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Top 30 Best Cat Pokemon – Feline Pokemon Ranked [2024]

Top 30 Best Cat Pokemon – Feline Pokemon Ranked [2024]

If you’re looking for the purrfect companion, look no further than these Cat Pokémon. Each one of these cat or feline-inspired Pokémon has been meticulously ranked. Let us know what your favorite is!

Best Cat Pokemon Ranked

30. Meowth


The most well-known Meowth is obviously the beloved little guy that’s part of the original Team Rocket “bad guy” trio. Along with Jessie and James, this Meowth has taken to the streets and skies of the Pokémon world to cause mischief and get into all sorts of trouble.

Meowths are known for using a move called “Pay Day,” but Team Rocket’s Meowth gave up his ability to learn and use this money-gaining skill to speak human languages, instead. With his cat eyes, whiskers pointed ears, paws, and tail, you can’t say that Meowth is anything other than a cat Pokémon.

Of course, the Generation I designs was simpler and easier to recognize as regular animals that newer Pokémon designs.

29. Skitty


A pink cat Pokémon that may remind some people of dwarf cats. Skitty has very small legs, large ears, and can only evolve when they are given a Moon Stone. This little Pokémon came about during Generation III and is known for its cutesy looks and move set.

Most of Skitty’s moves are Normal-type moves. These include a lot of status moves to disarm their opponents. The few physical moves that Skitty has come fairly late in their leveling list, and it’s likely that they would have evolved by then (though they shouldn’t be!)

Skitty also has a few Fairy-type moves, as well as one Fighting-type move – that being Wake-up Slap.

28. Delcatty


As the evolved form of Skitty, Delcatty is also noticeably a cat-like Pokémon. Albeit a larger cat with a few liberties in design. Delcatty loses the pink color of Skitty, changing to a deep purple, but keeping the yellow tones.

Their design is quite elegant, rather than the cute, playful design that Skitty has. A fair warning to any players out there that are thinking of using a moonstone on Skitty early – don’t. Delcattydoesn’t have any later moves to learn, and you’d be limiting yourself to teaching them TMs to give them decent attack skills.

27. Eevee


Eevee is an interesting Pokémon design. They are some combination of dog-cat-fox, with feline and canine traits seen throughout their evolutions. In earlier Pokémon games, trainers would only ever be able to get one Eevee throughout their Pokémon journey, so it became a point of conversation as to which Eeveelution was the best one and why.

Back then, of course, there were only three to five Eeveelutions, and trading or getting extra Pokémon on your game was harder. Today’s newer games make having multiple Eevees (and therefore multiple Eevee evolutions) much easier.

Eevee is a pretty basic Normal-type Pokémon until they’re evolved, which of the eight evolutions you choose is up to you!

26. Flareon


Give Eevee a Fire Stone and be treated to the sight of the fluffy Flareon! Of all of the Eeveelutions, Flareonis considered to be the weakest, but that just isn’t true – they can still pack a punch, and they shouldn’t be underestimated.

Flareon also has the most design traits in common with Eevee, keeping much of the original design and just fleshing it out and making it look more like a Fire-type is expected to look. Once you evolve Eevee into Flareon, they’ll immediately learn Ember – a Fire-type move with 100% accuracy.

Following that, most of the decent moves for Flareon come around level 30, but there’s also Smog at level 20 and Bite at level 25. So it’s best to evolve your Eevee around then for better results and more powerful attacks.

25. Vaporeon


Our next Eeveelution on this list is Vaporeon! Vaporeon is another of the first three Eeveelutions that existed in the world of Pokémon. Vaporeon is a Water-type Pokémon that may look more like a fish but still acts like a feline. To get your Eevee to turn into Vaporeon, simply give them a Water Stone.

As for Vaporeon’s move set, it’s actually quite varied. From level 20 onwards, your Vaporeon will learn skills such as Haze, Aurora Beam, and Acid Armour. Though Vaporeon is a Water Type, your newly evolved fish-cat has Fairy, Water, Poison, and Ice moves in their skillset.

24. Jolteon


Give Eevee a Thunder Stone, and you’ll be gifted with the agile Jolteon! Joteon is an Electric-type Pokémon who has a decent attack, defense, and stamina stats. They aren’t the best stats out of all the Eeveelutions, but this electric feline can hold its own.

Jolteon’s moves have developed over the Generations of Pokemon that have been released. Being an Electric-type with no secondary class type, you’d assume that they only have Electric moves. You’d be wrong.

Joteon has a mixture of Fairy, Electric, Fighting, Bug, and Psychic moves, as well as the Normal-type moves that come from Eevee. Like the other Eeveelutions so far, it’d be best to evolve this yellow rush of lightning around level 20.

23. Umbreon


Umbreon’s big debut outside of the anime and manga was the Gamecube classic Pokémon Colosseum. It was a pretty big deal to start a Pokémon game without being given the choice of three starters or a Pikachu to walk around with.

The only darker, “edgy” Eeveelution to exist, Umbreon is a Dark-type with red eyes and carries a lot of Eevee’s more fox-like traits. Saying that there are parts of Umbreon that still look feline in the way that foxes carry feline and canine traits.

In terms of the move set of this pokemon, Umbreon doesn’t learn too many Dark-type moves by leveling up. There are three Dark-type moves in their skill list, with those being Snarl, Assurance, and Dark Pulse. The rest of Umbreon’s moves are made up of Normal-type moves, a couple of Fairy moves, and one move each for the Psychic, Ghost, and Ground-type sets.

22. Espeon


Like Umbreon, Espeon also appeared as the player’s companion in the title Pokémon Colosseum. Though Umbreon seems to take on more of Eevee’s canine traits, Espeon takes on the full feline traits of their unevolved form.

The interesting split between Umbreon and Espeon is how you evolve them from an Eevee. To get Umbreon, a Dark-type Pokémon, you level up your friendship with them during the evening. For Espeon, you’ll need to level up your friendship with them during the day.

Espeon’s move set is full of powerful Psychic-type and Normal-type moves, such as Psybeam.

21. Leafeon


Leafeon was introduced in Generation IV, and you can get your Eevee to evolve into one when you level them up near a Moss Rock or give them a Leaf Stone. Which one depends on the game you’re playing.

There are definitely some wild cat traits in Leafeon’s design, with large ears and big eyes. Not to mention the sleek body and paws. Leafeon has a great move set, full of Grass and Normal moves. Interestingly enough, there’s also one Fire-type move: Sunny Day.

20. Glaceon


Glaceon was introduced to the world of Pokémon at the same time Leafeon was. They also have a lot of feline traits, and look like a large, elegant cat. Their design is pretty close to Espeon’s, with a lighter coloration than Vaporeon.

As an Ice-type, you can get your Glaceon when you level up your Eevee near an Ice Rock or give it an Ice Stone. Again, like Leafeon, this depends on which Generation of the game you’re playing.

There are plenty of Ice-type moves in Glaceon’s skill set, with the addition of one Psychic move, and one Dark-type move.

19. Glameow


Glameow, known as the “Catty Pokémon”, has fur, large ears, whiskers, and a confident disposition. They’re exactly what you’d expect from a well-groomed and spoilt housecat.

Their move set isn’t extensive, but it does have a few good and powerful moves in it. For example, level 37 Glameows will learn the Normal-type move Slash. Glameow does evolve at level 38, though, so watch out for that.

18. Purugly


The Tiger Cat Pokémon, Purugly, is not what you expect upon hearing that title. They’re a short, quite wide cat, that looks very displeased. As a Normal-type, they require no special evolution tactics, other than having a Glameow that reaches level 38.

Ike Glameow, Purugly, has a powerful but basic move set. After you’ve evolved your Glameow into Purugly, there are just three more moves to learn: Body Slam, Attract, and Hone Claws. Of these, the first two are Normal-type moves, while Hone Claws is a Dark-type move.

17. Purrloin


The Devious cat Pokémon, with the looks to match. Purrloin is a Dark-type Pokémon that is known for being a bit of a prankster. They evolve into Liepard at level 20, with no special items needed.

Purrloin’s move set contains an honest amount of Dark-type moves, including Hone Claws and Sucker Punch. In fact, half of the moves that a Purrloin can learn by leveling up are Dark-type moves.

16. Liepard


A sleek cat Pokémon that has the looks of a leopard, Liepard is known for being a little cruel, rather than devious. With whiskers, fur, and a feline snout, this wild cat has a great design.

The decision that trainers have to make with their Purrloin is when to let the cat continue its evolution into Liepard. You can stop the evolution process in any game, it’s a feature that’s always existed. But why would you?

Well, all of the moves that your Pokémon can learn when they become Liepard are the same as the ones they can learn as Purrloin. But Purrloin learns them earlier. Purrloin will finish learning their leveling move set by level 40, while Liepard takes until level 52.

15. Zeraora


A Mythical Pokémon that came about in Generation VII, Zeraora, is the Thunderclap Pokémon. Mythical Pokémon don’t typically have any evolved forms, and Zeraora is no exception to this rule. You can find them in the games Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.

There are a lot of feline features to Zeraora, including lightning bolt whiskers, fur, cat ears, and paws. They have some great moves in their skillset, with the final move they learn being at level 96. There’s a mix of moves that they learn as they level up, though they’re mostly Electric-type moves with a couple of Fighting, Normal, and Dark moves thrown in.

14. Absol


A Dark-type Pokémonthat’s been around since Generation II. Absol has a few feline traits, not many, but enough that they deserve a place on this list. With the fur, claws, and tail, there are definite cat traits going on with this Pokémon.

Absol’s move list is varied and strong. They have no evolution, so trainers don’t need to worry about trying to level them up to a certain point or using any special items in their stash. Absol’s strongest physical move is Sucker Punch, but they can only use it five times.

13. Perrserker


Evolving from the Galarian variation of Meowth at level 28, Perrserker has an amazing design. The GalarianMeowth is also the only Meowth that doesn’t evolve into some kind of Persian instead. Perrserker is much more interesting, in both appearances and in terms of strength.

This Viking Pokémon is a Steel-type, with horn-like ears and wielding something that looks very much like a dagger when their claws come together for a fight. Despite being a Steel-type, Perrserker only has a handful of Steel moves to learn. The rest are Normal-type moves.

12. Espurr


Cute Pokémon with a vacant stare and psychic powers? Check. Espurr came into the Pokédex during Generation VI, and its little fluffy physique took trainers by storm. In Japanese, this feline Pokémon is called “Nyasper” – “Nya” is the sound a cat makes in Japan and Japanese media.

Espurrdoesn’t have a huge number of moves in its set, but it’s a great Psychic-type Pokémon if you happen to need one. At level 25, it evolves into Meowstic.

11. Meowstic


The Meowstic that your Espurr will evolve into depends on its biological gender. Male Meowstics will evolve into a dark blue cat-like Pokémon with white accents and blue eyes. Female Meowstics will evolve into a white feline with dark blue accents and red/yellow eyes.

Meowstic has a few more moves in their set than Espurr does. From level 25, when they evolve into their form, their next move comes in at level 29 with Role Play, the Psychic-type move. Meowstic mainly learns Psychic moves, with one Fighting move at level 49, and a Fairy-type move at level 59.

10. Litten


Generation VII’s Fire-type starter Pokémon takes to the stage! This little fire kitten is a great choice for any budding trainer who fancies themselves a Fire Pokémon tamer. You can start your game with a Litten by playing any of the Pokémon Sun and Moon games.

Litten evolves at level 17, but before they reach that point, they’ll have learned several Normal-type moves, a Ghost-type attack, and a Fire and Dark skill. Even in their smallest form, they can still battle it out with other Pokémon!

9. Torracat


Litten’s first evolution, Torracat. This feline keeps a lot of Litten’s looks, and it’s very much like seeing a kitten grow into an adult cat. Before they evolve again at level 34, there are plenty of moves that your Torracat will learn by leveling up.

The first move you’ll experience after a natural evolution comes at level 20. This is the Fighting-type move Double Kick. Following this, there are a few Fire-type and Normal-type moves that come along before the next evolution.

8. Incineroar


The second evolution in the chain that comes from Litten! Incineroar will come about when you level your Torracat up to level 34. This evolution is the most drastic change in appearance, moving the cat Pokémon from four legs up onto two, and giving them a buff appearance. This isn’t a Pokémon you want to mess with.

Once evolved, there are only three move moves that your cat Pokémon can learn. These are Flamethrower, Thrash, and Flare Blitz. All three are extremely hard-hitting moves, that will pack a punch against any opponent.

7. Solgaleo


One of the Legendary Pokémon that came from Generation VII, Solgaleocan’t be mistaken for anything other than a feline. Even their name has “Leo” tacked onto the end. Solgaleo evolves from Cosmoem at level 53 and is a member of the Light trio of Pokémon.

As game mascot for Pokémon Sun, Solgaleo is very powerful. This lion has a huge range of attacks and special moves, with a variety of types attached to them. The last move Solgaleo can learn through leveling up is Giga Impact at level 84.

6. Pyroar


Evolving from Lileo at level 35, we have Pyroar! This Pokémon is both Normal-type and Fire-type, and has two appearances, depending on the biological gender of the Pokémon. The male version looks like a typical lion, with a big, fire-coloured mane. The female version has a sleeker design, with the red and yellow “mane” sweeping back as hair.

In terms of skillset, you won’t be disappointed. After evolving, Pyroar can learn a few more strong Fire-type moves, as well as one Dark and one Normal move. The last move is Overheat at level 57, with a power of 130. Ouch.

5. Shinx


A great little kit that isn’t quite fully grown yet. Shinx is another lion-like Pokémon that belongs to the Electric types and only grows stronger once they’re evolved. This happens the first time at level 15, and again at level 30.

Before evolving, Shinx can learn a few different moves to take down their opponents. These include two Electric-type moves. It’s the later levels after Shinx naturally evolves, that hold the better and more varied moves.

4. Luxio


Like a lion growing into their strength, when Shinx becomes Luxio, they start finding ways to take a bite out of the competition. Literally. At level 18, just three levels after evolving, your Luxio will learn the Dark-type move Bite.

The other two moves that Luxio learns before evolving again aren’t as good for battling on the offensive unless you’re particularly tactical. Grind your way through level 15 to level 30 and get Luxio to their final form as quickly as you can.

3. Luxray


From a happy-go-lucky furball to a lion of darkness, Luxray emerges at level 30 to show the opposition that they aren’t going to be winning ever again. Just five levels after evolving for the third and final time, they’re able to learn Thunder Fang, which has an accuracy of 95%.

Other than that, you can expect two more physical attacks, one special attack, and two status moves to come your way as you train up your black and blue cat to be the best that they can be.

2. Sylveon


The most popular of all of the Eeveelutions, Sylveon, is a pastel dream for any avid Pokémon gamer. Both the regular and shiny versions of Sylveon are gorgeous creations, and it’s pretty clear that the Pokémon has some cat-like features.

Your Eevee must know at least one Fairy-type move to evolve into Sylveon. Luckily, all Eevee’s do carry the possibility of a Fairy-type move at level 15. When you have the Fairy-type move, all that’s left is having high friendship levels.

Slyveon has plenty of Fairy, Psychic, and Normal-type moves to choose from. The most powerful being Moonblast and Last Resort.

1. Raikou


Our number one Pokémon for this list is Raikou, the Legendary Electric-type Pokémon. Raikou has been around since Generation II of Pokémon, along with Entei and Suicune. They make several appearances throughout various Pokémon media.

In terms of raw power, it’s pretty difficult to beat a Legendary Pokémon, but many trainers are put to that test during the games. Raikou has a ranged move set, which includes Psychic-type moves, as well as the Electric-type moves that you’d expect from a Pokémon said to embody Thunder. The very last move that Raikou learns through leveling up is Thunder at level 85, with 110 on power and 70% accuracy.

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