beedrill is… a bee with drills. Isn’t that a terrifying thought? It evolves from Kakuna after Weedle and even possesses a Mega evolution.

While in its mega form, it becomes the highest Attack and Speed Poison-type Pokémon in exchange for being the weakest in Special Attack. This makes it a risky evolution that can pay off depending on circumstance.

Nonetheless, Beedrill is a rather basic early Pokémon that lacks a lack of move pool and (even in Mega form) fairly average statistics, so playing online wouldn’t be advised.

19. Toxicroak


Toxicroak looks both awesome and silly, and that is why I love him. From the dorky smile to the unusual pose, and certainly not forgetting the large poison sacs it uses to improve its toxic attacks’ potency.

It’s based on the poison dart frog in many ways and is the only Fighting/Poison-type Pokémon currently available. Depending on its predisposition, Toxicroak can be either a relaxed Pokémon or a cruel, sadistic one.

Unfortunately, Toxicroak isn’t a great Pokémon for competitive usage due to its 4x Psychic weakness, but the exceptional move pool and average stats make it a viable choice throughout any campaign.

18. Victreebel


Victreebel isn’t a pretty Pokémon. Evolving from a Leaf Stone holding Weepinbell, it switches design radically into a direct bell-shape with a large upturned gaping mouth.

It flicks the large vine attached to its base and produces a sweet smell in order to lure victims in before consumption, aided by the acid it can spit.

Befitting such a horrific portrayal and existence is some fairly good stats, particularly in regards to Attack and Special Attack, only let down by its poor Defensive capacities.

17. Arbok


Arbok is Kobra backward, which is like a cobra. I bet you haven’t heard that one before. Firstly, Arbok is a beast. It’s 11 feet long and can re-orientate itself to tower over opponents.

Other than that, Arbok is basically just a cobra with extraordinary patterns on its breast and anime eyes. Nonetheless, its devastating strength makes it able to crush even steel apparatus with constriction, and it can regrow any part of its body outside of the head.

Unfortunately, the move pool and base statistics to Arbok make it a bad recommendation for tournament matches, especially with such a low Defence and HP.

16. Naganadel


Naganadel is a Dragon/Poison-type Ultra Beast resembling a blend between a wyvern and wasp.

It’s got a large stinger appendage that it uses to poison, and two crescent wings give it amplified speed statistics.

The lower half is also where its brain is, creepily, and it’s filled with poisonous fluid it ejects through the needle. I love the design of this guy, and being an Ultra Beast makes him seem even more mysterious.

15. Vileplume


When Gloom evolves holding a Leaf Stone, it turns into a Vileplume as opposed to a Bellossom. It’s a large bipedal flower, based on the world’s largest single flower (the Rafflesiaarnoldii) that matches its foul scent and aesthetic.

The larger the petals on its head, the greater potency the toxins it can release are. Before killing, the toxin paralyzes, which Vileplume uses to sedate intended prey.

It has fairly good Special Attack stats but otherwise isn’t a very effective competitive Pokémon due to its underwhelming Speed and Defence.

14. Toxapex


Toxapex is such a cool looking Pokémon! It’s technically very small but looks way bigger due to the large tentacles and appendages that come out of its head.

It uses these tentacles to walk and can even create a cocoon to shield them from rough waters or attacks. The spines attached to the sides can be fired at other Pokémon to afflict a terrifying poison effect.

Aside from looking badass, Toxapex can also pack a punch, sporting a sizable move pool and incredible defense. Unfortunately, it has a low HP and attack stat, making it far more viable competitively as a tank.

13. Amoonguss


After evolving from the small, cute Foongus, Amoonguss retains the Poke Ball aesthetic. This time, it’s larger and sporting two arms, at which end two shields designed like the Poke Ball.

Aside from its HP, it doesn’t possess incredible stats but has a fairly good move pool with a host of variables.

Nonetheless, I love it unabashedly fans service design. Like Voltorb, it takes a core graphical element of the series and incorporates it directly into a Pokémon, and I respect it for that!!!

12. Roserade


When holding a Shiny Stone, Roselia evolves into Roselade, a Grass/Poison-type Pokémon based on flora and masquerading. From the Zoro-esque mask to the sleek cape, it emanates secrecy and deception.

The flowers in their hands can transfer a devastating toxin, and Roserade relies on the sweet scent to draw them in.

It’s unfortunately not the most viable competitive Pokémon due to a restrained move pool, but its base statistics are actually very good. You can also catch Roserade at level one, bypassing the requirement of the Shiny Stone.

11. Nidoking


When exposed to a Moon Stone, Nidorino evolves into Nidoking, a towering purple behemoth of muscle and armored flesh. It’s an amalgam of rhinos, gorillas, mice, rabbits, and porcupines, taking features from them all to create a gargantuan beefcake of destruction.

When enraged, most trainers are unable to calm them down. This makes them a difficult Pokémon to work with. I’m not surprised. Just look at him!

They’re also quite viable for online competitive play, capable of one-hit KO’s and sporting rather spread out statistics.

10. Venomoth


Evolving from the adorable Venonat at level 31, Venomoth is a purple Poison Moth Pokémon from Generation I. It’s a flying purple bugger with adorably wide eyes, short pincers, and large butterfly wings. Being one of the simplest creatures in the series makes Venomoth strangely lovable, if not distinctly imaginative. With a calm and tranquil color palette and distinctly geometric patterning, it’s actually strangely beautiful.

It has a Bug/Poison-type making it a poor matchup against Fire and Psychic Pokémon, but able to pack a punch with a respectable move pool. Unfortunately, it’s less than average stats make it a non-viable competitive ‘mon.

9. Tentacruel


Tentacruel may look quite basic in design, but it’s still iconic and has been around since the very beginning and evolves from the similar-looking Tentacool at level 30.

Baring resemblance to jellyfish, it has a blue body with large red orbs on its head. Extending from that body are two appendages it uses to move and attack, alongside a ton of grey tentacles.

Unfortunately, it hasn’t got an amazing move pool, but it does have a rather generous Sp. Defense and Speed statistics.

8. Toxtricity


Toxtricity is a cool Pokémon that evolves from Toxel at level 30. It comes in two different forms and also has a Gigantamax form. Its Amped form is yellow and purple, with a more fiery temperament, whereas its Low Key form is blue and purple, predisposed towards a more timid personality.

It’s an awesome looking bipedal lizard, either based on an amaga and newt, reminiscent of the stereotypical punk rock aesthetic.

This musical motif is further amplified by the number of shest protrusions in each respective form, with the Amped form possessing six and the Low Key form possessing 4, signifying electric guitars and bass guitars. Toxtricity is also a viable online Pokémon, with a fairly generous move pool alongside its Electric/Poison-typing.

7. Salazzle


Salazzle features a questionable design, with all the hallmarks of a pre-Madonna human woman; breast indentations, pose, and eyelashes included. That said, she can only evolve from a female Salandit, so at least there’s a canonical reason for it, I guess?

Even then, Salazzle’s design is incredible. The pink markings, dull near-neon color palette, and thin digits reminiscent of a salamander all manage to sell its unique typing. She’s the only Pokémon with a Fire/Poison-type and also has a double Fairy resistance, making them an incredibly useful Pokémon, depending on the matchup.

6. Drapion


Drapion evolves from the similar-looking Skorupi at level-40 and is a portmanteau of a scorpion and vampiric entity. Much like the way it looks, Drapion is an aggressive Pokémon known to be incredibly territorial.

Featuring armored flesh and toxic emission, it’s a tank Pokémon with a high base Defence stat. As such, while it may last sometime in competitive matches, it won’t stack up against a vast majority of similarly built and accessible Pokémon.

5. Seviper


Seviper is one cool looking Pokémon. We’ve had a few snake Pokémon before and after this, but never one that looked like this.

With two large fangs and an assortment of oddities covering its serpentine body, ending with a bladed tale, Seviper looks like a snake designed to kill. All of this is finished with an adorable cheek smile and cunning eyes.

Unfortunately, Seviper isn’t a viable choice competitively given its inability to evolve or develop any killer moves. However, its stats aren’t bad for an early catch, and its lore is witty.

4. Venusaur


Venusaur is one of the OG Pokémon. In fact, it’s the third in the entire Pokedex, a towering reptilian of frog-like appearance with a gargantuan bulb on its back. Nintendo and Game Freak seem to recognize how iconic and cool Venusaur is, as it’s one of the most common Pokémon throughout various series ranging from Super Smash Bros. to the side-games.

Not only does it have a killer design, but it’s also viable for competitive use (especially after it received its Dynamax and Mega forms) due to its fairly good stats and fantastically large move pool. Freezy Plant used to be its signature attack, but G-Max Vine Lash has replaced that as it’s exclusive to Venusaur as a move.

3. Dragalge

First of all, Dragalge looks awesome. Evolving from a level-48 Srelp, it has a draconic underwater vibe that I love, perfectly matching the Poison/Dragon-typing it has been given.

Red crest and green antennae adorned atop a brown base color gives it an alien edge and further amplifies its namesake – a portmanteau amalgam of Dragon and Algae. They can spit incredibly corrosive poison, primarily eats algae, and generates energy by bathing in sunlight.

Moves like Gunk Shot, Dragon Pulse, Sludge Wave, and more makes Dragalge a potential powerhouse even if it’s not the most viable online selection.

2. Gengar


Look at this legend! Capable of both a Mega Evolution and a Dynamax form, evolving from Haunter and Gastly, Gengar is one of the most widely loved Pokémon from the original line up.

He’s a creepy, sneaky fella’ who likes to hide in shadows, jumping out at people before possession. Simple being in its presence makes you feel colder, as its body acts as a heat sink of up to 5°C. Gengar is also quite viable for online use, with its average skills receiving a large boost when Dynamaxed or Mega evolved. It’s the only Pokémon able to use the G-Max Move, G-Max Terror, too.

1. Eternatus


Eternatus is an awesome looking Poison/Dragon-type legendary with an incredible design. From its sleek, alien color scheme to its jagged skeletal and angular proportions, Eternatus stands out dramatically from the rest.

Canonically, Eternatus is the reason for the sudden resurgence in Dynamax and GigantamaxPokémon due to its immense power leaking out into the Galar region. However, its stats aren’t incredible, but they’ll definitely land you a few KO’s (particularly in single-player), and the powered-up form – EternamaxEternatus – is not available to the player, which is unfortunate.

This is one of the coolest, most imaginative creatures to come out of the series for some time. Here’s hoping we get more extra-terrestrial Pokémon later down the line.

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