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Top 21 Best Ghost Type Pokemon

Top 21 Best Ghost Type Pokemon

Ghost-type Pokémon are particularly undervalued in today’s ecosystem, and that’s a crying shame.

The ghost archetype has some of the most unique designs to ever grace the Pokémon landscape, and that’s really saying something.

While not as useful in battle as, say, dragon types, ghosts can still very much hold their own in the online arena.

I’ve decided to compile my favorite 21 ghost-type Pokémon into one super list in the spirit of Halloween.

Please do bear in mind that this is strictly my opinion. If you disagree, that’s okay! I mean, you’re wrong, but it’s okay. I’m joking, obviously.

Enough with the intro, here is my favorite 21 ghost-type Pokémon as of Sword and Shield.

Best Ghost Pokemon



Jellicent is one of those basic ghost types that don’t make it into a lot of people’s top lists, but it holds a special place in my heart.

It’s not particularly powerful, but goddamn is it pretty. It’s also one of the only Pokémon to have distinct models for both male and female variants.

Female Jellicents are all well and good, but the beauty of this Pokémon really does lie in the male model. I mean, just look at that handsome mustache.



Like Jellicent, Cofagrigus was introduced in Gen V but ultimately beats out Jellicent based on pure morbidity alone.

It’s said to swallow trainers that get too close to them and turn them into mummies. In case you didn’t get that, Cofagrigus is literally a murderer.

If that wasn’t dark enough, it’s pre-evolved form Yamask carries around a mask that mirrors its face when it was human, looks at it sometimes, and cries. Reminds me of looking at pictures of myself pre-lockdown.



If I have to explain why Mimikyu deserves a spot on this list, then you really are hopeless.

This recent addition to the Pikachu knock-off line has become something of a fan favorite, which is quite poetic when you consider its Moon Pokedex entry, which states it masks itself to get close to others and stop being so lonely.

On the flip side, in Pokémon Sun, its Pokedex entry states that a scholar once looked under its mask and died from terror. So yet again, we have another murdering ghost-type Pokémon on the list.



Generation VII came with a plethora of great ghost types; Dhelmise isn’t going to be the last one you see from this generation.

It’s an old ghostly anchor, which is honestly one of the coolest “item” based Pokémon the series has seen thus far.

On top of that, a swing from its giant anchor can reportedly “KO a Wailord in a single hit.” If only its actual competitive viability translated to this.



Mismagius is an old-school ghost type favorite of a lot of people, being that it was one of the best looking Pokémon to debut in Gen IV (subjective!)

Given its non-legendary nature, it’s actually made a surprisingly high number of appearances in the anime, which may be why it’s garnered such a large fanbase.

It’s got decent stats in-game, but it’s nothing to write home about. It cry does cause some people to experience hallucinations, though, so I can think of at least one use for this particular ‘mon.



If you don’t think Golurk deserves to be on this list, then fight me! These are my rankings, and I love Golurk.

Aside from being an absolute unit, Golurk is actually an automaton made by an ancient society.

In other words, it’s a machine, not a Pokémon. Suddenly sending one out to pummel a Pikachu to near-death seems morally ambiguous.

If that wasn’t cool enough, Golurk can apparently fly across the sky at Mach speeds, making it some sort of prehistoric super-weapon.

It has some serious usability in competitive play, too, which is really just the cherry atop an exceptional but truly bizarre cake.

Alolan Marowak

Alolan marowak

Marowak holds a special spot in any trainer who has played the original generations, so I was very excited when it got a brand-new Hawaiian makeover.

Thankfully, the final version of AlolanMarowak didn’t let my anticipation down.

Aside from the badass fire dancer inspired design, it was given a new rivalry with Mandibuzz in Sun and Moon, and the thought of a Marowak repeatedly hitting an ugly buzzard over the head with its bone is incredibly amusing to me.



When Lunala first came out, I’ll admit, I didn’t know what to think. It turned the classic legendary trope on its head, being the first legendary to actually have an evolution.

Since then, though, this particular Ghost type has grown on me tremendously.

Aside from its incredible looking design that reminds me of some sort of lunar vampire, its Pokedex entry states that it devours light, drawing the moonless dark veil of night over the brightness of day.

And honestly, that sounds like something I would have written back in High School.

Lunala looks like it would be more at home on the front of a Yu-Gi-Oh card as opposed to Pokémon, which is always going to net it some bonus points in my book.



Dusknoir was my first experience with evolution via trading with a special item, which is maybe why it holds such a special place in my heart.

Either way, there’s no denying that Dusknoir is a force unto itself.

It has some seriously hefty stats that make it usable both in casual and competitive play and acts as a Pokémon underworld Ferryman, helping to guide lost souls to the spirit world.


If you don’t know who Shedinja is, you are missing out big time. This ghostly bug is perhaps the single most unique Pokémon to ever be dreamt up in the wonderful mind of the Gamefreak team.

To get your hands on one, you need to evolve Nincada into Ninjask while you have an empty slot in your party and a spare Pokeball in your bag.

Shedinja has one hp. However, there are only five types of moves that affect it. All other types are completely negated.

To polish off what is already a super unique Pokémon, its Pokedex entry mentions that it steals the soul of anyone that attempts to look into its shell.



Palossand is yet another exceptional ghost type to come out of Gen VII.

For those unfamiliar with this Pokémon, it’s a possessed sandcastle. That’s it, and honestly, do I need to say any more than that?

I shouldn’t have to say more than that, but there is one extra little piece of information that I really can’t leave out.

Underneath Palossand is essentially a mass grave of dried up bones belonging to those who’s vitality Palossand has drained.

Despite being a sandcastle, this might just be the most brutally dark Pokémon on this list.



Rowlet might just be my favorite starter type of all time, and that’s thanks in no small part to its final evolution, Decidueye.

I’ll admit, my love for Decidueye comes from Pokken, the fighting spinoff for the switch, but the love is there all the same.

Decidueye is a viable competitor that is as close as a Pokémon is ever going to get to my Skyrim character.

It’s a hooded archer assassin, which is honestly not something I ever thought I’d see in Pokémon.



Drifblim was a ghost/flying type introduced in the best generation, Gen IV.

As a possessed balloon, Drifblim was already a favorite for the top X Pokémon lists, but what really makes this Pokémon special is its pre-evolved stage, Drifloon.

I categorize Drifloon in the same group that I do the likes of Hypno, which is to say the kidnapping Pokémon.

“Any child who mistakes Drifloon for a balloon and holds onto it could wind up missing.” That’s all there is to say on that.



I love Trevenant. Since it was introduced, it has been a staple of my main party in every game available.

Stat-wise, it’s nothing to scoff at. However, you’re not going to be putting it up against a Garchomp anytime soon.

I honestly can’t put my finger on what makes Trevenant appeal to me so much; maybe it’s the Tolkien-inspired design, or maybe it’s the fact that it devours intruders to its forest but shows kindness to forest-dwelling creatures.

Either way, it earns a spot on my list, and I don’t have to justify that decision to anyone!



Chandelure is similar to Trevenant for me in that it has quickly become my main-game go-to fire type.

Again, it’s hard for me to point towards what exactly makes my love this Pokémon so much.

It might be because Chandelure is actually pretty viable in competitive, and so is a monster when you’re just playing through the story.

Or that it just looks really cool. There’s also the fact that the Litwick line has some of my favorite shiny sprites of all time, tied with Ponyta and Rapidash. I don’t know; there’s something about blue fire that I just love.



Aegislash has become a stable of many trainer’s teams, both competitively online and during the main story.

Aside from its design being badass as hell, I mean, it’s a literal sword and shield; it is one of the most used competitive Pokémon out there today.

It can switch forms mid-battle to suit the situation at hand, giving it yet another competitive advantage that most others on this list don’t have.

Its Pokedex entries aren’t anything special, but that shouldn’t take away from just how powerful Aegislash is.



You knew Giratina would have to be on this list somewhere, right? I mean, the thing is literally Pokémon Satan.

Giratina is such a BAMF that Arceus, literal god, had to create a realm to imprison it in.

It looks incredible in both its altered and origin form and represents antimatter in the creation trio. It is literally the god of destruction. I really don’t have to say anything more on the matter than that.

As for its battle application, it’s a legendary, so what do you expect? Giratina demolishes most of whatever you put in front of it.

While you can’t get much use out of it in structured online competitive matches, you can throw it in your casual party for fun.

Of course, the biggest downside to Giratina is just how hard it is to get your hands on one. It only appears in a handful of games, and that really is a shame.


Dragapult is new to the Pokémon roster, but it has quickly shot up to the top of my favorite dragon’s list.

Gamefreak could have gone with some generic zombie dragon when they came up with this typing, but I’m so glad they didn’t.

It’s a, what? Stealth bomber? Missile carrier? It’s some kind of flying being that shoots missiles out of its head.

What does that have to do with a ghost/dragon typing? I have no idea, but honestly, I don’t care. It’s badass, and that’s all that counts.


Spiritomb is on this list for one reason and one reason only.

Back in the day of Diamond and Pearl, I had little to no information on Spiritomb. I wasn’t particularly aware of its existence, and I had no idea how to catch it.

Fast forward to the Pokémon League, and little old me finally makes his way to Cynthia. So there I am, all excited, and she sends out a Spiritomb. I’m thinking whatever, and proceed to watch as it mops the floor with my party.

I had no idea about its typing, and that ignorance cost me a lot of hours.

Aside from that little anecdote, Spiritomb is incredibly powerful and has a terrific design.



Is there any other Pokémon that could occupy the number one spot on this list?

Gengar is the OG ghost type, and it would be a disservice to put it at any other position than the top one.

Aside from being super powerful, Gengar’s design is beyond simple but remains to this day one of the best Pokémon designs ever created.

All it is is the shadow of a Clefairy, and yet it looks incredible.

If you’ve never used a Gengar, do yourself a favor and train one up. Trust me; you won’t regret it.

Final Thoughts

That’s the list. If you disagree, be sure to let us know why down in the comments section below.

We want to take this October as an opportunity to celebrate some of Pokémon’s least valued monsters, and we hope that you do too.

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