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Top 30 Best Dog Pokemon – Canine Pokemon Ranked

Top 30 Best Dog Pokemon – Canine Pokemon Ranked

If you’re looking for the perfect canine companion, look no further than these best Dog Pokémon.

Each one of these dog or canine-inspired Pokémon has been meticulously ranked. Let us know what your favorite is!

Best Dog Pokemon Ranked

30. Smeargle


At first glance, many believe Smeargle to be a kind of monkey Pokémon, but we’re here to tell you that they’re actually a canine. Smeargle has beagle-like features, including floppy, brown ears.

There’s even a brown collar around their neck. In several of the language translations of Smeargle’s name, it is said that their name means “dog” or something similar.

Now, the reason that Smeargle is at the back of this list is that they aren’t particularly powerful. They’re only as strong as their current level allows them to be.

The only move Smeargle can learn, or use is Sketch, which allows them to permanently copy any other move.

That may sound great, but you could easily get stuck with moves you don’t want for 10 levels if you aren’t careful.

29. Manectric


An Electric-type Pokémon from Generation III, Manectric has clear canine looks. Paws, claws, and a long snout, this dog is ready to fight.

The blue and yellow coloration of Manectric’s design is sharp and clear, with enough ragged edges and points that you won’t mistake them for anything other than an Electric-type Pokémon.

The move set that Manectric has is pretty interesting. If you manage to breed one and hatch the egg, you’ll find that they can learn a Fire-type move at level one.

But, if you catch your own a little later, you’ll still be treated to a bunch of Electric-type moves, including Wild Charge and Thunder.

28. Poochyena


Known as the Bite Pokémon, Poochyena has a lot of canine features. Of course, with their coloring, they could be considered more wolf than domestic dogs, but a dog’s a dog, so let’s learn a little more about this puppy.

At level 18, Poochyena will evolve into Mightyena, and both are categorized as Dark-type Pokémon.

Before evolving, Poochyena can learn several Normal-type moves, such as Roar and Howl. At level 10, they’ll learn the Dark-type move Bite, and there’s even the Ground-type move Sand Attack on their list at level 7.

27. Mightyena


The final evolution stage of Poochyena, Mightyena, takes the wild dog look and runs with it.

Very wolf-like, intimidating, and ready to attack. If you needed any more evidence that Mightyena is a canine, these Pokémon live in packs in the wild, following the orders that their leaders give.

After evolving, the first move a Mightyena will learn is the Dark-type move Snarl.

This is a special move with 95% accuracy that the Pokémon can only learn during the evolution phase. By leveling, the next move your Mightyena will learn is Swagger.

26. Snubbul


Fans of bulldogs will love to get their hands on a Snubbul! This grumpy, pink Pokémon, is a Fairy-type and evolves into Granbull at level 23.

For any game that came out before Generation VI Pokémon games, Snubbul was originally a Normal-type Pokémon.

If you manage to egg your Snubbul at level one or from an egg, there are seven different moves that they have the ability to learn from the very start.

These include Ice, Fire, and Thunder Fang, as well as the Fairy-type move Charm. The other three moves are Normal-type, with one offensive move, and two defensive moves.

25. Granbull


So, your Snubbul has reached level 23, and you’ve decided to allow the evolution sequence to flow through to the end, rather than stopping it.

At this point, there are six more moves that this purple bulldog can learn by leveling up.

At level 27, you’ll be able to let your Granbull learn the Normal-type move Roar.

Roar is usually a move that other Pokémon learn pretty early on, and it’s the only status-effecting move in Granbull’s arsenal.

Otherwise, the rest of their moves are completely physical ones. With the last being Outrage, a Dragon-type move that Granbull learns at level 67.

24. Furfrou


Furfrou couldn’t be anything other than a dog. This Pokémon looks something like a large poodle, definitely the kind of beautiful dog that you see at dog shows.

You can even trim Furfrou’s fur into different shapes, and have it dyed in various colors. Cutting Furfrou’s fur increases their swiftness, too, so it’s not all about looks.

There’s no evolution for Furfrou, but that doesn’t mean they lack in strength. By level 48, your Furfrou will have learned every single move that it can by leveling up.

These moves include the Normal-type move Take Down, as well as the Dark-type move Sucker Punch.

23. Growlithe


A Fire-type Pokémon that’s been around since Generation I, Growlithe makes it easy to have a strong Pokémon in your party at all times.

Known as the Puppy Pokémon, we’ve seen Growlithe a lot through the Pokémon series. Including by the side of Officer Jenny as a Police Dog.

When it comes to evolving your Growlithe, be patient. Growlithe only requires a Fire stone to evolve into their final form – Arcanine – but you’ll want to finish leveling Growlithe up high enough to learn all their moves first.

22. Zamazenta


An armored canine that reminds us of the knights of old, Zamazenta is here to protect their trainer and the world.

This fierce dog Pokémon is the mascot for the game Pokémon Shield and is a Legendary Pokémon from Generation VIII.

Although Zamazenta doesn’t have any evolutionary forms, they do have a second form that they can transform into when given a Rusted Shield to hold—definitely adding to the knight theme there! A true warrior Pokémon, Zamazenta has a range of attacks and status moves that come from all different move types.

For example, they have the Steel-type move Iron Head, and the Dark-type move Crunch.

21. Zorua


The first of a few different fox-likeZorua that made it onto this list, Zoruais a Dark-type Zorua from Generation V.

Now, the thing about foxes is that they are canines, but they have a few feline traits that make people question them.

Zorua is a darkly colored Pokémon, with a tuft of fur on their head that looks a bit like a candle flame. Before they naturally evolve at level 30, there are plenty of moves that they’ll learn as they level up.

For instance, there’s the Dark-type move Foul Play at level 29. This move has 100% accuracy and a power of 95.

The perfect move for a fox Pokémon to know before their next evolutionary stage.

20. Zoroark


Speaking of evolutionary stages, Zoroark is Zorua’s evolved form. Zorua may look like a sweet, if mischievous, Dark-type, but all of that sweetness disappears when they evolve.

Zoroark stands on their hind legs, their fur spiked in places, ready to swipe with their claws at any given moment.

From level 30, when Zorua evolves into this form, the newly formed Zoroark can learn Night Slash.

After this, there are several more Dark-type moves for your Zoroark to learn, as well as two Psychic-type moves: Agility and Imprison.

19. Fennekin


We’re sticking with the foxes for the time being and bringing Fennekin to center stage! Fennekin was a starter Pokémon for Pokémon X and Y, alongside Chespin and Froakie.

This fox Pokémon was one of the first five Pokémon to be revealed to the public when Generation VI was announced on Pokémon Direct.

Your Fennekin will evolve for the first time at level 16, but before that happens, there are plenty of great moves for them to learn as you level them up.

At level 14, they’ll learn the powerful Fire-type move Flame Charge, which will make their old Ember move look like a candle flame in comparison.

18. Braixen


With their Hidden Ability “Magician,” Braixen is ready to take Fire-type Pokémon to the next level.

This fox Pokémon stands on their hind legs and carries around a stick in their tail to use as a torch in their attacks. They evolve for the final time at level 36, forming Delphox.

This is where the Psychic-type moves start to come into play for Fennekin’s evolutionary forms.

Braixen can learn two Psychic-type moves before they evolve again, with a third one coming up as they evolve at level 36. It’s really interesting to see a Fire-type Pokémon with a few Psychic-type moves in their arsenal.

17. Yamper


When the next generation of Pokémon was announced for Pokémon Sword and Shield, everyone fell in love with Yamper.

This Electric-type Pokémon has the disposition and looks of a corgi, with a little lenience in design, to make them an obvious Electric-type.

Though Yamper doesn’t have too many moves in their skillset, they do evolve at level 25, and their learning rate is nicely set out (typically learning a new move every five to six levels).

Alongside their Electric-type moves, they also have two Fairy-type moves to learn at level 26 and level 45.

16. Boltund


Once your Yamper has hit level 25, you’ll be rewarded with a happy, bigger Electric-type dog.

Boltund can channel enough electricity into their legs to run for three days without stopping, reaching 50MPH at their top speed.

There are no extra moves that Boltund can learn that Yamper can’t learn already, so it’s really up to you to decide when to let the evolution happen.

If Yamper evolves into Boltund at level 25, the next move they’ll learn in Charm at level 28. This is a Fairy-type status move used to help disarm your opponent.

15. Nickit


A fox Pokémon that embodies the slyness of foxes, Nickit is a Dark-type Pokémon from Generation VIII.

Nickit’s design accentuates the usual fox look, giving them longer ears, a larger tail, and a pointed snout. At level 18, they evolve into Thievul.

Almost all of Nickit’s moves are Dark-type, with three exceptions. Quick Attack, Tail Whip, and Tail Slap are Normal-type moves that Nickit can learn at various levels.

The most powerful move they can learn before evolving is Assurance at level 16.

14. Thievul


There’s an interesting bit of Pokémon lore that tells us that Thievul and Boltund are enemies.

But Thievul also fights with Liepard over territorial boundaries. It looks like this fox Pokémon isn’t around to make friends.

Once Nickit has evolved in Thievul at level 18, there are still plenty of moves for them to learn. The first being Nasty Plot at level 22.

Your Thievul will keep learning new moves every six levels until level 52.

The final move Thievul learns is Parting Shot, which lowers the Attack and Special Attack of their target before switching Thievul out for another Pokémon in your party.

13. Houndour


Combining Dark-type and Fire-type abilities, Houndour is a canine Pokémon that we’ve seen since Generation II.

There are some interesting bone-like features to Houndour, such as the simple skull on their forehead and the rib-like bands on their back.

Houndour communicates with each other and other Pokémon by using a series of barks and howls.

They’re very loyal, often hunt in packs, and stake claim over certain territories that have rough terrain. Houndour has one Poison-type move that they can learn at level eight.

All other moves are Dark, Fire, and Normal-type moves.

12. Houndoom


From level 24, your Houndour has the ability to naturally evolve into Houndoom. At this point, your Houndoom will have no more Normal-type moves to learn.

Where Houndour’s design is a simple, tame take on a devilish dog, Houndoom has horns and a devil’s tail to complete the look.

The very last move that Houndoom can learn through being trained and leveled up comes at level 56.

This is the Fire-type move Inferno, which is a Special attack move that has a chance of giving your opponent the Burn status if the attack succeeds. There is a 50% success rate.

11. Lillipup


Standing up from the crowd of Generation V Pokémon, here’s Lillipup! Lillipupis the Puppy Pokémon with the Hidden Ability “Run Away.”

Based on their appearance and the original Japanese name (“Yorterrie”), we know that Lillipup is based on a Yorkshire Terrier dog.

Lillipup is a Normal-type Pokémon that evolves twice – once at level 16, and again at level 32.

Before they evolve, this little puppy has the ability to learn a handful of Normal-type moves, as well as one Dark-type move and one Fairy-type move.

10. Stoutland


The final evolutionary form of Lillipup, after Herdier, Stoutland, is a fully grown canine that embodies that shaggy Yorkshire terrier look. You can get your Stoutland by ensuring that your Herdier reaches level 32.

Once your Pokémon is that high of a level, there are never too many moves left for them to learn.

With Stoutland, there are five more moves to learn. These include Retaliate at level 36, and the Fairy-type move Play Rough at level 63.

9. Entei


One of the Legendary dog Pokémon, Entei, was said to have been brought back to life by Ho-Oh after the Brass Tower was burnt.

Entei represents the flames that brought down the tower and has no evolutionary forms

Entei appeared in Generation II of Pokémon as a Fire-type. The last time their move set was changed was during Generation VII.

Entei can learn plenty of Fire-type moves, as well as a handful of Normal and Psychic moves. At level one, Entei also has the possibility of learning the Dark-type move Bite.

8. Suicune


Another of the Legendary dog Pokémon, Suicune, represents the rain that eventually put out the fires of the Brass Tower.

Like Suicune’s counterparts, Entei and Raikou, they are said to have extraordinary abilities.

All three dogs have appeared several times throughout the Pokémon manga and anime and had a major part in the Pokémon movie Celebi: The Voice of the Forest.

Suicune has the ability to learn moves from a variety of typesets, including Water, Ice, and Psychic. Like Entei, they can also learn Bite at level one.

Interestingly enough, Suicune can learn a single Flying-type move, as well.

7. Vulpix


Vulpix has been around since Generation I of Pokémon and has played a few important roles throughout the years.

Perhaps the most memorable long-term appearance is Brock’s Vulpix from the Pokémon anime adaptation.

This Vulpix is an important part of Brock’s character development, taking him from being a trainer who purely trains Rock-type Pokémon to one who has more Pokémon care knowledge.

Vulpix can evolve into Ninetails at any time, as long as you have a Fire Stone to hand.

When evolving Pokémon using items, rather than leveling them up, it’s best to look at their move sets and figure out the right time to evolve them based on the skills they’ll learn while you’re training them.

6. Ninetails


From Vulpix’s red, cute form to Ninetail’s elegant golden-white figure, there’s a clear change between these two Pokémon.

Ninetails is said to be able to live for a thousand years, and there is lore that each of their tails holds a different mystical power.

As mentioned in the Vulpix entry, to evolve Vulpix into Ninetails, you just need to give them a Fire Stone.

There are no new moves that your Ninetails can learn that your Vulpix couldn’t already get in their skillset.

5. Herdier


Herdier, the first of two evolutions for the PokémonLillipup. With a cape of navy-blue fur, Herdier looks like a rescue dog on a mission.

They’re very loyal and are known to help their trainers raise the other Pokémon that they have.

Between evolving into Herdier and getting to the right level to evolve into Stoutland, Herdier will only learn three new moves.

These are Work Up, Crunch, and Roar. Of these, only Crunch is a Dark-type move, while the other two are Normal-type moves.

Crunch is an attack move with 100% accuracy. In terms of looking like the dog they’re supposed to be, Herdier definitely deserves to be high on any canine Pokémon list.

4. Lycanroc


Evolving from Rockruff at level 25, Lycanroc takes on different appearances, depending on when they are evolved.

There are three forms Lycanroc can take, which is more than any Eevee evolution (with Espeon forming during the day, and Umbreon at night, with the others being pretty separate forms).

In Pokémon Sun/Ultra Sun, your Rockruff will evolve into their Midday Form. This is a wild canine design, with sharp blue eyes, and tri-toned fur.

In Moon/Ultra Moon, you’ll achieve the Midnight Form. This form gives a very werewolf-esque vibe, with Rockruff having glowing red eyes and being hunched over.

Finally, a Rockruff in either Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon that has Own Tempo can evolve into the Dusk Form.

A beautiful re-color of the Midday Form, with orange fur around their head and legs.

3. Lucario


Lucario is very favored by the Lucario community for being powerful, agile, and a well-rounded Fighting-type Pokémon.

Introduced in Generation IV, Lucario is a dual-type Pokémon of Fighting and Steel.

If you think you’re getting déjà vu, that’s because Lucario appears to be based on Anubis, the Egyptian God.

Lucario has the ability to see the aura of any living being – this is not dissimilar to Anubis’s ability to judge someone’s heart based on their actions in life.

2. Arcanine


We mentioned Growlithe earlier in this piece. Arcanine is Growlithe’s evolved form and can be gained when you give your fire puppy a Fire Stone at any point.

It’s best to evolve your Growlithe into Arcanine after they’ve reached level 56 and learned Flare Blitz.

This is because Arcanine only learns one new move upon evolving – the Normal-type move Extreme Speed.

Any other moves beyond what your Arcanine learned as a Growlithe, or Extreme Speed, will have to be taught using TMs and HMs.

1. Zacian


A Fairy-type Pokémon that came to us very recently in Generation VIII.

Zacian is the game mascot of Pokémon Sword and has a second form that you can activate when you give them a Rusted Sword to hold as an item.

Like their Pokémon Shield counterpart, Zacian will learn a new move every 10 levels. These consist of Normal, Dark, Fighting, and Steel moves.

There’s also one Fairy-type move: Moonblast. This Legendary Pokémon is quite the canine powerhouse!

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