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Top 36 Best Fire Type Pokemon [2024]

Top 36 Best Fire Type Pokemon [2024]

Who doesn’t love a good Fire Type Pokemon? Their attacks are incredibly effective on Bug, Grass, and Ice Pokemon. They come with a wide variety of fiery attacks they can use on their opponents, and who could resist the vibrant flaming colors and beautiful designs of these characters?

If these are the type of Pokemon your heart gravitates towards, or even if you’re wondering about the basics about some of the many Fire Type Pokemon out there, then you’re in the right place! We’ll be talking about the Top 36 Best Fire Type Pokemon, along with their base stats, special attacks, and fun facts about them!

Best Fire Type Pokemon

36. Delphox


Kicking off this list, we have Delphox, the final evolution of Fennekin, and happens to be a Fire-Psychic Type. This Pokemon’s base stats are rather average, with its main strengths being in speed, special attack, and special defense.

Even though this Pokemon may seem a little underwhelming, Delphox stands out because of its ability to combine being a psychic with the element of fire, generating flames of incredible temperature, setting it’s opponents ablaze.

35. Volcrona


For a Pokemon that kind of looks like a moth, this one might surprise you! Many Fire Type Pokemon seem to find strength in their abilities to use special attacks, and Volcrons is no exception. When using this Pokemon, look out for being able to use their hidden ability Swarm, which increases the power of Bug Type moves by 50%.

34. Heatmor


Heatmor seems like a pretty average Pokemon on the surface, but when you realize that there’s a very strategic way to use this Pokemon, everything starts to make a lot more sense. For starters, this is an anteater, who is effective against Steel Type Pokemon.

The beauty of this is that Heatmor naturally, has been designed to go up against Durant, a Bug-Steel Type. So, as you may have guessed, Heatmor can take on Durant with no issue since it’s specialties come on top against the Bug-Steel. It’s funny because that’s how nature works out for these two in reality!

33. Houndoom


Houndoom is a dark Pokemon who looks like what some would describe as a dog from the underworld. And this description checks out. It was once said that people described its howls to sound like the grim reaper!

This Pokemon has the advantage of coming in two forms, either it’s a normal state or Mega Houndoom, the difference being that Mega has much better stats, especially for special attack, and increases its defense significantly.

32. Oriorico- Baile Style

Oriorico Baile Style

Some Pokemon have the advantage of being able to change into different forms depending on the environment they’re in. Oriorico falls into this category- influenced by the Alola islands and can change between 4 styles depending on flower nectar.

Unfortunately, while this is a unique quality to have in a Pokemon, the Baile Style Oriorico is on the weaker side in terms of ability. This may be to your advantage if they’re your opposition, but if you happen to catch one, you’re going to want to get a lot of training in.

31. Heatran


Heatram is a lava Pokemon whose behavior and general character are similar to that of a volcanic eruption, which is fitting, to say the least. Their specialty is a special attack, some of the best moves for this Pokemon being Fire Spin and Flamethrower to deal a good amount of damage.

Overall, Heatran’s base stats aren’t as impressive as a lot of other Fire Type Pokemon maybe, but the good news is they don’t evolve, so you can train them up to become unstoppable.

30. Centiskorch


A lot of people who are even remotely familiar with Pokemon have come to realize that, as sad as it is, a lot of our centipede Pokemon friends aren’t the most intimidating, to put it lightly. Let’s be honest, if you saw a fiery centipede, would you cower in fear? Probably not.

But, thankfully, that’s not always the case! While Centiskorch may not be the toughest out of the bunch, their base attack isn’t all too shabby, and neither is their HP. And, contrary to what we’ve been lead to believe, they’re not all too small either, measuring up to over 9 ft, and radiates heat that’s so intense, it can set off storms.

29. Cinderace


Unique to Cinderace and the evolutions of this Pokemon that come before, the most unique thing they have to offer is their special ability- Libero. This ability allows Pokemon to change type based on the type of move that it’s about to use, which can be most useful when up against Pokemon that they’re usually more vulnerable to.

28. Castform- Sunny

Castform Sunny

Castform is another Pokemon that has the unique ability to change their form depending on what’s going on around them. Unlike with Oriorico, instead of being affected by something like the nectar of a flower, it’s much more vulnerable to its environment because they change depending on the weather.

As you probably guessed, Castform will change to Sunny when there are clear skies, but instead of turning into a pleasant, calm Pokemon like we usually think about sunny days, they become hot to the touch and become a Fire Type.

27. Emboar


Emboar, also known as the Mega Fire Pig, has its strengths in attack. Low kick and Focus Blast are what their especially good at, and their hidden ability is Reckless, which increases recoil moves by 20%.

These guys certainly have weaknesses when it comes to their speed and defense, so if you’re planning on using them for battle, make sure they’re the ones delivering all the hits, not getting hit themselves!

26. Rapidash


This fiery horse is the next step up from Ponyta and has been admired by many for how beautiful this Pokemon’s overall design. As many horses are, Rapidash’s greatest strength is their speed, and rightfully so. One of their abilities they can use is Run Away because they know when it’s time to turn from a fight.

As well as being able to use Run Away, Rapidash’s hidden ability is Flame Body, increasing the chances that any opponent that strikes will be burned by 30%.

25. Rotom- Heat

Rotom Heat

Another Pokemon to add to the family of the one’s with incredible adaptability is none other than Rotom. Once you’ve obtained the catalog of different household appliances, appropriately called Rotom’s Catalog, you’ll be able to watch this Pokemon change between 5 forms, not including its original.

In terms of fire, Heat Rotom is what we’re interested in. Of course, they gain this form through a microwave, which significantly increases most of its stats. While stats won’t really vary between which form Rotom chooses, through heat, they’ll be able to manipulate flames- and even potentially burn your clothes.

24. Moltres


Moltres is one of the many Fire Type Pokemon of the avian variation, with wings and a tail that leave a trail of flames behind. This Pokemon has been known in-game to be an indicator of the beginning of spring and can even induce spring in wintry areas.

In terms of what Moltres brings to the table for battle, their specialty lies in special attacks, even though that the rest of their stats aren’t anything to brush off. This Pokemon’s hidden ability is Flame Body, similarly to that of Rapidash.

23. Volcanion


Instead of using actual fire to its advantage, this Fire Type relies on the power of heat and steam. In fact, this steam that it creates is so powerful. It’s been said that it has the ability to blow an entire mountain away.

In addition to manipulating steam, it can use water in its liquid form as well with an attack called Water Absorb. As self-explanatory as it may seem, this attack is effective when they’re up against a Water Type, healing itself from a bit of the damage it took from the attack they received.

22. Magmortar


A Pokemon that’s basically a living, breathing flamethrower- yea, that exists, and it’s called Magmortar. This Pokemon’s flames are so powerful that they’ll actually turn whatever they hit with their fireballs into nothing more than a crisp.

Of course, one of the attacks that this Pokemon is most known for is Flame Body, as seen before in Moltres. In addition, Magmor’s hidden ability is called Vital Spirit, allowing it to avoid potentially falling asleep- but that also means you won’t be able to use Rest simultaneously.

21. Entei


Entei probably has some of the best HP stats that we’ve seen on this list so far, as well as being well-versed in terms of attack and speed. Since this Pokemon resembles a dog, it’s no surprise that they rely on their bark while in action, which causes a volcano to go off somewhere in the world.

In addition to using their mighty bark, Entei’s hidden ability is referred to as Inner Focus, which protects them from flinching. This might not sound all that exciting at first, but especially when a headbutt move has attacked your Pokemon, this can be rather handy!

20. Infernape


Attacks, special attacks, and speed are this Pokemon’s thing. Their speed is made possible by the fact that they’re a primate especially good at traveling around on both their hands and feet, making abilities like Iron Fist possible.

As well as being able to deal mighty punches and run around at great speeds, Infernape has also been credited as being involved in material arts, which is where their style of fighting has been adopted.

19. Flareon


Eevee is known as being one of the biggest Pokemon in terms of how many evolutions can come as a result, and of course, Flareon is that of the fiery nature. This Pokemon relied on heat to provide them with a fire breath after their internal temperature reaches over 3,000 degrees. And every Pokemon has to cool off somehow. In Flareon’s case, they puff out their collar to release excess heat.

Being able to use an attack like Flash Flame doesn’t come as a surprise after hearing just how hot this Pokemon can get, but in addition, like most other Pokemon, they have a hidden ability as well. Guts are especially useful for any Pokemon that has the ability to use it because it raises whatever attack it’s delivering to an extra 50%!

18. Semisear


Semisear operates like a furnace, burning flames in its body that can be used for an attack. How exactly do those flames generate the energy, you may ask? From sweets! And this may explain why one of its attacks is called Gluttony- when they see that their HP has dropped below 50%, they’ll use a Pinch Berry, unlike the normal 25%.

But that’s not all these Pokemon are capable of! With the flames they have been creating inside of them, they can use Blaze that is sure to power up any of its fire attacks, ensuring victory.

17. Coalossal


This coal Pokemon gets easily upset when they’re reminded of how the mines have been mistreated. Seeing as they’re literally made of coal, this makes sense, and we can sympathize with them a little bit. However, in general, they tend to be rather relaxed Pokemon.

Through coal’s power, this Pokemon can use attacks that manipulate both steam and flames, creating well-rounded combustion. And while Coalossal is overall a pretty great character, their one major downside is that they’re incredibly slow.

16. Mega Blaziken

Mega Blaziken

Blaziken can come in both it’s normal form and Mega, and of course, we’re a little more interested as to what exactly “mega” entails. It turns out their attack power is off the charts, and their special attack isn’t something to be left ignored either!

It’s most recognized for it’s punching abilities, which is because of the fact that flames literally come out of their wrists, reaching their knuckles. Additionally, the Blaziken can jump over 30 stories high.

15. Torkoal


Personally, I have a soft spot for this Pokemon. He reminds me of someone who’s old, wise, and calm, which is probably in part because tortoises are known to live really long lives. Besides the point, the Torkoal’s shell actually serves an important purpose- they burn coal inside of their shells to keep up their energy and prepare them for battle.

Those flames aren’t just to get them pumped up for a fight, though! They’re vital to the Torkoal, and if the flames are ever to burn out, the Pokemon will, unfortunately, die as a result.

14. Alolan Marowak

Alolan marowak

Alolan Marowak is a Ghost-Fire Type Pokemon, and this is because back in the early generations of the game, a story unfolds about how this Pokemon dies and comes back as a ghost. And of course, the Fire side to that is because the normal Marowak is only a Fire Type.

An interesting fact about this Pokemon is that their attacks double when you give them a thick club- so keep that in mind when you want to use all of this Pokemon’s potential!

13. Talonflame


If you’re looking for a Fire Type Pokemon who’s all about speed, then Talonflame is the perfect Pokemon for you! Their best stat is, of course, speed, which they don’t just use for themselves. In addition to being quick themselves, by using Tailwind, they can help all of your Pokemon to move faster.

12. Reshiram


Reshiram is another Pokemon that excels in one area, but instead of being a special defense like the Ho-oh, they’re really good when it comes to special attacks! This can be seen with their ability, Turboblaze, unique to the Reshiram and Kyurem, which prevents an opponent’s ability to effect moves that Reshirm is using.

Additionally, this Pokemon channels flames through their tails. It’s said that the heat from these flames can cause the weather to change around the world!

11. Arcanine


Arcanine may not look like they have the best stats on their own, but the reason they’re as important as they are is that they can use Snarl, which lowers other Pokemon’s stats. Think of it as leveling the playing field.

This Pokemon also comes with Justified’s hidden ability, which raises up the one using the attack by one stage when hit by a Dark-Type move.

10. Mega Camerupt

Mega Camerupt

As with the other Pokemons that have a Mega form, they, of course, have a normal side of themselves that are seen as well, but we’re all dying to know what’s different about them when they’re new and improved.

Similar to other Fire Type Pokemon, the Mega Camerupt uses something fiery that explodes from their body to deal with attacks. However, this Pokemon literally had a volcano inside of them, which causes lava to shoot out, which usually happens whenever they get really angry.

9. Darmatian- Zen Mode

Darmatian Zen Mode

Through Zen Mode, Darmation harnesses the powers of both psychic and fire, allowing itself to calm down, and stop moving around as much once it’s been injured. Zen Mode, being its hidden ability for Daramatian, doesn’t kick in until their HP drops down below half.

While this makes it seem like their strength here would be in defense, surprisingly enough, they’re actually better at special attacks. One of its main attacks is Sheer Force, which increases the attacks that have secondary effects by 30%.

8. Typhlosion


Typlosion is a Pokemon made to resemble a volcano with its explosions and fire, usually resulting in everything around it being burnt beyond recognition. This can especially be seen through its hidden ability Flash Fire, which causes explosions to come out of its fur.

7. Incineroar


Incineroar is a tough Pokemon to work with. They’ve been previously described as selfish and have a tendency not to listen to others if they’re not in the mood to-and that includes their own trainer. The good news is, if you’re willing to put in the extra effort, this Pokemon can be a great addition!

One of the abilities that this Pokemon possesses is Intimidate, which lowers the attack of all opponents by one. However, sometimes, it can feel like Incinerator is sabotaging a fight, especially with the use of Power Attack and Parting Shot, which prevent you from attacking- watch out!

6. Chandelure


Chandelure keeps its flames burning in a much different way than Torkoal. Instead, it relies on the absorption of a spirit then discards the physical body they took the soul from. Continuing the spookiness of this Pokemon, they’re usually found in old abandoned mansions, haunting them, and have been said if a Chandelure is illuminating someone’s house, a funeral is bound to happen.

Already, that backstory makes this Pokemon pretty cool. Making them even better, their hidden ability is Infiltrator. This allows the Pokemon to ignore the effects of attacks such as Reflect, Light Screen, and Safeguard.

5. Ho-oh

Ho Oh

The Ho-oh has some of the best base stats that we’ve been in terms of Fire Types. Especially when it comes to special defense, there’s next to no match when they’re up against another opponent! Most of this is because their hidden ability is Regenerator, which allows them to restore some of their HP when withdrawn from battle.

Additionally, this Pokemon is one of the most positive ones on the list. It’s said that they can be found at the foot of a rainbow, and they bring eternal happiness to anyone who gets the chance to see it!

4. Turtonator


Turtonator is known for their signature massive shell, which attributes to their amazing abilities in terms of defense. Even one of the main abilities they have is called Shell Armor, which protects them from all critical hits.

What makes their shells so powerful? Explosives are coated on their back, so when an enemy hits, they end up being the ones that go down, not Turtonator. The downside to this, though, is that even though they’re great when it comes to defense, they don’t do too well in other areas, especially speed.

3. Blacephalon


Blacephalon is truly a Pokemon of their own, they’re known as a firework Pokemon and have been known to sneak up on people and let its own head explode. Usually, for people, this is a figure of speech, but Blacephalon means this literally!

Most recognizable is their stats for special abilities, and their most notable ability is Beast Boost. This makes it so that it’s the best stat, in this case, special ability, will increase each time before defeating another Pokemon.

2. Charizard- X

Charizard X

Mega Charizard X separates itself from Mega Charizard Y because, rather than being especially good at only special attacks, it is equally good at regular attacks and special attacks. They have their own unique abilities, too, including Tough Claws, which may not be as rare as an attack like Drought, but does increase the power of moves that make contact.

1. Charizard- Y

Charizard Y

On the other hand, Mega Charizard Y differs from X because of its proficiency in special attacks. Their abilities include Drought, which is used by creating an intense ray of sunlight when opponents come into battle. This form of Charizard is one of 5 Pokemon that have this ability, making it pretty rare.

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